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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AI: Game-Changer in Development or Exploration — or Both?

Mark Brownless, Ryan Williams, Dave Brett

AI and Petroleum System Risk Assessment

Mathieu Ducros, Félix Gonçalves

Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing Our Understanding

Mark Brownless, Ryan Williams, Abdulqadir Cader, Geoteric

Bangladesh Upstream: Delayed but Not Out

Madeleine Slatford

Big Data and Post-Graduate Training

Mike Bowman

A Bridge Between Two Worlds

Jane Whaley

Broadband 4D Seismic Provides New Level of Detail

Yulia Biryaltseva, Tor Vegar Mårdalen, Per-Harald Saure-Thomassen, Marta Wierzchowska, Anastasiya Tantsereva, Julien Oukili

Buscador: The 'Searcher-Engine for Oil' in Mexico's Hottest Hotspot

Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson, Searcher

Central Utah Thrust Belt: A Lost Cause?

Thomas Smith

Chasing Plays Along the Rona Ridge

Matthew Dack

China's Deep, Hot, Harsh Reservoirs Spur Innovation

Susan Smith Nash

Cinder Cone or Mud Volcano? Experience Bias and Observation on the Papuan Plateau

Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez

Comprehending Climate Complexities

Jeremy Woods, Victoria Hoare

Could LNG Prove Transformational for Mozambique?

GeoExpro Staff

CSEM: Back from the Brink

Richard Cooper, Lucy MacGregor

Egypt's Buried Secrets

Mark Davies, Gary Barnes

Empires of Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean

Peter Elliott, Jon Ford

From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage: Part IX: How CO2 Emits IR Photons

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage: Part VII: Arrhenius' Greenhouse Rule for CO2

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage: Part VIII: How CO2 Absorbs Earth's IR Radiation

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landroø

From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage: Part X: How quickly does atmospheric CO2 mix into the ocean and biosphere?

Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

From Arrhenius to CO2 Storage Part VI: More on the Simple Greenhouse Model

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

Gabon: Staying Ahead of the Herd in the Ultra-Deep Waters

Jake Berryman, Gregor Duval, CGG

Game Changer for Unconventional Reservoirs

Thomas Smith

Geochemistry and Microbiology in Seep Prospecting

Martin Fowler, Casey Hubert

A Geoenergy Collage

Julien Mouli-Castillo

Geoscience in a Low Carbon Future

Dean Baker

A Global Exploration Hotspot

Wei Mingchi, Shi Kuitai, Gao Jing

The Guyana-Suriname Connection

Peter Elliott, Rog Hardy

The Hotspot That Keeps On Giving

Rog Hardy, Peter Elliott

How is Natural Gas Priced?

Vivek Chandra

Hydraulic Fracturing and Environmental Issues

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Hydrogen and CCS in Future Energy

Corin Taylor

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Sven Philit, Sebastien Lacaze, Benjamin Durot, Jake Marson

The Khoshtaria Concessions: Oil and the Northern Provinces of Iran

Michael Quentin Morton

Kwanza Shelf: New 3D Seismic Imaging Reveals Pre- and Post-Salt Plays

Georgina Katzaros, Avril Burrell, Jean Afonso Colsoul, Naire Judith Ricardo Cahumba Quengue, PGS, ANPG

The Land That Oil Forgot: Palestine, 1913–1948

Michael Quentin Morton

Locating Sweet Spots: Shale Petroleum Systems

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Making Waves with Big Seismic Computing

Bill Shea

Mapping in Microns

Shane Butler, Blaise Mibeck, Bethany Kurz, Alexander Azenkeng

Marine Site Investigation and Reducing Risk

Mark E. Vardy

MCG's Regional Deep Imaging Project: Norwegian Sea 2019

Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic, Tor Åkermoen, NGU, MCG

MER: The Race to Find Proven Oil

Matt Mulcahy, Fazrie Wahid

Mexico's Energy Reform

Aruna Mannie

Mexico: Maximus Survey: Opportunities in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Jeroen Hoogeveen, Jeniffer Masy, MCG, Geoex

Morocco: Lixus Offshore: How new data analysis techniques are transforming a basin

Melissa Chin, Duncan Wallace, Chariot Oil & Gas

The Nile Delta

Peter Elliott

No Longer a Dream

Alan J. Cohen, Hamed Soroush, Salah Faroughi

Norway: The North Sea Super Basin Story Continues

Marit Stokke Bauck, Jaswinder Mann-Kalil, Idar A. Kjørlag, Anna Rumyantseva, Thomas Latter, CGG

Offshore Argentina: Tertiary Play Potential in the Malvinas Basin

Krista Davies, Peter Hoiles, Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson, Searcher, Discover Geoscience

Orphan Basin, Canada: From Regional Prospect Screening to Reliable Reservoir Attributes Estimation

Scott Opdyke, Cyrille Reiser, Tiago Alcantara, Elena Polyaeva, PGS

Pangea III: At the Heart of E&P

Pierre-Olivier Lys, Paul Robin

Pannonian Basin: Repeated and Repeatable Success

Jon Ford

The Philippines: A Land of Irony and Opportunity

John Mark Bautista

Pitfall Petrofacies

Anne McAfee, Simon Greenfield, Joseph Whiting

Ras Al Khaimah: Great Hydrocarbon Potential

Giacomo Firpo

Revolutionising the Prediction of Reservoir Performance

Sina Mohajeri, Matthias Hartung

Ruminations on CO2

Susan Fellows

Salt Biostratigraphy: An Untapped Source of Data?

Gil Machado

Seein the World in Three Dimensions

Susan Fellows

A Simple Guide to Seismic Horizon Interpretation

Gil Machado

Tackling the Local Content Gap

William Pollen

Tantalising Opportunities in Angola

Matt Tyrrell, Alessandro Colla, Mike Oehlers

Teaching the Machines

Jake Bouma

Try Before You Buy!

Lars Zühlsdorff, Trond Haugland

Underexplored African Source Rocks

Nick Cameron, Mike Rego

Unlocking University-Industry Collaboration

Kristoffer J. Zieba, Kristoffer Lund Vik-Langlie

Using Super Basins as Analogues

Charles A. Sternbach

Who Needs Geoscientists?

Mike Simmons, Andy Davies, Andy W. Hill, Mike Stephenson

Why Exploration Offshore Somalia Could Reveal an Oily Surprise

Richard Hedley, TGS

The Wilson Cycle and Petroleum Plays

Rasoul Sorkhabi