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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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The Basement Configuration of the North West Java Area

Suyitno Patmosukismo, Ibrahim Yahya

Deep Water Drilling with the Sedco-445 Offshore Java

A. P. Anderson

Development and Completion Practices Offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Guy G. Ray

The Discovery and Development of the Petapahan Oil Field, Central Sumatra

S. Roezin

Exploration of the South Barito Basin Reef Tract, Kalimantan, Indonesia

P. J. Pelton

Geology of Misool Island (Irian Jaya)

C. M. Froidevaux

Geology of the Badak Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

J. W. Gwinn, H. M. Helmig, L. Witoelar Kartaadipoetra

The Geology of the Central and South Sumatra Basins

G. L. De Coster

Geothermal Energy Developments in the United States

Carel Otte

High Volume Submersible Electric Pumps, Design Considerations and Operations

F. B. Langitan

Late Tertiary Biostratigraphic Zonation, Kutei Basin, Offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Harold G. Billman, Luki Witoelar Kartaadipura

LNG Projects in Indonesia

Bambang Bramono

Major Commissioning Problems at the Plaju Polypropylene Plant

Arifin Abubakar

Paleogeography of North East Sumatra

Udin Adinegoro, Pramu Hartoyo

Stratigraphic Basis for Tectonic Interpretations of the Outer Banda Arc, Eastern Indonesia

M. G. Audley-Charles, D. J. Carter, A. J. Barber

Structures of the Western Margin of the Australian Continent

J. C. Branson

The Tertiary Basinal Area of Central Sumatra

S. Mertosono, G. A. S. Nayoan

Trench Slope Model

D. R. Seely, P. R. Vail, G. G. Walton

Well Servicing by Pump Down Techniques

G. M. Raulins