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3-D Seismic Coherence, Amplitude and Bathymetry Data Definition of Pleistocene to Recent Sediments Along the Sigsbee Escarpment, Southeast Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, USA

Ken Nibbelink, John Martinez

A 3-D Seismic Look at Big Cowboy Field, Lower Wilcox Lobo, Webb County, Texas

David H. Miller, Brad A. Baker

Abstract: 3-D Exploitation of Nod Mex Reservoirs Phase Four Field, Wharton County, Texas

Mark D. McCuen, Mark A. West

Abstract: 3-D Seismic Revives Kings Bayou

James C. Holiday

Abstract: A Geological Exploration Model for Offstructure Gas Accumulations in Geopressured Lower Miocene Sandstones, Offshore Texas

Charles Brewster , Charles Sharpe , Sharon Landeche , Lori Hathon , Bob Klein (5)

Abstract: Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology in High Energy, Bathyal Sedimentary Settings: Studies in the Main Pass Area, Louisiana Offshore, Gulf of Mexico

Woodson Godfrey

Abstract: Bobcat Run South Field, Orange County, Texas - Oligocene Frio Formation Hackberry Sand Discovery Utilizing 3-D Seismic Data

Robert L. Zamboras

Abstract: Comparison of Two Miocene Turbidite Intervals: Taranaki Basin (New Zealand) and Gulf of Mexico Basin (USA)

James L. Coleman, Jr. , Greg H. Browne , Roger M. Slatt , George R. Clemenceau

Abstract: Development of Cost-Effective Geothermal Probes for Use in Offshore Exploration and Environmental Work

Seiichi Nagihara , Kenneth H. Griffiths , Archie Roberts

Abstract: Double A Wells Field - A Prolific "Sleeper" in the Downdip Woodbine Trend in Texas

Fred L. Stricklin, Jr.

Abstract: Environmental Geology of Urban Growth Areas Within the Edwards Aquifer and Balcones Fault Zone, South-Central Texas

Edward W. Collins

Abstract: Fifty Year Old Frio/Vicksburg Cage Ranch Field in Brooks County, Texas is Rejuvenated with 3-D

Owen R. Hopkins

Abstract: Land Use/Land Cover Classification of West Central Alabama Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Data

G.D. Irvin, K.E. Richter, B.H. Tew

Abstract: McAllen Ranch Field: Success in the 3-D Based Redevelopment Program, Hidalgo County Texas

Marilyn Taggi Cisar , R. Michael Stovall

Abstract: Newly Defined Plio-Pleistocene Plays, Northern Gulf of Mexico: Field Characteristics and Production Statistics

Tucker F. Hentz , Barbara J. Bascle , Lesley D. Nixon , Robert H. Peterson , Chacko J. John

Abstract: Norphlet Geology and 3-D Geophysics of Fairway Field Mobile Bay, Alabama

Chip Story

Abstract: Pleistocene Lowstands on the Alabama/West Florida Continental Shelf: Implications for the Importance of Shelf-Edge Fluvial Incision as an Initiator of Slope Canyons

Philip J. Bart , John B. Anderson , Russell V. Richmond

Abstract: Polymodal Deep-Water Wave-Rider Buoy Data

William F. Tanner

Abstract: Processes Affecting Preservation Potential of Coastal Lithosomes Along the Central Texas Coast

Michelle L. Fassell, John B. Anderson

Abstract: Results of a 3-D Seismic Shoot at Lopeno Field, Zapata County, Texas

Richard W. Debus, E. E. Rudder

Abstract: Shanghai Field, Expanded Upper Yegua Trend, Texas Gulf Coast: Unexpected Reserves Defined By 3-D Seismic

Thomas E. Ewing

Abstract: TAMU Gulf of Mexico/NOAA Bathymetry (TGMNB) CD-ROM

Jia Y. Liu, William R. Bryant

Abstract: The 3-D Seismic Rejuvenation of Roleta Field, Zapata County, Texas

Dominick M. Cassetta

Abstract: West Data Block 107 Field: Hidden Under a Mudflow

Carl W. Kuhnen

Anomalous Zones Within the Salt at Weeks Island, Louisiana

Donald H. Kupfer , Brian E. Lock , Paul R. Schank

An Area-of-Review Variance Study for Texas Gulf Coast Frio Formation Oil Fields

Don L. Warner, Leonard F. Koederitz, Robert C.

Carbonate Cycles in Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Demopolis Chalk, West-Central Alabama

Jeffrey D. Warren , Charles E. Savrda

Characterization of an Offshore Sand Resource Site for Use in Beach Nourishment Projects on Dauphin Island, Alabama

Richard L. Hummell

Chronology of Oil Generation in Louisiana's Fractured Austin Chalk Deep Horizontal Drilling Trend

Ronald K. Zimmerman

Chronostratigraphy of the Expanded Lower Paleogene Wedge in Southern Louisiana: An Identity Crisis for the Wilcox

Richard H. Fillon , Paul N. Lawless , Rome G. Lytton, III

Citronelle Formation, Northeastern Gulf Coastal Plain: Pliocene Stratigraphic Framework and Age Issues

Ervin G. Otvos

Computer Modeling of the Evolution of Fluvial Systems

Mark R. Vining

Enhanced Natural Bio-Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils: An Affordable and Effective Technology

Sheri George , William J. Taylor

Eustatically-Driven, Mississippi River Holocene Delta-Switching as Part of Global Highstand Process

A. Lowrie , S. J. Moffett , T.C. Klekamp , R. Hamiter

Fault Mapping and Reservoir Characterization from Amplitude and Dip/Azimuth Extraction in Ship Shoal 274/293 Field

Christopher S. Kulander, Joel S. Watkins

Geological and Computer Modeling of Upper Jurassic Smackover Reef and Carbonate Shoal Lithofacies, Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Ernest A. Mancini , William C. Parcell , D. Joe Benson , Hannah Chen , Wen-Tai Yang

Geometry and Development of the Salt Withdrawal Basin in Ship Shoal Block 318 and Vicinity

Christopher S. Kulander, Joel S. Watkins

Gulf of Mexico Basin Depositional Synthesis: Neogene Sequences, Depositional Systems, and Paleogeographic Evolution

William E. Galloway , Richard T. Buffler , Xiang Li , Patricia Ganey-Curry

Hardbottoms of the Inner West-Central Florida Continental Shelf

Stephen P. Obrochta, David S. Duncan, Gregg R. Brooks

Holocene Tidal Deltas of the Trinity Incised Valley: Analogs for Exploration and Production

Antonio B. Rodriguez, John B. Anderson, John Bradford

Homogenized Carbonates and Siliciclastics in the Tertiary of Southwest Florida

Thomas M. Missimer , Robert N. Ginsburg

Identifying Underutilized Ground Water Resources in the Coastal Bend Region of Texas

Karen K. Dodson

Improved Regional Ties to Global Geochronology Using Pb-Isotope Signatures of Volcanic Glass Shards from Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Ash Beds

Mark A. Hanan , Matthew W. Totten , Barry B. Hanan , Thomas Kratochovil

Loma Vieja Field: Structural Geology and Related Velocity Fault Shadow in the Upper Wilcox (Fandango) in South Texas

James C. Meyerhoff, Rion Braddock

Major Volcanic Ash Units in the Late Eocene of East Texas

Thomas E. Yancey, Renald Guillemette

Middle and Upper Miocene Natural Gas Sands of Onshore and Coastal Alabama

Charles C. Smith, Robert M. Mink

Mineralogical and Fabric Changes of Shale During Burial Diagenesis and Their Effects on Petrophysical Properties

Jin-wook Kim , William R. Bryant , Joel S. Watkins , Thomas T. Tieh

Morphological Study of Ammonia Parkinsoniana from Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay, Texas

Denise F. Colburn, Jon A. Baskin

Nearshore Morphology and Sediment Characteristics Along Ward Island, Corpus Christi, Texas

Deidre D. Williams , Nicholas C. Kraus

New Exploration Technology for South Texas

Perry O. Roehl , Emil Y. Ostrovsky , Alexander Weinberg

Oil Exploration Analysis of Recent Carbonate Facies

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Origins of Florida Panhandle Terrace Sands

James William F. Tanner , H. Balsillie , Holly K. Williams

Pathways of Shallow Subsurface Migration of Saline Oil Field Wastes at a Commercial Disposal Site in South Louisiana

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Petrography and Geochemistry of the Matagorda Island 519 Field, Offshore Texas

Bob Klein , Lori Hathon , Charles Brewster

Pipeline Impacts in Vegetated Wetlands

Emmanuel J. Russo, Thomas E. Hunter, Raymond Sauvage, Christee Herbert

A Practical Overview of Regulations Governing Oil Spills from Oil and Gas Producing Facilities in Texas

Rick Railsback

Prediction and Timing of Production Induced Fault Seal Breakdown in the South Marsh Island 66 Gas Field

Anthony R. Dincau

Proposed Mid-Tertiary Hydrovolcanism in the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain and the Smectite-to-Illite Transition

Robert L. Freed

Salt/Sediment Interaction; a Case Study from the Northern Green Canyon and Central Ewing Bank Areas, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Peter Varnai , Paul Weimer

Silica Diagenesis of Mississippian Carbonates of Northern Alabama

Ralph A. Nolte, D. Joe Benson

Sources of Hydrocarbon-Rich Fluids Advecting on the Seafloor in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Baoshun Fu, Paul Aharon

Spectral and Temporal Analysis Provides Tectonic and Stratigraphic Results from North Louisiana Seismic Data

Valentin Makarov , Iosif A. Mushin , Eugeniy A. Kozlov , Chris J. Krotzer , Patricia J. Meeks , Allen Lowrie

Stochastic Analysis of Monthly Precipitation Data in Alabama

Emmanuel E. Udoh, Nosa O. Egiebor, Kafui Nyavor

Structural Modeling of a Fractured Chalk Reservoir: Toward Revitalizing Gilbertown Field, Choctaw County, Alabama

Jack C. Pashin , Richard H. Groshong, Jr. , Guohai Jin

Structure and Evolution of North Choctaw Ridge Field, Alabama, a Salt-Related Footwall Uplift Along the Peripheral Fault System, Gulf Coast Basin

Jiafu Qi , Jack C. Pashin , Richard H. Groshong, Jr.

Subsurface Controls on Seafloor Vent/Seep Related Geology, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: Initial Results

Harry H. Roberts , Paul Weimer , Mark G. Rowan

Subsurface Stratigraphy and Water Resources of the Dothan Area, Houston County, Alabama

Charles C. Smith

Thermal Maturation Modeling of Potential Source Rocks within the Perdido Fold Belt (Alaminos Canyon), Northwestern Deep Gulf of Mexico

Joseph C. Fiduk , Paul Weimer , Bruce D. Trudgill , Mark G. Rowan , Barry C. McBride

Three-Dimensional Hydrogeologic Characterization of Fractured Carbonate Aquifers Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

Georgios P. Tsoflias, John M. Sharp, Jr.

Undiscovered Exploration Leads in Shattered Gulf Coast Sediments

Allen Lowrie , F. Elizabeth Talbert , Ian Lerche , Richard L. Adams

Upper Smackover Depositional Model, Kildare Field, Cass County, Texas

David Barrett

Urban Impacts on the Chemistry of Shallow Groundwater: Barton Creek Watershed, Austin, Texas

David A. Johns, Sylvia R. Pope

Using Antithetic Normal Faults to Map Growth Axial Surfaces

John H. Spang, Steven L. Dorobek

Vermilion River Flood Gates: To Mitigate Lafayette, Louisiana Flooding

Gary L. Kinsland

Wetumpka Melange, a New Stratigraphic Unit in Alabama

David T. King, Jr.