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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Titanaugite from Bukit Kemuning, Kemaman, Trengganu, Peninsular Malaysia

S. Chandra Kumar

Recumbent Folds in Rocks of Kenny Hill Formation Indicate Sense of Tectonic Transport

H. D. Tjia

Remote sensing systems as an information base.

J. J. Nossin

Against the Plate Tectonics Hypothesis.

A. A. Meyerhoff

Tarutao Island Fieldtrip - report

GHT, Nopadon Mantajit

Abstract: The Terrane of the Patani Hetamorphies

T. T. Khoo

Abstract: Late Permian and Early Triassic Conodonts from the Kodiang Limestone Formation, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia

S. S. Yii, I. Metcalfe

Abstract: Stratigraphy and Structure of the Islands off Gunung Jerai and Pantai Merdeka, Kedah

W. Y. Foo, T. T. Khoo

Abstract: The Machinchang - Setul Transition is Langkawi and Tarutao

C. P. Lee

Abstract: Some Aspects of the Stratigraphy and Structure of the Upper Part of Machinchang Formation and the Lower Part of Setul Formation

Y. H. Ong, P. C. Aw

Abstract: The Singa Formation: Is it a Glacial Deposit?

Peter H. Stauffer

Abstract: The Kisap Thrust is Langkawi Island - Reappraisal of the Evidence

B. K. Tan

Abstract: A Gravity Profile across Peninsular Malaysia

Patrick J. C. Ryall

Abstract: Hydrochemistry of Kedah/Perlis Aquifer - A Preliminary Interpretation

Ismail M. Noor, Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Some Qualitative Analyses of Ground Magnetic Survey is the Rest House Area, Kedah Peak, Kedah

B. K. Lim

On the Supposed Existence of Late Cretaceous Granite is Pulau Tioman, Pahang

T. T. Khoo

Ordovician Conodonts from the Kaki Bukit Area, Perlis, West Malaysia

I. Metcalfe

A Comparison of the Supposed Graptolites of the Tarutao Formation, Ko Tarutao, with Dictyodora Trace Fossils Found is the Machinchang Formation, Pulau Jemurok, Langkawi

C. P. Lee

Occurrences of Paleodictyon, a Graphoglyptid Burrow, from the Upper Paleozoic of the Maran Area, Pahang

Yap Kok Thye

Satellite Magnetic Anomalies over Southeast Asia

G. Van Klinken, C. Y. Lee, M. H. Loke

An Ornamented Polyframboid from the Stanniferous Placers of Ayer Hitam, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia

K. F. G. Hosking

On a Reported Occurrence of Glaucophane in Peninsular Malaysia

T. T. Khoo

Abstract: Present Exploitation and Future Prospects of Industrial Minerals in Peninsular Malaysia

P. C. Aw

Abstract: Uses and Specifications of Limestone

A. P. Ng

Abstract: Kaolin Industry in Malaysia

Cheong Kong Fuat

Abstract: Minerals in Malaysia for the Ceramic Industry

B. M. Sedalia

Abstract: The Occurrence and Quality of Gem and Ornamental Stone Materials in Peninsular Malaysia

K. N. Murthy

Abstract: The Exploitation and Conservation of Natural Resources

Kiew Bong Heang

Glacially Smoothed and Polished Surfaces on Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah

Peter H. Stauffer

A Note on Possible Porphyry Systems in Peninsular Malaysia

Fateh Chand, A. Troup

Abstract: Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators on Seismic Data in the Malay Basin

Khee Kok Kean, G. G. Phipps, R. J. Steele

Abstract: Review of Principal Hydrocarbon - Bearing Basins around the South China Sea

Ernest P. Du Bois

Abstract: Baram Delta Geology and Hydrocarbon Occurrence

E. J. H. Rijks

Abstract: Oil Source Bed Hydrocarbon Analysis - Some Methods and Interpretations

Steve Thompson

Abstract: Petroleum Potential of Thailand

Nares Sattayaruk, Boonrasri Yansan

Abstract: Utilization of the Repeat Formation Tester in Formation Evaluation in the Malay Basin

Krishnan Dharmarajan, R. G. Beillis, S. E. Sabatka

Abstract: The Stratigraphic and Tectonic Relationship of Reed Bank, North Palawan and Mindoro to the Asian Mainland and Their Significance in the Tectonic Evolution of the South China Sea Basin

N. H. Holloway

Abstract: Gamma Ray and MWD (Measurement-While-Drilling) Logging

Trevor Dickinson

Abstract: Computer Applications in Petroleum Exploration

J. F. Remfry, Noridah Ibrahim

Abstract: The Petroleum Geology of Brunei

D. W. Ellenor

Abstract: Global, a New Computer-Processed Interpretation Helps Analyse Complex Lithologies

G. T. Milloy

Abstract: Paleofacies Development in the Lower Miocene to Pliocene of Western Offshore Sabah

M. J. Brolsma

Abstract: The Occurrence and Detection of Geopressure in the Malay Basin

C. H. Ford, J. F. Wallace, J. G. Bellis

Abstract: Enhanced Analysis of 3-D Seismic Survey over a Carbonate Province

M. R. Thapar, B. R. Ayme