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A Comparison of Holocene Climatic Optimum Periods: Are They as Warm as the Post–Little Ice Age Period and are Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Similar?

Douglas Carlson

A Comparison of Popular Neural Network Facies Classification Schemes*

Christopher P. Ross, David M. Cole

Deformation of the Pennsylvanian Collings Ranch Conglomerate, Arbuckle Mountains, Southern Oklahoma: An Outcrop Mesoscale Intragranular and Intergranular Deformation Analogue to Subsurface Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs

James J. Willis, William G. Bixler, III

Extended Abstract: Application of Electroseismic Technology for Direct Hydrocarbon Detection in Conventional Reservoirs—A Case History

David L. McCabe, Alan J. Katz, Arthur H. Thomson, Robert W. England

Extended Abstract: A Workflow for Rapid Well Location Ranking in Resource Plays

William E. Hanson, Graham E. Brew, Donna A. Lynch, Tracy A. Mashiotta

Extended Abstract: Bottom Current Drift Deposits in a Gulf of Mexico Minibasin

Erik Scott, Manasij Santra, Kevin Meazell, Peter Flemings

Extended Abstract: Comparison of Methods for Reconstructing the Erosion and Thermal History in the Maverick Basin, South Texas, Using Vitrinite Reflectance, Bottom-Hole Temperature, and Well Log Data

William H. Craddock, Marc L. Buursink, Paul C. Hackley

Extended Abstract: Delineating the Ocean-Continent Crustal Boundary of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico Based on Heat Flow Measurements

Alden Netto, Seiichi Nagihara

Extended Abstract: Estimating Thermal Maturity in the Eagle Ford Shale Petroleum System Using Gas Gravity Data

Justin E. Birdwell, Scott A. Kinney

Extended Abstract: Geochemical and Mineralogical Characterization of the Eagle Ford Shale: Results from the USGS Gulf Coast #1 West Woodway Core

Justin E. Birdwell, Adam R. Boehlke, Stanley T. Paxton, Katherine J. Whidden, Ofori N. Pearson

Extended Abstract: How Multibeam Data Complement and Improve Structural 2D Seismic Interpretation: Examples from the Mexican Gulf of Mexico

Roel Dirkx, Kevin Goldsmith, Jennifer Halliday, Cian O’Reilly

Extended Abstract: Interlaboratory Comparison of Programmed Pyrolysis Data Generated by Different Instruments: A Case Study on the Barnett Shale

Justin E. Birdwell, Augusta Warden, Michael D. Lewan, Paul G. Lillis, Mark F. Dreier

Extended Abstract: Major Subsurface Stratigraphic Units of the Southern Senegal Basin, Northwest Africa

Beatriz Serrano-Suarez, Paul Mann

Extended Abstract: Mudstone Nanoindentation—How Little Cuttings can Make a Big Difference

Sergei G. Parsegov, David S. Schechter

Extended Abstract: Multi-Proxy Analysis of Lower Mississippi Alluvial Plain Lacustrine Sediment, Clark Lake, Sharkey Co., Mississippi

Stan Galicki, Jeb Galtney, Maria Bujenovic, Theresa Woehnker, Trevor H. Galicki

Extended Abstract: Quick-Look Technique for Quantifying Shale Distribution Types using Total Porosity versus Shale Volume Crossplots

James J. Willis, Duncan S. McIntosh, Jr., Jesse W. Zwennes, Gregory J. Ferguson

Extended Abstract: Resuscitating the Vintage Indio Field Using New Exploration Technologies, Zavala County, Texas

Lance A. Harwerth, Harvey H. Howell, Gary K. Rice

Extended Abstract: Sedimentologic and Diagenetic Influences on Sealing Potential: Lower and Upper Tertiary Shales, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

William C. Dawson, Sally J. Sutton, William R. Almon, William T. Lawrence

Extended Abstract: Seismic Facies Analysis of the Western Gulf of Mexico and Implications for Play Types

Cian O’Reilly, Alex Birch-Hawkins, Roel Dirkx, Felicia Winter, Richard Cooke

Extended Abstract: Source Rock Evaluation of the Smackover Formation in Southern Arkansas

Peng Li, Daniel Jarvie, Christopher Marlow

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphic Terminations of the Eocene-Oligocene Annot Sandstone, Southeastern France

Jonathan R. Rotzien

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphy of the Fredericksburg-Washita Division (Comanche-Cretaceous), Texas, Emphasizing the Person and Georgetown Formations: The “Classic” View

Peter R. Rose

Extended Abstract: Structural Geology of Southern Caddo Gap Quadrangle, Arkansas: New Evidence for Strike-Slip Faulting

Martin Messmer, Chris Barker

Extended Abstract: Systematically Linking Environment of Deposition, Landing Zone, and Productivity in the Springer Shale Tight Oil Play, Oklahoma

Andrew Roark, Brendan Horton, Kay Lutostanski, Dibyajyoti Tripathy

Extended Abstract: Tidal Depositional Systems in the Wilcox/Carrizo of Bastrop County, Texas: Sedimentology, Ichnology, and Palynology

Christopher N. Denison, Thomas D. Demchuk, Jennifer M. K. O’Keefe

Extended Abstract: Upper Paleocene–Lower Eocene ‘Wilcox’-Sourced Petroleum Systems of the Gulf of Mexico Basin: A Re-Evaluation and Comparison with the Coeval Patala Formation–Sourced Petroleum System in the Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan

Andrew S. Pepper, Nazir Ahmad, Amalia Doebbert

Extended Abstract: Use of X-Ray CT Imaging and 2D Scanning Electron Microscope for Evaluation of Smackover Mudstone Reservoir Properties

Peng Li

Facies Reconstruction of a Late Pleistocene Cypress Forest Discovered on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf

Suyapa Gonzalez, Samuel J. Bentley, Sr., Kristine L. DeLong, Kehui Xu, Jeffrey Obelcz, Jonathan Truong, Grant L. Harley, Carl A. Reese, Alicia Caporaso

Geocentric Sectoring of LWD Azimuthal Log Data for Improved RDIP and RSTRIKE Analysis: Enhanced Reservoir Navigation and Petrophysical Characterization

James J. Willis, Lauren A. Martz

Geologic Characterization of the Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of the Upper Cretaceous Tuscaloosa Marine Shale in Mississippi and Louisiana, U.S.A.

Catherine B. Enomoto, Paul C. Hackley, Brett J. Valentine, William A. Rouse, Frank T. Dulong, Celeste D. Lohr, Javin J. Hatcherian

High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imaging Technology: Implications for Thin-Bedded Reservoir Characterization

Tobi H. Kosanke, Stephanie E. Perry, Rubin Lopez

Know your Shales: Analysis of Mass Transport Deposits in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Using Non-Conductive Mud High-Resolution Borehole Images

Anish Kumar, Wesley Cantwell, Juan S. Herrera, W. Xu

Mechanical Stratigraphic and Tectonic Controls on Natural Fracturing in the Eagle Ford Formation, South-Central and West Texas

David A. Ferrill, Ronald N. McGinnis, Alan P. Morris, Kevin J. Smart, Kirk D. H. Gulliver, Dan Lehrmann, Mark A. Evans

Midway Shale: Post-Cretaceous/Paleogene Boundary Deposition

Gary L. Kinsland, Kody Shellhouse, Eric Muchiri, John W. Snedden, Jon W. Virdell

Nanopore and Spontaneous Imbibition Characterization of the Woodford Shale from West Texas

Md Golam Kibria, Qinhong Hu, Yuxiang Zhang

Occurrence of Fossil Woods in Texas, Primarily the Cretaceous and Tertiary

Scott W. Singleton

Optimal f: A Capital Management Tool for Multi-Well Drilling Commitment Decisions

James A. MacKay, Gary P. Citron

Origin and Structural Development of the Pearsall Arch and its Relationship to Pearsall Field, Frio County, South Texas

Thomas E. Ewing

Sequence Stratigraphy, Chronostratigraphy, and Spatio-Temporal Stratigraphic Thickness Variation of the Agbada Formation, Robertkiri and Delta Fields, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Adewale Amosu, Yuefeng Sun

Southeastern Alabama Borehole Stratigraphy, Including Unnamed and/or Poorly Known Lower Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic Clastic Units

David T. King, Jr.

Statistical Look of the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Undiscovered Subsalt Plays at the Mexican Side of the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Basin

Sergio Perez Rodriguez

Stratigraphic Evolution of Upper Jurassic Strata, Northeastern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: Preliminary Results

Travis Payeur, Paul Weimer, William Gutterman, Eric Zimmermann, Steve Cumella

Stratigraphic Variability of the Desmoinesian Marmaton Group across the Lips Fault System in the Texas Panhandle Granite Wash, Southern Anadarko Basin

Patrick D. Jordan

Thermal Maturity of Upper Jurassic Source Rocks Based on Well Log and 1D Modeling Analyses, Northeastern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: Preliminary Results

Travis Payeur, Paul Weimer, Lucas Haas, William Gutterman, Eric Zimmermann, Steve Cumella

Transactions: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies; 2017 Front Matter

James J. Willis, Norman C. Rosen, Jill C. Willis, Dorene B. West

Transform Faulting—An Unseen Problem to Resource Plays

Bruce J. Martin, Trevor Brooks

Transregional Sequence-Stratigraphic Correlation of the Maastrichtian Fox Hills Sandstone: Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana

C. B. Rust, J. L. Aschoff

Turbidite Facies Geometries, Quality, and Connectivity in the Cyrenaican Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Slope Deposits, Al-Athrun Formation, NE Libya

Khaled S. Amrouni, Sabra A. Alnaas, Ahmed S. El-Hawat, Michael C. Pope, Adel A. Obeidi, Aimen Amer, Hassan S. El-Bargathi, Osama Rahil Shaltami, Essa A. Elbileikia, Khalid A. M. Mustafa, Ahmed M. A. Al-Alwani, Mohamed SH. Abdalla El-Jahmi, Salah S. Abdelsalam El-Ekhfifi

Visualization of Angular Unconformities and Tectonic Angular Discordance Measurement Constraints by Structural Geometrical Flattening: Case Studies in the Permian (California), Grand Canyon (Arizona), Chad Basin (Nigeria), Algarve Basin (Iberian Peninsula), and the Aegean Sea Basin (Turkey)

Adewale Amosu, Yuefeng Sun

What are the Impacts of a Dense Field of Septic Systems on Groundwater Quality?

Douglas A. Carlson, Marty Horn