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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Houston Geological Society

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Disappointing Seismic Anomalies: Dry Hole Symposium #2, 2003

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Dry Hole Seminar, 2000

Countdown to the 21st Century Houston Geological Society Technical Symposium, March 31, 1998

Environmental Geology and Genetic Sequence Analysis of the Trinity River Valley-Delta Region, Chambers and Liberty Counties, Texas, 1990

The Downdip Yegua: State of the Trend, 1989

Typical Oil and Gas Fields of Southeast Texas - Vol. 2, 1987

Field Seminar of the Big Bend, Trans-Pecos Region, Texas, 1986

Finding Deep Sands in the Gulf Coast Tertiary, 1984

Houston Area Environmental Geology: Surface Faulting, Ground Subsidence, Hazard Liability, 1981

Claiborne Sediments of the Brazos Valley, Southeast Texas, 1979

Lignite Resources in East-Central Texas, 1979

Oil Fields and Their Relation to Subsidence and Active Surface Faulting in the Houston Area, 1979

Stratigraphic Cross Sections of Southeast Texas, 1979

Damon Mound: Field Trip Guidebook, 1978

The Chenier Plain and Modern Coastal Environments, Southwestern Louisiana and Geomorphology of the Pleistocene Beaumont Trinity River Delta Plain, 1978

Geology of Alternate Energy Resources in the South-Central United States, 1977

Deltas: Models for Exploration, 1975

Structure, Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, 1974

Abnormal Subsurface Pressure: A Study Group Report, 1969-1971, 1971

Deltas of the World, Modern and Ancient: Bibliography, 1971

Holocene Geology of the Galveston Bay Area, 1969

Environments of Deposition, Wilcox Group: Field Trip Guidebook, Texas Gulf Coast, 1968

Deltas in Their Geologic Framework, 1966

Guidebook to the Geology of El Rancho Cima, Hays and Comal Counties, Texas: A Guidebook for Boy Scouts, 1963

Geology of the Gulf Coast and Central Texas, and Guidebook of Excursions, 1962

Typical Oil and Gas Fields of Southeast Texas, 1962

Geology of Houston and Vicinity, Texas, 1961

Jackson Group, Catahoula and Oakville Formations and Associated Structures of Northern Grimes County, Texas, 1960

Lower Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous of Brazos River Valley, Texas, 1959

The Frio Formation of the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas: Study Group Report, 1959

Upper and Middle Tertiary of Brazos River Valley, Texas, 1958

Stratigraphy of the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas, and Strike and Dip Cross Sections, Upper Gulf Coast of Texas, 1954

Boling Field, Fort Bend and Wharton Counties, Texas, 1953

Guidebook, Field Trip Routes, Oil Fields, Geology, 1953

Composite Study Group Papers, Texas Gulf Coast, 1946 [Report of] Well Logging, 1947

An Introduction to Gulf Coast Oil Fields, 1941

Guide for Field Trips: AAPG 26th Annual Meeting, 1941

Study of the Wilcox Group, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, 1940