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100 Years of Exploration and Production at Jennings Field

Jeff A. Spencer, Byron Miller

3-D Seismic Recognition of the Jurassic Smackover Reservoir of Grayson Field Using Leading-Edge Reservoir Characterization Seismic Processing

Kevin B. Hill

Abstract: Arid Continental Sand Bodies and Stratal Geometries in the Haynesville Formation as Interpreted from Coherency Processing of a 3-D Seismic Data Cube, Monroe County, Alabama

Lawrence R. Baria

Abstract: AVO Analysis of Long Offset Seismic Data Using 3-D Graphical Analysis

Fuping Zhu, Richard L. Gibson

Abstract: Geology of Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, Minden, Louisiana

Danny W. Harrelson, Mansour Zakikhani, Judith C. Pennington, William Sniffen, Maureen K. Corcoran

Abstract: High Resolution Airborne Magnetics Used to Describe Initial Prospect Leads in the Development of Oil and Gas Drilling Prospects in the Transition Zone of the Gulf Coast

John P. Land, Richard L. Coons, J. David Lazor

Abstract: Louann Salt Advances with Variable Deposition Rates from Highstand to Lowstand and Impacts on Geologic Processes in Deep-Water Northern Gulf of Mexico

Allen Lowrie, Susan J. Moffett, Thomas Klekamp, Ian Lerche, Neil M. Sullivan

Abstract: Quick Look Prospect Sizing -- Mississippi Canyon

Eric C. Zimmermann, Michael F. Liebelt

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy of the Smackover Formation in Northern Louisiana

Ezat Heydari, Lawrence R. Baria

Abstract: Shoreline Characterization of the Geomorphological Impact of Hurricane Georges on the Chandeleur Islands: Southeast Louisiana

Jennifer Koch, Shea Penland

Abstract: Similarities and Differences in Mesozoic Strata in Mexico and the US Gulf Coast

James Lee Wilson, Clif Jordan

Abstract: Smackover Gray Sand Interpretation -- Willamette Industries 33 #1-Alt. Well, Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Wendy L. Straatmann, L. Mark Larsen, Jerry S. Kier, David A. Fenton

Abstract: Structure and Stratigraphy of the Calcasieu Lake Salt-Withdrawal Minibasin, Onshore Louisiana

James J. Willis, Adam E. Wheeler, Randolph Blackburn

Abstract: The Deleterious Effects of Phosphates in the Preparation of Ostracode Shells

Mervin Kontrovitz

Ages of Maximum Flooding Surfaces, Third- and Fourth-order Depositional Sequences in the Cenozoic and Mesozoic Worldwide

Walter W. Wornardt Jr.

Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Diagnostic Invertebrates and Vertebrates from the Type Locality of the Oligocene Rosefield Marl Beds, Louisiana

Gary L. Stringer, Sylvester Q. Breard, Mervin Kontrovitz

Characterization of Opening-Mode Fracture Systems in the Austin Chalk

Julia F. W. Stowell

Climatically Controlled Redox Cycles of the Upper Cretaceous Mooreville Formation in Mississippi

Ezat Heydari

Correlation of the Wilcox Producing Zones (Late Paleocene-Early Eocene) of Southwestern Mississippi with the Type Midway/Wilcox Section of Alabama

David T. Dockery III

Cotton Valley/Bossier of East Texas: Sequence Stratigraphy Recreates the Depositional History

Ralph A. Williams, Mark C. Robinson, Edward G. Fernandez, Robert M. Mitchum

Cretaceous to Recent Rifting in the Gulf of Mexico Basin

Jack M. Reed

Detection of Pay Zones and Pay Quality, Gulf of Mexico: Application of Geochemical Techniques

Daniel M. Jarvie, Alejandro Morelos, Zhiwen Han

Economic Geology of the Gulf of Mexico and the Blake Ridge Gas Hydrate Provinces

Alexei V. Milkov, Roger Sassen

Evidence for Significant Neotectonic Thrust Faulting in and around the Monroe Uplift

Paul A. Washington

Evidence for Strike-Slip Faulting in the Smackover Formation of Northeast Texas and South Arkansas and its Geological Implications

James R. Turner

Exploration Implications of the Geometry and Orientation of Paralic and Shelf Sands, Wilcox Group (Paleogene), South Texas

John A. Breyer, Justin B. Bellamy, Prasertchai Phornprapha

An Exposed Evaporite Weld and Related Deformational Structures, Edwards Plateau, I-10 Corridor, Kerrville-Junction-Sonora Area, Texas

James J. Willis, Brian E. Lock, Kristie C. Cornell, Daniel A. Ruberg

Extended Abstract: Field Studies of Breton Sound Blocks 37, 39 and 49, Offshore Louisiana

Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder, Reed J. Bourgeois, Richard P. McCulloh

Extended Abstract: Myette Point Natural Gas Condensate Spill and Subsequent Natural Resource Damage Assessment, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana

Steven P. Tischer, Daniel R. Womochel, Shea Penland

Field Evidence of Subsidence and Faulting Induced by Hydrocarbon Production in Coastal Southeast Texas

Robert A. Morton, Noreen A. Purcell, Russell Peterson

Field Examination of Exposed Evaporite-Related Structures, United States and Mexico: Relations to Subsurface Gulf of Mexico Examples

James J. Willis, Brian E. Lock, Daniel A. Ruberg, Kristie C. Cornell

Fluvial Sedimentation in the Cotton Valley Group in Stringer Field, Jasper County, Mississippi

Ezat Heydari, Roger N. Townsend

Formation of Northern Louisiana Ironstones

Rene A. De Hon, Paul A. Washington, Lloyd N. Glawe, Leonard M. Young, Eric A. Morehead

From Seismic Stratigraphy to Seismic Sedimentology: A Sensible Transition

Hongliu Zeng

Geomorphic Evidence for the Origins and Draining History of Paleolake Monroe, Ouachita River Valley, Louisiana and Arkansas

Paul A. Washington

Geopressure Compartmentalization in Keathley Canyon Deep Water, Gulf of Mexico

Selim S. Shaker

High Maturity Gas in the Main Pass Area: Comparison to the Central Gulf of Mexico Slope

Roger Sassen, Joel S. Watkins, Carrie Decker, Stephen T. Sweet, Debra A. DeFreitas, Steven Losh

Is 3-D Seismic Data the Bass-Finder of Oil and Gas? Examples of some "Honey-Holes" in Southwest Alabama

Kevin B. Hill

Landscape Modification of the Smackover Field, Arkansas

Alison D. Culver, Mary L. Barrett

Measuring Modern Sedimentation Rates in Caddo Lake (LA, TX) Using 137Cs Depth Profile

Jerry Lisantti

Modern Analogs for Paleocave-Sediment Fills and Their Importance in Identifying Paleocave Reservoirs

Robert G. Loucks

A North Louisiana Gas-Prone Hosston Slope-Basin Sand Trend

Ronald K. Zimmerman, Donald A. Goddard

Outcrop Analogs for Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of Smackover Microbial Reefs in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Area

Ernest A. Mancini, William C. Parcell

Paleoenvironmental Interpretations Based on Vertebrate Fossil Assemblages: An Example of their Utilization in the Gulf Coast

Gary L. Stringer, Melissa M. Miller

Paleoenvironmental Trends in Paleocene Wilcox Tew Lake Marker Beds, LaSalle Parish, LA

Lloyd N. Glawe, Alan M. Bailey

Petrophysical Characteristics, Depositional Systems, and Model of Geological Evolution in the Golden Lane Carbonate Sequences

Jiajie (Jeff) Chen, Carlos Acosta Aduna, Fernando Sanchez Lu, Jaime Patino, Miguel Olivella

The Producibility of Coalbed Methane from Wilcox Coals in Louisiana

John B. Echols

Recent Salt Related Uplift and Subsidence at Sour Lake Salt Dome, Hardin County, Texas

Karl M. Looff

Reexamination of Late Jurassic Reef Building in the East Texas Basin; A Maturing Gas Play

Edward M. Norwood, Lise Brinton

Relation between Sedimentation and Diapirism at the Davis Hill Salt Dome, Liberty Co., Texas

Asif Muzaffar, J. Richard Kyle, Bruno Vendeville

Resurgence of Salt Dome Exploration in the Gulf Coast Mesozoic Basins in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

James R. Turner, Carl E. Gray, Nick B. Pollard

Review of Late Jurassic Depositional Systems and Potential Hydrocarbon Plays, Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin

Thomas E. Ewing

Revision of the Late Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene Sequence Cycles

Walter W. Wornardt Jr., Bernie Shaffer, Peter R. Vail

Sediment Deposition in Apalachicola Bay, Florida: a 200-Year Chronicle

Wayne C. Isphording, Maria E. Bundy

Siliciclastic Facies Belt Formation and the Late Oligocene to Middle Miocene Partial Drowning of the Southern Florida Platform

Thomas M. Missimer

Tepees and Other Surficial Deformation Features of Cretaceous Rocks in Central and West Texas, Resulting from Late Cenozoic Caliche Formation

Brian E. Lock, Suk-Joo Choh, James J. Willis

Texture, Mineralogy, and Petrophysical Properties of Geopressured Shales, Gulf of Mexico

Jin-wook Kim, Robert R. Berg, Joel Watkins, Thomas T. Tieh

Topographic Irregularities on the Base Zuni Supersequence Boundary and their Initial Cretaceous Sediment Fill, Central Texas

Stacy C. Atchley, Lisa M. Zygo, Jason R. Wallgren

An Unusual Dinosaur Coprolite from the Campanian Aguja Formation, Texas

Nina L. Baghai-Riding, Joseph N. DiBenedetto