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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Observations on Sediments and Deformation Characteristics, Sarawak Foreland, Borneo Island

Franz L. Kessler

A Discussion on the Paper – 'Age and Morb Geochemistry of the Sabah Ophiolite Basement by Graves et al. (2000)'

K. M. Leong

Abstract: Detailed Tectonic Histories from Fossils: The Isle of Wight, UK

Andrew Scott Gale

Abstract: Characteristics of Earthquake Belts and Examples of Tectonic Activity in the Greater Sundaland Area Counting from the Tertiary

Franz L. Kessler

Early Geomorphological Observations in Malaya: The Contributions of J.B. Scrivenor (1876–1950)

C. R. Twidale

Abstract: Tibet, the Himalaya and the Development of the Asian Monsoon: A Chicken and Egg Problem for the IODP

Peter D. Clift

The Baram Line in Sarawak: Comments on its Anatomy, History and Implications for Potential Non-Conventional Gas Deposits

Franz-Luitpold Kessler

Penemuan bivalvia Daonella pahangensis Kobayashi berusia Trias Tengah dari Aring, Kelantan (IN MALAY), The discovery of middle Triassic Bivalve Daonella Pahangensis Kobayashi from Aring, Kelantan

Ahmad Rosli Othman, Mohd Shafeea Leman

Abstract: Effects of the Financial Crisis on the Global Mining Industry

Teoh Lay Hock

Abstract: The Pre-Opening History and Opening of the Black Sea

Randell Stephenson

Shape Parameters of Clay and Quartz Clasts in the Neogene Tukau and Lambir Formations, Sarawak

Franz-Luitpold Kessler

Abstract: The Middle Miocene Unconformity (MMU) in North Luconia, Deepwater Sarawak: How Unconformable is the Unconformity? (Geology Paper 23)

A. Van Vliet, W. N. Krebs

Abstract: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Integrated Reservoir Studies: Some Practical Approaches to Improving the Process and Results

Paul F. Worthington