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Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

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ABSTRACT: Ongoing Studies on the Mesozoic Rocks of the Trinidad, Particularly Those of the Northern Range

J.B. Saunders

ABSTRACT: Radiolarian Stratigraphy of the Hermitage Quarry, Trinidad, W.I.

F. Maurrasse

An Application of Seismic Stratigraphy Analysis in Trinidad, W.I.

E.A. Williams

Application of Well Logs to the Recognition of Geological Features

R.K. Cornell

Cenozoic Tectonics of the Southeastern Caribbean and Trinidad

R.C. Speed

The Development of Successive Structures in the Mount Dillon Formation of Tobago, W.I.

R. Ahmad

Evolution of the Southern Caribbean Since Early Miocene

Y.P. Aggarwal

Foraminiferal Paleoenvironments From the Barremian to Maestrichtian of Trinidad, West Indies

E.A. Koutsoukos and K.A. Merrick

Geochemistry of Northen Basin Sediments of Trinidad

H.B. Kuarsingh

Geological Evolution of the Northern Agua Salada Subbasin, East Falcon, Venezuela

M.L. Diaz de Gamero

Gravity and Geoid Anomalies of the Caribbean Region: A Progess Report

Carl Bowin

The Impact of Beach Sand Mining at Goldsborough Bay, Tobago

S. Bachew and N. Lewis

Landslide and Flood Distribution in the West Coastal Area of Trinidad - The Role of Geology

D. Bertrand

Metasomatism in the Tobago Volcanic Group, Tobago, W.I.

T.A. Jackson and T.E. Smith

A Model for Oil Exploitation in Trintoc's Point Fortin Anticlinal Area, North of the Los Bajos Fault

D.G. Charles and P. Cosgrove

Neotectonic Aspects of the Southern Caribbean Plate Boundary

C. Schubert

Neotectonics of Southern Tobago

G. Wadge and D. Hudson

Paleooceanography of the Venezuelan Basin

W.W. Hay

The Parrylands F. 15/DM - 13 Landslide - A Case Study

C.T. Rogers and A. Chow-Gabbadon

Petroleum Geochemistry Applied to Oilfield Development, Offshore Trinidad

R.L. Ames and L.M. Ross

Petrophysical Study of the Samaan Field Shaly Sands, Offshore Trinidad

W.V.C. De Landro

Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Southeast Caribbean

A.E.S. Bertrand and W.G. Bertrand

Plio-Pleistocene Palynology and Visual Kerogen Studies, Trinidad, W.I., With Emphasis on the Columbus Basin

A. Larny

A Preliminary Investigation of the Brigand Hill Limestone, Brogand hill Quarry, Plum Mitan Road

S. Wharton

Presentation of a New Tectonic Map (and Accompanying Sections) of Trinidad and Tobago

K.M. Persad

Sedimentological and Geophysical Studies in the Oropouche Bank Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

D. Hudson

Structure and Composition of the "Acoustic" Basement of the North Coast Complex, Trinidad

C. Ramroop

Structures of the Malajo Clay Near Arima, Trinidad and Strike-Slip Motion in the El Pilar Fault Zone

P. Robertson

Thermal History Modeling in Petroleum Exploration: Examples from Southern Trinidad

K. Rodrigues