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GCAGS Transactions

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Advanced Facies Characterization in Clastic Reservoirs from the Gulf of Mexico: Integration of Quantitative Borehole Image Texture and Laminated Deposition Analysis

Indrajit Basu, Anish Kumar, Elizabeth Ruiz

Applying Rock Physic Models for Optimized Pore Pressure Prediction

Joel K. Loeffler, Sam Green, Jakob Heller, Lev Vernik

Carbon Capture and Storage Potential in Southern Louisiana: A New Business Opportunity

Alexander P. Bump, Susan D. Hovorka, Timothy J. Meckel, Vanessa Nuñez-Lopez, Mariana I. Olariu, Ramon H. Treviño

Chemostratigraphy of Carbonate Gravity Flows of the Wolfcamp Formation in Crockett County, Midland Basin, Texas

Alex P. Blizzard, Julie M. Bloxson

Chicxulub Target Stratigraphy and Ejecta: Insights from Northern Belize

David T. King, Jr., Lucille W. Petruny

Extended Abstract: A Characterization of the Smackover Source Rock in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Derived Parameters for Petroleum Systems Modeling

Benjamin Kirkland, John H. Brand

Extended Abstract: Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence for the Independent and Everyone Else

Bill Fairhurst

Extended Abstract: CCUS Storage Site Selection for a Hub Concept in Southwestern Kansas

Eugene Holubnyak, Franek Hasiuk, Jingyao Meng, Sahar Mohammadi, Jennifer Hollenbach, Dana Wreath, Michael Smith, Christopher Smith, Jessica Raines

Extended Abstract: Cenomanian-Turonian Organic Depositional Acmes 93 and 95 in the Gulf of Mexico: Paleobathymetry, Thickness, Lithofacies, Organofacies, and Ultimate Expellable Potentials

Andrew Pepper, Aditya Pradono, Lara Heister

Extended Abstract: Composition of Volatile Fluids and Gases Entrapped in Immature Eagle Ford Shale, Southwestern Texas

Justin E. Birdwell, Michael P. Smith, Christopher M. Smith

Extended Abstract: Defining a Geoscientist—Turning Wrong into Right

William Finley

Extended Abstract: Depositional and Diagenetic Model of the Blossom Sand, Panola County, Texas

Hannah Chambers, Julie Bloxson

Extended Abstract: Evaluating Failure: Extracting Relevant Volatile Geochemical Information from Legacy Geological Materials from Dry Holes and Underperforming Wells

Christopher M. Smith, Michael P. Smith

Extended Abstract: Facies Mapping of the Utica Shale, Point Pleasant, and Trenton/Lexington Formations in Northeastern Ohio

Kaleb Kirk

Extended Abstract: Fresh Outlook in Numerical Methods for Geodynamics

Gabriele Morra

Extended Abstract: Geomorphic and Shallow Subsurface Expression of Growth Faults in Mississippi River Delta Quaternary Sediment, Golden Meadow, Louisiana

Allison Scates, Rui Zhang

Extended Abstract: Geophysical Log Database and Digital Surfaces for the Floridan Aquifer System in Florida and Parts of Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina

Lester J. Williams

Extended Abstract: Horizontal Heterogeneity Measurement of Strength and Elastic Properties for Conventional and Unconventional Rocks

Ji Soo Lee

Extended Abstract: Improved Mechanical and Natural Fracture Model of the Lower Austin Chalk Using Outcrop, Core, and Well Logs, Central Texas

Chris Zahm

Extended Abstract: Improving U.S. Gulf Region Streamflow Predictions from the U.S. National Water Model with Machine Learning

Jonathan Frame

Extended Abstract: Louisiana Severance Tax Relief

David Sturlese, Frank Harrison

Extended Abstract: Maximizing Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Using 3D Seismic Geomechanics

Michael Shoemaker

Extended Abstract: New Efficient Approaches to Defining Windfarm Ground Models

Bruce Samuel, Carey Honganen, Larry Scott, Steven Chang

Extended Abstract: Refined RDIP and RSTRIKE Analysis Using Geocentric Sectoring of LWD Azimuthal Log Data for Enhanced Reservoir Navigation and Petrophysical Characterization: Theoretical Basis and Simulations

James J. Willis, Lauren A. Martz

Extended Abstract: sAIsmic™—The Future of Multiclient Seismic Data

Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez, Josh Thorp

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphic Partitioning and Reservoir Attributes of the Upper Devonian to Lower Mississippian Exshaw Formation, Alberta, Canada

Julia M. Visy, Stacy C. Atchley

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphic Relationships of the Mount Kindle and Cloudy Formations in the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada

James A. Martell, Michael C. Pope, Robert B. MacNaughton, Karen M. Fallas, Stephen A. Leslie, Beth J. Fischer

Extended Abstract: Structural History of Northeastern Texas and Northern Louisiana from the Lower Cretaceous to the Early Eocene

Gary L. Kinsland, Tyler Hebert, Robert Ivy, Kevin Broussard

Extended Abstract: Subsurface Structural Analysis of the Appalachian Basin in Morrow County, Ohio

Adrian Valdez, Julie Bloxson

Extended Abstract: Sureste Basin Salt Flank Imaging Enhancement

Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson, Josh Thorp

Extended Abstract: Surveying and Mapping Risky Outcrops from the Air: Methods and Results

William Brown Hawkins, Jr.

Extended Abstract: Temporal Scales of Mass Transport on the Mississippi River Delta Front, from Results of a New Regional Survey

Jeffrey Duxbury, Samuel Bentley, Kehui Xu, Navid H. Jafari, Y. Georgiou

Extended Abstract: The Applications of GIS to Understand Geologic Hazards in Hawaii

Efren Mendez

Extended Abstract: The Gulf Coast’s Contribution to Oil Field Movies

Jeff A. Spencer

Extended Abstract: The Lower Smackover Brown Dense Limestone: Its Potential as a Hybrid Unconventional Resource Play

Steven S. Walkinshaw

Extended Abstract: The Trend to Near Field Exploration in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and its Stranded Asset Implication

Tim Richardson

Extended Abstract: Using Capacitively-Coupled Electrical Resistivity Methods to Characterize Potential Karst Features along FM 2185, Culberson County, Texas

Lenora D. Perkins, Wesley Brown, Kevin Stafford

Extended Abstract: Using Cuttings Volatiles to Assess Reservoirs’ Viability for Long Term CO2 Sequestration

Michael P. Smith, Christopher M. Smith, Timothy M. Smith, Patrick S. Gordon

Extended Abstract: Welcome and Opening Remarks: Convention Planning in a Time of Covid-19, Negative Oil Prices, Record Hurricane Season, and Social Unrest

James J. Willis, Travis A. Helms

Geochemical Characterization of Utica Shale Play Using XRF–Based Chemostratigraphy in Ohio

Barbara M. Kemeh

High Resolution Borehole Images Enable Well Grounded Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Anish Kumar, Juan Herrera, Elizabeth Ruiz

Hydrocarbon Sources and Migration Events in the Chicontepec Formation (Wilcox Group Equivalent) of Eastern Mexico

Stephen P. J. Cossey, Mark R. Bitter, Marshall W. Titus, Alex Zumberge, John Zumberge

Initiation of a New Geophysics Degree Program in South Texas

Robert V. Schneider, Subbarao Yelisetti, Thomas McGehee

Lithologic Characteristics of Gravel Deposits in Hammett Gravel Mine, Holmes County, Mississippi

A. Batista, K. McCarley, E. Heydari

Log-Based Facies Analysis and Stratigraphy of the Wilcox Group, Central Texas

Thomas E. Ewing

Louisiana’s Oil and Gas Industry—The Missing Link in Coastal Sustainability

Chris McLindon

Machine Learning Identification of TOC–Rich Zones in the Eagle Ford Shale

Adewale Amosu, Mohamed Imsalem, Yuefeng Sun

Mineralogical and Clay Cement Restrictions on Porosity and Permeability in the Taylor Sand of the Cotton Valley Formation, Blackburn Field, Northern Louisiana Salt Basin, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Kaleb C. McClain, Julie M. Bloxson

The Race for the First Louisiana Oil “Discovery”

Jeff A. Spencer

Relationship between Geothermal and Geopressure Gradients in the Western Gulf of Mexico

Sharon Cornelius, Peter A. Emmet

Table of Contents: GEOGULF TRANSACTIONS 70th Annual GCAGS Convention and 67th Annual GCSSEPM Meeting

James J. Willis, Norman C. Rosen, Jill C. Willis, Kate Kipper