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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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The Occurrence of Various Types of Secondary Iron in the Semantan Formation

Kadderi Md. Desa, Ibrahim Komoo, Che Aziz Ali

Abstract: Diagenesis of the Old Red Sandstone - An Example from the Orcadian Basin, SE Shetland Islands

Sriyanee de Silva

Rare earth elements distribution in some in situ Malaysia granitic soils

Hamzah Mohamad

Occurrence of Kaolinite Boulders in Kangkar, Johor

Aw Peck Chin, K. N. Murthy

Non-Metallic Rock and Mineral Mining and its Role in Industrial, Economic and Social Development

Neville R. Hill

Late Quaternary shelf margin deltas, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

John Suter

Abstract: Granitic Rocks of Penang Island: Minor and Trace Element Variation Patterns and Implications

K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: Electron-Microprobe and Microscopic Studies of Gold and Associated Sulphides and Oxides from Malaysia -Implications for Process Flowchart Designs

K. K. Cheang, J. P. Vaughan, Shamsuddin Ali, Azimah Ali

Abstract: Artifaks Batuan Dan Batu Permata Tabii Serta Buatan Di Pulau Kalumpang, Perak (IN MALAY), Natural and synthetic gem artifacts at Kalumpang Island, Perak

Ab. Rahim Samsudin, Tan Teong Hing

Abstract: Air Mineral Malaysia - Satu Penilaian Kritis

Mohamad Ali Hasan

Abstract: Sifat Kejuruteraan Bahan Tanah Granit, Lebuhraya Ipoh -Changkat Jering, Perak Darul Ridzuan (IN MALAY), The Engineering Properties of Granitic Soil Materials, Ipoh -Changkat Jering Expressway, Perak Darul Ridzuan

Ong Chu Yin, Tan Boon Kong, Ibrahim Komoo, Abdul Ghani Rafek

Abstract: An Impact Origin for the Late Cenozoic Basalt Volcanism in Kuantan, Pahang

Anizan Isahak

Abstract: A Gravity High in Darvel Bay

Patrick J. C. Ryall, Dwayne Beattie

Abstract: Groundwater Monitoring System in the Kota Bharu Area, Kelantan

Abdul Rashid Bachik

Abstract: Late Paleozoic and Triassic Carbonate Platform and Basin Sedimentation along the Western Margin of the Central Belt of Peninsular Malaysia

Azhar Haji Hussin

Abstract: Faults and Related Features in the Eastern Part of Kuala Lumpur Area, Peninsular Malaysia

Ng Tham Fatt, K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: Asalmula Batolitos Banjaran Besar: Bukit Tambahan Daripada Kandungan Unsur Nadir Bumi (IN MALAY), The Origin of the Main Range Batholith: Supporting Evidence from the Ree Contents

Hamzah Mohamad

Abstract: Potensi Formasi-Formasi Batu Kapur Sebagai Akuifer Penting Di Semenanjung Malaysia (IN MALAY), Potential of the Cretaceous Formations as important aquifers in Peninsular Malaysia

Mohamad Ali Hasan, Norlia Yub Ghazali, Zakaria Marzuki

Abstract: Geology of the Grik-Lawin Area, Perak

Sia Say Gee, G. H. Teh

Abstract: Pulau Payar: Kedudukannya Dalam Turus Stratigrafi Baratlaut Semenanjung Malaysia (IN MALAY), The Payar Islands: its Position in the Stratigraphic Column of Northeast Peninsular Malaysia

Che Aziz Ali, Syed S. Almashoor, Uyop Said

Abstract: Dolomitisation, Dedolomitisation and Calcification in the Triassic (?) Merapoh Limestone

Azhar Haji Hussin

Abstract: Teknik Penentuan Beberapa Sifat Kejuruteraan Batuan Metasedimen Klastik Terluluhawa (IN MALAY), Techniques to Determine Some Engineering Properties of Weathered Clastic Metasediment

Jasni Yaakub, Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: Volcanics and its Associated Mineralization in Peninsular Malaysia

Liau Boon Leong

Abstract: Significance of Monodiexodina (Fusulininacea) in the Geology of the Malay Peninsula

Basir Jasin

Abstract: Rare-Earth Element Distribution Patterns in the Cretaceous Granites of Johor and Melaka

Wan Fuad Hassan

Abstract: The Sulu Sea, a Southeast Asian Neogene Marginal Basin with Outcropping Extensions in Sabah

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: Pencirian Profil Luluhawa Batuan Granit Di Terain Tropika (IN MALAY), Characterizations of Granite Weathering Profile in Tropical Terrains

Ibrahim Komoo, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Hamzah Mohamad, Kadderi Md Desa, Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Geothermal Prospecting in the Semporna Peninsula with Emphasis on the Tawau Area

Lim Peng Siong, Francis Intang, Chan Fook On

Abstract: Characteristics of the Primary Tin Mineralization of the Menglembu Area, Perak Darul Ridzuan

Cheong Khai Wing, Yeap Ee Beng

Abstract: Chamositic and Phosphatic Ooids in the Terengganu Shale (Lower Miocene), Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

Mazlan Madon

Abstract: Refraction Profiling across the Shoreline: A Modified Seismic Technique

Leong Lap Sau, Low Weng Leng, Samat Ishak

Abstract: Early Mesozoic Tectonism in Peninsular Malaysia: A Combined Strike-Slip-Plume Model

K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: Some Aspects of the Hydrogeology of Peat in Penibong, Pulau Bruit, Sarawak

Yogeswaran Mailvaganam

Abstract: The Role of Metamorphism and Faulting in Gold Mineralization in Peninsular Malaysia

Ng Chak Ngoon

Abstract: Young Faults across the Quaternary Lucia-Magdalena Volcanic Complex, Taman Bukit Tawau, Semporna, Sabah

Che Aziz Ali, Ibrahim Komoo, Sanudin Hj. Tahir, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Disintegration of Road Aggregates along Parts of the Gurun-Alor Setar and Ipoh-Changkat Jering Highways

Abdul Majid Sahat, Chow Weng Sum

Abstract: Facies Variation in Six Carbonate Bodies of North Sarawak

Azhar Haji Hussin

Abstract: Storm Beds as a Marine Transgressive Shoreface and Inner Shelf Sequence in the J Sandstone, Malay Basin, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

Nor Azim Ibrahim, Mazlan Madon

Abstract: Hipotesis Pembukaan Lembangan Tengah Trias: Satu Alternatif (IN MALAY), Hypothesis for the opening of the Middle Triassic Basin: an alternative

Zaiton Harun

Abstract: The Silantek Area, Sarawak: Its Geology and Coal

Teng Mee Kee, G. H. Teh

Abstract: Dolomitisation History of the Setul Limestone, Northwest Peninsular Malaysia

Nuraiteng Tee Abdullah

Abstract: Assessment of the Quality and Quantity of Some Limestone Resources from the Northern Perak Region, Malaysia

K. K. Cheang

Abstract: Quaternary Geological Mapping of the Kota Samarahan Sub-Regional Centre Study Area, Sarawak

Lam Sia Keng

Abstract: A Survey of Slope Failures along the Senawang-Air Keroh Highway, Negeri Sembilan/Melaka

Tan Boon Kong

Slope Movements in a Granitic Slope, Penang

Lim Tow Ho

Preliminary Survey of the Geothermal Potential of the Sungai Jepun Area, Semporna Peninsula

Sahat Sadikun, Sanudin Hj. Tahir, Jumat Salimon, Dale A. Brunotte

Clay Minerals in Holocene Marine Sediments of the Sungei Muar Flood Plain, Johore

J. K. Raj

Abstract: Exploration applications of sequence stratigraphy to lowstand deep-water sands

John B. Sangree

Abstract: Surface engineering geology - a review

David Bell

Engineering Geology Characteristics of a Granitic Mass, Penang

Lim Tow Ho

The Kuantan Basalts - A Multi-Vent Origin

J. K. Raj

Aspects of Basin Modelling - Application to Petroleum Exploration

N.S. Haile

Ceramic raw materials and dimension stones of Thailand

Chumpon Kuentag

Abstract: A Review of Contemporary A. V. O., it's Problems and Suggestions for an Enhanced Approach

A. Easton Wren

Structural Mapping of the Maliau Basin, Sabah, by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Lai Kok Hoong

Abstract: The Southward Tilting of Sundaland: Tectonic vs Eustatic Control on Sedimentation in the Cenozoic Basins of Thailand and Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

Mazlan Madon

Abstract: A Quantitative Fluorescence Technique (QFT) for the Evaluation of Oil Shows

D. C. Kothari

Abstract: Application of Gassmann's Model in Hydrocarbon-Bearing Reservoir Characterisation

Ng Tong San, Leong Lap Sau

Abstract: The Application of Gas Ratios in Papua New Guinea

M. Daniels, N. Duncan

Abstract: Structural Continuity between Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: Applications of the Borehole Electrical Imagery to the Study of Reservoir Anisotropy

Mohamed Taha

Abstract: Shallow Marine Seismic Survey over the Saracen Bank, Offshore Sabah

Elieen Lau, Ronald Hoogenboom, James Smethurst

Abstract: Formation Evaluation by Quartz Gauge FMT Tool

Fumio Okitsu, Naoki Ogawa

Abstract: A Time Migration before Stack

Richard C. Cooper, Malcolm R Hobson

Abstract: Prediction of Total Organic Carbon Content Using Wireline Logs in the Malay Basin

Ahmad sharby abdul Hamid

Abstract: Chronostratigraphy of EPMI'S Blocks PM-5 and PM-8

Lye Yue Hong

Abstract: Airborne Geophysical Survey as an Aid to Hydrocarbon Exploration in Onshore Sarawak

Wee Eng Swee, Lai Soo Khuan

Abstract: Applications of Sequence Stratigraphy to the Triassic Limestones in Northwest Peninsular Malaysia

Ann yasmin Nordin

Abstract: Porosities in Pulai-II Sandstone – Implication for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Older Reservoirs

Khalid Ngah

Abstract: Fault Patterns in Malay Peninsula: Implications for Offshore Basins and Regional Tectonics

K. R Chakraborty, S. P. Sivam

Abstract: The Application of Integrated 3D Seismic and Reservoir Geological Studies in a Complex Oilfield, D18 Field, Sarawak, Malaysia

L. R. Williams, J. Almond, P. W. Vincent

Abstract: An Integrated Approach to Reservoir Petrophysical Parameters Evaluation

E. Poggiagliolmi, D. J. Lowden

Abstract: A New Concept in Borehole Seismic Measurement and Applications

N. Oikawa, Roopa Gir

Abstract: Cross-Border Correlation of Geological Formations in Sarawak and Kalimantan

Robert B. Tate

Abstract: Oil-Generating Potential of Coals from Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Abstract: Cement-Stratigraphy of Tigapapan Unit, Sabah Basin: Clue to Timing of Hydrocarbon Migration

Mohammad Yamin Ali

Abstract: DMO Accuracy Requirements for AVO Analysis

Craig J. Beasley

Abstract: Multiple and Noise Attenuation with Tau-P Seismic Data Processing

Leong Lap Sau, Ng Tong San

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy of the Group J in the Malay Basin and its Impact on Development Opportunities

Yap Kok Thye

Abstract: Units of Measurement in Petroleum Geoscience: Towards the Elimination of Ambiguity

Neville Haile

Abstract: Geochemistry of Selected Crude Oils from Sabah and Sarawak

Awang Sapawi Awang Jamil, Mona Liza Anwar, Eric Seah Peng Kiang