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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Application of Two–Rate Flow Test Method in Langkat Oil Field, North Sumatra

Farida Chairul

Bacteria Mitigation and Monitoring in IIAPCO'S Waterfloods and Production Facilities

J. P. Smith

A Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Ray* Logging System

C. Kessler, R. Washa, G. S. Yarbro

Conoco's Success in Building Infrastructure That Allowed Helirig to Be Moved by Road, Mahato Mandian, Sumatra, Indonesia

B. D. Seay, F. H. Rodriquez

Depositonal Environment of the Hydrocarbon Bearing Tabul, Santul and Tarakan Formations at Bunyu Island, N. E. Kalimantan

Hermanses Akuanbatin, Theodore Rosandi, Luki Samuel

The Determination of Economic Basement of Rock Formation in Exploring the Langkat–Medan Area, North Sumatra Basin

Mulhadiono, J. A. Sutomo

Development of Ibul Stratigraphic Play, South Sumatra Basin, by Integration of Geologic and Seismic Data

A. Herman Martadinata, John H. Wright

The Effects of Feedstock Pricing and Import Control Policy on the Petrochemical Industry in Indonesia

Pudjadi Soekarno, Adelan Denk, Matulanda Sugandi

Energy Conservation Publicity Campaign: A Comparative Study Between Australia – Indonesia

Setyo Soedradjat

Flow Measurement Systems – Fundamental Design Considerations

Herman Turner

Fracture Detection in the Salawati Basin of Irian Jaya

P. J. Cockcroft, D. A. Gamber, H. M. Hermawan

Geochemistry of the Minahasa Geothermal Prospect, North Sulawesi

Prijanto, A. Fauzi, L. I. Lubis, A. Suwana

A Geological Model Log Analysis Technique for Complex Lithologies

George L. Fisher, James P. Wallace

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of the Pre-Tertiary System of Misool Area

B. Simbolon, Soejono Martodjojo, R. Gunawan

The Geology of the Beruk Northeast Field, Central Sumatra: Oil Production from Pre-Tertiary Basement Rocks

T. Koning, F. X. Darmono

Geology of the Tunu Gas Field

Sujatmiko, Agus Salim, Bambang Seto Irawan

Geothermal Cementing: A State of the Art Approach

David Nelson

A High Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy Study, Central Sumatra Basin Indonesia

Untung Suryanto, W. A. Wycherly

Hydrocarbon Type Analysis of Petroleum Liquids by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Thomas A. Norris, Michael G. Rawdon

The Interpretation Result of Magneto Telluric and Schlumberger Resistivity Measurement in Lahendong Geothermal Area, North Sulawesi

Idrus Alhamid

Introducing New Powerful Methods to Analyse BHA Behaviour

M. H. Amara

Lost Circulation Challenges Drilling Thick Carbonate Gas Reservoir, Natuna D–Alpha Block

J. M. Davis

Manpower Development in the Petroleum Industry; Using Micro-Computers for Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

A. K. Soejoso, Peter G. Gibson

Marine Production Systems with Vertical Flexible Risers

J. G. de Oliveria, A. W. Morton

The Mechanism of Pleistocene Plate Convergence Along Northeastern Irian Jaya

D. B. Dow, Udi Hartono

Methods to Help Control Annular Gas Flow

Ron W. Adams

Microcomputer Simulation of Petroleum Reservoirs

F. Soesianto, R. E. J. Soesiarto

Middle Neogene Depositional Environments in Rambutan Area, South Sumatra

A. R. Suhendan

Mofete and S. Vito Geothermal Fields: An Up-Date of Their Developments

M. Guglielminetti, P. E. Liguori, G. Tore

A New Cement and Casing Evaluation Tool – The CET

M. H. Jennings

Occurrence and Detection of Abnormal Pressures from Geological and Drilling Data, North Sumatra Basin

A. Aziz, L. H. Bolt

Optimization of Offshore Platform Layouts

B. Cote

The Petroleum Geology of the KH Field, Kakap Indonesia

R. E. Pollock, J. B. Hayes, K. P. Williams, R. A. Young

Porosity Mapping Using Seismic Interval Velocities, Natuna L–Structure

D. R. Eyles, J. A. May

Prediction of Abnormal Pressure Based on Seismic Data: A Case Study of Exploratory Well Drilling in Pertamina UEP I and UEP II Work Areas

P. Manik, P. A. Soedaldjo

Preliminary Account and Reconstruction of Indonesian Terranes

M. H. S. Hartono, S. Tjokrosapoetro

Quick Look Source Rock Evaluation by Pyrolysis Technique

F. K. Rad

Ramba and Tanjung Laban Oil Discoveries, Corridor Block, South Sumatra

Thomas Kalan, Robert J. Maxwell, Jonn H. Calvert

Recent Advances in Borehole Seismic

W. L. Nutt

Reef Facies Model of the Rajamandala Formation, West Java

R. P. Koesoemadinata, Syafei Siregar

Refrigerated LPG Loading/Unloading System Using a CALM Buoy

E. Bonjour

Reservoir Simulation of Arun Field

Djoko Harsono

Sedimentological Study of Gembong Subdelta of Citarum Delta Complex

Atik Suwardy, Bona Situmorang, Mudjito, Hastowidodo

Seismic Estimation of Point-Bar Sands Using Simple Modeling Procedures

Robert Dennison

Some "Quick-Look" and Wellsite Applications of Wireline Formation Testing Tools with Emphasis on Permeability Indicators as an Aid to Choosing Net Pay Discriminators

P. Cooke-Yarborough

Stratigraphic Delineation of the Baong Sandstone by High Resolution Acoustic Inversion in the North Sumatra Basin

L. R. Weathers, R. B. Helm

Stratigraphic Traps Defined by Seismic Data: A Case Study


Stratigraphy and Depositional Cycles in the N.E. Kalimantan Basin

Zanial Achmad, Luki Samuel

The Structure of Volcanic Geothermal Systems

Robert F. Heming

Sumatran Microplates, Their Characteristics and Their Role in the Evolution of the Central and South Sumatra Basins

A. Pulunggono, N. R. Cameron

Tertiary Basins of West Kalimantan, Associated Igneous Activity and Structural Setting

P. R. Williams, S. Supriatna, D. S. Trail, R. Heryanto

Tertiary Structural Evolution and Related Hydrocarbon Occurrences, North Sumatra Basin

Phillip R. Davies

Tertiary Tectonic Evolution and Related Hydrocarbon Potential in the Natuna Area

Abiratno Wongsosantiko, Gatot K. Wirojudo

Total Indonesie Handil Tertiary Recovery – Chemical Flood Pilot

A. Sureau, M. Murray, Alibi

Understanding of Technology and Know-How for Indonesian Development

I. Nick Noensie, T. Suprayitno, K. L. Clement

The Use of Seawater as a Source for Waterflooding Offshore Fields

D. D. Caudle

Wellbore Heat Transmission: A Simple Solution Technique

A. J. Durrant, R. K. M. Thambynayagam