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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Thermal Conductivity Values of Some Sandstones and Shales from the Belait Formation

M. S. Masnan, E. Padmanabhan, M. A. Mokhtar, G. Rajamohan, V. Prasanna

Abstract: Stratigraphic Relationship and Correlation of the Paleozoic Units of Myanmar and Malaysia

Aye Ko Aung

Abstract: Headwater Capture and Drainage Re-Organization in Asian River Systems Traced by Isotope Provenance Methods

Peter Clift

Abstract: "Professional Code of Conduct"

Hj Keizrul Abdullah

Abstract: The Northwest Sabah Trough is Currently Inactive: Comment on Two Recent Articles in Geological Society of Malaysia Publications

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: How Active are Sabah Trough and Baram Line? A Comment on a Letter by H.D.Tjia, Sent to the Geological Society of Malaysia

Franz L Kessler

Abstract: Characterisation of Gold Mineralisation, Sungai Charah – Cini Timur Area, Pahang (Paper B3)

Teh Guan Hoe, Nurul Fatehah, Hazel Hamilson

Abstract: Local Silica Sand Deposits and Their Utilisation in Producing Cordierite Glass-Ceramics (Paper B4)

S. M. A. S. M. Nurddin, M. Hashim

Abstract: Critical Mineral Characteristics and Their Applications to the Paint Industry in the Asia Region (Paper B5)

K. K. Cheang

Abstract: Industri kapur di Malaysia (IN MALAY), Lime Industry in Malaysia (Paper B6)

Mat Niza bin Abdul Rahman, Mohd Suhaili bin Ismail

Abstract: Rare Earth Elements (REE) Resources Potential in Weathered Granitic Rocks in Peninsula Malaysia (Paper B7)

Kamar S. Ariffin, Hayato Kurumi, Akira Imai

Abstract: Recovery of Gold from Gold Scrap by Hydrometallurgical Process (Paper B8)

Sharizan Ibrahim

Abstract: An Investigation by Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopes (VPSEM) of Primary Gold from Selinsing Gold Mine, Pahang, Malaysia (Paper B9)

Hamzah Mohamad, Mohd Basril Iswadi Basori, Wan Fuad Wan Hassan

Abstract: Early Carboniferous (Tournaisian) Radiolarians from Peninsular Malaysia and Their Significance (Paper B10)

Basir Jasin, Zaiton Harun

Abstract: A Short Note on the Discovery of Early Devonian Tentaculite-Bearing Unit from Taunggyi-Taungchun Range, Shan State (South), Myanmar (Paper B11)

Aye Ko Aung

Abstract: Singkapan batuan yang tersingkap dari Layang-Layang hingga Laban Rata, Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah (Paper B12) (IN MALAY), Exposed outcrops from Layang-Layang to Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

Elvaene James, Hamzah Mohamad, Shariff A. K. Omang, Mohd Rozi Umor

Abstract: Geologi Teluk Kubang Badak, Langkawi, Kedah (Paper B13) (IN MALAY), Geology of the Kubang Badak Bay, Langkawi, Kedah

Kamal Roslan Mohamed

Abstract: Geologi dan geomorfologi kepulauan dalam cadangan Geopark Delta Sarawak (Paper B14) (IN MALAY), Geology and Geomorphology of the islands in the proposed Geopark at the Sarawak Delta

Dana Badang

Abstract: Geokimia batuan igneus Pulau Pangkor, Lumut, Perak (Paper B15) (IN MALAY), Geochemistry of Pangkor Island igneous rocks, Lumut, Perak

Mohd Rozi Umor, Azman Abd. Ghani, Hamzah Mohamad

Abstract: Heavy Mineral Pattern in Stream Sediments of Kuala Krai Area, Kelantan (Paper B16)

Wan Fuad Wan Hassan, Muhamad Hafiz bin Juhari

Abstract: Site Investigation Using Integrated Methods of Borehole and Resistivity Imaging for Silty Soil – A Case Study (Paper B17)

Haryati Awang, Syahril Amri A. Malek

Abstract: Survei graviti untuk kajian morfologi kars di subpermukaan kawasan Lembah Kinta, Perak - Penemuan awal (Paper B18) (IN MALAY), Gravity Survey to study the morphology of the subsurface karst in the Kinta Valley, Perak - Prelininary findings

Abd Rahim Harun, Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Abstract: Electrical Resistivity Imaging to Characterize Weathered Basalt and Granite (Paper B19)

Ahmad Tajuddin Hj. Ibrahim, Che Noorliza Lat

Abstract: Electrical Resistivity Method – An Application in Site Engineering Work (Paper B20)

Samsudin Hj. Taib

Abstract: High-Resolution Imaging of the Groundwater Potentials with Geoelectrical Resistivity Tomography in Fluvial Deposit, Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia (Paper B21)

Nur Islami, Samsudin Hj. Taib, Ismail Yusoff

Abstract: Pemetaan hidrogeofizik di Pulau Kapas, Terengganu (Paper B22) (IN MALAY), Hydrogeophysical mapping of Kapas Island, Terengganu

Nurul Nabihah Hussin, Che Noorliza Lat, Ahmad Tajuddin Hj. Ibrahim

Abstract: Geophysical Techniques for Hydrological Investigations (Paper B23)

Mohammed I. I. Abu-Shariah, Samsudin Hj. Taib, Ismail Yusoff, Ros Fatihah Muhammad, Samsudin Shahid

Abstract: High Resolution Seismic Refraction Survey in Urban Area (Paper B24)

Wan Suriani A Raman, Zuhar Tuan Harith

Abstract: Iron Mineralisation, South Gunung Jerai, Kedah, Implications of Genesis (Paper P1)

Teh Guan Hoe, Teh Jin Yuan

Abstract: Physical and Geochemical Characterisation of Gold Mineralisation, Kg Ayer Puteri – Kg Seri Pantai Area, Mersing, Pahang (Paper P2)

Teh Guan Hoe, Muhamad Mahran, Rabiatul Adawiyah

Abstract: Potential Debris Flow Study of the Hulu Kelang Area (Paper P3)

Zakaria Mohamad, Mohd. Sidi Daud, Syed Omar

Abstract: Kajian kestabilan dan pemuliharaan geologi ke atas Permatang Kuarza Genting-Kelang di Ampang, Selangor (Paper P4) (IN MALAY), Geological stability study and conservation of Klang Gates Quartz Ridge in Ampang, Selangor

Qalam Azad Rosle, Zakaria Mohamad, Ros Fatihah Muhammad, Khairul Azlan Mustapha, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Cannonball Concretions of Northern Sabah, Malaysia (Paper P5)

Joanes Muda

Abstract: Aplikasi GIS dalam penaksiran risiko gelinciran tanah (LRA): Kajian kes bagi kawasan Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (Paper P6) (IN MALAY), Application of GIS in landslide risk assessment (LRA): A case study for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Rodeano Roslee, Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin, Mustapa Abd. Talip

Abstract: GIS Application in Landslide Risk Assessment (LRA) : Case Study for Kota Kinabalu Area, Sabah, Malaysia

Staff of GSM Warta Geologi

Abstract: Pencirian geomekanik jasad batuan metamorf Formasi Bukit Kenny dengan tumpuan khusus terhadap pencirian geseran satah ketakselanjaran (Paper P7) (IN MALAY), Characterization of rock mass geomechanics of the metamorphic Kenny Hill Formation with a specific focus on the characterization of friction plane discontinuity

Rafeeqa A. Rashid, N. Nurul Nadiah N. Ramli, Siti Noor Aisyah Idris, A. Ghani Rafek

Abstract: Pengaruh amang terhadap sifat geoteknik tanah baki metasedimen dan basalt (Paper P8) (IN MALAY), The effect of mine tailings on the geotechnical properties of soil balance and basalt sediment

Z. A. Rahman, S. N. S. Zulkafli, W. Z. W. Yaacob

Abstract: Analisis pengkuantitatifan gred luluhawa bahan batuan granit dengan ujian tukul Schmidt: Contoh kajian di Malaysia (Paper P9) (IN MALAY), Quantitative analysis of weathered granite material with Schmidt hammer test: Sample survey in Malaysia

Nurul Baizura Mohd Yunus, Abdul Ghani Rafek, T. L. Goh, Mohd Hariri Arifin

Abstract: The Effect of Soil Heterogeneities on the Movement of DNAPL Using Small-Scale Geotechnical Centrifuge (Paper P10)

Wan Zuhairi Wan Yaacob, S. Abdul Rahim, Abdul Ghani Rafek, I Zahari, Muchlis

Abstract: Microstructural Characteristics of Some Alkali-Aggregate Reactive Granites of Peninsular Malaysia (Paper P11)

T. F. Ng

Abstract: Study of Water Quality and Heavy Metals in Soil & Water of Ex-Mining Area Bestari Jaya, Peninsular Malaysia (Paper P12)

Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Mohd. Jamil Maah, Ismail Yusuff

Abstract: Physical Properties of Tasek Bera Sediments as Indicators of Environmental Change (Paper P13)

M. R. Gharibreza, J. K. Raj, Ismail Yusoff, M. Zainudin, W. Zakaria

Abstract: Heavy Metals Adsorption by Residual Soils of Rhyolite, Andesite and Basalt from Pahang, Malaysia (Paper P15)

Y. L. Chong, Wan Zuhairi Wan Yaacob

Abstract: Flux of Nutrients and Heavy Metals to Tasik Chini through Erosion from Sungai Melai Sub-Catchment, Chini, Pahang (Paper P16)

Sahibin Abd. Rahim, Wan Mohd Razi Idris, Tukimat Lihan, Zulfahmi Ali Rahman, Muhd Barzani Gasim, Mohd Ekhwan Toriman, Azman Hashim, Norhadilla Hadib

Abstract: Petroleum Source Potential of Tertiary Coals of Western Pinangah, Sabah Malaysia (Paper P17)

Mohd Harith Azhar, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Ralph L. Kugler, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: The Upper Eocene to Upper Oligocene Ransi Conglomerate of the Tatau Formation in the Tatau-Bintulu Area, Sarawak (Paper P18)

Y. L. Wong, C. P. Lee

Abstract: A GIS -Based Method to Evaluate Factors Controlling Landslides along the East-West Highway (Gerik – Jeli), Malaysia (Paper P19)

Tareq H. Mezughi, Juhari Mat Akhir, Abdul Ghani M. Rafek, Ibrahim Abdullah

Abstract: Integrating Data from Remote Sensing and Geology for Geological Investigation in the Eastern Ends of Wadi Shati Iron Ore Deposit (Paper P20)

Younes Ajal Abulghasem, Juhari Bin Mat Akhir, Wan Fuad Wan Hassan, Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Bashir Mohamed Youshah

Abstract: Estimation of Baseflow Index for the Upper Langat River Catchment, Selangor, Malaysia (Paper P21)

Nor Liana Ab Razak, Ismail Yusoff, Nur Islami Abd Rahman

Abstract: Quantification of the Influence of Discontinuities on the Compressive Strength of Malaysian Granite (Paper P22)

T. L. Goh, A. Ghani Rafek, N. Baizura Yunus, M. Hariri Ariffin

Abstract: Some Engineering Geological and Geophysical Properties of Weathered Granitic Soils in Fraser Hill, Pahang (Paper P23)

Zaw Win, Umar Hamzah, Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Abstract: Geoelectrical Study of Taman Beringin Iandfill, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Paper P24)

Yalda Motadelrou, Samsudin Taib, Roslan Hashim

Abstract: The Effect of Bedding Plane Orientation Towards P-Wave Velocity of Berea Sandstone at Different Water Saturation Degree (Paper P25)

Hammad Hazim Bin Mohd Azhar, Zuhar Zahir Tuan Harith

Abstract: Survei keberintangan geoelektrik dan GPR dalam kajian pencemaran minyak di sekitar Stesen Caltex Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan (Paper P26) (IN MALAY), Geoelectric resistivity and GPR survey in the study of oil pollution in the vicinity of Caltex Station, Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Che Ku Mohd Waqiyuddin Che Ku Besar, Umar Hamzah, Rofikul Islam

Abstract: Kajian petrografi dan geokimia batuan igneus di kawasan selatan Pulau Pinang (Paper P27) (IN MALAY), Petrographic and geochemical study of igneous rocks in the southern area of Penang

Fadzlin Hasani Kasim, Mohd Rozi Umor

Abstract: Petrografi dan geokimia batuan granit di bahagian utara Pulau Pinang (Paper P28) (IN MALAY), Petrographic and geochemical study of granitic rocks in the northern part of Pinang Island

Noraznida Bt. Kamaruszaman, Mohd Rozi Umor

Abstract: Kajian petrografi dan geokimia batuan igneus di Teluk Bahang-Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang (Paper P29) (IN MALAY), Petrographic and geochemical study of igneous rocks in Bahang Bay, Balik Island, Penang

Mohammad Azuan Ab Talib, Mohd Rozi Umor

Abstract: The Petrography and Geochemical Signature of Granitic Body along the Kajang – Sungai Long Silk Highway, Hulu Langat, Selangor (Paper P30)

Siti Nurfarhana bt Mohamed Zaid, Hamzah Mohamad

Abstract: The Petrography and Geochemical Signature of Granitic Body at the Vicinity of Berjaya Hill Resorts, Bentong, Pahang (Paper P31)

Nurul Farah Rahamat Noor, Hamzah Mohamad

Abstract: The Petrography and Geochemical Signature of Granitic Body along the Coast of Tanjung Bidara, Masjid Tanah, Melaka (Paper P32)

Puteri Sarah Ab Nasir, Suhaila Mohd Raes, Hamzah Mohamad

Abstract: Deformations in the Metasediments and Conglomerates of Tanjung Leman, Johor (Paper P33)

Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: Mikrostruktur dan analisis kinematik batuan milonit S-C di Bukit Tinggi, Pahang (Paper P34) (IN MALAY), Microstructure and kinematic analysis of S-C mylonite rocks on Tinggi Hill, Pahang

Norsafawati Saaid, T. F. Ng

Abstract: Source Rock Characteristics and Basin Modelling of the Upper Jurassic Madbi Formation, Masila Basin, Yemen (Paper P35)

Mohammed Hail. Hakimi, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Mohamed R. Shalaby

Abstract: Spatial-Temporal Variability of Hydrocarbon Distribution in the Northern Sector of the Belait Formation (Paper P36)

Syamim Ramli, E. Padmanabhan, M. A. Mokhtar, Wan Ismail Wan Yusoff

Abstract: Lithofication and Fossils of Quaternary Carbonate Rocks from the Bum-Bum Island, Southeast Sabah, Malaysia (Paper 37)

Kanaan Abdullah Jasim, Azhar Hj Hussin

Abstract: Mikrofasies dan diagenesis batu kapur Sungai Kilim dan Sungai Kisap, Formasi Setul di Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman (Paper P38) (IN MALAY), Microfacies and diagenesis of Kilim River and Kisap River limestone from the Setul Formation in Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman

Mohd Danial Hariz Mohd Azir, Che Aziz Ali, Kamal Roslan Mohamed

Abstract: Detailed Mapping of Volcanic Ash Distribution in Lenggong and Kuala Kangsar Areas (Paper P39)

Norishah Hashim, Ros Fatihah Muhammad, H. D. Tjia, Omar Alkouri

Abstract: Vertebrate Fossils from Badak Cave C, Lenggong, Perak in Peninsular Malaysia (Paper P40)

Yasamin Kh. Ibrahim, C. P. Lee, Ros Fatihah Muhammad, Earl of Cranbrook, T. T. Lim, E. W. Kira

Abstract: Thermal Maturity Assessment of Tertiary Coal-Bearing Sequence of the West Middle Block of the Pinangah Coal Field, Sabah, Malaysia (Paper P41)

Fatin Liyana Alias, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Ralph L. Kugler, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: Kewujudan bivalvia Alatochonchidae di dalam batu kapur Bukit Biwah, Tasik Kenyir Terengganu (Paper P42) (IN MALAY), The existence of Alatochonchidae bivalves in Biwah Hill limestone, Kenyir Lake, Terengganu

Che Aziz Ali, Mohd Shafeea Leman, Kamal Roslan Mohamed

Abstract: Penemuan radiolaria berusia Perm dari kawasan sekitar Pos Belau, Ulu Kelantan (Paper P43) (IN MALAY), Discovery of Permian radiolarians in the vicinity of Pos Belau, Ulu Kelantan

Muhammad Ashahadi Dzulkafli, Basir Jasin, Mohd Shafeea Leman

Abstract: Pemetaan dan analisis lineamen menggunakan imej PCA SPOT 5 di bahagian utara Maran, Pahang (Paper P44) (IN MALAY), Mapping and image analysis of lineaments using PCA and SPOT5 data

Sheryl Liaw Hui Hung, Juhari Mat Akhir

Abstract: Lineament Mapping and Analysis Using PCA SPOT 5 Image at Northern Maran, Pahang

Staff of GSM Warta Geologi

Abstract: Tertiary-Quaternary Volcanism in the Sarawak Interior, and its Implications for the Continuing Tectonic History of Borneo

Nur Iskandar Taib

Abstract: Geoscience in Support of Climate Resilient Development (Keynote 1)

Joy Jacqueline Pereira

Abstract: Geotechnical Engineering for Hillsite Development (Keynote 2)

Gue See Sew, Wong Shiao Yun, Cheah Siew Wai

Abstract: Geoscience for Nation Building: Challenges Facing the Petroleum Exploration and Production Sectors (Keynote 3)

Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Abstract: Earthquake and Tsunami Threats to the Malaysian Shores of the South China Sea (Keynote 4)

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Mass Extinctions and Global Warming: Lessons from the Past for our Present and the Future (Paper A1)

C. P. Lee

Abstract: The Geochemical Fingerprint of the Layang-Layangan Beds, Labuan Island, NW Sabah Basin: Belait or Temburong Formation? (Paper A2)

Patrick Gou, Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Abstract: Ripple Mark Styles in the Belait Formation: Implications on Depositional History (Paper A3)

E. Padmanabhan, A. S. Mohd Pauzi, M. S. Masnan, M. A. Mokhtar, M. V. Prasanna

Abstract: Ketidaksesuaian kaedah perlindungan cerun – Kajian kes cerun potongan batuan metasedimen terluluhawa tinggi di Malaysia (Paper A4) (IN MALAY), Incompatibility of slope protection methods - case studies of weathered cut slope metamorphic rock sediment high in Malaysia

Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin

Abstract: The Kuala Lumpur Outer Ring Road: Engineering Geology (Paper A5)

B. K. Tan

Abstract: Perbandingan kaedah penentuan kekuatan ricih batuan granit (Paper A6) (IN MALAY), Comparison of the methods for the determination of the shear strength of granite

A. Ghani Rafek, T. L. Goh, M. Hariri Ariffin, N. Baizura Yunus

Abstract: Engineering Properties of Limestone from Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur (Paper A7)

Mohd For Mohd Amin, H. M. Abdul Aziz, K. M. Hanifah, Amir Hamzah Mustapha, Edayu Saleh Aman

Abstract: Correlation between Modified Slope Mass Rating (M-SMR) System with Lithofacies of the Crocker Formation in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (Paper A8)

Ismail Abd Rahim, Sanudin Hj. Tahir, Baba Musta

Abstract: Pengaruh hidrokarbon terhadap cirian geoteknik tanah baki tercemar minyak (Paper A9) (IN MALAY), The impact of hydrocarbon contamination on the geotechnical properties of soil

Z. A. Rahman, N. Ahmad, U. Hamzah, W. Z. W. Yaacob

Abstract: The Need for Independent Post-Survey Quality Control to Check the High Failure Rate of Geohazards Predictions (Paper A10)

B. K. Lim

Abstract: Kebolehrentanan bencana gelinciran tanah (LHV): Sorotan literatur dan cadangan pendekatan baru untuk pengurusan risiko gelinciran tanah di Malaysia (Paper A11) (IN MALAY), Landslide Hazard Vulnerability: Review of literature and a proposed new approach in landslide risk management for Malaysia

Rodeano Roslee, Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin

Abstract: Landslide Hazard Vulnerability: Review of Literature and a Proposed New Approach in Landslide Risk Management for Malaysia

Staff of GSM Warta Geologi

Abstract: Geospatial Information System of Karst Land Use Evaluation in Kinta Valley, Malaysia (Paper A12)

Omar Alkouri, Ros Fatihah

Abstract: Kajian penderiaan jauh kawasan Saratok-Pengajar, Sarawak (Paper A13) (IN MALAY), Remote sensing study of the Saratok region, Sarawak

Mohd Yusop Bin Ramli, Mohd Anuar Bin Ishak, Mohd Ezwan Bin Dahlan

Abstract: Application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process(AHP) to Groundwater Potential Mapping in Upper Part of Langat Basin (Paper A14)

Mohamad Abd Manap, Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman, Mohammad Firuz Ramli, Noraini Surip, Mohd Armi Abu Samah

Abstract: Physico-Chemical Behavior of Carbonaceous Shale at Batu Gajah, Perak: Their Problems and Mitigation (Paper A15)

Askury Abd Kadir, Angga Pratama Herman, Aminur Rashid Mohd Shariai, Aaron Subash George

Abstract: Occurrence of Pyrite in the Coastal Plains as an Evidence for the Rise of Sea Level in the Malay Peninsula during the Holocene (Paper A16)

M. S. Enio Kang, J. Shamshuddin, C. I. Fauziah, M. H. A Husni

Abstract: Fault Patterns in Peninsular Malaysia: Origin and Development (Paper A17)

Zuhaini Mohamed, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Active Regional Fault Zones in Sabah, Malaysia (Paper A18)

Felix Tongkul, Shariff A. K Omang

Abstract: Distribution of Several Thrust Faults in Kedah: Implications to the Geology of Kedah (Paper A19)

Zaiton Harun, Basir Jasin

Abstract: Structural Map and Multiple Deformation Episodes of Tanjung Kempit, Endau, Johor (Paper A20)

Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: Kajian geologi struktur kawasan Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang (Paper A21) (IN MALAY), Review of the geological structure of the Bukit Tinggi area, Bentong, Pahang

Zainal Abidin Jamaluddin, Mazlan Mohamad Zain, Wan Saifulbahri Mohd, Mohd Badzran Mat Taib, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Double Impact Rings Luat and Bertam, Cenderoh Area, Perak (Paper A22)

Ros Fatihah Muhammad, H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Geologi struktur pada Formasi Gua Musang di negeri Kelantan (Paper A23) (IN MALAY), Structural geology of Gua Musang Formation in Kelantan

Jatmika Setiawan, Ibrahim Abdullah

Abstract: Structural Geology of Gua Musang Formation in Kelantan

Staff of GSM Warta Geologi

Abstract: The Two Seasonal Characteristics of Pahang River, Pahang, Malaysia (Paper A24)

Muhd. Barzani Gasim, Mohd. Ekhwan Toriman, H. T. Hii, I. L. Pan

Abstract: Geology and Geochemistry of Bukit Nimong and Selanjan Intrusives of West Sarawak, Malaysia - Implications for Gold and Porphyry Copper Mineralization (Paper B1)

Richard Mani Banda, Alex Unya, Liu Hua, Chen Shick Pei

Abstract: Structural Control on Quartz Veins in the Penjom Gold Mine, in Particular at Kalampong Pit (Paper B2)

Zakaria Endut, Teh Guan Hoe

Penemuan Ammonoid Paraceratites Trinodosus Berusia Trias Tengah Di Kg. Mela, Lipis, Pahang Darul Makmur (IN MALAY), Discovery of the ammonoid Paraceratites trinodosus, Middle Triassic Age, in Mela Village, Lipis, Pahang Darul Makmur

Ahmad Rosli Othman, Mohd Shafeaa Leman

Abstract: Hazard and Risk in Planning for Development in England

Brian Marker

Abstract: Urban Geology: A UK Perspective

Martin Culshaw

Abstract: Possible Oil Accumulation with Convex-Shaped OWC under Abnormally High Pressure Condition; Example from Offshore Sabah, Malaysia

Kazuo Nakayama

Abstract: Overview of Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulphide (VHMS) in South China and South East Asia

Khin Zaw

Abstract: Environmental Aspects of the German Mining Industry

Frank Otto

A Short Note on the Discovery of Early Devonian Tentaculite-Bearing Unit from Taunggyi-Taungchun Range, Southern Shan State, Myanmar

Aye Ko Aung

Geologists Strengthen Professionalism – Dialogue on Geologist Act

Nicholas Jacob, Anil Nair, Zakaria Mohamad

Abstract: Penilaian Kesesuaian Jasad Batuan Semenanjung Malaysia Untuk Pengorekan Mekanikal (IN MALAY), Assessment of Suitability of Rock Masses in Peninsular Malaysia for Mechanical Excavation

Abdul Ghani Rafek

Abstract: Propagation of Seismic Shock Wave in Rocks and Soils / Design of Embankment in Soft Ground to Eurocode 7 – Development of Malaysian Annex / Road Construction on Peat

Low Kaw Sai, Tan Yean Chin, Toh Cheng Teik

Abstract: The Sunway Story: From Mining, Quarrying to Bandar Sunway Development

Phang Koon Tuck

Abstract: Deep-Seated Landslides Induced by Recent Earthquakes and Rainstorms, and Weathering Profiles Related to Shallow Landslide (IN MALAY)

Masahiro Chigira

Abstract: Natural Hazards and Climate (Change) Adaptation: Examples of Facing Multiple Challenges from a Geoscience-Planning Cooperation Perspective / The German Geoparks Project

Philipp Schmidt-Thomé, Michael Schmidt-Thomé