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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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2D Pre-Stack Depth Migration : Application to Inverted Grabens

C. Bunks, P. L. Pichon, L. Ben Brahim, Sekar Sakti

3D Seismic Data Integration to Recommend Drilling of PTT Area, North Sumatra Basin

Ari Samodra, Soegino

3D Seismic Facies Analysis of a Reefal Buildup: NSO 'A' Field, Offshore North Sumatra

Wayne L. Alexander, Maria R. Nellia

Acid Fracturing Stimulation Treatments in the Arun Field — A Case Study of the Results

Royke Kristanto, William L. Cannan, Seno Sardjono, Virgil C. Stone

The Application of Fluorescence Techniques for Mudlogging Analysis of Oil Drilled with Oil-Based Muds

Marilyn V. Reyes

Application of Scrapped Steel for Temporary Anode in VICO Indonesia Fields

Ifsal Bakar, Popi A. Nafis, Nasrul Nasir

British Gas Electronic PIG Inspection on the Existing 36" and 42" Gas Pipelines Badak-Bontang, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

M. Amin, S. Piliang

Central and East Java - Post Convention Field Trip

Mujito, M. Husen, Wartono Rahardjo, Sabardi Muslikhi

Characterization of Upper Miocene Deltaic Reservoirs at Attaka Field, Offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Arthur S. Trevena, Sumar Mahadi, Stephen A. Martinez, Marwoto, Yoseph Joko Partono, Sigit Sutiyono

Clastic Rocks and Reservoirs of Indonesia: Introduction and Overview of Core Workshop

John A. Scott, Christopher D. Atkinson

Community Development and Environmental Aspects of the Pagerungan Gas Field Development

A. Adjiz Saleh, Amir Hamzah, R. F. Bryant

Controlling Seismic Facies of 2-D Seismic Data by Using Horizon Slice of 3-D Seismic Data

Dwi Martono, Medianto B. Satyawan

The Deep Marine Sand Facies of the Ngrayong Formation in the Tuban Block, East Java Basin

Wayan Ardhana, Peter Lunt, Gerry E. Burgon

A Depositional Model for the Early Middle Miocene Ngrayong Formation and Implications for Exploration in the East Java Basin

Wayan Ardhana

Development of Pagerungan Gas Field Kangean Block — PSC Area

F. F. Yaseen, W. Gardjito, M. E. McCauley

Drilling Fluid Additive Performs Under Hostile Conditions

P. D. Scott, J. P. Bacho, C. K. Grantham

The Economics of Natural Gas Development of Indonesia

Widjajono Partowidagdo, Dedi Sadagori Surghani

Evaluating Remaining Potential in High Water Cut, Multiple Zone Completions

Arief Yunan, Scott S. Sollee, David A. Minemier

Evaluation of Factor Effects on Material Balance Calculations Using Statistical Design Methods

J. C. Hsie, H. M. Munir, W. E. Gerbacia

Field Study of Application and Results of Sodium Silicate Treatments in Combating Lost Circulation in Geothermal Wells

Zainal Ilmie B., Tanda Tampubolon, Suroso, Udin Daryono

Finding By-Passed Oil Using the Reservoir Saturation Tool in Lirik, South Sumatra

Bambang Djoko, Nuke Nugraha, Cholid Mas, Yan Sudarmo

A Fresh Look at the North Barito Basin, Kalimantan

Anthony D. M. Mason, James C. Haebig, Richard L. McAdoo

The Future Petrochemical Industry From Natural Gas in Indonesia

Kun Harimurti Hertanto, Theresia Indrawanti Pudiyanto

Gas Reservoirs in the Lower Miocene Peutu Formation, Aceh Timur, Sumatra

Charles A. Caughey, Turcahyo Wahyudi

Geology of the Jurassic Gas Discoveries in Bintuni Bay, Western Irian Jaya

Thomas W. Perkins, Andrew R. Livsey

High Temperature Gas Chromatography of High-Wax Oils

R. M. K. Carlson, S. C. Teerman, J. M. Moldowan, S. R. Jacobson, E. I. Chan, K. S. Dorrough, W. C. Seetoo, B. Mertani

Horizontal Recompletion With Short Radius Technique in Handil Field (Total Mahakam Contract Area) East Kalimantan — Indonesia

Taufik A. Syamlan, John S. Bannerman, Perret Du Cray, Remy Anfray, Jayant Jethnani

The Hydrocarbon Generation and Trapping Mechanism Within the Northern Part of Barito Basin, South Kalimantan

Lindy F. Rotinsulu, Sumuyut Sardjono, Nandang Heriyanto

Hydrocarbon Source Rock Characteristics and the Implications for Hydrocarbon Maturation in the North Sumatra Basin

Eddy Sjahbuddin, Ramli Djaafar

Impact of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Steamflood Performance

M. Kumar

The Implementation and Progress of the Exploration Regime in the Timor Gap Zone of Cooperation — Area 'A'

Nick Kyranis, Roes Aryawijaya

Innovations with Tubing Conveyed Perforating Using Y Block Assemblies

Dwi Ananto, David L. Hunter

Integrated Analysis of Borehole and Seismic Data

E. Poggiagliolmi, R. D. Allred

Inversion History of the West Natuna Basin: Examples from the Cumi-Cumi PSC

D. C. Ginger, W. O. Ardjakusumah, R. J. Hedley, J. Pothecary

A Look Into the Future: The Gas Industry in Indonesia

Isworo Suharno

The Marketing Evolution of Gas Trade Future Implications to PSCs Operating in Indonesia

Andy Karamoy

Mesozoic and Tertiary Tectonics of Irian Jaya: Evidence for Non-Rotation of Kepala Burung

Lyle F. Henage

A Method for Completing Horizontal Wells

J. B. Surjaatmadja, R. Suryaman Adiwinata

Mini Seismic Processing System for Training and Research Purposes

Suprajitno Munadi, Bambang Triharjanto

A New Dynamic Mesozoic Stratigraphy for the West Irian Micro-Continent Indonesia and its Implications

T. H. Fraser, J. Bon, L. Samuel

New Formulas for Estimating Productivity of Horizontal Wells

Pudji Permadi

New Geostatistical Method for Mapping Faults with Well Logs

An-Ping Yang

New Solutions to Old Problems: A Seismic Reprocessing Case History, DC and BQ Fields, Malacca Strait PSC

Charles A. Hinson

Notes: "Basal Sandstone", Existence and Hydrocarbon Potential in the North Sumatra Basin: A Case Study in Batang Sarangan, Langkat and Gebang Areas

Slamet Riadhy, Adji Gutomo

Offshore Northwest Java Gas Development

D. Heru Pramono, Gema Suria, Rudy Haryoto, Elijas Pujianto

Offshore Shallow Gas Investigation Prior to Drilling

D. Brown, S. H. Brouwer, M. Tan

Ombilin Basin, West Sumatra - Post Convention Field Trip

Greg Fletcher, Yarmanto

Optimization of the Well-Spacing with a Geostatistical Model Tunu Field — Mahakam Area

Alain Seigneurin, Didier Muller, Alain Galli, Christian Ravenne

Practical Approach to Evaluating a Corrosion and Scale Inhibition Program in a Gathering System

Robert C. Bess, Dasmaji, Dafris Nasrun, M. Hariandja, Doc Monical, Eddy Yanto, Bill Black

Pressure Transient for Interference Test Data in Kamojang Geothermal Wells Using New Concept of Fractal Model

Salis S. Aprilian, Doddy Abdassah, Leksono Mucharam, R. Sumantri

A Production Allocation Method for Commingled Gas Completions

Hayu S. Prabowo, M. Rinadi

Promoting the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Materials Management

R. Djokopranoto, Purnama

PVT Correlations for Indonesian Crude Oils

Madjedi Hasan, Lestari, Inawati

Quality Improvement in Primary Cementing

Timothy A. Nagy

A Re-Evaluation of the Regional Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Onshore Central North Sumatra Basin

G. A. Kirby, R. J. Morley, B. Humphreys, C. J. Matchette Downes, M. J. Sarginson, G. K. Lott, R. A. Nicholson, B. Yulihanto, R. Widiastuti, Karmajaya, Sundoro, F. Fitris, S. Sofyan, Sri Wijaya

Reassessment of the Miocene Stratigraphy, Paleogeography and Petroleum Geochemistry of the Langsa Block in the Offshore North Sumatra Basin

B. L. Anderson, J. Bon, H. E. Wahono

Reservoir Modeling in the Bunyu Tapa Gas Field — an Integrated Study

Ramatias Ramli, Susanto Budi Nugroho, John Bradfield, Steve Hansen

A Review of Talang Akar Formation (Oligo-Miocene) Reservoirs in the Offshore Areas of Southeast Sumatra and Northwest Java

Raymond Young, Christopher D. Atkinson

A Sandstone Matrix Acidizing Simulator for Engineered Treatment Designs: A Field Study

R. L. Thomas, V. Fannin

SCC Failure of 20" Condensate Pipeline

V. A. W. Semerad, H. Sutanto

Seal Potential of the Talang Akar Formation, BZZ Area, Offshore NW Java, Indonesia

J. G. Kaldi, C. D. Atkinson

Sedimentological and Reservoir Characteristics of the Upper Cibulakan Sandstones (Main Interval) in Cores from the B-Field, Offshore Northwest Java

Christopher D. Atkinson, Charles L. Vavra, Gerard C. Gaynor

Sedimentology and Reservoir Properties of Eocene Ngimbang Clastics Sandstones in Cores of the Pagerungan-5 Well Pagerungan Field, East Java Sea, Indonesia

W. J. Ebanks Jr., C. B. P. Cook

The Sedimentology of the Early Miocene, Lower Sihapas Sandstone Reservoirs in the Kurau Field, Malacca Strait PSC, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Jon Murphy

Seismic Signature as a Porosity Indicator in Early Miocene Reefs in the Madura Strait Via AVO Inversion and Modelling

Bimal R. Banerjee

Seismic Stratigraphy of Miocene and Pliocene Age Outer Shelf and Slope Sedimentation in the Makassar PSC, Offshore Kutei Basin

Steven J. Malecek, Christopher M. Reaves, Wirjawan Soeria Atmadja, Komang O. Widiantara

The Southern Fore-Arc Zone of Sumatra: Cainozoic Basin-Forming Tectonism and Hydrocarbon Potential

D. M. Hall, B. A. Duff, M. C. Courbe, B. W. Seubert, M. Siahaan, A. D. Wirabudi

Stimulation Treatment Design Optimization Through the use of a Nodal Analysis Program

Aditomo Dwimaryanto, Kuswo Wahyono, I. G. Solaryo, Amin Hartoni

The Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of West Timor, Indonesia

R. K. Sawyer, Kartono Sani, Stephen Brown

A Structural and Tectonic Model of the Coastal Plains Block, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Tom L. Heidrick, Karsani Aulia

A Successful Gas Injection Project in the Kakap KF Field: Design, Implementation and Results

Azhar Mone, Sudarsono Samsidi

Syn-Rift Deposits of the Northwest Java Basin: Fluvial Sandstone Reservoirs and Lacustrine Source Rocks

Peter J. Butterworth, Christopher D. Atkinson

Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Kalosi PSC Area and Associated Development of a Tertiary Petroleum System, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

D. Q. Coffield, S. C. Bergman, R. A. Garrard, N. Guritno, N. M. Robinson, J. Talbot

Tectonic Framework, Resource Characterization and Development of South Sumatra's Geothermal Prospects

M. Boedihardi, Soenaryo, Djoko Hantono

Towards A More Effective Training Program to Develop A Skillful National Geophysicist

Stephen Scott, Agus Wijiastono

The Utilization of 3D Seismic for Small Fields in the South Natuna Sea Block B

Kenneth M. Dickerman

Utilization of PDC Bits in Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan

Soegihono, Jojo Sunarja, Charles E. Mowry

Waterflood Development in the Kenali Asam Field

Koentjoro, Burhan Denk, Sucahyo W. Pratomo

West Timor, Nusa Tenggara Timur - Post Convention Field Trip

Mark I. Jacobson, Kartono Sani