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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Microchemical Aids to the Identification of Minerals Developed in the Zone of Oxidation, Together with Certain Other Non-Opaque Species, of Hardness Less Than 5, Which are of Economic Importance

K. F. G. Hosking

New Ages from Radiolarian Cherts of the Chert-Spilite Formation, Sabah

K. M. Leong

The Discovery of Macrofossils at Selumar, Belitung, Indonesia

K. F. G. Hosking, T. E. Yancey, H. L. Strimple, M. T. Jones

Occurrence and Implication of Synplutonic Pegmatite Dykes in the Gunung Jerai Granite, Kedah

T. T. Khoo

Age Relationship between the Kuantan Basalt and Dolerite Dykes - Field Evidence

S. G. Lee

Western Extension of the Kuala Lumpur Fault Zone

H. D. Tjia

Structure of the Kenny Hill Formation, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

B. K. Tan, E. B. Yeap

The Nature and Genesis of Chalcopyrite with Included Pyrite Framboids from Bylco Azira Mine, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

K. F. G. Hosking, E. B. Yeap

The Behaviour of Secondary Lead Species When Subjected to the Tinning Test for Cassiterite

K. W. P. Oh, E. B. Yeap, K. F. G. Hosking

Pharmacosiderite and Unusual Samples of Scorodite from Peninsular Malaysia

K. F. G. Hosking, E. B. Yeap

The Analysis of Fluoride in Tropical Soils by Selective Ion Electrode Methods and Its Possible Application to the Search for Sub-Outcropping Tin Deposits in Peninsular Malaysia

G. H. Teh, K. W. Fung, K. F. G. Hosking

Palaeozoic Redbeds and Radiolarian Chert: Reinterpretation of Their Relationships in the Bentong and Raub Areas, West Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia

N. S. Haile, P. H. Stauffer, D. Krishnan, T. P. Lim, G. B. Ong

Upper Mesozoic Strata near Padang, West Sumatra

T. E. Yancey, Syarhoel A. Alif

The Geology of Pulau Tekong, Singapore

Paul Haseldonckx

K-Ar Ages on Some Basic Igneous Rocks from Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand

J. D. Bignell, N. J. Snelling

A Review of the Progress in Knowledge of the Geology and Mineral Resources of Malaysia from 1972 to Early 1975

D. Santokh Singh, T. T. Khoo

Mineralization in the Coast Plutonic Complex of British Columbia, South of Latitude 55°N

G. J. Woodsworth, J. A. Roddick

Late Mesozoic Granitic Magmatism in Geological Structures of the U.S.S.R. North-East

N. A. Shilo, A. P. Milov

Tectonic Settings for Emplacement of Southeast Asian Tin Granites

A. H. G. Mitchell

Known Relationships between the 'Hard-Rock' Tin Deposits and the Granites of Southeast Asia

K. F. G. Hosking

The Granitic Rocks and Mineralization at the Khuntan Batholith, Lampang

S. Suensilpong, A. Meesook, S. Nakapadungrat, P. Putthapiban

The Sierra Nevada Batholith, California, U.S.A., and Spatially Related Mineral Deposits

F. C. W. Dodge, Paul C. Bateman

Some Aspects of Tak Granites, Northern Thailand

W. Pongsapich, C. Mahawat

Granite Emplacement and Tectonic Subdivision of Peninsular Malaysia

Charles S. Hutchison

The Granitoids and Mineralization of the Eastern Belt of Peninsular Malaysia

S. Senathi Rajah, Fateh Chand, D. Santokh Singh

Tin Distribution over Granitic Rocks in the Kinta Hills Area, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia

Choy Kam Wai

Some Notes on Magmatic Activities and Metallic Mineral Occurrences in Northeastern Indonesia

Rab Sukamto, T. Suhanda

Selected Copper-Bearing Skarns and Epizonal Granitic Intrusions in the Southwestern United States

Ted G. Theodore

Intrusives Associated with Porphyry Copper Deposits

S. C. Creasey

Relations between Chemical Composition of Granitic Rocks and Metallization in the Outer Zone of Southwest Japan

Noboru Ōba, Michitoshi Miyahisa

Compositional Variations of Some Constituent Minerals of the Late Mesozoic to Early Tertiary Granitic Rocks of Southwest Japan

Nobuhide Murakami

A Review of the Radiometric Ages of the Japanese Granitic Rocks

Tamotsu Nozawa

Granitic Plutons and Ore Deposits in the Okcheon Zone, Korea

Dai Sung Lee