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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Placer Gold Discovery in Thailand

Jon L. Rau, Prinya Nutalaya

Abstract: Lateritic Soils of Peninsular Malaysia

S. Paramananthan

Abstract: A Chromium-Nickel Laterite in Bukit Punggor, Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia

B. K. Tan

Abstract: Residual Soils over Granite

J. K. Raj

Viewpoint: The Exploitation and Conservation of Natural Resources

Kiew Bong Heang

A Reappraisal of the Bok Bak Fault Zone

J. K. Raj

A Chromium-Nickel Laterite in Bukit Punggor, Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia

B. K. Tan

Abstract: The Wonderful Properties Ascribed to Geodes

K. F. G. Hosking

Abstract: Resistivity technique as currently applied to Groundwater Exploration in Australia and the Klang Valley Groundwater Project, Peninsular Malaysia.

A. Bowden

Abstract: Quaternary Geology Study of Peninsular Malaysia by the Geological Survey of Malaysia

T. Suntharalingam

Abstract: Soil Scientist View of the Quaternary of Peninsular Malaysia

S. Paramananthan, S. Zauyah

Abstract: River Terraces of the Tambunan Plain, Sabah, East Malaysia

J. K. Raj

The Localised Occurrence of Hornblende in Granite from the J.K.R. Quarry, Kuala Dipang, Perak

D. Santokh Singh, S. K. Yong

The Granites of Peninsular Malaysia: A Collaborative Study by Institute of Geological Sciences and Geological Survey of Malaysia

E. J. Cobbing, D. I. J. Mallick, Yap Fook Loi, Teoh Lay Hock

Gravity Traverse across Northern Peninsular Malaysia - Preliminary Results

G. Van Klinken, Ho Choon Seng

Role of Groundwater in the Malaysian Environment

Stephen Hancock

A Note on the Age of the Weathering Profiles of Peninsular Malaysia

J. K. Raj

Viewpoint: The Exploitation and Conservation of Natural Resources - a Discussion

P. C. Aw

Perkembangan Dalam Penerbitan Buku-Buku Geologi (IN MALAY), Developments in Publishing Books of Geology

Mohamad Ali B. Haji Hasan

Abstract: A Yellow Tin-Spar from Ireland

K. F. G. Hosking

Applications of the Fission Track Age Method: with Examples from the Ries Meteorite Impact Crater (Germany), Bergell Mountains (Switzerland), Adirondack Mountains and Catskill Mountains (New York)

D. S. Miller

Abstract: Complex Tungsten Deposits (Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Genesis)

G. H. Moh

Abstract: Environmental Significance of Clay Minerals

B. W. Nelson

An Interesting Exposure of Unconsolidated Sediments in the Kuantan Area of Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia

J. K. Raj

Ujian Pantulan Tukul Schmidt Untuk Menganggar Kekuatan Batuan Dengan Contoh-Contoh Batuan Granit Di Kawasan Pulau Pinang (IN MALAY), Schmidt Hammer Rebound Test for Estimating the Strength of Granite Rocks: Example from Penang Area

Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: Occurrence of a not Unexpected Dolerite in Central Kedah - A Discussion

C. S. Hutchison

Abstract: Occurrence of a not Unexpected Dolerite in Central Kedah - A Reply

T. T. Khoo, B. K. Tan

Abstract: Alphabetising People's Names - It's Driving Me Crazy, Dr. Sigmund!

Peter H. Stauffer

Abstract: Origin of Kinta Limestone Hills - By George!

T. T. Khoo

Geostatistics and its Application for the Evaluation of Tin Deposits

L. Sandjivy

Abstract: Some Aspects of Earthquake Prediction in Japan

I. Murata

Abstract: Some Aspects of Mineral Development in the Asean Region: Needs for the Promotion of Mechanisms for Overcoming Non-Technical Obstacles to International Mineral Development

J. F. McDivitt

Abstract: A Case History - Prospecting, Evaluation and Development of the Mamut Mine

Yoshio Akiyama

Abstract: Loci of Primary Tin Mineralization in the Kinta Valley - A New Look at Old Data

Aw Peck Chin

Abstract: Gravity Surveys for Tin Bearing Geological Structures in the Pusing Area, Perek - Some Preliminary Results

Loke Meng Heng, Ho Choon Heng, Lee Chong Yen

Abstract: The Tungsten Deposits of Xihuashan, China

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: The 6-Inch Bangka Drill as a Sampling Tool for Auriferous Placers in Kelantan

Choo Mun Keong, Andrew Spykerman

Abstract: Prospects for Placer Tin around the Dindings Area, Perek

T. Suntharalingam

Abstract: Origin of Some Granitoids and Their Possible Implications in the Exploration for Sn, W, U and Base Metal Deposits in Malaysia

Cheang Kok Keong

Abstract: Subaquatic Plants as Geochemical Samples

Tan Teong Hing

Abstract: Observations on the Geology of the Porphyry Copper Sub-Province of Southwest Negros, Philippines

C. K. Burton

Abstract: Reinterpretation of the Fe-Sn Mineralization at the Waterfall Mine, Pelepah Kanan, Johore

Yeap Ee Beng

Abstract: Niobium-Tantalum Minerals from Peninsular Malaysia

Wan Fuad Bin Wan Hassan, Oleg Von Knorring

Abstract: Limestone Survey by Seismic Reflection

Abdul Halim Quazi

A Large Prehistoric Landslide near Raub, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia

Ong Guan Bee, Peter H. Stauffer

Disharmonic Folds at Tanjung Mat Amin, Trengganu

H. D. Tjia

A Chromium-Nickel Laterite in Bukit Punggor, Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia - A Discussion

C. S. Hutchison

A Chromium Nickel Laterite in Bukit Punggor, Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia - A Reply

B. K. Tan

Peninsular Malaysia Place-Names

S. K. Yong

Abstract: Geological and mineral exploration of the Kalahari, SW Africa

C. R. Jones

Abstract: Geological Aspects of Materials Requirements in Road Construction Specifications

P. J. Clutterbuck

Abstract: Geotechnical Problems Associated with Construction of Major Structures over Subsurface Marble Bedrock

Tan Bock Kang

Abstract: Engineering Properties of Weathered Granite Profiles - A Preliminary Study

Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: Weathering and Rock Strength

John Kunaraj

Abstract: The Dimension Stone Industry of Peninsular Malaysia

Yeap Ee Beng

Abstract: Extraction of Sand and Gravel in Peninsular Malaysia

Aw Peck Chin

Abstract: Construction Materials for the Sembrong and Bekok Dams, Johore

Au Yong Mun Heng, Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Closure of the Batu Caves Quarries and Alternative Rock Sources for the Federal Territory

Aw Peck Chin

Abstract: Material Survey for the Kemasin-Semerak Project, Kelantan

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Emulsion Explosives in Rock Excavation

Stig Olofsson

Abstract: Seismic Refraction Surveys in Areas of Tropical Weathering and Rugged Topography: An Example from a Damsite Investigation in Pahang, Malaysia

C. A. Foss, K. Preamakanathan

Abstract: Weathering Profiles over Granitic Bedrock - Morphological Zones, Seismic Velocities and Excavability Characteristics

John Kunaraj

Abstract: Conservation and Management of Construction Materials

Mohamad Ali Hasan

Abstract: Exploitation of Construction Materials and Their Relation with Geological Environments

Agus P. P. Brotodihardjo

Abstract: Geologic Input, or the Lack of it, in Civil Construction

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Exploration History of the Semangkok Field

Lye Yue Choong

Abstract: Semangkok Field Delineation and Evaluation

Mohd. Noor Ismail

Abstract: Rapid Source Rock Evaluation by Programmed Pyroanalysis in Petroleum Exploration

Douglas Whyte

Abstract: Seismic Relfection Survey in Bangladesh for Hydrocarbon

Abdul Halim Quazi

Abstract: Neogene Biostratigraphy of Western Taiwan

Tunyow Huang

Abstract: A Preliminary Study on the Dielectric Properties of a Malaysian "Rock" Saturated with Water and Crude Oil

S. Ibrahim, A. H. Shaari, K. Khalid

Abstract: Carbonates: A Potential Exploration Target in the Malay Basin

Koh Tuck Wai

Abstract: Pre-Tertiary Basement of Borneo: What and Where?

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: New Frontiers in Seismic Exploration

Svein Kjellesvik

Abstract: Proposed Calcareous Nannofossil Zonation Scheme for the Miocene to Holocene of Southeast Asia

O. Varol

Abstract: Interpretation of Three Dimensional Seismic Data, a Review

Ted Selby

Abstract: The Tembungo Field, 1979–1982

M. R. Dixon, S. Chakravathy

Abstract: The Effects of Petroleum Exploitation and Development on the Physical Environment - (The Malaysian Scene)

Mohamad Ali B. Haji Hasan

Abstract: Diagenesis and Depositional Environment of the F6 Reef Complex, Central Luconia Province, Offshore Sarawak

Md. Nazri Ramli