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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Abstract: Disaster Risk Reduction – The Emerging Market for Geoscience Entrepreneurs?

Yunus Abdul Razak, Mazlan Madon

Abstract: Ground Evaluations for Hillsite Development – Engineering Geology

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Hydrothermal Alteration of Cambro-Ordovician Carbonates of North America and Relevance to the Carbonates of SE Asia

Richard Bray

Abstract: Global Cooling – the Other Side of the Moon/Coin

Anizan Isahak

Abstract: Menjejaki Dinosaur di Malaysia (IN MALAY), Tracking Dinosaurs in Malaysia

Mohd Shafeea Leman

Northwest Sarawak: A Complete Geologic Profile from the Lower Miocene to the Pliocene Covering the Upper Setap Shale, Lambir and Tukau Formations

Franz L. Kessler, John Jong

The December 2014 Flood in Kelantan: A Post-Event Perspective

Nurul Syazwani Yahaya, Choun-Sian Lim, Umi Amira Jamaluddin, Joy Jacqueline Pereira

Abstract: A Review of the Bentong-Raub Suture Vis-à-Vis New Insight of the Tectonic Evolution of Malay Peninsula

Aftab Alam Khan, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: Documentary: On the Trail of Primitive Life (the Cambrian Period)

José Antonio Ǵmez Vintaned

Abstract: Mapping of the Contaminant Dispersion in the Sub-Surface Using Ground Electromagnetic (GEM-2) Survey and Resistivity Imaging

Rahman Yaccup

Abstract: Geophysical Survey for Marine Geohazard Study

Woo Chaw Hong

Abstract: The Northwest Sabah Overthrust System: In Outrops and in Regional Context

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: The Bau Area Fieldwork and Technical Talk Cum Geologists' Night

Thomson Galin

Abstract: Tectono-Stratigraphic Framework & Tertiary Paleogeogeography of Southeast Asia: Gulf of Thailand to South Vietnam Shelf

Robert C. Shoup

Abstract: Some Non-Metallic and Metallic Mineral Products: Occurrence, Properties, Applications and Marketing

Cheang Kok Keong

Abstract: Crustal Structure and Buried Paleo-Sedimentary Basins in the North-Eastern Black Sea-Azov Sea Area and Tectonic Implications (Dobre-2 Project)

Randell Stephenson

Abstract: Implications of Natural Damming (Debris Flow) on Infrastructure Projects in the Indian Himalaya

Yogendra Deva