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3D Computer Simulation of Carbonate Depositional Facies Distribution and Productivity Rates Using Continuous Set Theory to Mimic Geologists' Reasoning

William C. Parcell

Abstract: Adapting Probabilistic Methods to Conform to Regulatory Guidelines

Herman G. Acuna, Ron D. Harrell

Abstract: An Update on Sale 181

Chris C. Oynes

Abstract: A Reevaluation of the Hackberry: New Life for a Comatose Trend

Michael C. Puzio

Abstract: Best Technology Practices to Reactivate Macuspana Gas Province, Southern Mexico

Quintin Cardenas, Guillermo Perez Cruz

Abstract: Challenges Associated with Amplitude-Bearing, Multiple-Zone Prospects

Gary Citron, Peter R. Rose

Abstract: Examining AVO Crossplots with Visualization Tools

Christopher P. Ross, Mark A. Sparlin

Abstract: Exploration Potential in the Miocene Trend of South Louisiana

Fangjian "Jack" Xue, Kim Hemsley

Abstract: Feasibility Testing of the Proposed Unified Global Expansion and Contraction Cycle Hypothesis Using Spherical Volumetric Calculations for a Simplified Earth Model with an Inner Core of Plasma

Ronald E. Young, Erik W. Young

Abstract: Geologic Information and Seismic Data--How Much Do We Need?

Norman Neidell, Rosemary Mullin

Abstract: Geovolume Visualization and Interpretation Techniques from Rank Exploration to Secondary Recovery

Elizabeth Lorenzetti Harvey, T. Mike Sheffield, D.E. Meyer, B.A. Payne, J. A. Less, M.J. Zeitlin

Abstract: Hickory Field: Integrated Technologies Revitalize a Subsalt Prospect

Scott Bugosh, Todd Fowler, Bob Golding

Abstract: Integrated Characterization of Clastic Reservoirs: A Case Study from Novillero Field, Veracruz, Mexico

Karyna Rodriguez, Eduardo Berendson, Alvaro Chaveste, Bruce E. Hill, Jeff Chen, Nancy L. Englehardt-Moore, Shamsuddin Shenawi, Marcos Quesada, Felipe J. Leon, Pedro Vela

Abstract: Karst Reservoir Play, Cretaceous Shelf Margin Trend, Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.

Martin D. Wensrich, S. Frank Rabbio, Edward A. Clerke, PhD

Abstract: Lower Claiborne Regional Stratigraphic Architecture: Southeast Texas to East-Central Louisiana

Frank S. Vincent, Thomas E. Ewing

Abstract: Lower Tertiary Wilcox and Midway Sequences in the Subsurface, Downdip Rio Grande Embayment, South Texas

Robert D. Liska

Abstract: Managing Exploration Risk: Learning from the Past, Applied to the Future

John Pritchett

Abstract: Mapping Bay-Head Deltas Within Incised Valleys as an Aid for Predicting the Occurrence of Barrier Shoreline Sands: An Example From the Trinity/Sabine Incised Valley

Antonio B. Rodriguez, John B. Anderson

Abstract: Massive Bed-Forms, Mega-Furrows, on the Continental Rise at the Base of the Sigsbee Escarpment, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

William Bryant, Dan Bean, Tim Dellapenna, Wayne Dunlap

Abstract: New Plays in an Old Play: 3D AVO Successes in the Vicksburg of South Texas

Mark E. Gregg, Charles T. Bukowski Jr.

Abstract: Norphlet Geology and 3-D Geophysics of Fairway Field, Mobile Bay, Alabama

Chip Story

Abstract: Onshore Louisiana Salt-Withdrawal Minibasins: A New Frontier?

James J. Willis, Randolph Blackburn, Adam E. Wheeler, Larry A. Valle

Abstract: Origin of Petroleum in the Mexican Gulf Coast Basin

Mario Alberto Guzman Vega

Abstract: Palynomorph Assemblage Zones in the Context of Changing Paleoclimate, Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico

William C. Elsik, Thomas E. Yancey

Abstract: Process Hierarchies Along the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Allen Lowrie, Susan Moffett

Abstract: Prospectivity of the Deepwater Clastic and Carbonate Play, Eastern Gulf Sale 181 Area: Play Concepts and Trap Types

Robert Kukowski

Abstract: Ramos Field, St. Mary and Assumption Parishes, Louisiana--Significant Reserves Added to a 42-Year-Old Field

Bradley R. Broekstra, David R. Anderson

Abstract: Regional Petroleum Geoscience Knowledge: Essential to Successful Exploration Strategy in the Gulf of Mexico Basin

Jeffrey W. Brame

Abstract: Reservoir Characterization Using 3D AVO and 3D Net Sand Prediction

Charles M. Skidmore

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional Variations of Miocene Lowstand Systems Tracts, South Louisiana

Barbara A. Luneau, Jeffrey A. May, Joseph J. Garbee, Charles Hinson

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, Depositional Environments, and Reservoir Compartmentalization of the Mid-Miocene Queen Bess Field, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Grant T. Wach, Rome Lyton, Douglass McCarthy, Laura Korn, Sharon Moate

Abstract: Subsurface Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Eocene-Lower Oligocene of Alabama

Andre C. Klein, Gerald R. Baum, Peter R. Vail, Peter R. Thompson

Abstract: The Impending Obsolescence of Maps

H. Roice Nelson

Abstract: The Petroleum Plays of the Southwestern Gulf of Mexico

Juan Cuevas Leree

Abstract: The Petroleum System and the Exploratory Reactivation of the Offshore Tuxpan Platform, Eastern Mexico

J. Patino-Ruiz, J.R. Ramon-Ramos

Abstract: Two New Stratigraphic Field Discoveries in a Mature Area of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Dorothy E. Ballentine, Thomas S. Martinsen

Abstract: Use of Gravity Data to Enhance Seismic Depth Migration

Mark E. Weber, Brian S. Anderson, Barry C. Wiggins

Abstract: Using a Risk-Based Approach and Integrated Remedial Technologies to Close a Chlorinated DNAPL Site in Under a Decade: A Timeline of Events

Frank E. Bains, Ray Sturdivant, William H. Schramm

Abstract: Using Portfolio Models to Optimize and Communicate Strategy

Jeffrey Lund, Thomas Adams

Accurate Depth Conversions Reduce Risk

Larry C. Luton, Corine Prieto

Anatomy of a Nearshore Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Deposit, the Plio-Pleistocene of Southern Broward County, Florida

Thomas M. Missimer, Robert G. Maliva, Charles W. Walker, Elizabeth Owosina

A Case Study of Missed Opportunity: Effect of Fractures on Gas Reserves: Myrtle Springs Field (Smackover), Van Zandt County, Texas

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Coalbed Methane Potential in Texas

Andrew R. Scott

A Comparison of Two Late Pleistocene Shelf-Edge Deltas (Indonesia and Gulf of Mexico)--Stratigraphic Architecture, Systems Tracts, Bounding Surfaces, and Reservoir Potential

Harry H. Roberts, Johan Sydow, John Robalin, Richard Fillon

Contrasting Styles of Sediment Delivery to the East Texas Shelf and Slope During the Last Glacial-Eustatic Cycle: Implications for Shelf-Upper Slope Reservoir Formation

John B. Anderson, Antonio B. Rodriguez

Crossplots of Nuclear Logging Relationships Aid in Estimating Sizes and Shapes of Sands to Improve Maps

Rob L. Allen

Depositional Setting of the Arcola Limestone Member (Campanian) of the Mooreville Chalk, Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Berry H. Tew

Diapir-Flank Facies Assemblages and Stratal Geometries Within the Tidally Influenced Deltaic System of the Maastrichtian Muerto Formation, La Popa Basin, Northeastern Mexico: An Analogue for the Gulf of Mexico Subsurface

Amy L. Weislogel, Timothy F. Lawton

Discovery of Ring Faults Associated with Salt Withdrawal Basins of Early Cretaceous Age in the East Texas Basin

Steven J. Maione

Distinguishing Water Saturation Changes from Porosity or Clay Content Changes Using Multicomponent Seismic Data

Fuping Zhu, Richard L. Gibson, Jr., Joel S. Watkins, Sung H. Yuh

Efficacy of Climate Variations on Sediment Yield: A Comparison of the Brazos/Colorado, Western Louisiana, and Rio Grande Fluvial Systems During the Last Glacial-Eustatic Cycle

Julia Smith Wellner, Carmen M. Fraticelli, John B. Anderson, Laura A. Banfield

Evidence of Volcanic Activity During the Cretaceous in the Sunniland Formation of Southwestern Florida: A New Oil Exploration Play

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

The Explorationist's Dilemma: The Prospector Myth vs. Systematic Management of Prospect Portfolios

Peter R. Rose

Exploration Trends in Louisiana

M. Byron Miller

Field Studies of Breton Sound, Offshore Louisiana

Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder, Richard P. McCulloh, Reed J. Bourgeois

Gas Hydrates at Minimum Stability Water Depths in the Gulf of Mexico: Significance to Geohazard Assessment

Alexei V. Milkov, Roger Sassen, Irina Novikova, Eugeniy Mikhailov

Geologic and Microstructural Evidence of Differential Salt Movement at Weeks Island Salt Dome, Iberia Parish, Louisiana

Kurt M. Looff, Ph.D.

Geologic Mapping of Salt Mines in Salt Diapirs: Approaches and Examples from South Louisiana

Brian E. Lock

Geologic Overview of the NE Mississippi Fan and Shelf to West Florida Terrace Region, Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Norman E. Biles, Andrew E. Hannan, George A Jamieson, John E. Bain

Geology of the Mississippi Valley Gas #1 Terry Bell, Washington County, Mississippi

Danny W. Harrelson, Stephen L. Ingram Sr.

Identification of Hydrocarbon Seeps by Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

W. S. Duncan, Ronald W. Capps

Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Mature Fields: Application of 3-D Visualization Technologies to Reserve Growth Strategies

Noel Tyler, Douglas S. Hamilton, Roger Tyler, Scott D. Rodgers

Lower Miocene-Early Pliocene Deposystems in the Gulf of Mexico: Regional Sequence Relationships

Richard H. Fillon, Paul N. Lawless

A Method for Predicting Sand Thickness from 3D Seismic, Upper Jurassic Frisco City Sand, Monroe County, Alabama

Gregory J. Halvatzis, Kevin B. Hill

Microfossil Characteristics of Deposits of Systems Tracts in the Upper Cretaceous Strata of Mississippi and Alabama

T. Markham Puckett, Ernest A. Mancini

Middle Holocene Evolution of the Central Texas Coast

Michael D. Blum, Amy E. Carter

Multisensory Data Investigation: Adding Touch and Sound to Geoscientific Visualization and Modeling

Chris Harding, Ioannis Kakadiaris, Bowen R. Loftin

The Offshore Golden Lane: New Outline of Opportunities from the Integration of Geological and Geophysical Data

Jose G. Galicia

Origin and Significance of Retrograde Failed Shelf Margins; Tertiary Northern Gulf Coast Basin

Marc B. Edwards

Otoliths of the Late Miocene Gatun Formation of Panama

Robert L. Martin, Dean A. Dunn

P- and S-Wave Velocity Structures of the Sigsbee Abyssal Plain of the Gulf of Mexico from Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data

Sangmyung D. Kim, Seiichi Nagihara, Yosio Nakamura

Paleoenvironments and Early Diagenesis of Paleocene Wilcox Tew Lake Marker Beds, East-Central Louisiana

Lloyd N. Glawe, Alan M. Bailey

The Past and Future of the Gulf of Mexico OCS Shelf

Richard Nehring

Petrography and Depositional Environments of the Upper Buckner Formation, Smith County, Mississippi

Wenyuan Z. Fleming, Maurice A. Meylan

Petroleum Geology of Big Escambia Creek Field, Escambia County, Alabama

Gregory J. Halvatzis

Play Opportunities for the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

H. E. Denman, J. A. Adamick

Post-Drilling Evaluation of Amplitude-Supported Prospects, Offshore Louisiana

Otis H. Walter

Record of Event Sedimentation in Mississippi Sound

Samuel J. Bentley, Yoko Furukawa, W. Chad Vaughan

Regional Seismic Interpretation Comparisons Across Deepwater Discoveries of the Gulf of Mexico and the Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil

Andrew E. Hannan, Dianna L. Shelander, Roberto Fainstein, George A. Jamieson

Regional Stratigraphy and Subdivision, Lower Part of Upper Wilcox, Duval Delta Area, South Texas

Richard N. Hargis

Revitalized Tithonian-Cretaceous Petroleum System (!), Offshore Campeche, Mexico

Maria A. Romero I., Jose Ruiz M., Luis M. Medrano M., Juan Duran G., Roberto Rojas R., Ismael Gutierrez M., Olfer Baltazar Ch.

Salt Anticline Play in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Bennett L. Bearden, Ernest A. Mancini, T. Markham Puckett

Seagrass Sediment Particle-Size and Content in Estero Bay Preserve, Southwestern Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping, Joseph C. Mallon

Sedimentological Characteristics of the Upper Cretaceous Demopolis Chalk, Mississippi

Ezat Heydari

Sedimentological Nature of the Bryant Canyon Area, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

Efthymios Kontoleon Tripsanas, William R. Bryant, Debora Berti, Niall C. Slowey, Kristy Elston, Armond Silva

Sensitivity Analysis of Petroleum Formation Modeling in the Northern Gulf Basin

Eric J. Nelson, Michael D. Lewan, Paul Weimer

Sequence Stratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy of Upper Eocene and Lower Oligocene Strata, Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Ernest A. Mancini

Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Lower Cretaceous Strata, Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Ernest A. Mancini, T. Markham Puckett

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Fredericksburg Group, Central and North Texas

Samuel J. Talbert, Stacy C. Atchley

Shale Microfacies: Eagle Ford Group (Cenomanian-Turonian) North-Central Texas Outcrops and Subsurface Equivalents

William C. Dawson

Shale Morphology and Seal Characterization of the Lower Atoka Formation Deepwater Deposits, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Christian J. Clark, Arnold H. Bouma, Bruce M. Samuel

The Sihil Field: Another Giant Below Cantarell, Offshore Campeche, Mexico

Jose A. L. Aquino, Jose M. Ruiz, Marcos A. F. Flores, Jesus H. Garcia

The Smackover "Salt Wall" Play Located Along Intermediate and Large Ridges: Central Mississippi Salt Basin

Jeffrey S. Requarth, John J. Morris, Marcus A. Brandon

Smackover Reservoir Diagenesis in the Appleton Field, Escambia County, Alabama

Doug Haywick, Mary Bee Hall-Brown, Leigh Pfeiffer

Stochastic 3D Geological Modeling of Deep Water Reservoirs: Methodology and Case Studies

Kexian Yang, Kai Soon Tan, Karl Kramer, Jeffery M. Yarus

Stratigraphic Zone-Depth Predictions for Louisiana's Probable Hydrocarbon Exploration Floor

Ronald K. Zimmerman

Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Petroleum Seeps, Green Canyon and Ewing Bank, Northern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Petroleum Migration

Gretchen Bolchert, Paul Weimer, Barry C. McBride

The Subsalt Play Moves Onshore

Raymond N. Blackhall, Jim Bob Jackson

Surface Amplitude Mapping of 3D-Seismic for Improved Interpretations of Seafloor Geology and Biology from Remotely Sensed Data

Harry Roberts, James Coleman; Jesse Hunt, Jr., W.W. Shedd

Taxonomic Uniformitarianism in Gulf of Mexico Basin Cenozoic Foraminiferal Paleoecology: Is the Present Always the Key to the Past?

Sylvester Q. Breard, Arden D. Callender, Richard A. Denne, Michael J. Nault

Temperature Anomaly Mapping: A Risk Reduction Technology

Lloyd Fons, Joe Donovan

Three-Dimensional Calculation and Visualization of Fault Gouge Ratio

Karen S. Hoffman, John W. Neave

Three Dimensional Seismic Inversion and Neural Net Impedance Facies Map in Reservoir Characterization

Sunit K. Addy, Jim Hallin

Timing of Source Rock Maturation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: Results from Thermal Modeling of a Regional Profile

Eric J. Nelson, Paul Weimer, Julia Caldaro-Baird, Barry McBride

Upper Jurassic Cotton Valley Reef Types and Porosity Distribution, East Texas Basin

Joan M. Spaw, Jack Balderas, Dan Ziegler

The Use of Coherence Cube Visualization in Picking Seismic Processing Parameters and Post Processing Hybrid Visualization Products

Otto J. Welper

Variable Lowstand Deposition and Tectonic Implications Along the Louisiana Continental Margin During Quaternary and Neogene

Susan Moffett, Allen Lowrie, John Milliman

The Vicksburg of South Texas: A Shelf-Delta System with an Attitude

Tony Whitbread, Todd Nicholson, Bill Owens

Workstation Visualization Techniques that Empower the Geologist: Examples from the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Louis Liro, Kimberly Cline, Mary Kadri, Mark Lahr, Henry Gerke