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Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

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ABSTRACT: A Gravity Investigation of the Pitch Lake of Trinidad and Tobago

W.B. Chaitan and V.R. Graterol

ABSTRACT: Applications of Seismic Exploration Techniques in Imaging Complex Geology Offshore Trinidad: A Case History

Allison Dupigny, Douglas Elrod, Rolf Rango, Martin Olsen and Eric A. Williams

ABSTRACT: A Preliminary Technostratigraphic Framework for Onshore Trinidad

C.C. Wielchowsky, V.D. Rahmanian and J. Hardenbol

ABSTRACT: Computerization Experience in an Exploration Group

A. de la Bastide

ABSTRACT: Cretaceous Palynology of Venezuela

Iraida Paredes and Armando Fasola

ABSTRACT: Exploitation of Trintopec's Mackenzie Field - Case Study of Geology and Field Devlopment

Franklin A. Khan

ABSTRACT: Landslide Hazard Maps - MAps for Critical Areas in North, Central and South Trinidad

W.T. Rajpaulsingh

ABSTRACT: New Data on Trinidad Geochemistry

K.M. Persad, S Talukdar and W. Dow

ABSTRACT: The Case of the El Pilar Fault System in Trinidad and its Implications for Seicmic Hazard in the S.E. Caribbean

Keith Rowley and William Ambeh

ABSTRACT: The Espino Graben - An Aulacogen?

K.M. Persad

ABSTRACT: The Role of Shearing on the Sedimentary and Morphostructural Evolution of the Southern Part of the Barbados Ridge, the the Latitude of Trinidad

Roger Griboulard, Claude Bobier, Jean Claude Faugeres, George Vernette and Carolyn Roberts

Cretaceous Intra-Arc Summit Basin on Puerto Rico

D.K. Larue, P. Pierce and J. Erikson

Cretaceous Paleogeography, Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Palaeoecology of Belize Basin, Belize

R. Ramanathan and E. Garcia

Cretaceous to Middle Miocene Sediments in Trinidad

Llewellyn Tyson and Winston Ali

Cut-Slope Instability and Associated Sub-Watershed Development: Carenage/Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Stanley Rich Wharton

The Dasycladalean Algae from the Cretaceous of the New World

Bruno Granier, Peirre-Yves Berthou and Eric Fourcade

Deposition Pattern Analysis: An Alternative Approach to Sand and Gravel Prospecting in Trinidad and Tobago

Sisnarine Seegobin

The Effects of Lithified Calcium Carbonate on Tropical Coastal Processes

John A. Black

An Evaluation of Post-Middle Miocene Geological Sequences, Offshore Trinidad

Neil Payne

An Evaluation of the Petrogenesis of the Accreted Mesozoic Island Arc of the Southern Caribbean

Arthur W. Snoke

Field Guide to Selected Industrial Rock and Mineral Industries in Trinidad

Rollin Bertrand

the Geochemistry of a Metavolcanic Horizon in the Maracas Formation, Northen Range, Trinidad: Evidence of Ocean Floor Basalt Activity

Trevor A. Jackson, Terrance E. Smith and John M. Duke

Middle Miocene Tectonics and its Effects on Late Miocene Sedimetnation in Trinidad

Llewellyn Tyson, Stephen Babb, Brian Dyer

Migration of Oils into Samaan Field, Offshore Trinidad, West Indies

Philip D. Heppard, Roger L. Ames and Larry M. Ross

A New Framework for Hydrocarbons Exploration in Trinidad

S.R. LAwrence, A. Soulsby and V.H. Childs

Non-Petroleum Economic Geology of Trinidad: Field Guide to Selected Industrial Rock and Mineral Industries in Trinidad

Rollin Bertrand

An Outline of the Geology of Samaan Field, Trinidad West Indies

P. Farfan and Y. Bally

Paleographic Maps, Maturin Basin of E. Venezuela and Trinidad

G.M. Rohr

Regional Evaluation of Cut-Slope Instability Using Statistical Methods - Northern Range, Trinidad

Stanley Rich Wharton

The Relationhip between Plate Motions and Sedimentary Basin Development in Northern South America: From a Mesozoic Passive Margin to a Cenozoic Eastwardly-Progressive Transpressional Orogen

James L. Pindell, Johan P. Erikson and Sam Algar

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Toco Region of the Northern Range, N.E. Trinidad

S.T. Algar and J.L. Pindell

Structural Development of the Northern Range of Trinidad, and implications for the tectonic evolution of the Southeastern Caribbean

S.T. Algar and J.L. Pindell

Structural Styles in Trinidad

Rafi Ahmad

Structural Styles in Trinidad, Field Trip Guide

Rafi Ahmad

Subsurface Stratigraphy of Cuba Based on Deep Wells

Jorge R. Sanchez, Raphael Segura, Rolando Garcia, Gustavo Eschevarria, Ernesto Milian, Jose Fernandez and Carlos Perera

Tobago, West Indies: a Cross-Section Across A Fragment of the Accreted, Mesozoic Ocanic-Arc, of the Sothern Caribbean

Snoke, A.W., Rowe, D.W. Yule, J.D. and Wadge, G.