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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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3D Seismic and SHarp Broadband 2D: UtStord and South Viking Graben

Nicolas Hand, David Jackson, Dolphin Geophysical

3D Seismic Data and Geohazard Analysis

Eric Bouanga, James Selvage

Around the World in 59 Stages

Richard Tyson, Amanda Galsworthy, Getech

The Australian North West Shelf: New insights from Deep Seismic

Paul Bellingham, Kenneth Mcdermott, ION Geophysical

Beaufort West: New Insight Into a Frontier Basin

Ann E. Walker, Brian W. Horn, ION Geophysical

Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond: Part IX: BroadSeis in Production

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Vetle Vinje, Jo Firth

Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond: Part VII: CGG’s BroadSeis — A Change of Thinking

Lesse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond: Part VIII: BroadSeis in Exploration

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Vetle Vinje, Jo Firth

Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond: PART X: IsoMetrix – Isometric Sampling

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond: Part XI: Which Technology to Choose?

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Jan Erik Lie, Vidar Danielsen, Per Eivind Dhelie

Caspian Sea: Frontier Exploration in the Middle Caspian Basin

Jaswinder Mann, Gregor Duval, CGG

Communicating Naturally

Tracey Dancy

Completing the Picture

James Dodson

DAS: Listening in Downhole

Chris Shannon

The Deepwater Niger Delta: An Underexplored World-Class Petroleum Province

Paul Bellingham, Chris Connors, Richard Haworth, Barbara Radovich, Al Danforth

Defining Shale Potential in The Netherlands

J. Lutgert, R. Greiss, C. Hughes, S. Large

Dynamic Topography Sheds New Light

David Upton

Early Carboniferous Battleground for the UKCS 28th Licence Round

Neil Hodgson, Richard Wrigley, Karyna Rodriguez, Spectrum

Exploration in the East African Rift System

Ian Davison, Ian Steel, Matthew Taylor, Eoin O Beirne, Theodore Faull

Exploring the Mid North Sea High

Gregor Duval, Matthew Dack, CGG

Fracture, Fracture Everywhere: Part I

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Fracture, Fracture Everywhere: Part II: How and Why Do Fractures Occur in Rocks?

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Gas Hydrates: Part V: The Resource Potential

Lasse Amundsen, Thomas Reichel, Martin Landrø

Geologists at War

Will Thornton

Global Plate Tectonic Modelling

Dirk Cuthbertson, Getech

The Great Australian Bight: An Emerging Global Hotspot

David Upton

Guinea-Bissau: New Insights Into the Geology and Deepwater Exploration Potential

Tony Pedley, Gerrard Spear, Polarcus, Lyme Bay Consulting

Hoop Basin: Drilling Success and Playground for New Exploration Methods

Bent Kjølhamar, Christopher Sæbø Serck, Camilla Broch Pedersen, Reidun Myklebust, TGS

How Much Oil in the Middle East?

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Imaging the Next Hydrocarbon Province

Mari Schjeldsøe Berg, Øystein Lie, Spyridon Bellas, Antonis Angelopoulos, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), Greek Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA) Petroleum Policy Directorate

Inside the Rock

Alexander Nadeev, Denis Klemin

Kirkuk: A Silent Giant Oilfield

Munim Al-Rawi

Looking Down the Wellbore

David Macdonald, Dave Healy, Graham Webber

Memories of Iraqi Kurdistan

Michael Quentin Morton

Mongolia: Potential in an Emerging Economy

Justin Tully, Andrew Barnwell

Namibia: Frontier Exploration in West Africa

Pat Coole, Craig Koch, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)

A New Approach to Cores

Christopher M. Prince

New Insights on the Alaskan Chukchi Sea

Brad Torry, Thane Strandberg, Abu Chowdhury, Jason Kegel, James Keay

A New Oil Play in East Africa

M. Tyrrell, Xie Jielai, Shi Kuitai, P. Conn, P. Chandler

New Plays from Old: Frontier Exploration at the Western Edge of Gabon’s Salt Basin

Neil Hodgson, Anongporn Intawong, Spectrum

A Nigerian Renaissance: Renewed interest in Africa's largest oil producer

John Balch, Matt Lamont, Polarcus, DownUnder GeoSolutions

The PESGB Celebrates its 50th Birthday

Jane Whaley

Petroleum Systems in Jordan

Munim M. Al-Rawi

Petrophysics in High Angle and Horizontal Wells

David Maggs, Silvia Lattuada, Roger Griffiths, Mauricio Mele, Antonio Valdisturlo

Polarising Pyrite

Paul Wood

The Power of Movement

Euan Macaulay, Jenny Ellis

The Predictive Power of Palynology

David Upton

The Quantification of Uncertainty in Reservoir Management

Nikki Jones

Real-Time Data = Proactive Field Decisions

Thomas Smith

Rejuvenating Opportunities

Shell Global Exploration Communications Team

Reservoir Rocks Behaving Differently

Thomas Smith

Rethinking Regional Reconnaissance

Carlos Fernandex

The Search for Oil in the South-Eastern Barents Sea

Sylvia B. Hammersvik, Gustav A. Ersdal

Sergipe Basin, Brazil: DHIs from Calibrated AVO Stacks

Mike Saunders, Dan Negri, Christopher Ross, Scott Bowman, Spectrum, Cross Quantitative Interpretation, Petrodynamics

Shale Gas: A Commercially Viable Alternative?


Technology Driving Unconventional Exploration

John Fierstien

Think Molecular: It Translates into Pay!

Nicolaj Mahlstedt, Andreas Hübner, Rolando Di Primio, Brian Horsfield

Three Disappointments in the Barents Sea

Halfdan Carstens

Towed Streamer EM for Success

Allan Mckay, Johan Mattsson, Jonathan Midgley, PGS

Ukraine’s Gas-Fuelled Crisis

Nikki Jones, Will Thornton

Unveiling Oil Targets in the Colombian Amazonia at a Salsa Tempo!

Guillermo Re Kühl

Western Tanzania: The Lake Rukwa and Lake Nyasa Rifts

Will Thornton

West of Shetland: SHarp Broadband 2D Regional Well Tie Survey

Ian T. Edwards, Global Multi-Client Surveys and New Ventures

Whale Hunters Seek Elephants

Jane Whaley

‘What Oilfields?’: Onshore Oil in the UK

Michael Quentin Morton