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ABSTRACT: Advances in Image Log Visualization and Interpretation

James J. Willis

ABSTRACT: Alternative Energy-Driven Oilfield Waste Water Reclamation

Nathan R. Hutchings, Eric W. Appleton

ABSTRACT: Channel Bottom Alluvium Sourcing through Sedimentological Characteristics within Mill Creek, Rankin County, Mississippi

Chad Killcreas, Zachary A. Musselman

ABSTRACT: Characteristics of Successful Shale Resource Plays, North America

Daniel M. Jarvie

ABSTRACT: Coal Bed Methane Resources in the Wilcox Formation (Paleocene-Eocene) in Louisiana

Warren J. Schulingkamp

ABSTRACT: Haynesville Remains Popular While Other Shales Slow

Robert Clarke

ABSTRACT: Haynesville Shale Gas - Why is it Better than the Barnett?

Kevin Ferworn

ABSTRACT: Hydrogeologic Explanation for Occurrence of "Updip" Oil Fields and Postulated Coalbed Natural Gas in the Wilcox Group in Central Texas, Gulf of Mexico Basin, USA

Alan R. Dutton, Leigh A. Symank

ABSTRACT: Investigation of Neotectonic Activity within the Shallow, Unconsolidated Holocene Stratigraphy of the Pearl River Delta Area, Louisiana

Dane Fischer, Mark Kulp, Kevin Yeager, Charlotte Brunner

ABSTRACT: Is Mississippi River Sediment Supply Adequate to Save the Delta Parishes of Southeast Louisiana?

Douglas Carlson, Thomas Van Biersel

ABSTRACT: Jurassic Radiolaria in the Subsurface of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Haynesville Formation, North Louisiana

Ignacio Pujana, Nolan Shaw Jr.,Patricia F. DuBois

ABSTRACT: Linking Earth Science and Social Studies in the Middle and High School Curricula

David B. Bieler

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and Diagenetic History of the Upper Cretaceous Woodbine Sandstone in the Giant East Texas Field

Robert G. Loucks, Robert M. Reed, William A. Ambrose

ABSTRACT: Pleistocene Shelf-Margin Delta: Intradeltaic Deformation and Sediment Bypass, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Grigoriy Perov

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Quality and Pore-Type Evolution in Tertiary Wilcox Sandstones of the Northern Texas Gulf of Mexico Coast during Burial from 0.2 to 6.6 km (560 to 21,680 ft)

Shirley P. Dutton

ABSTRACT: Salt Tectonics and the Influence on Sedimentation Patterns, North-Central Green Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico

David L. Pope

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary Passive Margin Development and Breakage from Seafloor to Lithosphere: A Continuum of Sequence Stratigraphy

Allen Lowrie, Richard H. Bennett

ABSTRACT: Shallow Seismic Reflection Profiling of the Bluff Line Lineament in Northwest Mississippi

Jack E. Rader, Daniel C. Rice, James B. Harris

ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic Relationships and Nomenclature of the Cotton Valley and Louark Groups, Northwest Louisiana Subsurface

Marty Horn

ABSTRACT: The Future of the Global Oil Industry: Resources, Challenges, and the Geoscience Workforce

G. Warfield Hobbs IV

ABSTRACT: The Haynesville Play: A New Opportunity to Prove the Strategic Value of Natural Gas in Peak Oil Mitigation

Martin B. Payne

ABSTRACT: The Wilcox - The Seaward Expression of this Lower Eocene to Paleocene Depositional System

Tom Cheatham

ABSTRACT: Unlocking Value through Collaboration, Relationship Development, and Stakeholder Management

Kevin McCotter

ABSTRACT: Wave Equation Prestack Depth Migration for Deep Gulf Coast Prospecting

Morgan Brown, Joe Higginbotham, Cosmin Macesanu

Assessment of Industry Water-Use in the Barnett Shale Gas Play (Fort Worth Basin)

Jean-Philippe Nicot

Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Coastal Geomorphology across the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Subsidence Studies and Coastal Restoration

Bryan P. Stephens

Basement Tectonics and Origin of the Sabine Uplift

Richard L. Adams

Black Creek Field, Grant Parish, Louisiana

Richard Keller

Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Seep-Related Rocks from the Deep Gulf of Mexico

Dong Feng, Harry H. Roberts, Pengfei Di, Duofu Chen

Comparison of Methods Used to Measure Modern Subsidence in Southeastern Louisiana

Roy K. Dokka

Core-Based Chemostratigraphy of the Barnett Shale, Permian Basin, Texas

Harry Rowe, Steve Ruppel, Sue Rimmer, Robert Loucks

Cross-Cutting Relationships of Features on the Pleistocene Prairie Complex near Lafayette, Louisiana: Imaged with LIDAR Data and Interpreted in 3D Virtual Reality

Gary L. Kinsland, Christoph W. Borst, Jan-Phillip Tiesel, Kaushik Das, Shawn Kushiyama

De-Risking Subsalt Exploration by Integrated Depth Imaging,

Oliver K. Geisler, Markus H. Krieger

Delineating Stratigraphic Complexity by Integration of 3D Seismic Visualization and Geochemistry, Pressure, Paleontological, and Well Log Data

Jeff Chen, David Petro, George Laguros, Rodrigo Bastidas, Janell Edman

Dependence of the Wilcox Aquifer Water Chemistry on Stratigraphy, Spatial Distribution, and Proximity to Lignite in Southern Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Douglas Carlson, Thomas Van Biersel

Development of Regional Groundwater Availability Models of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer in Texas

Van Kelley, Neil Deeds, Dennis Fryar, Rainer Senger

Digital Regional Investigation of the Wilcox Group of Northern Louisiana: Application to Coalbed Natural Gas Evaluation

Richard W. Ball, Gary L. Kinsland

Dirty vs. Clean Salt: Their Impact on the Subsalt Wilcox Deepwater Exploration Plays

Selim Shaker

Distribution and Source Analysis of Elevated Chloride Concentration in the Wilcox Aquifer of Northwestern Louisiana

Thomas P. Van Biersel, Douglas A. Carlson

Do Deep Salt Layers Argue for Multiple Sigsbee Salt Layer Events along the Northern Gulf of Mexico?

Allen Lowrie, Linda H. Jenkins

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Ancestral Basin Architecture: A Possible Key to the Jurassic Haynesville Trend

Bruce J. Martin, Thomas E. Ewing

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Calichification-Induced Structures in the Edwards Plateau, Texas

James J. Willis, Kristen M. Willis

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Complex Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of an Inner Shelf Shoal and Nearshore along the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, USA

Amy L. Spaziani, Gregory W. Stone, Baozhu Liu

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Framework and Evolution of a Transgressed Delta Lobe: St. Bernard Shoals, Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA

Bryan Rogers, Mark Kulp, Michael D. Miner

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Integrated Analysis of the Upper Jurassic Bossier Deltaic Complex, East Texas: A Revisit of Deposition Seaward of the Delta-Front

J. B. Wagner, K. M. Stevens

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: LSUS Red River Watershed Management Institute

Amanda C. Lewis

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Natural Gas Compositions from Large Tight-Gas-Sand Fields in the Rocky Mountains: A Clue to How these Reservoirs Fill

Nicholas B. Harris, Ting-Wei Ko, R. Paul Philp, Trevor Stroker, Andrew Govert

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Preliminary Analytical Results: Haynesville Shale in Northern Panola County, Texas

Chris Bresch, James Carpenter

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Provenance of Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox Group Sediments in Texas: The Evidence from Detrital Zircons

Andrew P. Hutto, Thomas E. Yancey, Brent V. Miller

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Re-Evaluating Depositional Models for Shelf Shales

Janok P. Bhattacharya, James A. MacEachern

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Red River Education and Research Park: A Unique Place-Based Venue for Linking Geology, Other Field-Based Sciences, and Community

Gary M. Hanson, Amanda C. Lewis

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Remnants of an Early Mississippi River Delta Complex(es): Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Depositional History

Clint H. Edrington, Harry H. Roberts

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphy and Core Facies of the Haynesville Mudstone, East Texas

Ursula Hammes

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Shale Plays and Lower Natural Gas Prices: A Time for Critical Thinking

Arthur E. Berman

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Southern Gulf Coast Aquifer Characterization: Foundation

P. R. Knox, S. C. Young,

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Teachable Moments: Earth Science Events for K-12 Education

Jess B. Kozman

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Water: A Natural Resource Critical for Development of Unconventional Resource Plays

Gary M. Hanson

Field Production and Potential for Deeper Hydrocarbon Resources in the Main Pass Area, Louisiana State Waters

Bobby L. Jones, Chacko J. John, Brian J. Harder, Reed J. Bourgeois

Gas Washing Pattern and Economics in an Area of Continental Shelf, Offshore Louisiana

Steven Losh, Daniel Swart, Andrew Dickinson

Geochemical and Sediment Diversity of Mobile Bay, Alabama

Wayne C. Isphording, Jane Ashley Cordi, Ricky A. Schaeffer

Geological Processes and Sedimentation Rates of Wind-Tidal Flats, Laguna Madre, Texas

Robert A. Morton, Charles W. Holmes

Grain Size Distributions across the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: A Field Exercise in Coastal Geology for Graduate/Undergraduate Oceanography Students

Amy L. Spaziani, Gregory W. Stone

Gulf Coast Subsidence, Crustal Loading, Geodesy, and InSAR

Ronald Blom, Bruce Chapman, Roy Dokka, Eric Fielding, Erik Ivins, Rowena Lohman

Henry Darcy's The Public Fountains of the City of Dijon

PAtricia Bobeck

Hydraulic Fracturing Considerations for Natural Gas Wells of the Marcellus Shale

J. Daniel Arthur, Brian Bohm, Mark Layne

Hydrogeologic Characteristics and Water Levels of the Wilcox Aquifer in Southwestern and Northeastern Arkansas

Aaron L. Pugh, Tony P. Schrader

Industry and Academic Consortium for Computer Based Subsurface Geology and Well Log Analysis

Jeffrey A. Nunn, Alan L. Brown, Stephen O. Sears

Influence of Facies, Fractures, and Weathering on the Hydraulic Properties of the Monroe Gas Rock

Douglas Carlson, Thomas Van Biersel

Integrated 3D Seismic, Core, and Well Log Study of an Upper Pleistocene Submarine Fan Reservoir in the Garden Banks Area, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Sean O’Brien, M. Royhan Gani, Abu K. M. Sarwar

An Integrated Geological and Petrophysical Study of a Shale Gas Play: Woodford Shale, Permian Basin, West Texas

Nicholas B. Harris, Nikki T. Hemmesch, Cheryl A. Mnich, Khodir Aoudia, Jennifer Miskimins

Is Chloride Concentration Increasing in the Sparta Aquifer of North-Central Louisiana?

Douglas Carlson, Thomas Van Biersel

Jack Nolan - East Texas Oilfield Photographer

Jeff A. Spencer

LaURGE: Louisiana Undergraduate Recruitment and Geoscience Education

Jeffrey G. Agnew, Jeffrey A. Nunn

Lower Pearl River Valley: Pleistocene Coastal Plain and Terrace Development. Alluvial Allostratigraphy in Louisiana

Ervin G. Otvos

Magnetic Susceptibility Survey of Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Implications for Potential Heavy Metal Soil Contamination

Hannah Vedrines, Carl Richter, William H. Schramm

North Monroeville Field, Monroe County, Alabama

Gregory J. Zerrahn, Michael T. Roberts

Origin of Igneous Rock Fragments from South Louisiana Salt Domes

Minghua Ren, Robert Stern, Brian E. Lock, Randy Griffin, Elizabeth Y. Anthony, Ian Norton

Overview of the Wilcox, a Unique Group in Louisiana

Douglas Carlson, Thomas Van Bierse

Pervasive Authigenic Carbonate Deposition at Hydrocarbon Seeps of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Geomorphic, Petrographic, and Geochemical Characteristics

Harry H. Roberts, Dong Feng, William Shedd, Duofu Chen

Petrophysical Evaluation of the Haynesville Shale in Northwest Louisiana and Northeast Texas

Dan Buller, Michael C. Dix

Pleistocene Gulf Coastal Plain: Regional Stratigraphic and Geomorphic Contrasts. Intensive Erosion Related to Sea-Level Decline and Hinterland Uplift

Ervin G. Otvos

Preliminary Interpretation of the Pressure Architecture in Parts of Northern Louisiana, Southern Arkansas, and Eastern Texas

Jim Puckette

A Quantitative Paleogeomorphic Study of the Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoirs in the Atoka Interval, Fort Worth Basin, Texas, U.S.A.

Vishal T. Maharaj, Lesli J. Wood

Screening Criteria for Shale-Gas Systems

Fred P. Wang, Julia F. W. Gale

A Seismically Defined Ancient Anoxic Intraslope Basin in Hardin County, Texas - Potential Source and Seismic Pitfall

Steve J. Blanke, Lynn C. Meibos, Paul S. Kline

Status of Wilcox Coal Seam Natural Gas Play in Northeast Louisiana

Deane C. Foss

Strategies for Optimized Oil Recovery in Fluvial-Dominated Deltaic Reservoirs in the Lower Woodbine Group, East Texas Field

William A. Ambrose, Tucker F. Hentz, Florence Bonnaffé, Robert G. Loucks, and Fred P. Wang

Structure of the Wills Valley Anticline, Alabama

Delores M. Robinson, Marty G. Gates, Andrew M. Goodliffe

Structures Associated with Downsag and Basin Development: Examples from the Gulf of Mexico Province and Other Environments

James J. Willis, Daniel A. Ruberg, Kristen M. Willis

Successful Use of In Situ Chemical Oxidation Technologies for the Destruction of Chlorinated Solvents in Soils and Multiple Aquifers in Southeastern Louisiana

Thomas Liebert, William H. Schramm, Thomas Glibota, Seth Washington

Tempestite Sedimentation: An Example from the Del Rio Formation of West Texas

Brian E. Lock, Robert W. Butler, and Roark T. Franklund

The Ups and Downs of the Sabine Uplift and the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: Jurassic Basement Blocks, Cretaceous Thermal Uplifts, and Cenozoic Flexure

Thomas E. Ewing

Using PetrelTM to Improve the Efficiency of Building Static Geological Models

Yamin Li, Ron Martin, Li Fan, Keith Owen, Andrew Acock

Water Budget Assessment of the Southwestern Segment of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer

Ronald T. Green, F. Paul Bertetti, Ronald L. McGinnis, Richard V. Klar, Bradford Wilcox

Workflow for Stratigraphic Characterization of Unconventional Gas Shales

R. M. Slatt, P. Singh, R. P. Philp, K. J. Marfurt, Y. Abousleiman, N. R. O’Brien, E. V. Eslinger