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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Paleogeography and Carbonate Facies Evolution in NW Sarawak from the Late Eocene to the Middle Miocene

Franz L. Kessler, John Jong

Discussion on Omission of Sabah Pre-Cretaceous Geology and Geochronology Data in Tate (2002), Balaguru et al. (2003), Lee et al. (2004) and Wan Nursaiedah Wan Ismail et al. (2014)

K. M. Leong

Abstract: Setap and Temburong are Separate Formations

Tjia H. D.

Abstract: Strength Mobilisation of Rock Masses in Relation to Deep Seated Landslides

Ferdaus Ahmad

Abstract: Journey to the Most Southern World of Earth: Antarctica

Goh Thian Lai

Abstract: Overview on Hydropower Dam Safety Program with Focus on Geology and Geotechnical Investigation

Jansen Luis

Abstract: Approaches to Communicating Geoscience Information

Jane Poole

Soil Science and Risks of Climate Related Hazards

S. Paramananthan

Shape Parameters of Clay and Quartz Clasts in the Neogene Tukau and Lambir Formations, NW Sarawak

Franz L. Kessler, John Jong

Morphological Description of a Mud Volcano Caldera from Deepwater Sabah – General Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Steve McGiveron, John Jong

The Effects of Porestructure on Sonic Velocity in Carbonates: Examples from Gunung Rapat Limestone, Ipoh

Muhammad Hafiz Izuddin, Chow Weng Sum, Mohd Shafeea Leman, Khor Wei Chung

The West Baram Line in the Southern South China Sea: A Discussion with Late Prof. H.D. Tjia on its Possible Onshore Continuation and Nomenclature

Franz L. Kessler, John Jong

Abstract: Fossil Sharks from Thailand: Stratigraphical and Palaeobiogeographical Implications

Gilles Curry

Abstract: The Proto-South China Sea: Where was It and Where is It?

Robert Hall

Abstract: Discovering Hydrocarbon: The Role of Stratigraphy

Shamsudin Bin Jirin

Diamond - from Gemmology to Geology

Tay Thye Sun

Abstract: Creep Response in Shear of Clayey Geo-Materials under Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions

Nor Shahidah Mohd Nazer

Abstract: The Use of Geophysical Principles in the Detection & Characterization of Solution Channels, Voids in Limestone Formation & Rock Slope Discontinuity Survey

Ir. Liew Shaw Shong