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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Carbonate Banks and Ramps on the Northern Shore of Palaeogene and Early Neogene Borneo: Observations and Implications on Stratigraphy and Tectonic Evolution

Franz L. Kessler, John Jong

Petroleum Source Rock Characteristics of Marine Versus Coastal Settings: A Comparative Study between Madbi Formation of Masila Basin, Yemen and Nyalau Formation of Sarawak, Malaysia

Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Mohammed Hail Hakimi, Ismail El-Forjani Shushan, Abdul Hadi Abdul Rahman

Exploration History and Petroleum Systems of the Onshore Baram Delta, Northern Sarawak, Malaysia

John Jong, Harun Alrashid Bin Mohamad Idris, Peter Barber, Franz L. Kessler, Tran Quoc Tan, Ryuichi Uchimura

The Continental Shelf — Five Decades of Progress (1966–2016)

Mazlan Madon

Tectonic Evolution of Sundaland

I. Metcalfe

Nature and Demise of the Proto-South China Sea

Robert Hall, H. Tim Breitfeld

A Review of the Sarawak Cycles: History and Modern Application

Peter Lunt, Mazlan Madon

Petroleum Systems in Southeast Asian Tertiary Basins

Harry Doust

Onshore to Offshore Correlation of Northern Borneo; A Regional Perspective

Peter Lunt, Mazlan Madon

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of Kudat Peninsula, Sabah

Ahmad Ridhwan Rahim, Zainey Konjing, Junaidi Asis, Nursyazwani Abdul Jalil, Abdul Jalil Muhamad, Norazhar Ibrahim, A. Munif Koraini, Razali Che Kob, Hisham Mazlan, H. D. Tjia

Some Unique and Imaginative Geological Features (Mimetoliths) in Selected Limestone Sites in Malaysia: Study on Their Formational Processes and Geotourism Potentials

Dony Adriansyah Nazaruddin, Hafzan Eva Mansor, Mohammad Muqtada Ali Khan

Active Tectonics in Sabah — Seismicity and Active Faults

Felix Tongkul

History of Geological Mapping in Sabah (Late 19th Century-1951)

Mario M. A. Wannier

Sedimentology of the Permian Monodiexodina-Bearing Bed of the Uppermost Kubang Pasu Formation, Northwest Peninsular Malaysia: Interpretation as Storm-Generated, Transgressive Lag Deposits

Meor Hakif Amir Hassan, Nur Nadwa Syahirah Al Zamruddin, Yeow Boon Sim, Ahmad Sheeqal Shah Abdul Samad

Pyritization of Coastal Sediments in the Kelantan Plains as Evidence for the Sea Level Rise in the Malay Peninsula during the Holocene

Shamshuddin Jusop

Engineering Geology in Malaysia — Some Case Studies

Tan Boon Kong

Late Quaternary Paleo Fluvial System Research of Sunda Shelf: A Review

Edlic Sathiamurthy, Md Mostafizur Rahman

“Geology of the Colony of North Borneo” (1951): The First Fundamental Publication on the Geology of Sabah

Mario M. A. Wannier