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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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The Application of Image Processing Techniques for Complex Structures

V. Sudhakar, I. T. McMahon

Application of the Dual Porosity Concept for Well Log Interpretation of Jatibarang Volcanic Tuff

Soewono, Setyoko

Application of the New IPR Curve Equations in Sangatta and Tanjung Miring Timur Fields

Pudjo Sukarno

The Application of Tubing Conveyed Perforating to Development of Intermediate and Deep Sands in Attaka Field

Tedja Sukmadjaja, Sami O. Ajam, Don Shewchenko

Applications of Pressure Analysis and Hydrodynamics to Petroleum Exploration in Indonesia

P. J. Cockroft, G. A. Edwards, R. S. K. Phoa, H. W. Reid

Arun Core Analysis: Special Procedures for Vuggy Carbonates

Eve S. Sprunt

Assessment of the Lahendong Geothermal Field, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

S. Surachman, S. A. Tandirerung, T. Buntaran, D. Robert

Bima Field Reservoir Management System

G. C. Bihn, A. N. E. Sumantri, Harnusa Sakirman

Case History of Successful Hydraulic Fracturing in Northern Sumatra

Mustiko Saleh, Byung O. Lee, S. M. Sitompul, A. Fauzi, A. Sardjono

Case Study of the Rantau Waterflooding Project

Keisuke Inoue, Yul Tri Ananto

Central Sumatra and the East African Rift Lake Sediments: An Organic Geochemical Comparison

Barry J. Katz, Peter A. Kelley

Correlation of Early Tertiary Rocks Across Kalimantan

P. E. Pieters, D. S. Trail, Sam Supriatna

Environmental Condition and Management at the Petromer Trend Corporation Oil and Gas Exploration and Exploitation Area, Kasim-Sele, Sorong, Irian Jaya

Yan Pieter Karafir, Fred Luhulima

Exploration of the North Seribu Area, Northwest Java Sea

Roberto Fainstein

Floating Production Systems with Subsea Wells: Case History of a Marginal Field Development

Iwan D. Satiagunawan, A. C. Carl, P. G. Wybro

Fluid Determination with the GST Tool During Workovers

C. Fraisse, S. Harsono, C. Lombard, G. Rahman

The FWS Area on the F–High Trend, Offshore N. W. Java: A New Approach to an Old Play

Imbang Djaja

Geochemical Characteristics of Lacustrine Source Rocks: A Combined Palynological/Molecular Study of a Tertiary Sequence from Offshore China

A. L. Mann, N. S. Goodwin, S. Lowe

Geologic Setting of the Kerendan Gas and Condensate Discovery, Tertiary Sedimentation and Paleogeography of the Northwestern Part of the Kutei Basin, Kalimantan, Indonesia

A. van de Weerd, R. A. Armin, S. Mahadi, P. L. B. Ware

The Geology of the Arun Field Miocene Reef Complex

Mardhan Abdullah, C. F. Jordan

Historical Overview of Various Corporation and Distribution Tax Aspects of Parties Engaged in Petroleum Operations in Indonesia

Jan Carel M. Van Dorp

Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration in the Sangatta Area, Kutei Basin

H. Fukasawa, Rustam Sunaryo, P. H. Napitupulu

Improved Density Log Lithology Identification Using a Borehole-Compensated Photoelectric Factor

G. L. Moake, W. E. Schultz

An Innovative Single Completion Design with "Y" Block and Electrical Submersible Pump for Multiple Reservoirs

Shirali C. Moradi, Lies Widaningsih

The Kutei Basin – A Unique Structural History

H. L. Ott

Liquid Hydrocarbon Potential of Sumatran Resinite

S. C. Teerman, R. J. Hwang, H. H. Williams

Matrix Organization and Control Systems for Management of Multi–Projects

Dan T. Duda, Lukman Mahfoedz

Measuring Behind Casing Water Flow

T. M. Williams

More Effective Means of Distributing Steam into Multisand Reservoirs

K. C. Hong, S. Griston, S. D. Cook

The Nature and Occurrence of Oil in Seram, Indonesia

P. L. Price, T. O'Sullivan, R. Alexander

A New Technique for the Analysis of Commingled Oils and Its Application to Production Allocation Calculations

R. L. Kaufman, A. S. Ahmed, W. B. Hempkins

Nitrogen/Helium Purge and Leak Detection

R. E. Cooper

An Overview of Source Rocks and Oils in Indonesia

Kevin M. Robinson

Peusangan–C1 Reef Interpretation with Top Reef Transparent to Seismic

L. B. Hinton, W. S. Atmadja, Suryo Suwito P.

Phase Behavior of a Retrograde Gas Condensate-Water System Under High Pressure and Temperature Conditions

N. Hasan, S. C. Rastogi, N. R. Nagarajan, Heng-Joo Ng

Physical Properties of Carbonate Reservoirs in South Sumatra

B. Sudewo, A. R. Suhendan, S. Chacko

Problem Areas in Interpretation of Pressure Measurements in Thin and Multi-Layered Reservoirs

C. Fraisse, B. Simon, B. Seto, D. Nardio, J. Pouzet, Y. Grosjean

Production and Reservoir Property Determination Using Integrated Pressure Measurement Techniques

W. Douglas Morgan, Manfred J. Wittmann, Bruno J. Deruyck

Quantitative Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Saturation in Shaly Freshwater Reservoirs

Paul F. Worthington, Paul W. Johnson

Seismic Modelling to Support the Interpretation of Seismic Data, Northeast Jambi Block 'B', South Sumatra

J. A. Harwijanto

Some Fresh/Brackish Water Depositional Enviroments in the S.E. Asian Tertiary with Emphasis on Coal Bearing & Lacustrine Deposits and their Source Rock Potential

J. M. Cole

Tectonic Inversions in the Sunda Forearc: Evidence from Simeulue

B. Situmorang, N. A. Harbury, M. G. Audley-Charles

Tertiary Plate Tectonics and Basin Evolution in Indonesia

M. C. Daly, B. G. D. Hooper, D. G. Smith