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Appendix - Ancient Deltas: Comparison Maps

A. E. Smith Jr.

An Approach to Multiuse Management in the Mississippi Delta System

Sherwood M. Gagliano, Johannes L. Van Beek

Carboniferous Deltas in the Pisuerga Area, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain

W. J. E. Van De Graaff

The Coffeyville Format (Pennsylvanian) of Northern Oklahoma, A Model for an Epeiric Sea Delta

Glenn S. Visher, Samson B. Ekebafe, James Rennison

Deltaic and Associated Deposits of Difunta Group (Late Cretaceous to Paleocene), Parras and La Popa Basins, Northeastern Mexico

E. F. McBride, A. E. Weidie, J. A. Wolleben

Deltaic and Related Carbonate Systems in the Pennsylvanian Canyon Group of North-Central Texas

Albert Walter Erxleben

Deltaic Deposits in the Upper Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Utah

Edward Cotter

Depositional Environments and Sediment Characteristics of the Colville and Adjacent Deltas, Northern Arctic Alaska

A.S. Naidu, T.C. Mowatt

Holocene Sand Bodies in the Colorado Delta Area, Northern Gulf of California

L. D. Meckel

The Irrawaddy Delta: Tertiary Setting and Modern Offshore Sedimentation

Kelvin S. Rodolfo

Late Devonian Catskill Deltaic Complex in North-Central Pennsylvania

Matthew Humphreys, Gerald M. Friedman

Late Devonian — Early Mississippian Subaqueous Deltaic Facies in a Portion of the Southeastern Appalachian Basin

Richard A. Walls

Late Paleozoic Fluviatile and Deltaic Deposits in the Northeast Karroo Basin, South Africa

David K. Hobday, David Mathew

The Mississippi and Mekong Deltas — A Comparison

Charles R. Kolb, William K. Dornbusch

Modern River Deltas: Variability of Processes and Sand Bodies

J. M. Coleman, L. D. Wright

Petroleum in Deltaic Sediments

E. H. Rainwater

Process Framework for Describing the Morphologic and Stratigraphic Evolution of Deltaic Depositional Systems

William E. Galloway

Recognition of Deltaic Environments from Small Samples

Frank G. Ethridge, Tumkur R. Gopinath, David K. Davies

Scottish Carboniferous Cyclothem Patterns and their Paleoenvironmental Significance

Edward S. Belt

Sedimentary Aspects of the New River Delta, Salton Sea, Imperial County, California

Michael F. Stephen, Donn S. Gorsline

Sedimentation, Stratigraphy, and Development of the Ebro Delta, Spain

Andres Maldonado

Significant Studies of Modern and Ancient Deltaic Sediments

Rufus J. Le Blanc

Subaqueous Delta Formation—Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana

R. J. Shlemon

Submarine Channel Systems and their Potential for Petroleum Localization

G. T. Moore, T. J. Fullam