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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

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ABSTRACT: Structural Mapping of the Vinton Salt Dome, Louisiana, Using Gravity Gradiometry Data

Chris Ennen

ABSTRACT: Enhancement of Geological Features on Barnett Shale by the Application of Spectral Decomposition and Spectral Inversion, Shackleford County, Fort Worth Basin, Texas, USA

Lorenzo Izarra

ABSTRACT: An Integrated Geophysical Study at the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Eray Kocel

ABSTRACT: Crust and Upper Mantle Structure in Northeast of Tibet from Rayleigh Wave Tomography

Lun Li

ABSTRACT: Structural Filter

Dong Liu

ABSTRACT: Age Estimates of Holocene Glacial Retreat in Lapeyrère Bay, an Anvers Island Fjord

K. A. Mead, J. S. Wellner, B. E. Rosenheim

ABSTRACT: Comparison Of Glacial Geomorphic Features In Antarctic Peninsula Fjords Based On Multibeam Swath Bathymetry Data

Y. Muñoz, J. S. Wellner, K. A. Mead, L. A. Hardin

ABSTRACT: Subsurface Imaging with VSP and Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS): Novel Acquisition Designs

Emin E. Pacal, Robert R. Stewart

ABSTRACT: Practical Applications of the Ground-roll Inversion

Soumya Roy

ABSTRACT: Oligocene Shortening in the Little Burro Mountains of SW New Mexico and its Tectonic Implications

Donald W. Tomlinson, Peter Copeland, Thomas J. Lapen, Michael A. Murphy

ABSTRACT: Integrated Seismic Texture Segmentation and SOM Cluster Analysis for Channel Delineation

Malleswar Yenugu

ABSTRACT: Seismic Wavelet Phase Estimate

Jiangbo Yu

ABSTRACT: New Geochemical Data Show Methane in N.E. Pennsylvania Water Wells Unrelated to Hydraulic Fracturing

Lisa Molofsky John A. Connor, Albert S. Wylie, Tom Wagner, Shahla Farhat

ABSTRACT: Source-rock Plays and Sequence Stratigraphy: What Makes the Best Part of the Best Plays?

Dr. Bruce S. Hart

ABSTRACT: Basement Controls on Subsurface Geologic Patterns and Coastal Geomorphology Across the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Subsidence Studies and Coastal Restoration

Bryan P. Stephens