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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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GEO ExPro Magazine

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3D Printing: A Dip Into an Evolving Technology

Lawrence Pidsley

Introduction to Deep Learning: Part I

Hongbo Zhou, Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

An Introduction to Deep Learning: Part II

Lasse Amundsen, Hongbo Zhou, Martin Landrø

Advancing Geoscience in South East Asia

GeoExPro Staff

The Angle of the North

Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez, Anongporn Intawong

Arthur Beeby-Thompson: Oil Pioneer

Paul C. Logan

Australia: New Imaging of the Vulcan Sub-basin

Tony Pedley, Richard Palmer, Polarcus, Spectrum

Beneath Belize

Gareth Williams

Benin: The Low Cost, High Impact Frontier

Emma Tyrrell, Peter Elliott, Matt Lofgran, Blandine Biaou

Brazil is Back in the Game

David Contreras Diaz, Polarcus

Breaking Up is Never Easy: The Complexities That Create Opportunities in the Distal Domain

Helen Doran, Gianreto Manatschal

Brent: An Aging Giant

Jane Whaley

A Cleaner Future for Drilling

Kathryn Shepherd

Communicating Geoscience: What is Geology?

Jane Whaley

Côte d’Ivoire: Completing the Jigsaw

Matthew Tyrrell, Ibrahima Diaby, PGS

Deep Offshore Exploration in Greece

Yannis Bassias

The East Shetland Platform

Stefano Patruno, Christine Roche, PGS

Exploration Opportunities in the Mediterranean

Verity Agar, Paul Bellingham, Nicola Clarke, Elisabeth Gillbard, Ken McDermott, ION

Exploring West of Shetland: The Northern Flett Sub-Basin

Alex Birch-Hawkins, Ashleigh Hewitt, James Clarke, Jennifer Halliday, Will Bradbury, TGS

Frontier Exploration in Egypt’s Mediterranean Sea

Simon Baer, Øystein Lie, Matthew Pyett, Chris Davies, Rune Sakariassen, Ayman El Morshedy

The Future is at the Bottom of the Ocean

Petter Steen-Hansen

The Future of Marine Seismic Acquisition?

Luc Haumonté

The Geological Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Stephen P. J. Cossey

The Golden Snitch? Borehole Gravity for Reservoir Monitoring

Jennifer Hare, Matthew Place

Hunting for NULFs

John Dolson

Hydrocarbon Potential in the North Barents Basin

Gennady Kazanin, Sergey Pavlov, Sergey Shkarubo, Valentina Shlykova

Imaging Shallow Reservoirs through Innovation

Jane Whaley

Independents Rockin’ on Alaska’s North Slope

Thomas Smith

Insights into Exploration: Tools for a New Era

Kasper Storrs, Colette Lyle, Christine Yallup, Jonathan Wilson, Richard James

Integrating Seismic Imaging and Inversion

Francisco Bolivar, Richard Cooper, Lucy MacGregor, Jacqueline O’Connor, Jeff Codd, David Kessler

Is There a G in Decommissioning?

John Simpson, John Mcnab

Learning on the Rocks

Jon Noad

Liberia: A Fresh Approach

Ben Sayers, Alex Birch-Hawkins, Rufus Tarnue, Gerrard Spear, Lauren Mayhew

Modeling Exploration Strategies

Daniel Baltar, Neville Barker

The Mysterious Mister Rickett

Michael Quentin Morton

Newark East Barnett Shale’s Spindletop

Thomas Smith

A New Era for LNG

Bill Howe

New Opportunities in the Central North Sea

William Reid, Stefano Patruno

Oil in the Heart of South America

Jane Whaley

Oil Prices and Crises: A Brief History of Booms and Busts: Part I

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Olympus Rising: A Step Change in North Carnarvon Basin Imaging

Julian Mather, Nicolas Hand, Spectrum

Powerful Forecasting for Shale Reservoirs

Thomas Smith

Refining Exploration Opportunities in Mexico: Evaluation of Offshore Campeche Salt Basin with Progressive Data Resolution

Brian W. Horn, Andrew Hartwig, Jeff Faw, Ika Novianti, Antara Goswami, Adrian Mcgrail, ION

Reflection or Refraction?

Aleksandr Nikitin, Nikolay Amelin, Sergei Pokrovskii, Andrey Lekomtsev

Regional Play Types in the Mexican Offshore

Cian O’Reilly, James Keay, Alex Birch-Hawkins, Duncan Bate, Jennifer Halliday, TGS

Revealing Future Opportunities Within the Southern MSGBC Basin

Nick Cameron, Andy Carr, Ben Sayers, TGS

Riding the Switchback: A Brief History of Booms and Busts: Part II

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Sergipe Basin Potential Revealed

Karyna Rodriguez, Mike Saunders, Neil Hodgson, Laurie Geiger, Spectrum

Shaping the Future of Seismic Interpretation

Vianney Savajol

The South-West Barents Sea: New Opportunities from the Atlantic Margin

Paolo Esestime, Spectrum

Time-Lapse Refraction Seismic I: A Complementary Monitoring Method?

Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

Time-Lapse Refraction Seismic II: Field Examples

Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

Time-Lapse Seismic and Geomechanics

Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

UAS: Innovative Technical Solution in a Dynamically Changing Industry

Karen Dalton

Unexplored Malawi

Jane Whaley

Vietnam: Improved Images of Fractured Basement

Jim Keggin, Wathik Alaaraji, Joe Zhou

Why Leopards Can Change Their Software Spots

Alex Stedman