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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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3D Seismic from Planning to Mapping

A. Kullerud, O. Nipen, H. E. Nordberg

Advances in Solids Control System Design for Expensive Muds

Jan B. Muchtar, Gregory J. Edelbrock

Application of Offset Seismic Profiles in the Jatibarang Volcanic Reservoir

W. L. Nutt, Jujur Sirait

Application of Oil Geochemistry for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Northwest Java

Abdul Wahab, Dwi Martono

A Brief Review of the Geology and Hydrocarbon Occurrences of the North Sumatra Basin

Phillip R. Davies

Case Studies of Foundation Failures in the Indonesian Energy Sector

Paul M. Reed

The Changing Pattern of Ideas on Sundaland within the Last Hundred Years, Its Implications to Oil Exploration

A. Pulunggono

Cogeneration: A Profitable Way to Save Energy in the Petroleum and Gas Industries

R. L. Van Housen

Completion Design Guidelines for Severe Gas Wells

D. Steel, R. Rosli

Computer Utilization of Type Curve for Forecasting Production Performance

A. Partakoesoema, Djumero S.

A Conceptual Model for Evaluating Potential of Geothermal Fields

Ezzat E. Gomaa

Construction of an LPG Membrane Tank

Patrick Fuvel, Jean Claude

The Contribution of Simple Seismic Modeling for Reef Distribution Mapping

Soetomo J.A., Bambang Santoso

The Developing Role of Analysis in the Design of Floating Production Systems

D. B. Melver, D. Cash

Developments in Seawater Injection

Monica A. Jorque

Discovery of the Cunda Gas Field, Bee Block, North Sumatra: An Integrated Geologic/Seismic Stratigraphic Case History

M. D. Burnaman, R. B. Helm, C. R. Beeman

Dual-Detector Lithology Measurements with a New Spectral Density Log

W. E. Schultz, A. Nunley, J. G. Kampfer, H. D. Smith Jr., Verdun E. Rahal Jr.

Dynamic Killing Method as Applied to Well PSJ–A

Kersam Sumanta, Bambang Nugroho

Early Diagenesis of a Holocene Reefal Terrace Merak-Anyer Area Northwest Java Island, Indonesia

M. Cassoudebat, Said El Latief, A. Fediaevsky

Early Middle Miocene Deltaic Progradation in the Southern Kutai Basin

Etty S. Nuay, A. M. Astarita, K. Edwards

Economies Through Effective Maintenance

G. D. Batchelor

Equilibrium Water Content of Arun Natural Gas

Djoko Harsono

Evaluation of Fractured Well Pressure Build-Up

Wildan F. Ervan

Exploration Cycles in the Corridor Block, South Sumatra

C. W. Zeliff, S. W. Trollope, E. Maulana

Exploration Drilling in the Mamberano Region of Irian Jaya: An Operations Review

M. C. Bearne

Facies Distribution in the Nurbani Carbonate Build-Up, Sunda Basin

Handoko Djuanda

A Field Evaluation of the Badak Condensate Stabilizer

S. S. Djarot

Formation Evaluation in Deltaic Sand Deposits: The Effect of Lignite Debris on Logs, Integration of Sand-Body Analysis

Mario Petricola, Jumardi, K. Saito

Fracturing, Past, Present and Future: Proper Application of Hydraulic Fracturing

Jacobus B. de Groot

The Future of Oil Prices

Leon Fuller

Gas Conservation in the Sangatta Field

Syahruzad Syahrudin

Gas Field Development Planning Using Reservoir Model

Entang Hadisasmita

Hydraulic Jet Pumping in a Remote Location, Sembakung Field, NE Kalimantan

Bambang Tjondrodipuro, Robert B. Gaul

A Hydrocarbon Generation Analysis in Northwest Java Basin Using Lopatin's Method

Cholidy H. Reminton, Unggul Pranyoto

Hydrocarbon Prospects in Complex Paleo Subduction Zones

John A. Katili, Soekendar Asikin

Influence of the Particle Size of Catalyst on the Hydrocracking of Vacuum Distillate into Middle Distillate and Lubricant Base Stock

A. S. Nasution

Injection of Chemicals for Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Technical and Economical Viewpoint Based on Practical Experience

Jacques Bosio, J. F. Lomer, A. Putz

Krisna Lower Baturaja Waterflood Project

Awaludin J. Talo, A. G. Randal

Laboratory Experiment on CO2 Injection

Warno Husodo, Rahmat Sudibjo, Barry W. Walsh

Manpower Development and Succession Planning for an LNG Operating Company

R. S. Harrison, K. E. Gresham

Migration of Oil and Gas in the Mahakam Delta, Kalimantan: Evidence and Quantitative Estimate from Isotope and Biomarker Studies

M. Schoell, B. Durand, J. L. Oudin

Miscible Gas Injection: Laboratory Study of Molecular Diffusion Under Reservoir Conditions

D. Hadiatno, K. Madaoui, J. Pacsirszky

Mud Displacement During the Cementing Operation – "A State of the Art"

Carl W. Sauer, Mike V. Till

New Advancements for Determining the Degree of Filtration Necessary for Completion, Stimulation, and Workover Fluids to Minimize Formation Damage

Barry A. Perlmutter, Reza Hashemi

New Developments in Acoustic Logging

J. Zemanek, D. M. Williams, R. L. Caldwell, C. L. Dennis, F. A. Angona

A New Look at Operability & Safety Audits

M. A. Riberet

New Seismic Method in Populated Areas (A Case Study in the Surabaya Area, East Java, Indonesia)

Suyitno Patmosukismo, A. Syahbuddin, G. Alameda

North Sumatra, Including Centenary Visit to Telaga Said Field - 14th Annual Post Convention Fieldtrip

D. D. Skeels, G. W. Cooper

Observations on the Sealing Properties of Faults in Sumatra

Teofilo Villarroel

Operating Experience of Gas Lift Macaroni Safety Valves

Soepriyadi, Helderle Geyelin

Organic Acid Mixtures Can Be Used As Less Corrosive Stimulation Fluid for Carbonate Reservoirs

T. G. Martin, D. Tjandroso, D. Berini, M. Hanafi

The Organization Development Approach in Human Resources Development

Etty Wijaya

The Paleogene Rift Basin Source Rocks of Central Sumatra

H. H. Williams, P. A. Kelley, J. S. Janks, R. M. Christensen

Petrochemical Feedstocks from Indonesian LNG Plants: A New Approach

K. Stork

Petroleum Generation Potential of Coals and Organic Rich Deposits: Significance in Tertiary Coal Rich Basins

P. A. Kelley, K. K. Bissada, B. H. Burda, L. W. Elrod, R. N. Pheifer

Petroleum Geochemistry of the Sunda Basin

Jorge Molina

Petroleum Geology of the Ombilin Intermontane Basin, West Sumatra

T. Koning

Petroleum Reserves: A Proposal for Methodology and Classification

Jean M. Bourdaire, Ronald Pattinson

Pressio–Detection for Permanent Jacket Structure Monitoring Injection

A. Lubis, H. Crohas

Pressure Transient Behaviour of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Doddy Abdassah

Process Simulator: A New Training Approach

C. Renard

Rajamandala-Tagogapu Area, West Java - 14th Annual Post Convention Fieldtrip

Refraction Statics, A Comparison Among Processing Contractors

Bambang Sudewo

Resistivity Measurements and Their Interpretations Using Dual Laterolog and Dual Induction Log in Gunung Kemala and Benuang Fields, South Palembang District, Pertamina UEP-II

A. Djajeng Sujono, Sumaryana

The Role of Strike Slip Faulting in Structural Development of the North Sumatra Basin

Bona Situmorang, Barlian Yulihanto

Sand Body Correlation in Deltaic Setting, East Ketaling Field, Sumatra Basin

K. Saito, S. Tono, Z. A. Kamili

Seismic Expression of Late Eocene Carbonate Build-Up Features in the JS25 and P. Sepanjang Trend, Kangean Block

Abdul Kohar

Seram Oil Search, Past Discoveries and Future Oil Potential

T. O'Sullivan, D. Pegum, J. Tarigan

Space Shuttle Radar Images of Indonesia

Floyd F. Sabins, John P. Ford

The State of Stress in the Earth Crust: Its Importance in Petroleum Engineering

Ph. Charlez, D. Despax

The Streaming SP: A Flow Indicator

Firmansjah Kartawidjaja, J. P. Luciani

Structural History of the W Natuna Basin and the Tectonic Evolution of the Sunda Region

S. R. Daines

Sub-Surface Interpretation at Proposed First Deep Wellsite, Citaman Geothermal Area, Banten, West Java

Sayogie Sudarman

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for Offshore Java Sea

Tony Gunawan, T. P. Thomas, R. I. Williams

Talang Akar Coals–Ardjuna Subbasin Oil Source

T. L. Gordon

Tales from the Files: An Historical Perspective of Oil Exploration in Sumatra

Colin Ford

Tectonic Significance of the Banda Sea

P. F. Burollet, C. L. Salle

VSP: Lessons from Numerical Simulation

M. Suprajitno, S. A. Greenhalgh

Wireline Pressures Detect Fluid Contacts, Ikan Pari Field, Natuna Sea

Pryo Hutomo, W. V. Jordan