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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Sequential Aerial Photographs in Monitoring Coastal Changes

J. K. Raj

Abstract: Mélange and Subduction in the Outer Zone of Southwest Japan

Shigeki Hada

Abstract: The Motion of Africa and Europe and its Relevance to Alpine-Mediterranean Tectonics

A. G. Smith

Zon Tanah Lemah Di Atas Batukapur Dasar (IN MALAY), Weak Soil Zone above Limestone Bedrock

Tan Boon Kong, Ch'ng Soo Chau

The Sabah Melange - A Stratigraphic Unit?

Sanudin Hj. Tahir, Tan Teong Hing

An Introduction to Weathered Rock and Residual Soils for Engineers

P. G. Fookes

Subduction Zones

S. Uyeda

Abstract: Anorogenic Tin Granites: Classical Examples from Africa

P. Bowden

Abstract: Palaeomagnetism and tectonic displacement

J.C. Briden

Abstract: Orientation of Geological Planes (Joints): Their Indirect Determination and Meaning in Underground Construction

Abdul Ghani Rafek

Abstract: The Indosinian Orogeny and the Problem of the Triassic Basins

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: Disparate Late Quaternary Shorelines in Peninsular Malaysia: Shift of the Geoid or Crustal Movement?

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Granitoids, Enclaves and Magma Mixing

S. Chandra Kumar

Abstract: Pembandingan Geokimia Granit Trias dan Kapur-Tersier di Semenanjung Malaysia (IN MALAY), Geochemical Comparison of the Cretaceous-Tertiary and Triassic Granites of the Malay Peninsula

Hamzah Mohamad, Mohamad Noor Rani

Abstract: Interfacial Energy and Spatial Distribution of Crystals in Rocks

K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: The Role of Geophysical Techniques in Quaternary Geology

Abdul Rahim Haji Samsudin

Abstract: Gravity Mapping of the Coastal Plain of Selangor

C. A. Foss

Abstract: Depth of Penetration of Geophysical Exploration Methods as Applied in Shallow Engineering Geological Investigations

Abdul Ghani Rafek

Abstract: A Case Study of the Seismic Reflection Method Applied to Subsurface Geological Mapping in the Kuala Lumpur Area

J. K. Raj, Preamakanthan

Abstract: Engineering Properties of Some Igneous Rocks in Peninsular Malaysia

Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: The Stability of Slope Cuts along the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway

J. K. Raj

Abstract: Rock Slope Stabilization for Hillside Residential Development - A Case Study in Kuala Lumpur

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Foundation Grouting of Batu Dam, Kuala Lumpur

Saim Suratmen

Abstract: Structural Geology of the Macincang Formation, Langkawi Islands

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Stratigraphic analysis of the Sungai Arip area and its regional implications

No Chee Kwong

Abstract: Palaeoenvironment of the Subis-Ulu Niah Area, Sarawak

Lim Heng Gaul

Abstract: Some Sedimentological Studies in the Teres-Pakau Area, Sarawak

Ann Yasmin

Abstract: Tertiary Molasse Deposition in the South-Eastern Ulu Sebuyau Area, West Sarawak

Seitle Singh

Abstract: Groundwater Facies in Peninsular Malaysia

Ismail Mohd Noor

Abstract: A Study of Groundwater Hydrology in the Lower Kelantan River Basin with Environmental Isotopes

Daud Mohamad

Abstract: Recharge of Deep Aquifer in Kelantan, Malaysia

Ismail Mohd Noor

Abstract: Investigation on the Presence of Excessive Arsenic and Fluoride in Well-Water in Kg. Sekolah, Ulu Kepong

Chow Weng Sum

Abstract: Trace Element Distribution Patterns in Cassiterites from Different Geologic Environments

Teh Guan Hoe, R. W. Hutchinson

Abstract: Some Petrographical Implications of the Coal from the Mukah-Balingian Area

Sriyanee De Silva

Abstract: Estuarine Sediments in Exploration Geochemistry

T. H. Tan

Abstract: On the Dispersion Stability of the Singapore Slime, and its Relation to the Malaysian Tin Mining Slime

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Crystallization History of Basic Intrusive Rocks of Singapore and Linden Estate (Johore)

K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: Magnetic Susceptability Studies of Basic Igneous Rocks of Peninsular Malaysia

Clive Foss, K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: Conservation of Geological Features in Peninsular Malaysia

Frank S. K. Yong

A Note on the Occurrence of Clay-Associated Dolomite from Offshore Sabah

Mazlan Haji Madon

Radiocarbon Age of a 410-Metre High Reef Flat at Luwuk, Sulawesi

H. D. Tjia, Priyantono Sumosusastro

Evidence for East-Tilt of the Bintang Granitoid near Grik, Perak

H. D. Tjia, Syed Sheikh Almashoor

Petrology and Geochemical Analysis of Coal from the South Mukah-Balingian Region, Sarawak

Sriyanee De Silva

Abstract: Recent Rectonics in Algeria, Greece and Iran

C. Vita-Finzi

Abstract: Exploration Philosophy

B. M. Hanson

The Granites of the Southeast Asian Tin Belt

E. J. Cobbing

Stratigraphy of the South Mukah-Balingian Region, Sarawak

Sriyanee De Silva

A Miocene Shark Tooth from Sarawak

M. B. Idris, D. S. Ngab

Abstract: Evolution of a Passive Margin in Western Tethys

Neil Harbury

Abstract: Diagenesis in Palaeogene Sandstones, California

Peter C. van de Kamp

A Carboniferous Shallow Marine Fauna from Bukit Bucu, Batu Rakit, Terengganu

M. B. Idris, S. M. Zaki

The Classification and Nomenclature for Porous Clastic Rocks

Sriyanee De Silva

Abstract: The History and Geology of Irong Barat Field

Jawati Abu Naim

Abstract: Formation Microscanner Services - A Tool to Define Fine-Scale Geological Features with a 'Core-like' Image

Ali R. Somturk

Abstract: Litho+/Dipmeter Synergy: A Geological Interpretation Technique

G. G. Shanor, Ali Mohd. Shariff

Abstract: Large Scale 3D Marine Seismic Exploration

E. G. Selby

Abstract: Advances in Diplog Data Processing for Stratigraphic Analysis

Terrence H. Quinn

Abstract: Oligocene to Early Miocene Alluvial Deltaic Systems Southeastern Part of the Malay Basin, Offshore West Malaysia

Nik Ramli Nik Hassan

Abstract: Petroliferous Basins of India with Special Reference to the Giant Bombay High Oil Field

V. V. Sastri

Abstract: Geological Configuration of the Betty Field, Baram Delta Province, Offshore Sarawak

H. D. Johnson, T. Kuud, J. H. Archer

Abstract: Better Accuracy from Sidescan Records: The Object-Chord Method

Malcolm Jones

Abstract: PTV-Modelling as a Predictive Tool in Hydrocarbon Exploration with Examples from the Mid-Norwegian Continental Shelf

Odd R. Heum

Abstract: Controls on the Development of a Modern Beach Ridge System - Significance in Interpretation of Ancient Sequences

Noor Azim Ibrahim

Abstract: A Geophysical Case History of the Irong Barat Field

Lye Yue Hong

Abstract: Tectonic Evolution and Structure Styles of Cenozoic Basins around Taiwan Area

Frank Fu Wen Huang

Abstract: Multiple Streamers and Sources in 3D Marine Seismic Surveys, Offshore Sarawak - 1986

Vincent Kong

Abstract: Early Diagenesis of a Holocene Reefal Terrace Merak-Anyer Area Northwest Java Island, Indonesia

M. Cassoudebat, Said El latief, A. Fediaevsky

Abstract: The Hydrocarbon Habitat of Petronas Carigali's Main Operating Areas in the Malay Basin

Md. Nazri Ramli, Jamlus Yassin, Mansor Ahmad