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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Abstract: An Alternative to the Barrovian Interpretation? Evidence from Stratiform Ores.

R. L. Stanton

Collapsed Pumice Phenoclasts in a Meta-Breccia of Pulau Tioman

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: An Alternative to the Barrovian Interpretation? Evidence from Stratiform Ores.

R. L. Stanton

Abstract: An Overview of Engineering Geologic Problems is Malaysia

Tan Bock Kang, Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Soil Density Measurement by the Thermal Probe Method

Siah Boon Seng

Abstract: Use of Rice Husk Ash for Soil Stabilization

M. S. Subrahmanyam, Lee Lih Cheran, Lee So Cheran

Abstract: Preliminary Studies of Price, Composition, Type and Index Properties of Common Construction Bricks from Selangor and Federal Territory

Aw Peck Chin, Tan Yee Nuo

Abstract: Discontinuity Analysis in Rock Slope Stability

Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: Reconditioning the Impregnated Microbits - The Way to Study Rock Drillability on a Laboratory Scale

B. Sirimbumrungsukha

Abstract: Kelantan Groundwater Computer Model

Ismail M. Noor

Abstract: Selection of Solid Waste Disposal Sites - Some Geologic and Hydrogeologic Considerations

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Well-Field Design for Aquifer near Bachok, Kelantan

Ismail M. Noor

Abstract: Problems and Application of the Seismic Refraction Method in Civil Engineering Projects in Malaysia

Lim Beng Kung

Abstract: Geophysical Surveys in Civil Engineering Site Investigations

Stephen J. Jones

Abstract: Offshore Geophysical Site Investigations in the Malay Basin

D. F. Duncan, Khee Kok Kean

Magnetic and Tectonic Trends, Southern Peninsular Malaysia

G. Van Klinken

On the Suggested Effects of Potassium Metasomatism on Some Rocks in Peninsular Malaysia

T. T. Khoo

Fission-Track of Zircons from the Serdang Volcanic Ash, Peninsular Malaysia

Susumu Nishimura, Peter H. Stauffer

Abstract: The Margins of the Central Belt, Peninsular Malaysia

B. K. Tan

Abstract: Background and Progress of the Geochemical Exploration Programme Central Belt Project

Fateh Chand

Abstract: Interpretation of Regional Gravity Data across South-Central Peninsular Malaysia

Loke Meng Heng, Lee Chong Yan, G. A. Van Klinken

Abstract: Metamorphic Episodes of the Western Foothills of Gunung Ledang (Mt., Ophir), Johore-Malacca

T. T. Khoo

Abstract: K-Ar and Rb-Sr Mica Mineral Ages from the Gunung Ledang Granite

Yap Fook Loi

Abstract: Osmiridium - A Discovery in Cheroh, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia

Shu Yeoh Khoon

Abstract: Manson Lode - A Stratabound Submarine Exhalative Base Metal - Silver Deposit

Gan Lay Chin

Abstract: Airborne Geophysical Survey Central Belt Project of Peninsular Malaysia

A. S. Gan

Abstract: Preliminary Geological Studies of the Chini-6 Area, Pahang Tenggara

Low Keng Lok

Abstract: Association of Barite and Sulphides in East and Central Belts of Peninsular Malaysia - Significance and Prospects

Aw Peck Chin

Abstract: Geology of Southern Songkhla, Yala, Narathiwas and Pattani Areas, Southern Peninsular Thailand

Sahat Muenlek, Assanee Meesook

Nature of the Contact of the Semanggol and Mahang Formations at the Dublin Ridge Area, Kedah

T. T. Khoo

A Late Wolfcampian (Early Permian) Conodont Fauna from Perak, Peninsular Malaysia

I. Metcalfe

A Preliminary Note on the Geology of the Chini-6 Area: a Base Metals Prospect in the Eastern Belt of the Malay Peninsula

K. L. Low

A Quaternary Fault in Peninsular Malaysia: a Nontectonic Interpretation

H. D. Tjia

An Unusual Tin Mine in Limestone Pothole, near Pusing, Perak

P. C. Aw

Granit Terluluhawa: Koluvium Atau Granit Terurai? (IN MALAY), Weathered Granite: Granite Unraveling Or Colluvium?

Ibrahim Komoo

Occurrence of a Not Unexpected Dolerite in Central Kedah

T. T. Khoo,B. K. Tan

Tektonik Keping Dan Tektonik Lempeng (IN MALAY), Tectonic Slices And Plate Tectonics

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Northwest Extension of the Patani Metamorphics Terrane

T. T. Khoo

Abstract: Stratigraphy of the Machinchang and Tarutao Formations

C. P. Lee

Abstract: Lineaments in Granite and the Relationship to the Distribution of Alluvial Tin Deposits in NW Peninsular Malaysia

J. K. Raj

Abstract: Geophysical and Geological Aspects of the Exploration of Carbonate Buildups in Central Luconia, Sarawak

Lim Tee Peng, Goh Leng Siang

Abstract: 3D - Marine Seismic Data Recording and Processing

W. Houba

Abstract: Cuttings Gas Analysis and its Application in Petroleum Geochemistry

K. Le Tran

Abstract: The Geology and Development of the Bekok Field - Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

Abdullah Haron, S. E. Sabatka

Abstract: EPMI'S Use of the HP-41C for Wellsite Log Analysis

Don M. Murdock

Abstract: Origin and Distribution of Pores in Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks for Potential Hydrocarbon Reservoir

Osamu Sato

Abstract: Extended Baseline of a Modified Hifix/6 Chain

Lee Swee Guan, Derek Alder

Abstract: Sedimentary History and Palaeofacies Development of Upper Oligocene to Pleistocene Deposits in the Balingian, Southwest and Central Luconia, Provinces of Sarawak

M. J. Brolsma

Abstract: Regional Tectonics and the Neogene Geology of Northwest Sabah

M. J. Brolsma

Abstract: Use of the Lithology Density Tool (Ldt) to Improve Lithology Identification and Gas Detection

B. A. Marchette, M. Jennings

Abstract: Seismic Reflection Applied to Sedimentology

J. Delaplanche

Abstract: In-Place Hydrocarbon Volume Calculation Techniques

Abdul Malek Rani, Yew Chee Cheong

Abstract: Quality Control of Navigation

M. James

Abstract: Search for Hydrocarbons in Bangladesh with German Assistance

Karl Hiller

Abstract: Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation of Marine 3-D Data

Ted Selby

Abstract: Application of Palynology to the Stratigraphic Study of Neogene, Series, Offshore Sabah

Cl. Poumot