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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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The Jokut Quarry – Observations on an Intensely Folded Carbonate Sequence North-West of Mulu, Sarawak

Franz L Kessler

Abstract: Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of the Tersang Gold Deposit in the Central Gold Belt, Peninsular Malaysia

Charles Makoundi

Abstract: Some Organic Geochemical Thoughts on Concretions from New Zealand

Michael J. Pearson

Abstract: The Importance of Mineralogy in Siliciclastic Reservoirs

Joseph Hamilton

Abstract: The Palaeo-Orientations of Northwestern Borneo and Adjacent South China Sea Basins

H. D. Tjia, Mohd Rozi Umor

Rekod penemuan fosil Trias bivalvia Daonella dari Aring, Kelantan (IN MALAY), Note on Discovery of the Triassic Bivalve Daonella from Aring, Kelantan

Ahmad Rosli Othman, Mohd. Shafeea Leman

A New Perspective of Structural and Property Modelling: A Case Study of Baram Oil Field, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Paper A10)

A. I. Latief, A. MacDonald, G. Rahman, M. E. Rahman, W. A. Nasir, A. I. Ridzuan, P. A. Faehrmann

Seismic Reservoir Characterisation of a Channel Sand Oil and Gas Field, Malaysia (Paper A11)

T. J. Focht, M. Sams, D. Brookes, J. Ting

Value & Insights from Synthetic Seismic Validation of Reservoir Models in Carbonate Gas Fields, Offshore Sarawak (Paper A12)

K. N. Baharaldin, A. Kayes

Imaging Solutions for Geophysical Challenges in South East Asia (Paper A13)

N. El Kady, Z. Mohd Dom, Y. Prasetyo, M. Bayly, G. Nyein, P. Vasilyev, N. Mat Don Ya

Enhanced Seismic Imaging of a Mature Oilfild (Paper A14)

A. Nalonnil, T. Handayani, W. Triyoso, S. Dogra

Depth Imaging Coil Data: Multi Azimuthal Tomographic Earth Model Building and Imaging of Tulip (Paper A15)

S. Chen, M. Buia, L. Livraghi, M. Bakhrudin, M. Tham, M. Bayly, S. Ng, O. Zdraveva

Geomechanical Approach to Resolve Severe Velocity Variations and Remove Image Distortions below Rugose Seafloor (Paper A16)

S. Birdus, A. Artyomov, L. Li, S. Xin

Abstract: The Role of Play-Based Exploration in Heartland Portfolio Rejuvenation, Offshore and Onshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Paper B1)

S. J. Gough, E. W. Adams, T. Evers

Deepwater Exploration in Malaysia, Offshore Sarawak (Paper B2)

P. Baltensperger, K. Robinson, A. Finlay, A. Thomas

Hydrothermally Enhanced Fractured Reservoirs – A New Play? (Paper B3)

A. A. Bal, R. Bray, R. Sigit

"Pre-MMU" Carbonates and the Influence of Age and Tectonic Regimes on Their Growth Styles, Sarawak, Malaysia (Paper B4)

E. W. Adams, R. E. Besems, S. J. Gough

Abstract: Sepat Barat Deep-2: The Deepest and Hottest HPHT Well in North Malay Basin (Paper B5)

S. Osman, M. F. Nianamuthu, F. A. Ismail, J. J. M. Idris, J. Ping

Abstract: Brittle versus Mobile Shale Tectonics in Deltas: Structural Constraints Derived from Regional Seismic Interpretations (Paper B6)

P. A. Restrepo-Pace

Maturation of a New Play Concept in Northern Provinces of Offshore Sarawak Basin, Malaysia (Paper B7)

S. R. Iyer, H. Rosidah, A. Shahrul Amar

Tectono-Stratigraphy and Development of the Miocene Delta Systems on an Active Margin of Northwest Borneo, Malaysia (Paper B8)

A. Balaguru, T. Lukie

Abstract: Integrated Bio- and Seismostratigraphy of the Southern Sabah Offshore, Malaysia (Paper B9)

J. J. Lim

New Seismic Insight at Kebabangan Field: KPOC Gears up for a Development Drilling Campaign at a New Major Gas-Oil Hub in Offshore Sabah (Paper B10)

V. L. Cathey, C. M. Curtis

Overpressured Carbonate Reservoirs, Offshore Sarawak; Methods of Pore Pressure Prediction (Paper B11)

P. Baltensperger, W. Zanussi, S. Bordoloi, S. Nath

Pore Pressure Modeling - How to Overcome HPHT Challenges (Paper B12)

S. Bordoloi, A. Ghosh

Drilling Risks Associated with Hydraulic Fractures and Reactivating Faults due to High Mud Weight/Pore Pressure and Miti (Paper B13)

A. A. Bal, D. Maya, K. K. Kyi, R. Guha, M. I. Gabreldar, D. Abang Indi

Integrated Reservoir Characterisation of Turbidite Deposits within a Submarine Canyon, Offshore Sabah, Malaysia (Paper B14)

K. Maguire, C. W. Hong, T. M. Ting, G. Stone

Abstract: Application of Innovative & Unconventional Techniques Enhanced Subsurface Interpretation of the J Sands, Berantai Field (Paper B15)

J. Ranggon, M. H. Abdul Halim, W. N. Wan Mohammad, S. Dang Do, M. H. Hashim

The Success and Pitfalls of Seismic Application for Infill Drilling in Alpha Field, Malay Basin (Paper B16)

A. A. Abdul Rahim, L. H. K. Lim, F. F. Fahmi

Abstract: Well Architecture and Design Criteria for Complex Reservoirs in Mature Fields (Paper B17)

K. S. Chan, R. Masoudi, B. P. Kantaatmadja, M. Othman

Petrophysical Evaluation of "Quasi Wet Pay Zones" (QWPZ) via Integration of Advanced and Conventional Wireline Data (Paper C1)

S. Ismail, M. M. Altunbay, N. Aula

Applications of 3D Micro-CT Images and 2D BSEM-EDS for Petrophysical Reservoir Characterization (Paper C2)

L. Riepe

Integrated Interpretation of an Iron-Rich Sediment, Jansz-Io Field, Northwest Shelf, Australia (Paper C3)

G. R. Heavysege, A. Mills

Abstract: An Integrated Petrophysical Analysis of Low Resistivity Low Contrast (LRLC) Pays in Clastic Reservoirs in Se Asia (Paper C4)

L. Riepe, M. N. Zain, N. S. Zainudin

Lithology Discrimination through Elastic Inversion (Paper C5)

D. Ghosh

Estimating Porosity from Determinsitic Inversion (Paper C6)

M. Sams, T. J. Focht, J. Ting

Abstract: The Evolving Role of Geophysics in Exploration. From Amplitudes to Geomechanics (Paper C7)

E. C. Andersen, D. Gray

Xu and White Revisited (Paper C8)

M. Sams, T. J. Focht, N. Azuairi Che Sidik

New Joint Categorical/Continuous Simultaneous Inversion Technology (Paper C9)

M. Kemper

Evaluation of Thin-Bedded Heterogeneous Sands Using Geophysical Applications & Well Data for a Robust Development Plan (Paper C10)

M. S. Mohd Adnan, F. Fahmi

Improved Resolution of Thin Turbiditic Sands in Offshore Sabah with Bandwidth Extension – A Pilot Study (Paper C11)

G. Yu, N. Shah, M. Robinson, N. H. Nghi, A. A. Nurhono, G. S. Thu

Seismic Resolution and Analysis of Thin Pay Beds (Paper C12)

M. Sajid, D. P. Ghosh, Z. T. H. Zuhar

Abstract: Cascading Inversion Application for Lithology and Porosity Estimation of Deepwater Thinly-Bedded Reservoirs (Paper C13)

A. Nurhono, B. Kantaatmadja, S. T. Goh, V. W. T. Kong, M. R. Abdul Rahman, N. M. Hernandez

Hydrocarbon Source Rock Characteristics of the Gondwana Coals from Barapukuria Basin, Bangladesh (Paper C14)

M. Farhaduzzaman

Abstract: Source Potential and Hydrocarbon Maturity Modeling of the Onshore Masila Basin, Eastern Yemen (Paper C15)

M. Hakimi, W. H. Abdullah, M. R. Shalaby

Abstract: Geological Controls on Well Productivity and Reservoir Performance in Select North American Shale Gas Plays (Paper C16)

P. A. L. Winder, R. Herbert, G. Schmidt, M. Lawford, B. Faraj

Application of Dual Well Micro-Seismic Monitoring in Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation in a Tight Oil Reservoir (Paper C17)

T. K. Lim, Y. Li, X. G. Yang

Abstract: Foresee the Unforeseen: Modeling West Baram Delta Overpressure (Paper P1)

C. A. Ibrahim, L. Light, J. Mennie, C. K. Ngu

Pore-Pressure and Subsurface-Plumbing Patterns in Central Luconia; Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Paper P2)

E. Kosa

Application of Stable Isotope Analysis from Central Luconia, Sarawak: Insights into Reservoir Development and Diagenesis (Paper P3)

K. K. Ting, B. J. Pierson, O. S. Al-Jaaidi

Converted Waves Seismic Imaging : Importance of Gamma Estimation (Paper P4)

A. G. Mohd Adnan, A. R. Ghazali

Application of TTI Reverse Time Migration, Deepwater Offshore Malaysia (Paper P5)

J. Sun, B. Mishra, C. Jiao, J. Sun, G. Hodgkiss, A. Bisset

Application of Upscaling Permeability Workflow: Pore to Core Plug Scale on Malay Basin Thin Sections (Paper P6)

L. A. Lubis, Z. Z. Tuan Harith, K. A. Moh Noh, H. Khairy, A. Moh Salih

Abstract: Studying Carbonate AvO Response (Paper P7)

Y. F. Tiong

Abstract: Status of Exploration on Shale Gas Resources in India (Paper P8)

A. Boruah

Time-Pressure Correlation to Estimate Dewatering Time for Coalbed Methane Reservoir at Saturated and Undersaturated Condition (Paper P9)

D. C. I. Hutami, I. K. Alhamzany, I. G. Permana, S. K. H. Wicaksono, H. W. Alam, U. W. R. Siagian

Systematic Evaluation of Play and Prospect Risk Using a New Play-Based Exploration Methodology (Paper P10)

A. Neber, I. Bryant, G. Koller, T. Levy, M. Neumaier, N. Tessen

Systematic Application & Play-Based Exploration Methodology Using ArcGIS in Sabah Exploration Block SB309 & SB310 (Paper P11)

S. Jamil, A. Ngau, C. H. Tan

Deepwater Reservoir Geometry and Characterisation: Analogue from the Semantan and West Crocker Formations (Paper P12)

H. H. Ismail, M. Madon, Z. A. Abu Bakar, M. S. Leman

Well Log Application in Source Rock Evaluation: Using Committee Machine with Intelligent Systems (Paper P13)

M. Verdiyar, F. Kamyabi, A. Nazarpour, M. K. Ghassem Alaskari

Geochemical Evaluation of Oil Reservoirs in the World's Largest Gas Field from Persian Gulf, Iran (Paper P14)

P. Hassanzadeh, M. Khaleghi, A. Ahanjan, M. Kobraei, R. Bagheri Tirtashi

Abstract: Common Liptinitic Constituents of Mukalla Coals in the Offshore Qamar Basin, Eastern Yemen: Implication for Hydrocarbon (Paper P15)

M. Hakimi, W. H. Abdullah

Generating a New Approach for Continuous Reservoir Model Updating: Non-Gaussian Priors & Nonlinear Data Functions in EnKF (Paper P17)

S. Forghany, A. A. Asgari, T. Behrouz

Abstract: Diverse Origins of Carbonate Cements Revealed by Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Analysis (Paper P18)

D. M. Ince

Abstract: Conceptual Geology of Dulang Using Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Netsand Distribution (Paper P19)

S. C. Kurniawan, K. Saraton, U. Deliza Aleesha

Reservoir Characterization Enhancement through Integrated Wellbore-Reservoir Flow Model and Pressure Transient Analysis (Paper P20)

K. Khadivi, R. Masoudi, M. Soltanieh, F. A. Farhadpou

EB Field: Doubling a Marginal Field's Reserves by Understanding the Application of "Enabling" Technology (Paper P21)

K. Afzan, O. T. Suan, M. Lambert, B. Goodin

Abstract: Unravel New Exploration Opportunity in Central Luconia (Paper P23)

A. H. W. Abdullah, J. Singh, S. Osman, C. Abdullah

Structuration & Stratigraphic Influence in Post Carbonate Trap Geometry of 'K' Prospect, SK315 Block, Offshore Sarawak (Paper P24)

K. A. K. Amry, M. S. M. Sharir, S. S. Wafa, A. M. S. Azlan

Abstract: Sedimentological Characterization of Deeper Group M Reservoirs in Malay Basin (Paper P25)

S. A. M. Yusak

Abstract: The Exploration Strategic Potential of Rajang Delta System (Paper P26)

Z. Ibrahim, B. H. Wei, A. Rauf

Abstract: Shallow Reservoirs, the Neglected Play in the Malay Basin - A Case Study from the A Field (Paper P27)

S. H. So, S. Shahar, N. Ahmad

Abstract: Pre-Tertiary Fractured Basement of Mega Host Block A, Malays Basin in Light of Current 3D Seismic Data Interpretation (Paper P28)

N. H. Ngoc, S. A. Aziz, P. N. Bt. Mokhtar

3D Near-Wellbore Structural Modeling, Natural Fracture Characterization and in-Situ Stress Analysis in a Complex Thrust (Paper P29)

R. Dashti

CRS-Stack and NIP-Wave Tomography Implemented to the SH-Wave Reflection Seismic Data for Shallow Hydrocarbon Prospecting (Paper P30)

M. R. Sule, A. A. Valencia, A. Hendriyana, U. Polom, C. M. Krawczyk

Workflows to Improve the Resolution of Post-Stack Seismic Data and Attributes from the Malay Basin (Paper P31)

A. E. Barnes, M. F. A. Rahim, A. R. Ghazali

Integrated Fluid Analysis Technique to Improve Evaluation on Fluid Potential in Downthrown Structure Prospect (Paper P32)

T. A. Tiur Aldha, G. T. Gunawan Taslim

Integration of Sequence Stratigraphy and Elastic Inversion Improved Understanding on Reservoir Characterization (Paper P33)

N. M. Mohamud, O. A. M. Mahmud, N. A. R. Razali, M. H. M. N. M Nor

Abstract: An Efficient Development 2011 Case History from the Gulf of Thailand (Paper P34)

R. C. Roever, J. Moon, R. Ripple, D. Cox, N. Htein, J. Mitchell, S. Rubio, J. Pringle, R. The, G. Peace, A. Laird

Reservoir Characterisatioin of Mishrif Formation of Garraf Field, Iraq, Using 3D Seismic and AI Inversion (Paper P35)

M. Embong, M. Higashi, H. H. Abu Bakar, K. A. Zamri, F. H. M Ali, S. Moriya, S. B. M Said, A. T. Patrick Panting

Abstract: Geo-Information & GIS: Adding Value to Exploration and Development Activities (Paper P36)

G. G. Tan

A Structured Approach Towards Quantification of Subsurface Parameter Ranges (Paper P37)

A. J. W. Everts, L. Alessio, P. Friedinger, F. Rahmat

Abstract: Biostratigraphic Real-Time Well-Site Support for a NW Palawan, Offshore Philippines Appraisal Well (Paper P38)

C. T. Naih, J. J. Lim, R. Sandom

Abstract: A Sedimentologic and Petrographic Perspective of the Miocene Stage IVA from the Klias Peninsula to Labuan Island (Paper P39)

T. D. Lukie, A. Balaguru

Abstract: An Integrated Approach Towards Delineating Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Untested Fault Blocks within a Brown Field. A Case Study in B Field, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Paper P40)

A. Azami, A. Hashim, N. Alias, N. Ujal, M. Bhattacharya, A. Roy, S. Pamungkas, T.. Aldha

Integrated Geoscience Interpretation of Selected Group B Sands in Beta Field, Malay Basin (Paper P41)

C. H. Sim, F. Fahmi

Abstract: Geohazards Assessment, Data Integration and Visualization via ArcGIS (Paper P42)

M. Zulkifli, D. A. Bean, T. K. Tiong

The Evolution of Tiltmeter-Based Reservoir Monitoring: From Risk Mitigation to Production Optimization (Paper P43)

S Marsic, M. Machovoe, W. Roadarmel

Application of Seismic Inversion to Mitigate Reservoir Heterogeneity Uncertainty for Optimized Well Planning (Paper P44)

M. F. M. F. Mohd Fuad, F. F. Fahmi, A. G. W. Williams

Key Features of TEM and EM-IP Investigations in South-East Asia (Paper P45)

Y. A. Agafonov, I. V. Bouddo, I. V. Egorov, M. M. Salleh

CSEM Application in Carbonate Environment: A Case Study (Paper P46)

A. S. Saleh, S. K. Chandola, P. K. Lee, T. Velayatham, P. Kumar, M. S. Wahid, J. Beenfeldt

Abstract: Tectono-Stratigraphy and Development of the Miocene Delta Systems on an Active Margin of Northwest Borneo, Malaysia

Allagu Balaguru

Abstract: Geobencana Gempa bumi & Tsunami – Peringatan daripada Al-Quran & Al-Hadis (IN MALAY), Geodisaster Earthquake & Tsunami – Warnings of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith

Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin

Fosil moluska Trias Akhir dari kawasan Binjui, Kedah (IN MALAY), Late Triassic Molluscan Fossils from Binjui Area, Kedah

Ahmad Rosli Othman

Marine Broadband Seismic Data Acquisition: PETRONAS Perspective (Paper A1)

C. F. Low, S. Chandola, Z. M. Zawawi, A. Aziz Muhamad, S. Kumar, M. Shah Sulaiman

Simultaneous Sources: The Inaugural Full-Field, Marine Seismic Case History from Australia (Paper A2)

I. Moore, D. Monk, L. Hansen, C. Beasley

Geophysical Innovation and Technology - Meeting Challenges of a Transition Zone OBC Survey in Malaysia (Paper A3)

S. K. Chandola, M. Zabuddin Zawawi, C. T. Law, R. Faizal, M. Adura, R. Roslan, J. Ismail, M. Asraff Ariff

Marine CSEM with a Novel Towed Acqusition System (Paper A4)

F. L. Engelmark, J. Mattsson, J. Linfoot

Pitfalls in CSEM Inversion; a Case Study of a False Positive (Paper A5)

V. Ganesan, H. T. Pederson, S. K. Chandola, N. N. Halim

A Decade of 4D Seismic Monitoring of Carbonate Gas Reservoirs in Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Paper A6)

Paul Hague, Chiem Boon Hong

Seismic Imaging and Interpretation of Paleo-Cave Systems in Karstified Carbonate Reservoirs of Tarim Basin (Paper A7)

C. Luo, F. Xue, Q. Miao, P. Yang

Carbonate Petrophysics Leading to Productivity Analysis in Support of Static Modeling (Paper A8)

F. Zakeria, M. Altunbay, R. Poit, J. Kijam

Mapping the Kinta Valley Karst System, Peninsular Malaysia: Implications for Better Insight of Subsurface Karst Features (Paper A9)

S. Kassa, B. J. Pierson, W. S. Chow, B. A. T. Jasmi

Survei keamatan medan magnet bumi serta kaitannya dengan geologi permukaan di Pulau Tuba, Langkawi (IN MALAY), Intensity of the Earth Magnetic Field in Tuba Island, Langkawi and its Relationship with Surface Geology

Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Nurul Baizura Mohd Yunus

Abstract: Geotechnical Centrifuge and its Application for Geo-Environmental Research

Wan Zuhairi Wan Yaacob

Application of Geology: From an Environmental Industry Perspective

Ng Hon Seng

Abstract: Partition Coefficient (Kd) of Heavy Metals for Contaminant Transport Modeling

W. Y. Wan Zuhairi, Y. L. Chong

Abstract: Integrated Study on the Distribution of Groundwater Contamination Flow Path at a Waste Disposal Site in Malaysia

Kamarudin Samuding, Mohd Tadza Abdul Rahman, Ismail Abustan, Lakam Mejus

Abstract: Inertia and Entrainment: Two Factors That Differentiate Subaqueous from Subaerial Sediment Transport Regimes on Complex Margins

Stefan M. Luthi, Remco M. Groenenberg, Xiaoxi Wang, David M. Hodgson

Abstract: Engineering Geologist's Input in Hillside Development in Malaysia

Philip Tiong Chiong Ngu

Abstract: Engineering Geological Practice in Hong Kong

Jack Pan Kok Loong

Abstract: The Mengkuang Dam, Penang

Khor Chai Huat

Abstract: A Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Preview of the Miocene Stage III and Stage IVA of Labuan Island and Klias Peninsula, Borneo

Terrence Lukie

Abstract: Sea-Level Changes in Two Geologically Different Environments: Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: The Pahang-Selangor Interstate Water Transfer Tunnel

Takayuki Matsumoto