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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Surface Morphology of Glass Shards from Late Pleistocene Volcanic Ash in Perak – A Preliminary Study

Ros Fatihah Muhammad, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Pre-Tertiary Carbonate Play, Offshore Peninsula Malaysia, a Revival of Forgotten Play (Geology Paper 25)

Ogail A. Salam, Sahalan A. Aziz, M. Yamin Ali

Abstract: Organic Facies Variation in Lacustrine Source Rocks in the Southern Malay Basin (Poster 1)

Abdul Jalil Muhamad, Awang Sapawi Awang Jamil

Abstract: Lacustrine Oil Families in the Malay Basin (Poster 2)

Abdul Jalil Muhamad, Awang Sapawi Awang Jamil

Distal Turbidites of the Semantan Formation (Middle-Upper Triassic) in the Central Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia (Poster 3)

Hasnol Hady Ismail, Mazlan Madon, Zainol Affendi Abu Bakar

Abstract: Turbidite, Debrite or Something in between: Re-Thinking the West Crocker Formation (Poster 4)

Ku Rafidah Ku Shafie, Mazlan Madon

Abstract: The Geographic and Stratigraphic Distribution of Cored-Sections in the Malay Basin (Poster 5)

Wan M Khairul Anuar Wan Sulaiman, Azmi Mohd Yakzan, Shamsudin Jirin

Abstract: Temana: Old Field, New Ideas and New Insights (Poster 6)

Johari Jurid, Siti Aishah Osman, Wahyudin Suwarlan, Ali Andrea Hashim, Mohd Al-Amin Abd Mutalib, Fierzan Muhammad

Abstract: Condensed Section Intervals within the Cycle II (Early Miocene) of the D35 Field, Balingian Province, Offshore Sarawak: Occurrence and Significance (Poster 7)

Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, David Martyn Ince, Kerrie L. Bann

Abstract: Using Gravity Data to Help Identify and Differentiate Mobile Shale Bodies, Offshore Sabah (Poster 8)

S. J. Campbell, M. Lennane, S. E. Pisapia

Detection of 3D Distribution of Reservoir Sand Bodies by Ann – A Case Study in the North Malay Basin (Poster 9)

Toshihiro Takahashi, Jianyong Hou, Arata Kato, Suwit Jaroonsitha, Kazuo Nakayama

3D Basin Simulation Controlled by Capillary Threshold Pressure – A Case Study in the North Malay Basin (Poster 10)

Toshihiro Takahashi, Arata Kato, Suwit Jaroonsitha, Jianyong Hou, Kazuo Nakayama

Abstract: Two-Dimensional Stratigraphic Simulation of the Malay Basin (Poster 11)

Wan Edani Wan Rashid, Mazlan Madon, Ku Rafidah Ku Shafie

Abstract: Advanced Mud Gas Logging Technology: Application for Fluid Identification and Characterisation, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Poster 12)

Patrick Gou, Sven Scholten

Abstract: Developing Remaining Oil in K1.1 Sand Reservoir with Horizontal Well in Baram Field, Sarawak Basin (Poster 13)

Nor Azrina M Amin, Noor Azmah Abdullah, Wahyudin Suwarlan, M Elzrey Ab Rahman, M Zamri Wahab

Abstract: Using Acoustic Impedance Data for Tabu Field Subsurface Mapping and Reservoir Characterization (Poster 14)

Fariz Fahmi, Yue Choong Lye, Azlina Ahmad Termizi, Dave Walley, Aniza Yaakob

Abstract: Borehole Images and VSPs as Aid to Attribute and Inversion Analysis (Poster 14)

Debnath Basu, Mark Lambert, Alexis Carrillat, Chandra Velu, Riasat Hussain

Abstract: Ichnofossils from the Tertiary Sediments of the West Crocker Formation in Kota Kinabalu Area, Sabah (Poster 16)

Nizam A. Bakar, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, Mazlan Madon

Abstract: Facies Characteristics and Stratification of Debrites within the West Crocker Formation (Early Oligocene to Middle Miocene), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Poster 17)

Nizam A. Bakar, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, Mazlan Madon

Abstract: Sedimentary Facies Characteristics and Reservoir Properties of Tertiary Sandstones in Sabah and Sarawak, East Malaysia (Poster 18)

Teoh Ying Jia, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman

Abstract: Anding Utara Fractured Basement Modeling an Integrated Workflow from Seismic-3D Static-Fracture Model (Poster 19)

Siti Zainab Bt. Muda, Simon Christian Kurniawan, Siti Sarah Baharuddin

Abstract: Structural Style and Structural Evolution in the Hawke'S Bay Region, New Zealand (Poster 20)

Nasaruddin Ahmad

Abstract: Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM): Complementing AVO as Prospect Qualifier, Offshore Sabah, NW Borneo (Poster 21)

H. Maulana, S. Tanner, S. Algar, K. Azlan

Abstract: The Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of Shale Detachment System in the Ceduna Basin, Australia (Poster 22)

M Zaid Jaafar

Abstract: Integrated Fracture Evaluation of a Malaysian Basement Well Drilled with the Oil-Based Mud (Poster 23)

Edna Malim, Saifon Daungkaew, Steve Hansen, Aung Than Oo, Riasat Hussain, Simon Christian Kurniawan, Zairul Asrah Zulkefli

Abstract: Trace Fossil or Soft Sediment Deformation? An Enigmatic Structure from the Balingian Cycle II Sequence, Offshore Sarawak (Poster 24)

David Ince

Abstract: Trace Fossil Assemblages and Palaeoenvironmental Re-Evaluation of Miocene Reservoir Intervals, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Poster 25)

Kerrie L. Bann, David M. Ince, Abdul Hadi A. R, Ahmad Munif B. K

Abstract: Application of Walkaway VSP for Improved Seismic Imaging beneath a Gas Cloud (Poster 26)

Gunawan Taslim, Amy Mawarni M Yusoff, Teck Kean Lim

Abstract: Tectonic Evolution, Sedimentation and Chronostratigraphic Chart of Sabah, Malaysia (Poster 27)

Allagu Balaguru

Abstract: A Comparison of Geochemical and Petrographic Features of Oil Prone Coals from the Balingian Province with Those of the Malay Basin, Malaysia (Poster 28)

Peter Abolins, Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Abstract: GSM Chairman's Lecture No. 12 on Limestone Hills, Rockfalls and the Developers

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Estimating Remaining Oil Saturations (ROS): Methodologies & Challenges

Mohamed R. Saleh Efnik

Abstract: Trace Element Analysis by Laser Ablation ICP-MS and its Application to Tephrochronology

Nick Pearce

Abstract: Retirement Lecture No.2 the Seismic and Tsunami Hazards and Risks Study in Malaysia

P. Loganathan

Abstract: Transverse Segmentation of the Baram Basin and Northern Borneo: An Alternate Model for Oligo-Miocene Subduction

Andrew B. Cullen

The Quest for Energy / Chasing Channel Sands in SE Asia

Peter Lloyd

Abstract: Oil and Gas Outlook: Acquiring a Clear Image of the Future (Keynote Paper 1)

Hovey Cox Sr.

Abstract: Petroleum Geomechanics: From the Plate-Scale to the Reservoir-Scale (Keynote Paper 2)

Richard R. Hillis

Marine Acquisition and Processing Using Dual Sensor Towed Streamer (Geophysics Paper 1)

Walter Söllner, Svein Vaage, David Carlson, Martin Widmaier, Anthony Day, Stephen Pharez, Maz Farouki

Abstract: Sub-Basalt Imaging Offshore India (Geophysics Paper 2)

Tim Bunting, Tim Brice, Sean Murray, Chris Koeninger

Widening the Acquisition Time Window with Swell Noise Attenuation Capability (Geophysics Paper 3)

George McKinley, Wayne Zanussi

Time-Domain High-Resolution Radon Transform (Geophysics Paper 4)

Michel Schonewille, Peter Aaron, Carl Notfors

Imaging of Fractures and Faults inside Granite Basement Using Controlled Beam Migration (Geophysics Paper 5)

Don Pham, Jason Sun, James Sun, Qingbing Tang, Graeme Bone, Nguyen Truong Giang

NMO Application in VTI Media: Effective and Intrinsic Eta (Geophysics Paper 6)

Joel Starr, Maz Farouki

Abstract: Geophysical Issues and Challenges in Malay and Adjacent Basins (Geophysics Paper 7)

Deva P. Ghosh

Abstract: Exeter Mutineer – Case Study of an Integrated Project from Seismic Survey Design to Inversion (Geophysics Paper 8)

Tim Bunting, Richard Patternall, Frazer Barclay

Comparative Analysis of Simultaneous Inversion Result with Elastic Inversion and AVO Envelope in Sumandak Field (Geophysics Paper 9)

Yeshpal Singh

3D Close-the-Loop: Reconnecting Reservoir Modeling to the Seismic Data (Geophysical Paper 10)

Timothy Barker

Elastic Impedance Inversion for Reservoir Delineation – A Quantitative Interpretation Case Study in the Malay Basin (Geophysics Paper 11)

N. Cheng, I. Bukhari, I. Kanok, S. Awirut, C. Vitoon

A Preliminary Interpretation of the Recent Bukit Tinggi Earthquakes Using SRTM DEM

Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Integrated Geological and Geophysical Analysis by Hierarchical Classification: Combining Seismic Stratigraphic and AVO Attributes (Geophysics Paper 12)

Alexis Carrillat, Tanwi Basu, Raul Ysaccis, Shye Aik Chong, Amiruddin Mansor, Martin Brewer

Volume Blending with Directional Seismic Attributes (Geophysics Paper 13)

Arthur E. Barnes, Surender S. Manral

Abstract: Application of Rock Physics Modelling and Seismic Attribute in Developing the Geological Model – An Example from Eocene Deepwater Turbidite in Block 21/23A, CNS, UK (Geophysics Paper 14)

Liau Min Hoe, Kester Waters, Nicholas Pillar, Howard D Johnson, Christopher A-L Jackson

Abstract: The First Megamerged Seismic Data Processing Project in Malaysia (Geophysics Paper 15)

Mohd Akmal Affendi Adnan

Abstract: The Application of CSEM (Controlled Source Electromagnetic) Technology as a Tool to Complement 3D Seismic Interpretation and AVO Analysis in a Deepwater Prospect: A Case Study on Prospect B, Block 2F, Offshore Sarawak (Geophysics Paper 16)

Wong Eng Yao

Abstract: Recent CSEM Learnings in Deepwater Borneo (Geophysics Paper 17)

Matthew Choo, Chester Young, Ling Chin Tiong, James Beer, Peter Shiner

Abstract: CSEM Pilot Survey in Southeast Asia: Challenges and Takeaways (Geophysics Paper 18)

Sandeep K. Chandola, Rashidah Karim, Russikin Ismail, Amy Mawarni, Ramlee Rahman, Paul Bernabe

Abstract: Channel Chasing in Malay Basin Using Mega Merged Data (Geophysics Paper 19)

Rosemawati Abd Majid

Abstract: Innovative Frontier Exploration Using Seismic and Seaseeptm Data, Indonesia: Implications for Malaysia (Geophysics Paper 20)

Peter Baillie, John Decker, Paul A. Gilleran, Dan Orange, Philip A. Teas, Widjanarko

Abstract: Time-Lapse Seismic Modelling in Malay Basin (Geophysics Paper 21)

Shaidin Arshad, M Firdaus A Halim, M K Sen Gupta, Nor Azhar Ibrahim, Salbiah Isa

Permanent Reservoir Monitoring Using Fiber-Optic Technology (Geophysics Paper 22)

Steve Maas, Brett Bunn, Rune Tenghamn

Fit for Purpose Time Lapse Seismic at F6 (Geophysics Paper 23)

Elvis Chung, Paul Hague

Large-Scale Pore Pressure Prediction After Pre-Stack Depth Migration in the Caspian Sea (Geophysics Paper 24)

Norbert van de Coevering, Hazim Hameed Al-Dabagh, Liau Min Hoe, Tony Jolly

Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring Using Multi-Transient Electromagnetic (MTEM) (Geophysics Paper 25)

Folke Engelmark

Abstract: Structural Controls on Hydrocarbon Migration & Accumulation: An Example form the Muglad Basin, Sudan (Geology Paper 1)

James Will Udo Agany, Hamdan Mohamad

Abstract: The Prospectivity of Stratigraphic Traps in Group I Interval, Serok - Laba Barat Area, Block PM 324, Malay Basin (Geology Paper 2)

Yahya Villareal Basman II

Basin Modelling and Petroleum System Analysis of Southern Sulu Sea - East Sabah Basin (Geology Paper 3)

Chan Eng Hoe

Abstract: Application of Development While Exploring (DWE) Approach in Marginal Fields Development in PCPPOC'S Block SK 305, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Geology Paper 4)

Foo Wah Yang, Azlan Ghazali, Medy Kurniawan, Bui Ngoc Quang

Abstract: Utilizing Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts to Define New Plays in NW Sabah Basin (Geology Paper 5)

Edy Kurniawan, Nurita Bt Ridwan, Robert Wong Hin Fatt

Abstract: Using Core and Log Data to Link Depositional Environment with Oil System in Siliciclastic Reservoirs: Case Study from Muglad Basin, Sudan (Geology Paper 6)

Yasir Mohamed Abdalla Ghorashi, Saif El Islam Suliman

Depositional Setting and History of Cored Intervals RS 8 Reservoir Block 1, South Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan (Geology Paper 7)

David Ince, Gordon Yeomans, Graham Blackbourn

Abstract: A Geocellular Modeling Approach to Characterization of Fluvial Stacked Reservoirs – Northern Fields, Block PM-3 CAA, Malay Basin (Geology Paper 8)

Robert Chatwin

Abstract: Sequence of Slope Instability and Healing: Key to Predicting Deep-Water Reservoir Distribution in NW Borneo (Geology Paper 9)

Martin Grecula, Senira Kattah, Mark Griffiths, Bill Wilks, Homerson Uy, Kuswadi Hedeir, Hong Chin-Weng, Kelly Maguire, Peter Osterloff, Eleanor Rollett, Peter Shiner

Seismically Driven Reservoir Characterization Using an Innovative Integrated Approach: Application to a Fractured Reservoir (Geology Paper 10)

Abdel M Zellou, Soren Christensen, Tanja Ebbe Dalgaard, Gary Robinson

Abstract: The West Crocker Formation (Early Oligocene to Middle Miocene) in the Kota Kinabalu Area, Sabah: Facies, Sedimentary Processes and Depositional Setting (Geology Paper 11)

Nizam A. Bakar, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, Mazlan Madon

Abstract: Structural Evolution of Mehar/Mazarani Fold Belt Area, Pakistan (Geology Paper 12)

Shamim Haider Ali, Ramly Manja, Muhammad Adib Abdullah Hudi

Mid-Miocene Unconformity (Geology Paper 13)

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: The Palaeotopographic and Palaeodrainage Evolution of the South China Sea Hinterlands from the Late Cretaceous to Recent (Geology Paper 14)

Paul Markwick, Kerri Wilson

Abstract: Pore Pressure Prediction as a Prospecting Tool, Input to Risk, Volumes and Field Development (Geology Paper 15)

John Paul Brown, Suriani Sulaiman Mustahim

Sedimentological Analysis of an Early Miocene Tide-Influenced Deltaic/Coastal Plain System: Cycle II, Balingian Province, Offshore Sarawak (Geology Paper 16)

Meor Amir Hassan, Howard D. Johnson, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Peter A. Allison

Abstract: Growing Evidence of Active Deformation in the Malay Basin Region (Geology Paper 17)

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Climate Stratigraphy – A New Approach in Near-Synchronous Subsurface Correlation (Geology Paper 18)

S. Djin Nio

Abstract: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Distribution in the Sarawak Basin, and its Relationship with Entrapment (Geology Paper 19)

Mansor Ahmad, Mohd Irwani Sadi

Abstract: Geomechanical Considerations Regarding EOR Efficiency and CO2 Sequestration (Geology Paper 20)

David Castillo, David Bowling, Sunil Nath

Abstract: Sarawak Malaysia Deepwater New Turbidite Play (Geology Paper 21)

Fauzil Fanani B. Radilas, Sheh Yackop Abdol Karim

Abstract: Play Types and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Petronas' Blocks N44, N45, N50 and N51 Offshore Northwest Cuba (Geology Paper 22)

Othman Ali Mahmud, Salim Sahed, Miguel Guerrero-Muñoz, Salehudin Ujang

The Evolution of Geological Thinking and Depositional Framework Interpretation through the Life of a Complex Reservoir, D35 Field, Offshore Sarawak (Geology Paper 23)

M. Ismail B. Sahari, David Martyn Ince, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, Samsudin Abdul Hamid, Jusmila Baharom, Abdul Munif Khorani

Abstract: More Oil from an Old Field (Geology Paper 24)

Noor Azmah Abdullah, Siti Nadia Ameer Hamza, Noor Alyani Ishak, Wahyudin Suwarlan

Shear Strength along Foliation Planes in Meta-Rhyolitic Tuff from the Dinding Schist, Kuala Lumpur

J. I. Nkpadobi, J. K. Raj

Abstract: Geological Controls on Porosity and Permeability in Clastic Gas Reservoirs, Onshore China

Maarten Wiemer

Characteristics and Suitability of Sematan-Lundu and Sungai Suai-Kuala Niah Silica Sand, Sarawak, for Glass-Making

Kamar Shah Ariffn, Rusya Azrina Yahaya, Azmi Hj. Eki

2-D Geoelectrical Resistivity Survey at a Proposed New Condominium Site of Port Dickson Beach Resort, Negeri Sembilan

Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Umar Hamzah

Seven Major Volcanic Eruptions That Temporarily Cooled World's Climate

Franz L Kessler

Abstract: Landfill Site Selection: Principles and Case Study of Qom Province, Iran

Mashalah Khamehchiyan

Pembangunan pangkalan data tanah runtuh di sepanjang Lebuhraya Pantai Timur km 160 – km 190, Pahang (IN MALAY), Development of Landslide Database along km 160 – km 190, East Coast Highway, Pahang

Norbert Simon, Juhari Mat Akhir, Azlikamil Napiah, Tan Han Kee

Pemetaan ramalan potensi tanah runtuh di sepanjang km 160–190 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur dengan pendekatan Sistem Maklumat Geografi: Kaedah statistik (IN MALAY), Potential landslide prediction mapping Km 160-190 along the East Coast Expressway with Geographic Information System: Statistical Methods

Tan Han Kee, Juhari Mat Akhir, Azlikamil Napiah, Norbert Simon

Aquifer and Ferric Spring Deposits South of Miri, Sarawak: Impact on Facies Characterisation of Coastal Sediments

Franz L. Kessler, Eswaran Padmanabhan

Abstract: Finding Tsunami Source Regions in Eastern Indonesia: Integrating Geoscience and Disaster Mitigation

Ron Harris

Abstract: The Mount Kinabalu Granite of North Borneo: Result and Cause of Orogenic Deformation

Rober Hall

Abstract: National Slope Safety System – An Approach

Abd Rasid Jaapar