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3-D Geocellular Oil-Resource Determination in South Texas Frio Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoirs

Mark H. Holtz , Joseph Yeh , C. Y. Chang

3-D Seismic - An "Insurance" Policy: As Illustrated by the TEPCO, Inc. Deep Saint Prospect Cypress Island Field St. Martin Parish, Louisiana

Bruce Lowry, Alan Berry

Abstract: Accessing State Ground-Water Database and Displaying Geospatial Data Through Innovative GIS/Internet Technologies

Marc Robichaud

Abstract: A Late Quaternary Model for the Evolution of the Mississippi River Delta and Incised Valley

Shea Penland

Abstract: Atchafalaya-Wax Lake Deltas: An Update on Geologic and Oceanographic Impacts of the Latest Mississippi River Delta-Switching Event

Harry H. Roberts , Nan Walker , Rob Cunningham , Susan Majersky

Abstract: Authigenic Muscovite and Stylolitization Timing, Jurassic Norphlet Formation, Offshore Alabama

Andrew R. Thomas , William M. Dahl , C.M. Hall , D. York

Abstract: Borehole Electrical Images and Dipmeter Patterns of Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoirs: Outcrop Examples from Arkansas

George R. Kear , Charles E. Stelting , Scott E. Turner , Charles G. Stone

Abstract: Carbonate Reservoir Characterization with Integration of New Technology Reveals New Insights into Old Giants

Roy Nurmi

Abstract: Coastal Geomorphology and Landscape Changes in the Pontchartrain Basin

Shea Penland , Karen Westphal , S. Jeffress Williams , Jack Kindinger

Abstract: Correlation of Yegua/Cockfield Genetic Cycles, Texas and Louisiana

Thomas E. Ewing , Frank S. Vincent

Abstract: Deepwater Site Characterization: The Preliminary Results of the Deep-Tow Survey of Pigmy Basin and Alaminos Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Anne K Rutledge, William R. Bryant, Wayne A. Dunlap, Jia-Yuh Liu

Abstract: Delta-Front Turbidites: A Poorly Understood but Productive Play Type in the Gulf Coast

Charles E. Stelting , William J. Schwellerl

Abstract: Evolution of New Technology for Downhole Geology

Roy Nurmi

Abstract: Examinations of MWD Wireline Replacements by Decision Analysis Methods: Two Case Histories

Gary F. Beck

Abstract: Extensive Salt Sheet Provinces of the Louisiana Shelf, Gulf of Mexico

Fangjian Xue, Joel S. Watkins

Abstract: Fill'er Up, Mac...and Check the Oil: Petroleum Migration into Pay Sands at the Mars Field, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Marshall W. Titus , Alan S. Kornacki , Michael J. Mahaffie

Abstract: Formation MicroImager(TM) for Calibration and Complete Utilization of 3-D Seismic in Exploitation

James H. Painter, George A. Pena

Abstract: Fullbore Formation Micro Imager Logs for Evaluating Stratigraphic Features and Key Surfaces in Thin-bedded Turbidite Successions

Robert J. Spang (), Roger M. Slatt , Greg H. Browne , Neil F. Hurley , Eugene T. Williams , Robert J. Davis , George R. Kear , Laura S. Foulk (5)

Abstract: Guiding the Deviated Well Bore

James J. Willis

Abstract: Gulf Coastal Plain Marker Fossils in the Revised Miliolidae

Harold V. Andersen

Abstract: High Resolution Seismic and Core Data from Northern Gulf of Mexico Shelf Used to Develop Self-Instructional Web Sites in Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Analysis

John Anderson, Laura Banfield, Philip Bart, Brenda Eckles, Michelle Fassel, Antonio Rodriguez Julia Smith, Jennifer Snow

Abstract: Holocene Geologic Framework of Lake Pontchartrain Basin and Lakes of Southeastern Louisiana

Jack L. Kindinger , S. Jeffress Williams , Shea Penland , James G. Flocks , Paul Connor

Abstract: Integrated Use of Multiple Remedial Technologies to Address DNAPL Contaminated Aquifers at Paxon Polymer Company, Baton Rouge, LA.

William H. Schramm , Raymond Sturdivant, Jr. , Frank E. Bains

Abstract: Interaction between Salt Diapir Growth and Sedimentation: An Example from Cote Blanche Island Field, Louisiana

Radim A. Kolarsky

Abstract: Interpreting Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture from Biostratigraphic Signatures: Case Studies from the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Garry D. Jones

Abstract: Natural Attenuation of Explosives at the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, Minden, Louisiana

D.W. Harrelson, J.C. Pennington, S.C. Adcock, K.W. Stroud

Abstract: Near-trace 3-D Seismic Cubes: A New Tool for Sequence Stratigraphic and Hazards Studies

Peter K. Trabant

Abstract: Novel Processing and Facies and Tectonic Results from North Louisiana Seismic Data

Valentin Makarov , Iosif A. Musbin , Eugeniy A. Kozlov , Chris J. Krotzer , Allen Lowrie

Abstract: Pore-Fluid Chemistry Reveal Processes Occurring in Hydrocarbon Seeps from Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Baoshun Fu, Paul Aharon

Abstract: Prolific Upper Pleistocene Gas Sands: Southeastern High Island and Southern West Cameron Additions, Offshore Northern Gulf of Mexico

Bruce W. Dawson, Jeffery E. Larson, Edward C. McClintock, Michael D. Taylor, Amy B. Thompson

Abstract: Short-lived Radioisotopic Chronology of Lake Pontchartrain Sediments

Marci Marot, Charles W. Holmes

Abstract: Stable-Isotopic Comparison of a Late Eocene Archaeocete Whale, Basilosaurus cetoides, to a Modern Cetacean, Tursiops truncatus

Edwin W. Emmer , Dean A. Dunn

Abstract: The Gulf of Mexico as Global Analogue: A Comparison of AVO and Energy Absorption with the South Caspian Basin

Paul Ware, Mai Yang, Keith Wrolstad, Ke-Shan Zou, Syed Zaman, Randy Cooper

Abstract: Toward a Method and Theory for Restoring Coastal Louisiana

Sherwood M. Gagliano

Abstract: Videomicroscopy: Linking Wellsite Geology and the Corporate Exploration Team

Steven C. Cash

Air Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery and 3-D Seismic: Revitalizing the Aging West Hackberry Field in Northern Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Jeff A. Spencer, Chip Story, Travis H. Gillham, T. Hodge Walker , D. J. Masse

Application of Bathyal Foraminiferal Events to the Neogene Through Pleistocene Biostratigraphic Framework of the Gulf of Mexico Basin

Sylvester Q. Breard, Arden D. Callender, Michael J. Nault

Basal Yegua Shelf Margin Failures along the Texas Gulf Coast

David R. Swenson

Bassfield Field, Mississippi, an Exploration and Production Analog for Lower Cretaceous Hosston Sandstone Reservoirs

H. J. Mitchell-Tapping

Blackened Smackover: Thermal Evolution and Mass Transfer Adjacent to a Subsurface Alkalic Igneous Dike in Northern Louisiana

B. Dutrow , D. J. Henry , C. Christensen , C. W. Gable , B. J. Travis , E. Heydari

Changing Wave Parameters, Due to Shoaling, and Sediment Transport

William F. Tanner

Characterization and Evaluation of the Upper Jurassic Frisco City Sandstone Reservoir in Southwestern Alabama Utilizing Fullbore Formation MicroImager Technology

Ernest A. Mancini , Michael L. Epsman , Duane D. Stief

Comparison of Fine-Grained, Mud-Rich and Coarse-Grained, Sand-Rich Submarine Fans for Exploration-Development Purposes

Arnold H. Bouma

Comparison of Otolith-Based Paleoecology to Other Fossil Groups: An Example from the Cane River Formation (Eocene) of Louisiana

Gary L. Stringer , Sylvester Q. Breard

Confirmation of Active Geologic Faults in Lake Pontchartrain in Southeast Louisiana

John A. Lopez , Shea Penland , Jeff Williams

Contact Metamorphism and Over Maturation of Organic Matter Associated with an Igneous Intrusion in the Smackover Formation, Northeastern Louisiana

Ezat Heydari , Gary R. Byerly , Darrell J. Henry

Controls on the Distribution of Oil and Gas, Mesozoic and Cenozoic of Mississippi

Maurice A. Meylan

The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary at Moscow Landing, West-Central Alabama

Charles C. Smith

Deformation of Prograding Wedges Over a Ductile Layer--Applications of Physical Models to Geologic Examples

Hongxing Ge , Martin P. A. Jackson , Bruno C. Vendeville , Michael O. Maler , James W. Handschy

Development of Geopressure by Ductile Shear: An Example from Offshore Louisiana

Jeffrey A. Nunn

Environmental Geochemistry and Sediment Quality in Lake Pontchartrain: Database Development and Review

Frank T. Manheim , George C. Flowers , Andrew G. McIntire , Marcie Marot , Charles Holmes

Evidence for Recent Migration of Geopressured Fluids along Faults in Eugene Island, Block 330, Offshore Louisiana, from Estimates of Pore Water Salinity

Guichang Lin, Jeffrey A. Nunn

Evolution of Sedimentary Architecture and Surface Morphology: Atchafalaya and Wax Lake Deltas, Louisiana (1973-1994)

Roberts, H. H., N. Walker , R. Cunningham, G. P. Kemp , S. Majersky

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Overpressured Sediments of the Rio Grande Embayment, Gulf of Mexico Basin

Thomas E. McKenna

Foundered Shelf Edges -- Examples from the Yegua and Frio, Texas and Louisiana

Thomas E. Ewing , Frank S. Vincent

Geologic Modeling for the CO2 Tertiary Oil Recovery Project Garden Island Bay Field, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

Larry A. Burch , Elliott P. Ginger

Gulf of Mexico Cenozoic Biostratigraphic, Lithostratigraphic, and Sequence Stratigraphic Event Chronology

Paul N. Lawless, Richard H. Fillon, Rome G. Lytton III

Gulf of Mexico Foraminiferal Size Data and Its Incorporation into a Paleoecologic Zonation Using the Paleoecologic Expert System (PALEX)

Jerry Ragan , Richard C. Becker , Tom D. Lee

Gulf of Mexico Subsalt Deformation Zones: Weak Formation Integrity Rather than Anomalous High Pressure Zones

James C. Niemann

Historical Natural Shoreline Determination from Soil Borings and Sediment Analysis in Biloxi, Mississippi

Stephen M. Oivanki

Horizontal Completions Improve Flow Rates and Recovery Efficiency in West Delta 54 Field Offshore Louisiana

B.J. Doyle , Bob Wonish , Tom Schroeder , D.E. Mathis

Hydrate Stability Zone Permanence along Dynamic Louisiana Offshore

Allen Lowrie , Michael D. Max , Rhett Hamiter , Ian Lerche , Elchin Bagirov

Identification of Deltaic Facies with 3-D Seismic Coherency and the Spectral Decomposition Cube: A Study Form South Marsh Island Area, Gulf of Mexico

John A. Lopez , Greg Partyka , Norm L. Haskell , Susan E. Nissen

Influence of Active Subsalt Normal Faults on the Growth and Location of Suprasalt Structures

Hongxing Ge , Bruno C. Vendeville

Influence of Tectonics on Basin Shape and Deep-water Sedimentary Fill Characteristics; Examples from the Karoo Basin, South Africa

Erik D. Scott , Arnold H. Bouma

Integrated 3-D Field Study on Workstation Results in New Reserves in an Old Field - High Island 140, Offshore Texas

Bernie Schwartz

Integrated Interpretation in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Examples from the TGS Phase 45 Deep Water Reconnaissance Program

Brian S. Anderson, John E. Bain , Dr. David Hall, Rob Brooks

Lake Sand: A Reduction of Environmental Impacts During a 3-D Seismic Survey in the Louisiana Coastal Wetlands

Allan Ensminger , Richard Fossier , Mark H. Gagliano , Sherwood M. Gagliano , Edmond Mouton , Mike Windham

Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs of the Southeastern United States

David T. King Jr., Elizabeth D. Jones

Late Pleistocene Stratigraphy of the Lower Nueces River, Corpus Christi, Texas: Glacio-eustatic Influences on Valley-fill Architecture

James M. Durbin , Michael D. Blum , David M. Price

Limestone Microfacies and Sequence Stratigraphy: Eagle Ford Group (Cenomanian-Turonian)North-Central Texas Outcrops

William C. Dawson

Limitations on the Use of Conventional Ground Water Techniques in Characterizing the Fate of Produced Waters in On-Shore Gulf Coast Sediments

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Long-Term Sampling of Selected Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Bottom Sediments of Imperial River and Spring Creek, Lee County, Southwestern Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping , Aleta M. Mitchell-Tapping

Lower Tuscaloosa Clastic Facies Distribution (Upper Cretaceous), Federal and State Waters, Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Andrew J. Petty

Microbasin Analysis of South Louisiana: An Exploration Model, or: Hutton and Lyell Were Wrong!

Richard L. Adams

Modeling Salt in a Three-Dimensional Structural Context

Karen S. Hoffman , Roberto Lattuada , John W. Neave

Modeling Waves and Circulation in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

Richard P. Signell, Jeffrey H. List

New Insights into the Post-middle Jurassic Subsidence and Depositional History of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Based on Backstripping Analysis

Xiang Li, Richard T. Buffler

Origin and Depositional Model of Barite Deposits Associated with Hydrocarbon Seeps on the Gulf of Mexico Slope Offshore Louisiana

Baoshun Fu, Paul Aharon

Origin and Environmental Application of Depth-Related Strontium-Isotope Ratios in Brines from the Wilcox Group (Middle Wilcox Aquifer) of East Central Louisiana.

Glenn F. Huff , Jeffrey S. Hanor

Origin of Salt-Withdrawal Mini-Basins, Proven Producers Along Present and Paleo-Louisiana Slope

Rhett Hamiter , Allen Lowrie , Michael MacKenzie , Emmett Guderian

Petroleum Geology of Appleton Field, Escambia County, Alabama

D. J. Benson , E. A. Mancini , R. H. Groshong , J. H. Fang , L. M. Pultz , E. S. Carlson

A Petrologic Analysis of Caliche within the Central Texas Region

Russell S. Jaynes, Henry S. Chafetz

Potential Generation Capacity of the South Louisiana Hydrocarbon System

Ronald K. Zimmerman, Ying Shi, John B. Echols, Gina Maciasz

Project STARR-State of Texas Advanced Oil and Gas Resource Recovery Program

Roger Tyler, R. P. Major, H. Scott Hamlin, Mark H. Holtz, S. P. Dutton, M. R. Vining

A Rapid in Situ Survey of Metals in Sediments of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

Scott E. Noakes, Doug K. Dvoracek, John E. Noakes

The Re-Discovery of White Kitchen Field, LaSalle County, Texas - A Tight, Heterogeneous Edwards Reef Gas Reservoir

Rick R. Railsback

Recognition of Low Resistivity, High Permeability Reservoir Beds in the Travis Peak and Cotton Valley of East Texas

James R. Turner

Redesignation of the Upper Lithofacies in the Hensel Formation (Lower Cretaceous) on the Southwestern Flank of the Llano Uplift, Kimble County, Texas: A New Interpretation of the Depositional Environments

James O. Jones , John Aaron Kullman

Redevelopment of the Deep Tuscaloosa Gas Trend: A 3-D Seismic Case History of Judge Digby Field; Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

Frank C. Sheppard, III, David N. Wright, Patrick L. McGrievy

Regional 3D Seismic Well-tie Lines Depict Geology in Ship Shoal, South Marsh Island, and High Island Areas, Offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Abu N. Chowdhury

Regional Extent and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, United States Gulf Coast

Chacko J. John , James E. Moncrief , Bobby L. Jones , Brian J. Harder , Reed Bourgeois

Reserve Growth in a Mixed Sequence of Deltaic and Barrier-Island Frio Sandstones: Umbrella Point Field, Chambers County, Texas

Mark R. Vining

Reservoir Characterization Using GOCAD 3-D Visualization and Geostatistical Software: New Workstation Technology Applied to an Old Offshore Louisiana Oil Field.

Mark W. Dixon

Rigsite Geological Interpretation of a Deepwater Horizontal Well

Tom S. Schroeder , Michael F. Medeiros

Salt Geometry and Subsalt Trapping in the Enchilada Area, NE Garden Banks, Offshore Louisiana

Brad A. Robison , Rocco Detomo Jr. , R. David Garner , Arie Speksnijder , Michael J. Styzen

Sandstone Hardbottoms along the Western Rim of DeSoto Canyon, Northeast Gulf of Mexico

D. Joe Benson , William W. Schroeder , Al W. Shultz

Seismic Expression and Depositional Environments of a Late Oligocene/Earliest Miocene Carbonate Unit, Offshore Mississippi and Alabama

Qunling Liu , Richard T. Buffler , William E. Galloway

Seismic Interpretation of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Strata, Perdido Fold Belt Area (Alaminos Canyon), Northwestern Deep Gulf of Mexico

Joseph C. Fiduk , Paul Weimer , Bruce D. Trudgill , Mark G. Rowan , Peter E. Gale (), Bryant E. Korn , Ronald L. Phair , William T. Gafford , Geneva R. Roberts , Roger S. Lowe (5), Tom A. Queffelec (5)

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Plio-Pleistocene Turbidite Systems, Northern Green Canyon and Central Ewing Bank Areas, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Peter Varnai , Paul Weimer

Sequence Stratigraphy and Structural Trap Styles of the Tuscaloosa Trend

Kirk A. Barrell

The South Georgia Basin: An Integration of Landsat, Gravity, Magnetics and Seismic Data to Delineate Basement Structure and Rift Basin Geometry

S. M. Sartain, B. E. See

Texas-Louisiana "East Ingleside Trend" - A Late Pleistocene Barrier Shoreline?

Ervin G. Otvos, Wade E. Howat

Thin-bedded Slope Fan (Channel-Levee) Deposits from New Zealand: An Outcrop Analog for Reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico

Greg. H. Browne , Roger M. Slatt

Tinsley Field, Yazoo County, Mississippi: A Deeper Look at Mississippi's First Oil Field Using 3-D Seismic

Maurice N. Birdwell , Kevin B. Hill

Upper Miocene Dauphin Natural Gas Sands in Offshore Alabama

Charles C. Smith, Robert M. Mink

Use of Landsat Thematic Mapper 5 in the Environmental Monitoring of a Gulf Coast Delta-Estuarine System

Wayne C. Isphording , Richard L.C. Enright

Use of Synthetic and Antithetic Shear to Model the Development of Gulf Coast Listric Normal Faults

John H. Spang

Using 3-D Earth Modeling Technology to Revitalize Development in the Gulf of Mexico's West Delta 117 Field

Luzietti, Eugene A., Cheryl J. Lukehart , Keith J. Radecker