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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Grand Junction Geological Society

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American Gilsonite’s Bonanza, Utah, Operations

American Gilsonite Company

A Brief History of Early Gilsonite Exploitation in the Uinta Basin

Robert E. Covington

A Chronology of the Union Oil Company’s Oil Shale Activities in Piceance Creek Basin Near Parachute, Colorado

Richard D. Dayvault

Common Plant Fossils from the Green River Formation at Douglas Pass, Colorado, and Bonanza, Utah

Kirk R. Johnson, Cheryl Plumb

Estimates of the Shale-Oil Resource in the Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Northwestern Colorado, 1916–1989

John R. Donnell

Federal Oil Shale Tracts U-a and U-b

Peter K. Sokolosky

Fossil Insects and Spiders from Three Locations in the Green River Formation of the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Richard D. Dayvault, Larry A. Codington, David Kohls, William D. Hawes, Paula M. Ott, Dan Behnke

The Green River Formation in Piceance Creek and Eastern Uinta Basins

Paul L. Russell

The Green River Formation in Piceance Creek and Eastern Uinta Basins; Frontmatter and Roadlogs

Walter R. Averett, Craig S. Goodknight, G. J. Daub, R. G. Young, C. R. Neill, R. D. Dayvault, G. M. Smith, W. L. Chenoweth, P. K. Sokolosky

History of Oil Shale Activities at Naval Oil Shale Reserves No. 1 and 3, Rifle, Colorado

Daniel J. Newquist

Modern Flora of Northern Portion of Piceance Creek Basin

Joann W. Young

Note on a Possible Paleospiderweb from Douglas Pass, Colorado

Larry A. Codington

Note on Lepisosteus Cuneatus, A Gar from Lake Uinta

Richard D. Dayvault

Preliminary Description of a New Fossil Scorpion from the Middle Eocene, Green River Formation, Rio Blanco County, Colorado

Michael L. Perry

Review of Geology, Mineral Resources, and Ground-Water Hydrology of Green River Formation, North-Central Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

R. D. Cole, G. J. Daub, L. K. Weston

Stratigraphy of Green River Formation in Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Robert G. Young

Stratigraphy of the Green River Formation, Eastern Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado - A Summary

W. B. Cashion

Structural Controls of the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

Robert G. Young

The Uintah Railway

William L. Chenoweth