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"Wheeler Diagrams": A Useful Exploration Tool in the Gulf of Mexico

Ramon H. Trevino, L. Frank Brown Jr., Robert G. Loucks, Ursula Hammes

Abstract: A Brief Summary of Water Supply in Louisiana: Abstract

Timothy W. Duex

Abstract: Analysis of Geomorphic History and Restoration Efforts at Raccoon Island: Abstract

Rebecca C. Murphey, Shea Penland

Abstract: An Improved Ocean Observing System for Coastal Louisiana: WAVE-CURRENT-SURGE Information System: Abstract

Xiongping Zhang, Gregory W. Stone, DeWitt Braud

Abstract: Backbarrier and Sea Level Controls on Tidal Prism and Their Subsequent Impacts on Adjacent Barrier Islands: Abstract

Duncan FitzGerald, Ioannis Georgiou, Zoe Hughes, Mark Kulp, Michael Miner, Shea Penland

Abstract: Classification of Holocene Foraminifera Bio-Facies Within the Transgressive Lower Lafourche Headland, Louisiana: Abstract

Chandra Dreher, Charlotte Brunner, Mark Kulp, Matt Totten

Abstract: Clay Mineralogy and Formation Water Salinities of Upper Wilcox Sediments, Righthand Creek Field, Allen Parish, Louisiana: Abstract

Maria Pacheco, Jeffrey S. Hanor

Abstract: Coastal Impacts and Processes During Hurricane Ivan: Abstract

Asbury Sallenger, C. Wayne Wright, Jeff Lillycrop

Abstract: Combining Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring, Petrophysical Evaluation and New Analytical Techniques to Improve Reservoir Management: Abstract

Joel Le Calvez, Tom Creegan, Robert Tehan, Kevin Tanner, Roy Yates, Leo Eisner, Rick Lewis, Les Bennett

Abstract: Comparative Analysis of the Stratigraphic Framework in Relation to the Geomorphic Evolution of the Caillou Bay Headland, South Central, Louisiana: Abstract

Elizabeth M. Petro, Mark A. Kulp

Abstract: Deep Opportunities in the South Louisiana: Abstract

Fangjian 'Jack' Xue, Kim Hemsley, David Chi, Dan Shan

Abstract: Early Paleogene Isolation of the Gulf of Mexico from the World's Oceans: From Hypothesis to Theory: Abstract

Joshua Rosenfeld, Jon Blickwede

Abstract: Geoscience in Coastal Ecosystem Restoration: Understanding Coast-Shelf Framework Geology, Offshore Sand Resources and Sedimentary Processes: Abstract

S. Jeffress Williams

Abstract: Global Positioning System: Abstract

George C. Flowers

Abstract: Integrated Geologic Interpretation in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Using Borehole Spectroscopy Logs, Microresistivity Images, Log-Derived High-Resolution Mineral-Based Lithofacies, and Regional Seismic Data: Abstract

Eric Zimmermann, Mike Schneider, Mike Gallagher, George Kear, Anish Kumar, Brian Briscoe, David Williamson

Abstract: Integration—The Key to Understanding Petroleum Systems in the Gulf of Mexico: Abstract

Mark Cowgill, Stephen Calvert, Marguerite Fleming, John Newsome, Antony Price, Carl Watkins

Abstract: Long and Short-Term Variability of Subsidence Patterns Across the Mississippi River Delta Plain: Abstract

Mark Kulp

Abstract: Lower Tertiary Salt-Sediment Interaction in Walker Ridge, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico

Adam M. Seitchik, Timothy F. Powell

Abstract: Miocene Gas Trend of the Eastern Gulf Coast Province: Mississippi and Alabama State Offshore Waters: Abstract

Stephen L. Ingram Sr., Charlie Smith, Allen Lowrie

Abstract: Modeling Future Changes in Barrier-Island Wetlands on Galveston Island, Texas: Abstract

James C. Gibeaut

Abstract: New Techniques Reveal the Exploration Opportunities in the Louisiana Coastal and Shelf Areas: Abstract

Fangjian 'Jack' Xue, Kim Hemsley, Dave Paddock

Abstract: Numerical Constraints of Current Rates of Surface Elevation Change Due to Compaction of Holocene Sediments in the Louisiana Delta Plain: Abstract

T. A. Meckel, U. S. ten Brink, S. J. Williams

Abstract: Numerical Constraints of Current Rates of Surface Elevation Change Due to Compaction of Holocene Sediments in the Louisiana Delta Plain: Abstract

T. A. Meckel, U. ten Brink, S. J. Williams

Abstract: Offshore Hydrodynamics and Geological Impacts of Hurricane Ivan Along the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: Abstract

Gregory W. Stone, Baozhu Liu

Abstract: Play Concepts in an Emerging Major Hydrocarbon Province in the Ultra-Deep Water Gulf of Mexico: Abstract

Michael G. Moore, Bryan C. Delph

Abstract: Post 30 ma Sequence Stratigraphy, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: Abstract

Leipin He, Nancye Dawers

Abstract: Rebuilding the Louisiana Coast: How Long Can We Wait?: Abstract

Denise J. Reed

Abstract: Relative Sea-Level Rise History in Louisiana: Abstract

Sarah Fearnley, Shea Penland, Mark Kulp, Karen Ramsey, S. Jeffress Williams, Jack Kindinger

Abstract: River Morphology as an Indicator of the Baton Rouge Fault, Louisiana: Abstract

Merethe Lindanger, Nancye Dawers, Suzanne Leclair

Abstract: Sedimentological Characteristics and Internal Architecture of Two Overwash Fans from Hurricanes Ivan, Frances and Jeanne: Abstract

Mark H. Horwitz, Ping Wang, Marianne O'Neal-Caldwell, James Kirby, Swagata Guha

Abstract: Seismic Attributes for Regional Reconnaissance: Deep Gas Interval, Gulf of Mexico Shelf: Abstract

H. Truman Holcombe

Abstract: Seismic Imaging at Conger: Lessons Learned in Gulf of Mexico Subsalt Imaging: Abstract

Thomas C. Bergeon

Abstract: Short-Term Performance of Segmented Breakwaters Along Raccoon Island, Louisiana: Abstract

Baozhu Liu, Gregory W. Stone

Abstract: The Auger 4D Case Study: Exploiting a Gulf of Mexico Turbidite Field by the Use of Time Lapsed Seismic Surveys: Abstract

Tom Kratochvil, Tim Beattie, Jim Bikun, Pete Bilinski, Klaas van Luik, Elli Tchouparova, Charles Tixier, Sid Weaver, Helena Zirczy

Abstract: The Princess Discovery—Sub Salt Gulf of Mexico: Challenges of Sub-Salt Imaging in a Fast-Paced Sub-Sea Development: Abstract

Aafke E. Bouma, Bret D. Hampton, Ben M. Hewett

Abstract: The Ultra-Deep Water Petroleum System in the Neptune Field Area, Gulf of Mexico: Abstract

Gary A. Cole, Alan Yu, Julye Nugent, Michael Moore, Gary Grubitz

Building a Facies-Based Permeability Model for Deep-Water Miocene Reservoirs, Eastern Gulf of Mexico

T. J. Greene, B. E. O'Neill

Burial History of Central Texas Cretaceous Carbonates

Shawn Fullmer, F. Jerry Lucia

Challenges in Structure Prediction When Developing Remaining Field Reserves Using 3D Seismic, Gulf of Mexico Shelf, Offshore Louisiana

Ingo Steinhoff, William A. Hill

Chemical Evidence for Migration of Deep Formation Fluids into Shallow Aquifers in South Louisiana

Ronald K. Stoessell, Lesley Prochaska

A Conceptual Model for the Sequence Stratigraphy of the Smackover Formation in North-Central U.S. Gulf Coast

Ezat Heydari, Lawrence Baria

Counterregional-Style Deformation in the Deep Shelf of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Mark G. Rowan, Kerry F. Inman

Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Microtektite-Bearing Sands and Tsunami Beds, Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain

David T. King Jr., Lucille W. Petruny

Dealing with Non-Precipitation Chloride Contributions in the Chloride-Mass Balance Approach to Recharge Calculations in the Plateau Aquifer System, Texas

H. S. Nance, John M. Sharp

Deep Sedimentary Thermal Gradient in the Continental Shelf off Alabama, Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana

Seiichi Nagihara, Michael A. Smith

Diagenesis of Mixed-Layer Clay Minerals in the South Timbalier Area, Gulf of Mexico

Matthew W. Totten, Mark Dixon, Mark A. Hanan

Diagenesis of the Anastasia Formation in Eastern Coastal Florida: Beachrock or Bed-Scale Cementation

Thomas M. Missimer, Robert G. Maliva

Distribution and Origin of Fault-Line Scarps of Southwest Louisiana, USA

Paul V. Heinrich

Evolution of Depositional Patterns in the Mississippi Sound During the Late Holocene

Brian M. Velardo, Samuel J. Bentley

Evolution of the Cretaceous Artesa Mundo-Nuevo Carbonate Platform, North-Central Chiapas, Southeast Mexico

Joan M. Spaw, J. Ricardo Alcantara, Hugo Pena Ramirez, Victor M. De la Cruz Rivera

Exploratory Progress Towards Proving the Billion Barrel Potential of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale

Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder, Reed J. Bourgeois

Extended Abstract: 2003 U.S. Geological Survey Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Upper Cretaceous Navarro and Taylor Groups, Western Gulf Province, Texas: Abstract

T. S. Dyman, S. M. Condon, R. R. Charpentier, T. A. Cook, T. R. Klett, M. D. Lewan, M. J. Pawlewicz, R. M. Pollastro, C. J. Schenk

Extended Abstract: The Artesa-Mundo Nuevo Platform of the Chiapas-Tabasco Region, South-East Basin, Mexico: An Enigma: Abstract

Hugo L. Martinez-Kemp, Miguel Varela-Santamaria, Peter Bartok, Santosh K. Ghosh

Facies Changes of the Eutaw Formation (Coniacian-Santonian), Onshore to Offshore, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Area

Kaiyu Liu

Free Gas Exploitation Within the Northern Gulf of Mexico: A Viable Potential?

Allen Lowrie, Carol Blanton Lutken

Gas-Charging of Late Pleistocene Shelf-Edge Delta Reservoirs and Dissociation of Gas Hydrate, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Harry H. Roberts, Richard H. Fillon, Larry Cathles III

Genesis 4-D Project Status and Preliminary Lookback

Tom Hudson, Bernard Regel, John Bretches, Pat Condon, James Rickett, Brian Cerney, Phil Inderwiesen, Russ Ewy

Genesis 4D Project — Design and Execution Overview

Bernard Regel, Tom Hudson, John Bretches, Phil Inderwiesen, Pat Condon, James Rickett, Frank Descant

Geopressure Compartmentalization in Salt Basins: Their Assessment for Hydrocarbon Entrapments in the Gulf of Mexico

Selim S. Shaker

Geothermal Gradients and Subsurface Temperatures in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Joseph Forrest, Ettore Marcucci, Paul Scott

The Gunnison Discovery—Garden Banks Block 668, Gulf of Mexico

Jeff Gee-shang Pan, Jim Fulcher

A High-Resolution Seismic Survey to Image the Top of Salt at Avery Island, Louisiana

Dawn Standridge, Cathy Bishop, Gary Kinsland, Robert Schneider, Laura Serpa

Historical Subsidence and Wetland Loss in the Mississippi Delta Plain

Robert A. Morton, Julie C. Bernier, John A. Barras, Nicholas F. Ferina

Hydrodynamics and Sedimentary Responses Within the Bottom Boundary Layer: Sabine Bank, Western Louisiana

Daijiro Kobashi, Felix Jose, Gregory Stone

Hydrogeology and Aquifer Storage and Recovery System Performance

Robert G. Maliva, Weixing Guo, Thomas M. Missimer

The Impact of Increasing Accommodation on Sediment Deposition and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Greater Ship Shoal Area

Michael J. Quinn

Jet-Plume Depositional Bodies—The Primary Building Blocks of Wax Lake Delta

Robert Wellner, Rick Beaubouef, John Van Wagoner, Harry Roberts, Tao Sun

Josephine Prospect, Cognac Field, MC195 A "Typical" Shelf Deep Pool Discovery

Robert Rooney, Tim Bourgeois, Christina Davis, Michiel deGroot, Dave French, Machelle Johnson, John Leftwich, Brian O'Neill, Keerthi McIntosh

Lower Tertiary Discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater: Capitalizing on Success

Ken Beeney, Greg Kelleher

Major World Delta Variability and Wetland Loss

James Coleman, Oscar Huh, DeWitt Braud Jr., Harry Roberts

Meteorological Influences on Fecal Coliform Pollution in the Mississippi Sound

David F. Ufnar, Jennifer A. Ufnar, T. West White, Jason T. Townsend, Dawn Rebarchik, R. D. Ellender

A Microbial Smackover Formation and the Dual Reservoir–Seal System at the Little Cedar Creek Field in Conecuh County of Alabama

Ezat Heydari, Lawrence Baria

Morphologic Evolution of a Transgressive Tidal Inlet, Little Pass Timbalier, Louisiana

Michael D. Miner, Duncan M. FitzGerald, Mark A. Kulp

No Active Fault Problems in Louisiana?

Ghulam Sarwar, Reid Bohlinger

Numerical Chronology of the Late Quaternary Gulf Coastal Plain; Barrier Evolution and an Updated Holocene Sea-Level Curve

Ervin G. Otvos

The Occurrence and Seismic Expression of Volcanic Ash Beds in the Gulf of Mexico

M. W. Totten, M. A. Jurik, M. A. Hanan

Oil-Base Micro-Resistivity Borehole Image Log Applications in Deep-Water Exploration

Mitch D. Pavlovic

Oligo-Miocene Extension at the Louann Level in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Kinematic Models and Examples

Mark G. Rowan, Kerry F. Inman, J. Carl Fiduk

Paleocene-Eocene Deposystems and Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico Basin Petroleum System

Richard H. Fillon, Paul N. Lawless, Arthur S. Waterman

Petroleum Source Rocks of the Onshore Interior Salt Basins, North Central and Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Ernest A. Mancini, Peng Li, Donald A. Goddard, Ronald K. Zimmerman

Potential Reef-Reservoir Facies: Lower Cretaceous Deep-Water Thrombolites, Onshore Central Gulf Of Mexico

Ernest A. Mancini, Juan Carlos Llinas, Robert W. Scott, Ruben Llinas

Preliminary Assessment of Recent Deposition Related to a Crevasse Splay on the Mississippi River Delta: Implications for Coastal Restoration

N. F. Ferina, J. G. Flocks, J. L. Kindinger, M. D. Miner, J. P. Motti, P. C. Chadwick, J. B. Johnston

A Preliminary Examination of Geothermal Gradient Throughout Louisiana's 64 Parishes

Douglas Carlson, Richard P. McCulloh

Quantifying Shale Porosity—A Thermodynamically Based, Predictive Model Which Includes the Effects of Mechanical Compaction, Temperature, Mineralogy, and Chemical Diagenesis

James T. Krushin

Reach Sensitivity Index Classification of Louisiana Coastal Rivers: A Tool for Watershed Restoration

H. Dallon Weathers, Miles Hayes, Rebecca Murphey

Regional Distribution of Arsenic in the Weches Formation of East Texas

E. B. Ledger

Regional Geologic Model for Hydrocarbon Exploration of Oligo-Miocene Carbonates, Southeast Mexico

Joan M. Spaw, Joseph Serra-Kiel, Carles Fernandez, Jose Antonio Berlanga Garcia, Andrew Horbury

Regional Overwash from Hurricanes Frances-Jeanne and Ivan

Marianne O'Neal Caldwell, Ping Wang, Mark Horwitz, James Kirby, Swagata Guha

Remaining Hydrocarbon Potential in Oligocene Reservoirs of Mature Fields, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Donald A. Goddard, Ronald K. Zimmerman, Charles M. Meeks

A Revised Delta Cycle Model for the Holocene Deltaic Deposits of South Louisiana, USA

John A. Lopez

Revisiting the Importance of Secondary Dissolution Pores in Tertiary Sandstones Along the Texas Gulf Coast

Robert G. Loucks

A Risk-Reduction Recipe Using Frequency-Based Pore Pressure Predictions from Seismic

Roger A. Young, Robert D. LoPiccolo

A Robust Technique for Resolving Faulting Problems on the Steeply Dipping Flanks of Salt Bodies, Using the Multiple Bischke Plot Analysis (MBPA)

R. E. Bischke, J. Brewton, D. J. Tearpock

The Role of Gas Hydrate in a Global Gas Market

Arthur H. Johnson

Salt Involvement in the Jujo-Tecominoacan Thrust Belt, Chiapas-Tabasco Region, South East Basin, Mexico

Hugo L. Martinez-Kemp, J. Fernando Gonzalez-Posadas, Peter Bartok

Salt Withdrawal and Depositional Trends at the Pliocene/Miocene Boundary, Central Eugene Island and Ship Shoal Areas, Offshore Louisiana, USA

T. Farley

Sediment and Water Analysis Adjacent to an Active Scrap Yard and Archived Superfund Site, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

Renee Clary, Dean Gresham, Fleur Bases, Elisabeth Hamlin, Noah Bergeron, Chad Petry, Mike LaGrange, Eric Fischer

Sedimentological Characteristics and Internal Architecture of Two Overwash Fans from Hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne

Mark Horwitz, Ping Wang

Seismic Amplitudes and Low Gas Saturation: A Case Study from Green Canyon Block 474

John O'Brien

Seismic Detection of Stratigraphic and Combination Traps Without Amplitude Expression in Northern Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Steven H. Brachman

Seismic Geomorphology of Oligocene Frio Lowstand Slope and Basin-Floor Sedimentary Bodies in Growth-Faulted Subbasins in South Texas

Ursula Hammes, Hongliu Zeng, L. Frank Brown, Robert Loucks, Patricia Montoya

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Jurassic Section in Mobile Area, Offshore Alabama, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, USA

Jamal A. Obid

Sequence Correlation of the Mid-Comanche Series, South Texas Region

Dena S. Chenault, Lance L. Lambert

Shale Facies Variability and Sequence Stratigraphy: Application to Top Seal Prediction in Deepwater Depositional Systems

William C. Dawson, William R. Almon

Sonar Imaging of Bay Bottom Sediments and Anthropogenic Impacts in Galveston Bay, Texas

D. S. Maddox, W. W. Sager, Timothy M. Dellapenna

Stratigraphic Analysis Garden Banks Block 235, Gulf of Mexico

Edwin I. Linares, Abu K. M. Sarwar

Tahoe Field Case Study—Understanding Reservoir Compartmentalization in a Channel-Levee System

Chekwube Enunwa, Joseph L. Razzano III, Asha Ramgulam, Peter B. Flemings, Turgay Ertekin, Zuleima T. Karpyn

Transgressive-Regressive Cycle Characterization of the Jurassic Ellis Group, Wyoming and Montana: A Model for Predicting Reservoir Facies in Northern Gulf Coast Salt Basins

William C. Parcell, Andrew L. Haner, Manwika Ploynoi, Ernest A. Mancini

Upper Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy, Onshore to Offshore Alabama, Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Jamal A. Obid

Visualization and Interpretation of 3D Geological and Geophysical Data in Heterogeneous Virtual Reality Displays: Examples from the Chicxulub Impact Crater

Christoph W. Borst, Gary L. Kinsland

Wilcox Group Coal-Bed Methane in North-Central Louisiana

F. Clayton Breland Jr., Peter D. Warwick