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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Introduction, South Sumatra Exploration and Production History, and Bibliography

S. Courteney, P. Cockcroft, R. Lorentz, R. Miller, H. L. Ott, P. Prijosoesilo, A. R. Suhendan, A. W. R. Wight


Alternative Well Testing

Munir Daud, Maman Budiman, W. L. Cannan

Application of Wave Equation Tomography in Frontier Areas

Tien-when Lo, Guy W. Purnell




Banjar Sari

Batu Kras

BD Field - A Case History

Rahardjo Widjonarko




Benakat Timur





Betung Jambi


A Calibrated Prospect Appraisal System

H. J. Nijhuis, A. B. Baak

Characterization of a Shallow Steamed Oil Reservoir Using Crosswell Seismology

Bjorn N. P. Paulsson, John W. Fairborn

Combined Interpretation of Gravity with Seismic and Well Data Using Stripping Technique

Hari Santoso, Achmad Bermawi, Eddy Murhantoro

Combined P and S Waves Survey for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Basuki Puspoputro

Compositional Tubing Hydraulics: An Improved Method for Calculating Pressure Gradients in Gas Wells

A. Mulia, A. L. Kebaili, V. C. Stone

Computer Aided Reservoir Management on Handil Field

J. M. Noiray, Nyoman Swatika, I. Yuanto, F. Arnaud

Computer Program to Determine Casing Setting Depth from Seismic Interval Velocity

Faried Rudiono

Conversion of Natural Gas to Transport Fuels Via the Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis Process (SMDS)

P. L. Zuideveld

Correlation for Estimating Geothermal Reserves of Vapor–Dominated Fractured Reservoirs

Ezzat E. Gomaa



Development of Arun East Flank, Onshore North Sumatra

Arman C. Sunaryo, A. Helmy Djamil


Drilling Waste Disposal in the Arun Field

R. L. Prowse

Dual Function Corrosion/Scale Inhibitor Testing in the Minas Field, Sumatra

F. S. Sembiring, Istiyarso, Julie D. Krause

Economics of Petroleum Exploration in the Timor Gap - Zone of Cooperation

Guy Allinson, Kymme Laetsch

Electronic Temperature Compensator (CTC-65) Improves the Accuracy of the Crude Export Metering System

Budi Wiryono

Experience with Seismic Lithology (AVO) in Central Sumatra

Jeff Wright, Isdjulaedi Bakri, Budi Subiyanto

Frontier Exploration in the Lengguru Foldbelt Irian Jaya, Indonesia

A. Sulaeman, A. Sjapawi, S. Sosromihardjo

Geo-Traverse Across Central Sumatra - Post Convention Field Trip

Karsani Aulia, Ruskamto Soeripto, David Sudradjat, S. P. Silaban

Geological and Exploration Review of the Tomori PSC, Eastern Indonesia

I. C. Davies

Geology of the South Lho Sukon 'A' Field North Sumatra, Indonesia

Rusman Rory


Gunung Kemala

Gunung Kembang

How Hudbay Reduced CFC Emissions

Lisdiyanto, A. Darwanto, B. J. Wilson


An Integrated Economic Concept of Energy Pricing Policy: Methods and Models

Purnomo Yusgiantoro

Integrated Reservoir Simulation Study of the Bima Field, Offshore N.W. Java

Gary S. Woodling, John G. Kaldi, Kristina I. Oentarsih, Randall C. Roe



Kampong Minyak


Kenali Asam






Land 3D Seismic Survey Operation South Lhok Sukon "A" Field

B. E. Mackenzie, Djoni Bhikuningputra, Adi Patria


Light Workovers in Handil and Bekapai Fields

Soeprijadi, J. Hervochon, Nugraha A., J. M. Noiray

Limau-5A (Niru)

Limau Tengah

Limau Timur P

Limau Timur Q-108

Limau Timur Q-22

Limau Timur Q-51

Logging and Interpretation Techniques for the B-Field, Offshore Northwest Java

R. E. Crumb, P. Berger


Management of Subsurface Water in Peat

Indratjahja Ino Sofjan

Mangun Jaya

Melibur Field: An Integrated Approach to Reservoir Development

Hasan Hambali, Phil Dolan

Meruo Senami

Mesozoic Petroleum Prospectivity of Area A of the Timor Gap Zone of Co-Operation

P. E. Williamson, I. H. Lavering

Methods for Optimizing Steamflood Performance

M. Kumar

A Model for Optimum Exploration in Indonesia

Widjajono Partowidagdo, Indra Wijaya

Modelling an Ultra-Long Electrical Device, and Application in Interpretation of a Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Reservoir

John Lovell, Makoto Miyairi, Kazuhiko Tezuka, Gordon Mowat

MSN-4 Interim Production System, Melibur Field, Malacca Strait

S. P. Santoso



A New Low Cost Sand Consolidation Method for Thermal Wells

B. W. Surles, P. D. Fader, R. H. Friedman, N. J. Shotts, K. W. Kolthoff

A New Oil Kitchen and Petroleum Bearing Subbasin in the Offshore Northwest Java Area

Heru Pramono, C. H. Charlie Wu, R. A. Noble

North East Teras

North Kruh

Ogan Timur



Pematang Bow Field, Central Sumatra: A Case Study of 3-D Seismic as an Effective Reservoir Management Tool

Patrick E. Leach, Suwarno Kromokartono

Pematang Lacustrine Petroleum Source Rocks from the Malacca Strait PSC, Central Sumatra, Indonesia

Ian M. Longley, Rob Barraclough, Michael A. Bridden, Steve Brown


Prabumulih Barat

Pressure Build-Up Interpretation in Wells with Limited Entry Completions: Unexpected Pressure and Afterflow Response

Reinhard H. Lind

Quality Waterflood Performance Prediction on a Desk Top Computer

M. Rinadi, Unggul S., H. Setiadi








Risk Analysis and Economic Evaluation in Capital Investment Using Simulation Techniques

Hayu Susilo Prabowo, Entang Hadisasmita

Selected Studies in High-Angle Hole Cleaning

Mario Zamora, Paul Hanson





Setiti Tenggara

Solar Power Cathodic Protection Systems for Remote Well Application in Tropical Environment

H. Sutanto, V. A. W. Semerad

South-West Java - Post Convention Field Trip

R. A. Garrard, C. T. Siemers, D. M. Schiller, J. T. Van Gorsel

Southeast Asian and Southwest Pacific Coals Contribution to the Petroleum Resource Base

B. J. Katz, R. A. Royle, B. Mertani

South East Betun

South East Ibul

Steamflood Potential of Light Oil in Deltaic Deposits of Central Sumatra

K. C. Hong, R. L. Schmidt, A. A. Reed

Suban Jerigi

Submarine Power Cable Transmission as an Alternative for Electrified Off-Shore Oil Production Platforms in Indonesia

Heru P. Husaini, M. M. Affandi

Successful Marginal Field Development: Ikan Pari Field – Natuna Sea

M. Hilmy Alaydrus, R. L. Coates


Sungai Gelam

Sungai Lilin

Sungai Taham



Talang Akar

Talang Gula

Talang Jimar

Tanjung Laban

Tanjung Lontar

Tanjung Miring Barat

Tanjung Miring Timur

Tanjung Tiga Barat




Thinbed Analysis with Conventional Log Suites

Richard M. Bateman

Tiwi Geothermal Field Performance

R. B. Sta. Maria, W. Q. Lim, C. G. Aquino, R. T. Datuin

Top Drive System Improves Drilling Performance in Unocal Indonesia's Offshore Drilling Operations


A User's Description of Machinery Failure Caused by Electromagnetism

John C. Tankersley

Using Reservoir Engineering Workstations to Improve Duri Steam Flood Simulation Predictions

Josef H. Blunschi, Cedric C. Cease, Charles A. VanAllen