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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

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ABSTRACT: 2D multicomponent adaptive focused beam migration

Chao Chen, Zhenchun Li, Jianping Huang

ABSTRACT: Accessing the Pre-Neogene Play Potential of the Tobago Trough

Thomas Hansen, Yermek Balabekov

ABSTRACT: Age & Provenance of the Scotland Formation, Onshore Barbados

Catherine Belgrade, Drew Carlock, Emily McGinnis, Jens Schmieder

ABSTRACT: A history of the appraisal and development of Shell’s Block 5c acreage

Joel Dowlath, Marc Quesnel, Elizabeth Sookal, Ashwin Srinivasan, Kachi Onyeagoro

ABSTRACT: A mission for Sustainable Energy - harnessing the energy of the sun

Graeme Jones, Celeste Ramoutar, Nalesha Mohammed, David Joseph

ABSTRACT: An assessment of some geological challenges in the implementation of a Carbon Capture, Utilization & Sequestration (CCS) and Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2 EOR) project in Trinidad

Clement Ramroop

ABSTRACT: Angelin fault seal analysis: A case study on the A Sand hanging-wall trap anomaly in FB4

Kareem James, Nirala Boodoo, Randy Partap

ABSTRACT: Aphrodite Lead - An Integrated Approach to Accelerated Prospect Maturation

Maneesha Maharaj, Jie Shen

ABSTRACT: A proposal for the introduction of the Central Range Structural Complex into the stratigraphy of Trinidad

Clement Ramroop

ABSTRACT: A Tale of Two Tufas

Abigail Miller, Dr. John Weber, Dr. Ian Winkelstern

ABSTRACT: A Whirlwind Tour of Shell Seismic Technologies Employed in the NCMA Basin

Analiese Ferreira, Nwenna Crooks-Smith, Faria Badhal, Michael Koop, Paul El Khoury, Henning Kuehl, Ahmad Zamanian, Satyakee Sen, Jorge De La Torre Guzman, Tom Merrifield, Oriol Falivene, Neal Auchter, Patricio Desjardins, Pedram Zarian, Marianne Vissinga, Olga Rodina, Austin Boles, John Martin

ABSTRACT: Capturing Bulk Rock Volume (BRV) Uncertainty - A workflow incorporating seismic (pre-stack and post stack data) and well data

Abigail Maxwell

ABSTRACT: Columbus Basin Upper Slope: Modern Depositional Environments from Seismic

Nadeer Khan

ABSTRACT: Constraints on Tectonic Processes and Crustal Deformation within the Subduction to Strike Slip Transition at the Southeastern Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone

Tricia Alvarez, Paul Mann, Carlos A. Vargas, Lesli Wood

ABSTRACT: Deciphering the depositional history of the Lower Forest Formation using outcrop and well log facies analysis to examine reservoir quality, continuity, and connectivity

Daniel Joseph

ABSTRACT: Fault Transmissibility in Gas Reservoirs

Randy Partap, Iannie Roopa, Tracy Gunness, Adrian Ramdial, Steve Dee

ABSTRACT: Focus on Value Competitiveness for Aphrodite Well towards an Accelerated First Gas Development

Gabriella Kokeram, Thomas Gan, Nehrisa Ramdass, Ronnie Ameerali, Marc Quesnel, Suhail Kak, Maneesha Maharaj, Jose Varghese, Arindam Banerjee

ABSTRACT: Geosteering for Success – Making better drilling decisions with cutting edge technology

Nwenna Crooks-Smith, Analiese Ferreira, Megan Marshall, Daemian Mahabir, Leon Erriah, Thomas Gan, Saul Ramlal, Candice Ogiste, Ross Vandrey

ABSTRACT: Groundwater Supply: The role of geology in determining groundwater distribution and exploration techniques for target optimization of wells

Dana Marie Jacob

ABSTRACT: Historic and recent mud volcano eruptions in Trinidad, impacts on surrounding communities

Curtis Archie

ABSTRACT: Integrated Machine Learning Unsupervised Log Facies and Seismic Facies Workflows to delineate stratigraphic traps for field developments

Stanley Wharton

ABSTRACT: Integrating water, land and ecosystem management approaches to quarry rehabilitation in northeast, Trinidad

Arnott Jones, Tracey Oliveria-Harris

ABSTRACT: Integration of Micro- and Nannofossil data for High Resolution Biostratigraphy in the onshore Southern Basin of Trinidad

Ashleigh Costelloe, Tamara de Nobriga, Marina Ciummelli, David Rutledge, John Gregory

ABSTRACT: Investigation and Analysis of Hot Water Generation using a modified Parabolic Solar Dish

Stephen Jagdeo

ABSTRACT: Managing the transition - getting CO2-EOR to pay for future CO2 storage

Sonia Lopez, Richard Villarroel, Yan Dong

ABSTRACT: Maximizing Opportunity, Managing Risk: Integrated decision-based modelling for the value optimization of production

Rashad Ramjohn, Elizabeth Sookal, Nigel Robertson, Pichate Rattananon, Leon Erriah

ABSTRACT: Moving away from simplistic reservoir models; mixed process marginal-marine analogues from Trinidad

Saeed Khan

ABSTRACT: New Seismic + Old Concepts - Derisking Exploration and Appraisal in a Mature hydrocarbon basin. Case Study from the Columbus Basin, offshore Trinidad

Rene Winter

ABSTRACT: New Structural styles in the Deep Columbus Basin: Observations from 3D Nodal Seismic Data

Avinash Ramroopsing

ABSTRACT: Outcrops and exotic boulders of Miocene - Cretaceous reservoirs and their exploration implications

Curtis Archie

ABSTRACT: Overcoming Governance Issues: Making Data Freely Available in Trinidad and Tobago

Helena Inniss

ABSTRACT: Petrofacies: A new petrophysical approach to facies description in the Columbus Basin, Trinidad

Samantha Jaipaulsingh, Tariq Karamath

ABSTRACT: Pilot EOR Feasibility Study in deltaic channel sands

Carissa Toolsie, Dwarak Uthayashankar, Danais Ragoonanan, Trisha Lalla, Jillian George, Felicia Skelly-Mitchell

ABSTRACT: Provenance of the Northern Range, Trinidad Using Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology: Implications for Northern South American River System Paleogeography

Chayenne Bartlett, Jenny Arkle, John Weber, Robert Erlich

ABSTRACT: Qualitative and Quantitative Geophysical Data Integration for Better-Informed Decisions

Matthew Miller, Surender Manral

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Architecture of Deep-Water Deposits in the Northern Trinidad Region

Rene Winter, Nordine Sabaou, Alexander KostinWells

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Depositional Element (RDE) Mapping: Adding detail to the regional picture

Tracy Gunness, Martin Wells

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Depositional Element (RDE) Maps - Anchored or Exploring the range - A Case Study

Tracy Gunness, Randy Partap

ABSTRACT: Small island developing states (SIDS) in the Zone Tropical and Plate Boundary Vulnerabilities risk multiple hazards: Jamaican case study

Rafi Ahmad, Parris Lyew-Ayee

ABSTRACT: Squeezing every drop out of a new OBN dataset (Columbus Basin, Trinidad & Tobago)

Avinash Ramroopsing

ABSTRACT: Structural Geology and Cenozoic Deformation: Western Northern Range, Trinidad

Abigail Clark, John Weber Jeanette Arkle

ABSTRACT: Subsurface Modeling to predict the performance of a horizontal well Southern Basin, Trinidad

Trisha Lalla, Dwarak Uthayashankar, Danais Ragoonanan, Carissa Toolsie, Jillian George, Felicia Skelly-Mitchell

ABSTRACT: The Evolution of the Angelin Field Fault Framework, northern Columbus Basin, Trinidad

Alicia Bertie

ABSTRACT: The Exploration of the Role And Benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Production in the Diversification of Jamaica’s Energy Mix

Kamiruu Clark, Dr. Xsitaaz Chadee, Alston Stoddard, Brandon Cuffie

ABSTRACT: The Impact of Regime and Tectonics on the Orinoco’s Second Clastic Wedge’s Architecture, Trinidad

Ariana Osman

ABSTRACT: Trinidad & Tobago Exploration Potential Unveiled by High Repeat Offshore Satellite Oil Seep History

Clément Blaizot

ABSTRACT: Understanding the Net Sand Distribution of the Pliocene Forest FormationTopsets, Southern Basin, Trinidad

Christie Carr

ABSTRACT: Use of satellite imagery, drones and 3D models, as an aid to geological field mapping

Curtis Archie

ABSTRACT: Using 2-dimensional seismic modelling to support observed DHIs the Columbus Basin, Trinidad

Akkel Paul, Abigail Maxwell-Caraballo

ABSTRACT: Variability of Secondary Pay in the Columbus Basin

Martin Wells, Tracy Gunness, Rene Winter, Shaliza Ali

ABSTRACT: Vetiver grass and the Vetiver System (VS) as a Green Infrastructure Tool

Jonathan Barcant