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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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GEO ExPro Magazine

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3D Broadband Seismic in the Southern Central Graben

Jens Beenfeldt, Simon Baer, PGS

Argentina: The Final Atlantic Margin Frontier

Ian Davison, Ian Steel

Back to Source Rocks: Part II

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Beyond Sight of Land

Quentin Morton

Beyond the Puffin: Applying Modern Processing Workflows in the Vulcan Sub-Basin

Karyna Rodriguez, Phil Cook, David Eastwell, Spectrum

Clari-Fi™ Broadband Processed 2D Seismic in Portugal and the Mid-North Sea High

Sindre Jansen, Will Bradbury, Bent Erlend Kjølhamar, TGS

A Cleaner Future for Heavy Oil Extraction

Joe Kuhach

Codes and Ciphers: Decoding Nature’s Disorder: PART I

Dirk-Jan Van Manen, Johan O. A. Robertsson, Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

Codes and Ciphers Simultaneous: Source Separation: PART II

Johan O. A. Robertsson, Dirk-Jan Van Manen, Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

The Digital Oilfield: Are We There Yet?

Taha Taha

Drone Magic

Thomas Smith

East Baghdad: Super-Giant Field Under a Populated Area

Munim Al-Rawi

The East Shetland Platform and Mid North Sea High

Stefano Patruno, William Reid

An Electrical Rock Physics Framework For CSEM Interpretation

Daniel Baltar, Neville Barker, Matthew Carr, Christopher Schmidt

Exploration Geochemistry in the Digital Age

J. Ethan Brown

Exploring Rockall: A Renaissance or a Dark Age?

Catherine Caulfield, Hannon Westwood

The Faroe Islands: A New Beginning

Óluva Eidesgaard

Finding More Gaveas in the Campos Basin and Beyond the Salt Domes…

Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson, Spectrum

The Gambia: The Next Major Oil Play?

Tony Pedley, Polarcus

The Geochemist’s Tool Box

Patrick Barnard, Ian Cutler, Helen Kerr

Gravity for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Christine Fichler, Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

Haven’t I Seen That Somewhere Before?

David Sagi, Simon Campbell, Peter Webb

Hiding in the Basement

Jane Whaley

High-Resolution Model Building in a Full-Azimuth Nodal Survey in the GOM

Sandip Chattopadhyay, Gary Rodriguez, Tefera Eshete, Guy Hilburn, TGS

Iceland: Harnessing the Earth

Jane Whaley

Identifying Potential Oil Zones in Tight Reservoirs

Thomas Smith

Iran After Sanctions: Opportunities and Risks

Mahdi Kazemzadeh, Babak Sami Vand

A Light in the Downturn: Geochemical Innovation for Today’s Explorers

Hunter C. Eden, Mohamed Said

Magnetics for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Christine Fichler, Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

Marine Seismic Data: Faster, Better, Cheaper?

Ed Hager

Mediterranean Carbonate Potential: Lessons from Existing Discoveries

Raffaele Di Cuia, Alberto Riva

The Namibe Basin: A Clearer Image: Unlocking an Angolan Frontier

William Reid, Avril Ashfield, PGS

New Opportunities Offshore West Egypt

Simon Baer, Øystein Lie, Ayman Almorshedy

Offshore Somalia: East Africa's Oil Frontier

Hannah Kearns, Jake Berryman, Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez, Spectrum

Petroleum Basins of Yemen

Mustafa As-Saruri, Rasoul Sorkhabi

Predicting Reservoir Properties

Amanda Alvarez, Pedro Alvarez, Lucy Macgregor

Priority Onboard

Ed Hagar, Polarcus

Promising Portugal


Quantifying Reservoir Performance for Deepwater Slope Channel Deposits

Thomas Smith

Seismic Interpretation with Machine Learning

Rocky Roden, Deborah Sacrey

Supercomputers for Beginners: PART III: GPU-Accelerated Computing

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Børge Arntsen

Supercomputers for Beginners: PART IV: Quantum Computers

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Børge Arntsen

Suriname: New Technology Unlocks Hydrocarbon Potential

Clyde Griffith, Ralph Kariodimedjo, Mohamed Chandoe, Christian Richards, Paul Versnel, Ben Spurgeon

Taking the Plunge

Vidar Hovland, John Thompson

A Time-Saving Taxonomic Tool

Sally Morgan, Jeremy Young, Aliya Mugha

Unlocking the Petroleum Potential of Iran

Jan Witte, Olaf Schönicke

Unlocking the UK North Sea’s Hidden Wealth

Henry Morris

Was the Mozambique Channel Once Scattered with Islands?

Yannis Bassias

The Wildest Plays on the Planet

Jon Noad

World Class Exploration Opportunities in Deepwater Mexico

Peter Abrahamson, Kenneth Mohn, MultiClient Geophysical

A World of Opportunity?

Mike Simmons

The Yanks Are Coming

Bruce Blanche

The ‘Gatwick Gusher’: Fact or Fiction?

Jane Whaley