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3D Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Upper Miocene to Lower Pleistocene Deepwater Sediments of the Thunder Horse–Mensa Area, Southern Mississippi Canyon, Northern Deep Gulf of Mexico

Raquel Cepeda, Paul Weimer, Geoff Dorn

3D Stratigraphic Interpretation of Quaternary Sediments in the Mensa and Thunder Horse Intraslope Basins, Mississippi Canyon, Northern Deep Gulf of Mexico

Jorge Diaz, Paul Weimer, Geoff Dorn, Renaud Bouroullec

ABSTRACT: 3D Hydrostratigraphic Model of the Tertiary Aquifers, Fayette County, Texas

Allan Standen, Paul Kirby

ABSTRACT: Achievements in Site Cleanup through the Application of Multiple Remediation Technologies: An Ongoing Success Story

William Schramm

ABSTRACT: A Comparative SEM Study of Pore Types and Porosity Distribution in High to Low Porosity Samples from Selected Gas-Shale Formations

James Rine, William Dorsey, Marvin Floyd, Patrick Lasswell

ABSTRACT: An Offshore Carbon Repository in Miocene Strata under Texas State Waters, Gulf of Mexico Basin: Initial Results

Timothy Meckel, David Carr, Ramon Trevino

ABSTRACT: Architecture, Lithofacies, and Depositional Processes in the Deepwater Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Tamabra Formation, Poza Rica Field Area, Mexico

Robert Loucks, Charles Kerans, Xavier Janson

ABSTRACT: A View of the Genetic Development of Gulf of Mexico Petroleum Systems

Steve Creaney

ABSTRACT: Avoiding the Pitfalls in Interpretation Efforts Caused by Legacy Well Databases - Basics for Every Interpreter and Manager

James Stolle, Leigh Page

ABSTRACT: Berriasian-Cenomanian Carbonate Platform Successions of the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico

Charles Kerans, Robert Loucks, Lowell Waite, Ryan Phelps, Laura Zahm

ABSTRACT: Change is Good! Making the Most of Volatility

Scott W. Tinker

ABSTRACT: Conventional, Alternative, and Renewable Energy: Realizing America's Energy Future

Les Shephard

ABSTRACT: Delineating Parasequence Boundaries with High-Density Digital Well-Log Displays in the Olmos Formation, Webb County, Texas

Mark Robinson

ABSTRACT: Diagenesis and Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation at Cranfield Field, Mississippi

Masoumeh Kordi, Susan Hovorka, Kitty Milliken, Ramon Trevino, Jiemin Lu

ABSTRACT: Enhanced Geothermal Potential of South Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Adam D’Aquin, Jeffrey A. Nunn

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of the Structure, Stratigraphy, and Hydrocarbon Play Types of Offshore Florida Using Seismic Reflection Data

Greg Hatch

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Potential of the Lower Smackover Formation in the North-Central Gulf of Mexico (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi)

Ezat Heydari

ABSTRACT: Hydrovolcanism and the Origin of the Catahoula Formation, Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain

John J. Morony

ABSTRACT: Impact of Morphology and Slope Type along the "Golden Lane" to Produce Oil Reservoirs in Slope Facies of the Tamabra Trend

Alfredo Marhx Rojano, Eduardo Aguayo

ABSTRACT: Interwell Calculation of Permeability in Vuggy Pores Using Ground-Penetrating Radar and Cross-Hole Tomography within Albian Carbonates Reservoir Analogs, Pipe Creek, Texas

Chris Zahm, Georgios Tsoflias

ABSTRACT: Laminated Lime Mudstone of the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation: Source of High-Sulfur Oil and Gas

Roger Sassen

ABSTRACT: Positive Versus Negative Thickness: Implications toward Reservoir Navigation

James J. Willis

ABSTRACT: Preservation of Methane in Deep, Hot Reservoir Rocks

Roger Sassen

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Characterization by Rock/Log Modeling

Chuck Segrest

ABSTRACT: Seismic, Well Log, and Biostratigraphic Correlation of the South Marsh Island Blocks 222 and 234 and an Attempted Correlation to the "Davy Jones" Block 230 Shallow Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico

Walter Wornardt

ABSTRACT: Seismic Architecture of an Early Cretaceous Platform-to-Slope System, Santa Agueda and Poza Rica Fields, Cretaceous, Mexico

Xavier Janson, Charles Kerans, Robert Loucks, Alfredo Marhx

ABSTRACT: Strategy for Monitoring Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Susan Hovorka

ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic and Tectonic Control on Sweet Spots in the Haynesville Shale

John Rhodes

ABSTRACT: The Jurassic Norphlet Formation of the Deep Water Eastern Gulf of Mexico: A Sedimentologic Investigation of Aeolian Systems and their Stratal Relationship with Extradunal Facies Types

S. W. Douglas,

ABSTRACT: The Plate Tectonic, Paleogeographic, and Paleoclimatic Context for the Development of the Mesozoic Gulf of Mexico

Jim Harris, Rob Crossley, Nick Stronach, Paul Valdes, Roger Proctor

ABSTRACT: The Regional Character of the Lower Tuscaloosa Sandstone Depositional Systems (Late Cretaceous) and Implications for the Influence of Basement Structure on the Depositional Trends

Kurtus Woolf, Lesli Wood

ABSTRACT: Tight Gas and Low Resistivity Reservoir Sand Characteristics and Properties in the Burgos Basin, Mexico

Hugo Torres Avalos, Jorge Gallardo Alvarado

ABSTRACT: Well-Log Sequence Stratigraphy of the Ultra Deepwater Shell #1, Alaminos Canyon Block 557 in the Gulf of Mexico

Walter Wornardt

ABSTRACT: Wetland Function Versus Value: Impact of Anthropogenic Activity at Camp Shelby Training Site, Hattiesburg Mississippi

Ian Floyd, Thomas Orsi, David Patrick

ABSTRACT: Why we Hate the Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an Energy Insider

John Hofmeister

Characterization of Rock Strength in Cretaceous Strata along the Stuart City Trend, Texas

Christopher K. Zahn, Milton Enderlin

A Comparison of the 1950s Drought of Record and the 2009 Drought, Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas

Brian A. Smith, Brian B. Hunt

Comparison of Two Mollusc-Dominated Faunas from Cavity Layers in the Lower Cretaceous Edwards Formation of Central Texas

Linda McCall, James Sprinkle, Ann Molineux

Comprehensive Study of the Reservoir Sand and Depositional Setting of Garden Banks Field 236, North-Central Gulf of Mexico

Sean O'Brien, M. Royhan Gani, Abu K. M. Sarwar

Controls on Reservoir Quality and Productivity in the Haynesville Shale, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Basin

David R. Spain, Glen A. Anderson

Cost Comparisons for Mitigating Fluctuations in Power Plant CO2 Capture in Integrated Carbon Capture and Sequestration Network by using a Stacked Storage Geologic System

Stuart Coleman, Carey King, Yihua Cai

Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Depositional Systems, and Reservoir Facies of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Robert W. Scott

Delineation of a Produced Water Plume in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

Matthew C. Smith, Jeffrey A. Nunn

Depositional Environments of Sediments near the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary, Bastrop, Texas

Thomas E. Yancey, Thomas F. Hull, Regina L. Dickey

Depositional Systems and Stratal Architecture of the Lower Cretaceous (Aptian) Pearsall Formation in South Texas

David Hull, Robert Loucks

Detrital Zircon U-Pb Age Constraints on the Provenance of the Upper Jurassic Norphlet Formation, Eastern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Paleogeography

Thomas Lovell

The Discovery, Reservoir Attributes, and Significance of the Hawkville Field and Eagle Ford Shale Trend, Texas

Charles Cusack, Jana Beeson, Dick Stoneburner, Gregg Robertson

Dolomites of the Smackover and Buckner Formations in the Mississippi Salt Basin: A Key to Understanding the Dolomitization Process

Ezat Heydari

The Eagle Ford (Boquillas Formation) of Val Verde County, Texas - A Window on the South Texas Play

Brian E. Lock, Lauren Peschier, Nick Whitcomb

Eagle Ford Shale Variability: Sedimentologic Influences on Source and Reservoir Character in an Unconventional Resource Unit

William C. Dawson, William R. Almon

Effective E-Learning for Geoscientists in the Global Multi-Generational Workplace

Susan Smith Nash

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Albian Cyclic Shelf Tidal Bar Complexes, Upper Glen Rose "D" Formation, Alabama Ferry Field, East Texas

Laura Zahm

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Applications of Wave Imaging Technologies to Improve Deep Gulf Prospecting

Morgan P. Brown, Joseph H. Higginbotham, Cosmin Macesanu, Oscar E. Ramirez

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Balancing Environmental Tradeoffs, Societal Issues, and Energy Production

Richard C. Haut, Tom Williams, David Burnett, Gene Theodori

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Depofacies and Stratal Geometry of the Viento Formation: Implications for Evolution of the La Popa Weld, Northeastern Mexico

Constantin Platon, Amy Weislogel

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Establishing Geochronologic Order of the Early and/or Middle Holocene Mississippi River Delta: Trinity and Tiger Shoals

Clint H. Edrington, Harry H. Roberts, Syed M. Khalil

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Examination of the Geoscience Workforce Supply Dynamics

Leila Gonzales, Christopher Keane

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Geoscience Publication: Learning to Write Well is Worth the Effort

Gretchen M. Gillis

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: High-Resolution Regional Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Aptian through Coniacian Strata in the Comanche Shelf, Central and South Texas

Ryan M. Phelps, Charles Kerans, Robert G. Loucks

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Lithofacies, Depositional Systems, and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Fredericksburg Group (Cretaceous) in the Callahan Divide Region of West-Central Texas

Peter Holterhoff, A. Matthew Oyedeji

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Palynological Age Control of Sediments Bracketing the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary, Bastrop, Texas

Regina L. Dickey, Thomas E. Yancey

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Stuart City Margin Architectural Variability and the Effect of Regional Structural Heterogeneity

Ryan M. Phelps, Charles Kerans, Lowell Waite, Chris Zahm

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The Mural Limestone of Arizona: An Outcrop Analog for the Aptian-Albian Patch-Reef Reservoirs of the Maverick Basin, Texas

Rachel E. Aisner, Charles Kerans

Gas-Cap Impact on CO2 Plume Migration for Long-Term Storage in Saline Aquifers

Silvia V. Solano, Jean-Philippe Nicot

Geochemistry of Eagle Ford Group Source Rocks and Oils from the First Shot Field Area, Texas

Janell D. Edman, Janet K. Pitman

Geoelectrical Imaging of a Hydrocarbon Plume at the Lookout Release Site, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

Mark R. Etienne, Carl Richter, William H. Schramm

GeoFORCE Texas: Six Years of Experience Turning Rural and Urban, Mostly-Minority High School Students into College Science Majors

Eleanour Snow, Doug Ratcliff

Geologic Controls on Austin Chalk Oil and Gas Production: Understanding a Dual Conventional-Continuous Accumulation

Krystal Pearson

Geology and Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Mesozoic (Jurassic and Cretaceous) Rocks of the Onshore and State Waters of the Gulf of Mexico Region, U.S.A.

Russell F. Dubiel, Peter D. Warwick, Laura Biewick, Lauri Burke, James L. Coleman, Kristin O. Dennen, Colin Doolan, Catherine B. Enomoto, Paul C. Hackley, Alexander W. Karlsen,

Geothermal Resource Assessment of the Gueydan Salt Dome and the Adjacent Southeast Gueydan Field, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Taylor A. Gray, Jeffrey A. Nunn

Heterogeneity of the Gulf Coast Aquifer, Brazos River to Rio Grande, Texas

Paul R. Knox, Steven C. Young, H. Scott Hamlin, Ernest T. Baker Jr., Robert A. Kalbouss, Trevor Budge

Hidden Structure Revealed by a Simple 3D Velocity Model - McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas

Richard C. Bain

History of Tectonic Modeling and Implications for Depositional Architecture in the Gulf of Mexico: Where we should Go from Here

James Pindell

How the Geoscience Experience and Technology Gaps can be Filled

Cheryl R. Collarini

Hydrologic Connection of the Edwards Aquifer between San Marcos Springs and Barton Springs, Texas

Larry F. Land, Brian B. Hunt, Brian A. Smith

Influence of Lithology on Scaling Factors for Permeability of Louisiana Geologic Units

Douglas Carlson

Influence of Lithology on Vertical Anisotropy of Permeability at a Field Scale for Select Louisiana Geologic Units

Douglas Carlson

Jurassic Depositional Systems, Facies, and Reservoirs of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Ernest A. Mancini

The Kimmeridgian Oolitic Banks and their Exploration Potential in the Marina de Campeche Zone, Southeastern Mexico: Biostratigraphical and Sedimentological Implications

Marco A. Flores Flores, Jorge L. Tenorio Lavín, Noemí A. Franco, Marco A. Prado Peña

Massive Barite Deposits on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope: Precipitation Processes

Dong Feng, Harry H. Roberts

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Structural Evolution of East Texas - Constraints and Insights from Interpretation of Regional 2D Seismic Lines and Structural Restoration

Ofori N. Pearson, Elisabeth L. Rowan, Russell F. Dubiel, John J. Miller

Morphologic Variation within the Bivalve Odontogryphaea thirsae (Gabb, 1861) and Late Paleocene Wilcox Correlation in the Northern Gulf Coastal Province, USA

Lloyd Glawe, Dennis Bell, John F. Anderson

Natural History, Geology, and the Civil War Battlefield at Port Hudson, Louisiana

Thomas P. Van Biersel

Pre-Pearsall Geology and Exploration Plays in South Texas

Thomas E. Ewing

Preliminary Classification of Matrix Pores in Mudrocks

Robert G. Loucks, Robert M. Reed, Stephen C. Ruppel, Ursula Hammes

Rate of Reflux Dolomitization Based on Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Glen Rose Dolostone, Austin, Texas

Shawn M. Fullmer, F. Jerry Lucia

Recognition of Vertical Versus Horizontal Water Drive Offers Infill Opportunities in Mature Reservoirs: Portilla Field, San Patricio County, Texas

Lee T. Billingsley

Regional Depositional Systems of the Woodbine, Eagle Ford, and Tuscaloosa of the U.S. Gulf Coast

Richard L. Adams, John P. Carr

Regional Lithostratigraphy of the Eagle Ford Shale: Maverick Basin to East Texas Basin

Tucker F. Hentz, Stephen C. Ruppel

Revisiting the Cow Creek Limestone: Facies Architecture and Depositional History of a Greenhouse Strandplain

Leigh Owens, Charles Kerans

Salt Cored Convergent Transfer Zone in the South Timbalier Block 54, Offshore Gulf of Mexico: New Insights from Balanced Cross Sections and Three Dimensional Structural Models

Shamik Bose, Shankar Mitra

Seasonal Groundwater Withdrawal in Southwestern Louisiana: Implications for Land Subsidence and Resource Management

Jeffrey A. Nunn

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional History of Oligocene Frio Slope-Fan, Lowstand Prograding Wedge, and Shallow-Marine Transgressive- Regressive Deposits in the Lavaca Bay Area, Texas

William A.Ambrose, Brandon Johnson, Ursula Hammes, Dean Johnstone

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Eagle Ford (Boquillas) Formation in the Subsurface of South Texas and Outcrops of West Texas

Art D. Donovan, T. Scott Staerker

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Haynesville and Bossier Shale Depositional Systems in East Texas and North Louisiana

Andrea D. Cicero, Ingo Steinhoff, Tony McClain, Kimberly A. Koepke, Jim D. Dezelle

Spatial Distribution of Seafloor Biogeological and Geochemical Processes as Proxy to Evaluate Fluid-Flux Regime and Time Evolution of a Complex Carbonate/ Hydrates Mound, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Leonardo Macelloni, Simona Caruso, Laura Lapham, Carol B. Lutken, Charlotte Brunner, Allen Lowrie

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Exploration History of the Smackover Formation (Oxfordian), Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Andrew J. Petty

Structural Restoration and Basin Modeling in North-Central Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Subsalt Plays

Van S. Mount, Keith I. Mahon, Samuel H. Mentemeier

Temperature and Preservation Rates in the Deep Tuscaloosa Formation, Judge Digby Field, Louisiana

Lauri Burke

Three-Dimensional Geologic Model of the Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas

Brian B. Hunt, Nathanael Banda, Brian A. Smith

Tuxpan and Artesa-Mundo Nuevo, Two Middle Cretaceous Reef Platforms in México: Similarities and Differences

Jaime Patiño Ruiz, Miguel Olivella Ledezma, Fernando Sánchez Lú, Víctor M. Chávez Valois, Amado Marín Toledo, Ramiro Ríos Rojas

Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabama, and its Impact Ejecta

David T. King Jr., Lucille W. Petruny