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Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

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Introduction of a New Procedure for Gravel-Packing in Trinidad

Vahman Jurai and James Stewart

ABSTRACT: 3D Seismic Facies Analysis of Pleistocene Deltaic Reservoir Complexes in the Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad

S.R. Wharton, T. Rampersad, G. Weir, D. Shepherd, J. Bhajan, R Ramkhelawan

ABSTRACT: A Sequence -Stratigraphic Model For The Deposition Of The Cruse Formation, Southern Basin, Trinidad

John E. Keens-Dumas

ABSTRACT: Dolphin Field: Sedimentology and Reservoir Architecture of a Supply-Dominated, Accommodation-Controlled System, ECMA, Trinidad

E. Smart, M. Starcher, S. Sadler and G. Wach

ABSTRACT: Exploration in an Upper Slope Setting, Columbus Basin, Trinidad and Tobago

Bhajan J., J.C. Sydow, D.B. Shepherd, R. Ramkhelawan, G.M. Weir, T. Rampersad, S.R. Wharton

ABSTRACT: Extension Tectonics in the Crest of the Barbados Accretionary Prism

Eric Deville

ABSTRACT: Geology and Prospectivity in the Deep Water Columbus Basin

Alan de la Bastide


L.E. Sobers and R.A. Dawe

ABSTRACT: Landslide Hazard and Hazard Vulnerability

C. Rogers

ABSTRACT: Overpressure And Late Neogene Sequence -Stratigraphy: Evidence For Compaction Disequiibrium in The Southern Basin, Trinidad

John E. Keens-Dumas

ABSTRACT: Overpressure and Late Neogene Sequence-Stratigraphy: Evidence for Compaction Disequilibrium in the Southern Basin, Trinidad

John E. Keens-Dumas

ABSTRACT: Plate Tectonic Control of Structural and Basin Development, Northern South American Fold-Thrust Belt

James Pindell, Stephen Barrett, and Lorcan Kennan

ABSTRACT: Seismic Attribute Analysis of Deepwater Reservoirs, Offshore East Coast Trinidad

R. Ramkhelawan, J. Bhajan, T. R. Rampersad, D. B. Shepherd, G. M. Weir, S. R. Wharton

ABSTRACT: Seismic Image Enhancement Through Prestack Depth Migration Techniques, An Example from the Columbus Basin

T. Rampersad1, D. B. Shepherd, W. Rietveld, F. Billete, S. R. Wharton, R. Ramkhelawan, J. Bhajan, G.M. Weir

ABSTRACT: Successful Gravel Packing of a Horizontal Well with Limited Clearance

David Subero, David Attong and Carla Suite

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Model for Eastern Venezuela and Trinidad since 12Ma

James Pindell

ABSTRACT: The Chaudiere and Nariva Wildflysch of Central Trinidad: a Modern Sedimentological Perspective

Roger Higgs

ABSTRACT: The Feasibility of Transporting Natural Gas Around the Caribbean in the Form of Hydrates

M. Kromah and R.A. Dawe

ABSTRACT: The Petrology Of The Metavolcanic Rocks Of Tobago And Trinidad: A

Trevor A. Jackson, Peter W. Scott and M. John M. Duke

ABSTRACT: The Structural Evolution of the Dolphin Field, and its Relevance to the Evolution of the Columbus Basin

Peter Ellis and Neil Sharp

ABSTRACT: Unitization of the Kiskadee Sand in the SECC and SEG Blocks

Lugard Layne

ABSTRACT: Use of fault-seal analysis in understanding petroleum migration in a complexly faulted anticlinal trap, Columbus basin, offshore Trinidad

Richrd G. Gibson, Peter A. Bentham

Analysis of Trinidad and Tobago's Natural Gas Supply-Demand Balance

Godfrey Ransome and Haydn I. Furlonge

Annular Gas Flows in Trinmar’s Soldado Fields

Regan Sankar, Delano Lougheide and Tennyson Jagai

Benthonic Foraminifera as a Tool in Environmental Quality Control: Two Caribbean Examples

Brent Wilson

Building High Performing Systems in TRINMAR Drilling: The Use of Organization Developments Methods Make for Productivity Gains

Michael A. Cumberbatch, Ramesh Ramlal and Victor Mitchell

Cement Design Using A Computer Model to Predict Zonal Isolation

Phil Rae, Gino di Lullo and Ricardo Aboud

Chairman's Remarks


A Decade Of Entrepreneurial Success From Local Oil Operators - A Case Study

Kenneth S. Lewis and Francis Jaipaulsing

Development of a Major Gas Field, Offshore East Coast of Trinidad and Tobago

G.M. Holder, S. Mohammed, J. Marcelle-De Silva, D. Charles, L. Phillip

An Economic Alternative to Gravel-Packing High-Pressure Wells Using Consolidated Resin-Coated Gravel and Coied Tubing

Vahman Jurai and Prakash Seetahal

Economic Development of Shallow Oil Sands in Trinidad, West Indies Using Electrical Conductivity Imagin

Walter Cukavac, Kenneth S. Lewis and Kayman Baksh

Equation-of-State Predictions for Trinidad Gas Condensates

Raffie Hosein and Tennyson Jagai

Exploitation of “Incised Valley Fill” Reservoir Sequences in the Mature Teak Filed, Columbus Basin, Trinidad and Tobago

Stanley R. Wharton and David Muller

Extraction of Oil from Trinidad Tar Sands by the use of Supercritical Fluid Extraction

W. Grayson, D.R. McGaw and A. Young Hoon

Facies analysis of a Cretaceous-Paleocene Volcaniclastic Braid-delta

Simon F. Mitchell

Frac & Pack Design Using Empirical Correlations

Charlie Baynes and Tennyson Jagai

Gravity Assisted Heavy Oil/Water Separation For Application In Trinidad

Roshni Moosai, Richard A Dawe

High-Resolution Borehole Images as Powerful Reservoir Characterization Tools

C.C. Contrera and H. Gamero

Hydrocarbon Identification Using NMR and Openhole Logs

Chanh Cao Minh, Robert L. Terry and Keith Bally

Hydrodynamics of the Gulf of Paria

Larry Richards

Integrated 3-Dimensional Reservoir Modeling to Develop a Thin Oil Column with Horizontal Wells in the Mahogany Field, Offshore Trinidad

Bally, Yatindranath, Staines, Michael J., Finneran, Joseph

Landslide (Mudslide) Hazard Potential in the Northern Range, Trinidad - lessons learnt from the Venezuelan Mudlisde Disaster, December 1999

Stanley R. Wharton and Carolyn Roberts

Late Pleistocene Deep-Water Stratigraphy and Depositional Processes, Offshore Trinidad and Tobago

Tonya R. Brami, Carlos Pirmez, Curtis Archie, Sookdeo Heeralal, Kelly L. Holman

Lithosphere-Scale Cross Section and Tectonic Synthesis, Offshore Eastern Trinidad

S.S. Boettcher, J.L. Jackson, J.E. Neal and M.J. Quinn

Major and Trace Element Constraints on Fluid Origin, Offshore Eastern Trinidad

Scott A. Barboza and Stefan S. Boettcher

MEOR Pilot Project at Petrotrin Using Indigenous Microorganisms

Dennis Mangalsingh, Ramnarase Singh, Michele Guppy Rasool, Clarise Jupiter and Utam Maharaj

Monitoring Torsional Vibration to Increase Drilling Efficiency

Jerome Rajnauth, and Tennyson Jagai

Optimisation of the Development of a Thin Oil Rim in the Immortelle-Amherstia Field, Offshore Trinidad

J. Marcelle-De Silva, G.M. Holder, S. Mohammed and A. Winchester

Pop-Up Structures in Eastern Venezuela

Federico Riart, Josgre Salazar, Enrique Novoa

Prospecting in a Mature, Structurally Complex Oil Field Data Integration and 3D Modeling Spells Success

Geoffrey A. Fraser, Barbara A. Lanan and Charles L. McGowan

A Queing Model for Workover Profitability

Guneshdath Maharaj. Johanne Joachim, Aftab Khan

Remediation Of Chronic Polluted Sites In Petrotrin

Deonarine D.J. Jaggernauth, Basdeo Seeram, Ramnarase Sing, Lutchminarine Chatergoon

A Rigorous Methodology for Optimal Long-term Planning of Industrial Development. Case Study: The Development of the Petrochemical Industry in Trinidad and Tobago

Haydn L. Furlonge

Sequence Stratigraphy of Mixed Clastic-Carbonate Systems – A Case Example from the Eocene of Jamaica

Ravidya Maharaj and Simon F. Mitchel

The sidetracking of two (2) wells in the Mora Field – Choice of Locations and Results

Krishna Persad and Sunit Addy

Success of Water-Alternating-Steam-Process for Heavy Oil Recovery at Petrotrin

V. Ramlal and K. Sono Singh

Telemetred Multichannel System for Geophysical Cable

Florin Ionica

Transforming The Exploration And Production Arm Of A National Energy Company - The Petrotrin Experience

Aleem Hosein, Crisen Narinesingh

Winston Michael Ali - Memorial

Victor Young On