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Abstract: 3-D Seismic Redevelopment of Louisiana's Tuscaloosa Trend Port Hudson Field Case History

Chip Story

Abstract: Advanced Surface Geochemical Interpretation With Case Studies

James M. Fausnaugh

Abstract: An Alternative Benthic Biofacies Model for the Plio-Pleistocene of the Gulf of Mexico: Examples from the Green Canyon Area

Villamil Tomas , Claudia Arango , Paul Weimer , Mark Rowan , Art Waterman

Abstract: Analysis of Well Logging Methods in Volcanic and Volcano Sedimentary Rocks from Pina Petroleum Field

Norma Rodriquez

Abstract: Bio- and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Portion of the Kincaid Formation, Frost Bluff, Milam County, Texas

Anthony E. D'Agostino , Thomas E. Yancey

Abstract: Detachments and Structures in the Cuban Overthrust Belt

Rafael Socorro, Sofia Lopez

Abstract: Determining Between-Well Reservoir Architecture in Deltaic Sandstones Using Only Well Data: Oligocene Frio Formation, Tijerina-Canales-Blucher Field, South Texas

Paul R. Knox

Abstract: Diagenesis of the Carrizo Sandstone at Butler Salt Dome, East Texas Basin: Implications for Paleofluid-Flow

Jennifer S. Smith

Abstract: Environmental Reconstruction of a 19th-Century Red River Raft Lake: Caddo Lake, Louisiana and Texas

Mary L. Barrett

Abstract: Environmetal Impact and Regulatory Concerns for the Protection of a Freshwater Aquifer Impacted by a Gas Well Blowout in Northwest Louisiana

William H. Schramm, David T. McKenzie, Michael S. Kline

Abstract: Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of Offshore Pinar del Rio Area. Southern Gulf of Mexico

Rafael Tenreyro-Perez, Juan G. Lopez-Rivera, Jose Fernandez-Carmona, Jose 0. Lopez-Quintero

Abstract: Gulf of Mexico Foraminiferal Size Data and Its Incorporation Into A Paleoecologic Zonation Using The Paleoecologic Expert System (PALEX)

Jerry M. Regan , Richard C. Becker , Tom D. Lee

Abstract: Gulf of Mexico Petroleum Accumulations A Review of Recent Studies on Sources of the Oils, Modes of Source Rock Maturation and Oil Migration

Paul A. Comet (l), Christopher King , Keith Thompson

Abstract: Holocene Sedimentary Framework of Transgressions and Regressions Along the Chenier Plain, Southwestern Louisiana

Mark R. Byrnes , Randolph A. McBride , Matthew J. Taylor , Robbie R. Zenero

Abstract: Integrated Use of Air Sparging, Soil Vapor Extraction and Pump and Treat Technologies to Remediate Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contaminated Water Bearing Units at a HDPE Facility

Raymond Sturdivant, Jr., William H. Sehramm, Frank E. Bains

Abstract: Intraslope Basin Reservoirs Deposited by Gravity-driven Processes: Ship Shoal and Ewing Banks areas, Offshore Louisiana

John M. Armentrout, Steve J. Maleecek, Vinod R. Mathur, Gary L. Neuder, Gerry M. Ragan

Abstract: Models for the Development of Listric Normal Faults and Fault Seals

John B. Spang

Abstract: Petroleum System Evolution in the Conecuh Embayment, Southwest Alabama, U.S. Gulf Coast

William J. Wade

Abstract: Petrophysical Properties and Geology of Selected Intervals in the Frio Formation, Stratton Field, South Texas for Modeling Interwell Seismic Logging Responses

Hughbert A. Collier , Jorge 0. Barra

Abstract: Predicting Permeability With Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Edwards Limestone/Stuart City Trend, Texas

Hank DeWitt, Mike Globe, Ray Sorenson

Abstract: Predicting Seal Efficiency and Trapped Hydrocarbon Type in Gulf Coast Hydrocarbon Systems:Lessons Learned From West Fulton Beach Field, Mid-Texas Gulf Coast

Paul R. Knox

Abstract: Presence of Stratigraphic Traps in the Back Arc Basins of the Southern Shelf of Cuba

Rodobaldo Rodriguez, Rene Dominguez, Sonia Touset

Abstract: Problems in Obtaining Hydrogeolegic Information for a Rapidly Growing Suburban Region such as St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Timothy W. Duex, Elizabeth M. Sprehe

Abstract: Recent Infilling History of Tampa Bay, Florida: A Carbonate incised Valley System

Gregg R. Brooks , Larry J. Doyle

Abstract: Risk Analysis of Prospects vs Plays: The Play's the Thing!

Peter R. Rose

Abstract: Salvaging Dipmeters Using an Oil Field "Dinosaur"

Anita R. P. Breimayer (l), Laura Bigley Puzio

Abstract: San Antonio Relay Ramp: Area of Stratal Continuity Between Large-Displacement Barrier Faults of the Edwards Aquifer and Balcones Fault Zone, Central Texas

Edward W. Collins

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous Alluvial Plain Facies Tuscaloosa Formation, eastern Alabama

David T. King, Jr.

Abstract: Simulation and Modeling of the Hydrocarbon Generation Migration-Mixing Processes in Louisiana Sedimentary Basins

Ronald K. Zimmerman , Ying Shi

Abstract: State Regulatory Oversight of a Pilot Horizontal Well for DNAPL Recovery: A Case Study

William H. Schramm, Ellen S. Broussard

Abstract: Stratigraphy, Facies, and Environment of Deposition of the Yates Formation, North Ward Estes Field, Ward County, Texas

Ronnie D. Johnson , James M. Mazzullo

Abstract: Subsurface Geology of Corpus Christi Bay, Nueces County, Texas

James W. Collins

Abstract: Subsurface Middle Wilcox Correlation of Central Louisiana

Lloyd N. Glawe (l), John B. Echols

Abstract: Surficial Geology of the Middle and Upper Continental Slope, Northern Gulf of Mexico: The Important Role of Episodic Fluid Venting

Harry H. Roberts

Abstract: Synchronous Dynamic Stratigraphic and Structural Influences on Hydrocarbon Maturation Migration in Louisiana

Ronald K. Zimmerman, Ying Shi, John B. Echols

Abstract: Testing the Link Between Hydrocarbon Seepage, Sea Level Stands, and Salt Diapirism in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Paul Aharon

Abstract: Wet Bacterial Gas in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin

Alan S. Kornacki, Adrienne D. Allie, William E. Holman

Age of the Fort Polk, Louisiana, Miocene Terrestrial Vertebrate Sites

Judith A. Schiebout , Megan H. Jones , John H. Wrenn , Paul R. Aharon

Anatomy of a Sequence Boundary-Lower Cretaceous Glen Rose/Fredericksburg, Central Texas Platform

Clyde H. Moore

Anomalously High 226Ra in Fluids Advecting to the Sea Floor: A New Radioactive Source in the Gulf of Mexico.

Baoshun Fu , Paul Aharon , D.L. Van Gent , L.M. Scott

Another Srike at Bee Bluff

John A. Breyer

Austin Chalk (Uppermost Santonian) Discontinuity Surface, North-Central Texas

William C. Dawson , Donald F. Reaser

Bob West and Lopeno Fields: Structure and Stratigraphy of Two Significant Upper Wilcox Fields in South Texas

Richard W. Debus

Comparative Palynology of Clastics and Lignites from the Manning Formation, Jackson Group, Upper Eocene, Grimes Co., TX

Judith A. Gennett

Comparison of Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene Depositional Sequences in the Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Ernest A. Mancini , Berry H. Tew (1,2), T. Markham Puckett

Composition and Provenance of Volcanic Glass in Late Eocene Manning Formation, East-Central Texas

Renald N. Guillemette, Thomas E. Yancey

Core Evidence for a Major Marine Transgression During the Holocene of Southwestern Flordia

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping (l),Thomas J. Lee , Aleta M. Mitchell-Tapping

Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Stratigraphy near San Antonio, Orange Walk District, Belize, Central America

David T. King, Jr.

Depositional Facies and Environments of the Lower Mineral Wells Formation, Pennsylvanian Strawn Group, North Central Texas

Susan E. Bradshaw, Jim Mazzullo

Enhanced Subsalt Exploration Utilizing the Basal Salt Shear Model

Richie D. Baud, John L. Haglund

Evolution of Salt and Hydrocarbon Migration: Sweet Lake Area, Cameron Parish, Louisiana

J.A. Spencer, C.L. Sharpe

An Examination of Organic/Carbonate-Bound Metals in Bottom Sediments of Bayou Trepagnier, Louisiana

Timothy J. Dore (l), Alan M. Bailey (l), John W. McCoy , Glenn W. Johnson

Fluvial Sediment Characteristics of the Mobile River Delta

Wayne C. Isphording (l), F. Dewayne Imsand , R. Bradford Jackson

Form/Process Relationships and Geomorphic Evolution of the Southwestern Louisiana Chenier Plain

Matthew J. Taylor (1,2), Mark R. Byrnes , Randolph A. McBride

The Formation and Behavior of "Vapor Lock" Pressure Seals and Associated Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Geologically Young Basins

W.M. Benzing , G.M. Shook , S.D. Leroy

High-Frequency Cyclicity during Eustatic Sea-Level Rise: Edwards Group of the Balcones Fault Zone

Susan D. Hovorka

Historical Interval and Name Changes of the Southern Florida Sunniland Formation

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Holocene and Late Pleistocene Sedimentary Facies of a Sand-Rich Continental Shelf: A Standard Section for the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Randolph A. McBride (l), Mark R. Byrnes , Laurie C. Anderson , Barun K. Sen Gupta

Holocene Development of the Southeastern Texas Coast, Sabine Lake Area, from Foraminiferal Biofacies

Laura B. Stewart , Robert A. Morton , Martin B. Lagoe

Identification of Third (10(6) yr) and Fourth (10(5)/10(4) yr) Order Stratigraphic Cycles in the Louisiana Offshore

Allen Lowrie , Patricia J. Meeks , Karen Hoffman

The Influence of Paleotopography, Sea Level Fluctuation, and Carbonate Productivity on Deposition of the Smackover and Buckner Formations, Appleton Field, Escambia County, Alabama

Joe D. Benson, Lisa M. Pultz, D. D. Bruner

Integrated Gravity Modeling of Salt Feature in the Mississippi Salt Basin

Rhonda L. Schenk , John J. Morris , Stuart A. Hall

Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Karst Features, Laguna Madre, South Texas: A Record of Climate Change

Jennifer S. Prouty

Late Pleistocene Sedimentation and Meltwater Influx in the Central Gulf of Mexico: Foraminiferal Signals

Megan H. Jones, Barun K. Sen Gupta

Lateral Variations of Sub-salt Overpressure Build-Up in the Gulf of Mexico

S. Malloy , K. Petersen , I. Lerche , A. Lowrie

Local Foraminiferal Faunas: The Key to Enhanced Stratigraphic Resolution of Expanded Cenozoic Sections in the Gulf Coast Basin

Sylvester Q. Breard, Arden D. Callender, Michael J. Nault

Major Transgressive Shales of the Wilcox Northern Portion of South Texas

Richard N. Hargis

Mollusca and Benthic Foraminifera of the Pensacola Bay and Perdido Bay Estuarine Systems, Florida and Alabama

Tanwi Gangopadhyay (l), Laurie C. Anderson (l), Megan H. Jones (l), Randolph A. McBride

Paleostructure Association, Lithofacies Architecture, and Reservoir Quality of the Upper James Lime (Pearsall Fm, Lower Cretaceous) in the Poplarville Field, Pearl River Co., Mississippi

Robert Loucks (l), Cole Abel , Mark Ver Hoeve

Pearsall (Aptian Cretaceous) Subsurface to Outcrop Sequence Stratigraphy, Central Texas

David L. Amsbury

Pressure Solution and Microfracturing in Primary Oil Migration, Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk, Texas Gulf Coast

Jitesh Chanchani, Robert R. Berg, Chung-I Lee

Qualification of the Colorado River Alluvium as a Minor Aquifer in Texas

Geoffrey P. Saunders

Regional Chronostratigraphic and Depositional Hydrocarbon Trends in Offshore Louisiana State Waters

Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder

The Role of Geology in Wellhead Protection Programs: Case Studies from the Coastal Plain of Eastern Alabama

Charles C. Smith

Salt Dome Growth, Thrust Fault Growth, and Syndeformational Stratigraphy, La Popa Basin, Northern Mexico.

Robert C. Laudon

South Texas Ingleside Barrier; Coastal Sediment Cycles and Vertebrate Fauna. Late Pleistocene Stratigraphy Revised

Ervin G. Otvos, Wade E. Howat

Springflow Augmentation Possibilities at Comal and San Marcos Springs, Edwards Aquifer

Matthew M. Uliana, John M. Sharp, Jr.

Stable-Isotopic Composition of a Late Eocene Archaeocete Whale, Basilosaurus cetoides, from Wayne County, Mississippi

Edwin W. Emmer, Dean A. Dunn

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Complex and Basal Paleocene section, Brazos River, Texas

Thomas E. Yancey

Surface Amplitude Data: 3D-Seismic for Interpretation of Sea Floor Geology (Louisiana Slope)

Harry H. Roberts

Thermal and Time-Temperature Index (TTI) Patterns During Geologic Evolution of North and Central Gulf of Mexico

A. Lowrie , R. Hamiter , M. A. Fogarty , T. Orsi , I. Lerche (5)

Trap Types vs. Productivity of Significant Wilcox (Early Eocene) Gas Fields in the Listric Growth Fault Trend of South Texas - and the Divergent Origin of Its Two Largest Producers

Fred L. Stricklin, Jr.

The Tuscaloosa Formation Revisited

Paula L. Hansley

Valley Fills of Incised Coastal Plain Rivers, Southeastern Texas

Robert A. Morton , Michael D. Blum , William A. White

Water Saturations in a Wilcox Shaly Reservoir Sandstone, Fordoche Field, Point Coupee Parish Louisiana

Charles R. Berg , Robert R. Berg

Xenolithic Inclusions Within the Salt at Weeks Island, Louisiana, and their Significance

Brian E. Lock, Timothy W. Duex