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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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"Going Public" — The Medco Energi Experience

Grant V. Bowler

3-D Seismic Operations in an Offshore Operating Oil Field

B. Indroyono, J. A. Musser, A. Isfan, P. C. Johnson


C. Caughey, J. N. J. Dyer, A. Kohar, Lestarini H., W. R. Lodwick, P. Prijosoesilo, A. W. R. Wight, J. N. Wilson

Alliances and Partnering: A New Relationship Between Oil/Gas Producing Companies and Service Companies

Naz H. Gazi, W. E. Hottman, Jerry L. Logan, R. C. Verrett

Alliancing in the North Sea — Its Effect on a Mature Market

John McConnachie

Application of an Improved Minifrac Analysis Technique in High-Permeability Formations

Sanjay Vithal, David McMechan, Harold Walters, Ron Dusterhoft

Application of New Type Curves Using Fractal Concept for Analyzing the Interference Test Data in Dieng Geothermal Reservoir

Doddy Abdassah, I. Nengah Suabdi, Leksono Mucharam, R. Sumantri

Application of Oxygen Activation Logging for Detecting Water Flow Behind Casing/Tubing in Minas Field


Application of Progressive Cavity Pump in Melibur Field, Lasmo Oil (Malacca Strait) Ltd

Yudianto Kosman, Lisdiyanto

Applications of 3-D Seismic/Forward Modeling to Water Shutoff and Other Reservoir Management Issues

D. E. Moore, H. E. Goodman, P. D. Norman


Arimbi "X"

Arjuna "B"

Arjuna "BZZ"

Arjuna "E"

Arjuna "F"

Arjuna "K"

Arjuna "MQ"

Arjuna "P"


AVO Analysis for Porosity Determination: Abstract

D. Santoso, S. Alam, L. Hendrajaya, Alfian, S. Munadi, A. Priyono, Purwoko

AVO and Inversion Contribute to Makassar Exploration Efforts

William L. Soroka, Herry Andiarbowo, Anung Widodo


The Baong Reservoir Distribution Prediction Using Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis: A Regional Study in North Sumatra Basin: Abstract

Slamet Riadhy, Asep Sulaeman

Basin Evolution of the Ardjuna Rift System and Its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration, Offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Mark Gresko, Chandra Suria, Steve Sinclair



Biogenic Gas — Its Formation and Economic Significance

Barry J. Katz

Biosurfactant and Bioacid Producing Microbes from Indonesian Oil Fields

E. Jasjfi, S. Kadarwati, M. Udiharto, E. H. Legowo, M. Rahman

Bottom Cable 3-D Seismic Operations in the Transition Zone

Ezhar Manaf, Bambang Indroyono, Peter C. Johnson, James A. Musser

Bunyu Nibung

Bunyu Tapa

A Business Planning Approach That Integrates Asset Management, Strategic Planning and Technology Planning

Scott S. Sollee, Gary P. Luquette, Hidayat Maruta


Central Sumatra Prospect Evaluation, Structural and Stratigraphic Fluid Barriers and Hydrodynamic Systems as Indicated by Wireline Formation Pressures

Richard R. Terres, Soejanto


CNG: A Rosy Alternative Fuel for Tomorrow: Abstract

Jus Soekidjo, Dudhy Ch. P. A.

CNG Acceptance Analysis, Effect of System Pressure and Gas Composition on CNG Station Performance

Yusep K. Caryana

Comparisons of Conventional Wireline Resistivity Versus Logging-While-Drilling/Measurement-While-Drilling Logs in the Offshore Northwest Java Sea of Indonesia

P. Saputra, B. Sukamto, T. D. Lawrence, J. G. Kaldi

Deposition of Middle Baong Sandstone as Post-Rift Incised Valley Fill Sequence, Aru Onshore Area, North Sumatra

Kiagus Novian Syafrin

Designing Refinery Foundations on Marginal Soils in Indonesia: Abstract

Paul Reed

Determination of Permeability in Sandstone Reservoirs Affected by Diagenetic Kaolinite, Cinta Field, Southeast Sumatra

Paul C. Tonkin

Development Concept of Rantau Field Based on 3-D Seismic Data: Abstract

Adji Gutomo, Medianto B. Satyawan

Disaster Preparedness: The Lesson Learned

Hari Sumantri, Marzuki Ali

Disposal of Naturally Occurring Inorganic Materials in Geothermal Field

Annie Th., A. Yusuf, Pramiati P., S. Sudarman

Dual ESP Completion to Reduce Well-Service Costs in Remote Areas

Andika Kamal, Heri Suryanto

East Java Fieldtrip - 24th Annual Convention

G. E. Burgon, P. Willumsen

East Kalimantan Pipeline Management System: A Strategic Management

Isdianto Y. Iskandar

The Elang Oil Discovery Bridges the Gap in the Eastern Timor Sea (Timor Gap Zone of Cooperation)

I. F. Young, T. M. Schmedje, W. F. Muir

Environmental, Health and Safety Services Provided by Elnusa: Abstract

Endro Yekti P. S., Amalia Rais, Aries E. Susanto, Rasyida

An Evaluation of Cathodic Protection Groundbeds in Arun Field

T. Mirza, V. A. W. Semerad

Evaluation of the Steamflood Potential of the Rindu Reservoirs in the Duri Field

Agus Sulistyo, S. J. Gross, L. J. Lederhos

An Example of 3-D AVO for Lithology Discrimination in Widuri Field, Asri Basin, Indonesia

Steven W. Smith, Larry Danahey, Romina Himawan, William E. Harmony, H. Lee Gilmore, John W. Armon, Tony L. Bowman, Wayne Smith

The Exploration Significance of Surface Oil Seepage: An Indonesian Perspective

Duncan S. Macgregor

Extracting Reservoir Properties from 3-D Seismic Attributes at Ubi-Sikladi Fields, Central Sumatra

Hazairin, Bambang Wisnu H., Kent M. Mangold

Field Wide Formation Pressure Gradient and Fracture Pressure Characterization: Abstract

S. Sarkar, D. E. Moore, H. E. Goodman

Flow Experiments with High Salinity/High pH Aqueous Completion Fluids on Sandstones Containing Swelling and Migrating Clays

Hikmet Ucok

Gas Condensate Compositional Reservoir Simulation by Reducing the Number of Components into Pseudo Components

Tan Tony Ariadinata, Septoratno Siregar, Yusnal Ilyas

Gas Reservoir Management Benefits Jakarta Power Supply: Abstract

Zulfikri, J. A. Marcou, Budiman Parhusip

Geologic Summary of Eastern Kalimantan

S. K. Wiman, A. W. R. Wight, S. Courteney

Geologic Summary of Java

A. W. R. Wight, J. R. Reynolds

Geologic Summary of the Natuna Sea

A. Wongsosantiko, P. Prijosoesilo

Geologic Summary of the Salawati Basin, Irian Jaya

J. N. Wilson

Geometry and Fractal Characteristics of the Sumatra Active Fault

Sigit Sukmono, M. T. Zen, W. G. A. Kadir, Lilik Hendrajaya, Djoko Santoso


Horizontal Well Inflow Performance in Reservoirs with Discontinuous Vertical Permeability Characteristics

Pudji Permadi

The Impact of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Process on Human Resources Development: A Case Study at P.T. Caltex Pacific Indonesia

Akmal Masykur, W. A. Yudiana, Rafael Warsita

Implementation of Cross-Functional Team Concept for Managing Duri Steamflood Reservoir

Albert B. M. Simanjuntak, Suharyanto, Yura Susanty, Hari Primadi, Rudi Setyanto

Implementing Multi-Disciplinary Teams in Arco Indonesia: Facelift or Functional Improvement?

John G. Kaldi, Frila B. Yaman, James P. Westerheid

The Importance of Reservoir Characterization and Sedimentology in the Belida Field Development

J. Gaynor, G. Hepler, M. Thornton

Improved Approach for Tubing Size Optimization in Gas Depletion Drive Reservoirs

Ronald Gunawan, George R. Dyer

Improved Simulator for the Development of Fluvio-Deltaic Type Gas Fields

Budi Suryodipuro, Simon Haddad, Jacques Herve, Khaled Madaoui

Improving Human Resource Development Processes in P.T. Caltex Pacific Indonesia

David A. Minemier, Al Nurbandana

Improving Oil Recovery Using Chemicals Developed in Indonesia

Suryo Purwono, Bardi Murachman, Iman Wahyono Sumarinda, I. Gusti Budiaman

Increased Gas Turbine Thermal Efficiency Through Waste Heat Utilization: Abstract

B. Tri Priatmoko, Amri Ismail, Suparni

Indonesia Gas Development and Utilization Scenario: "The Current Situation and Future Prospects"

Isworo Suhamo

Indonesian Petroleum Systems, Reserve Additions and Exploration Efficiency

J. V. C. Howes, Suherman Tisnawijaya


Intan N.E.

Integrated Approach Reservoir Geology Model Using Seismic 3-D and Well Data — A Case Study: Rantau Field: Abstract

Farid Ma'ruf, Azir Arsyad, Yudi Yugantoro

Introducing the Geophysics Sub-Department, Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Gadjah Mada: Abstract

Achmad Mahfi










London University Research in SE Asia: Abstract

Robert Hall, Moyra Wilson

Lowstands and Highstands in the Lacustrine Brown Shale of Central Sumatra: Field Examples from the Teso Block: Abstract

P. J. Butterworth, A. S. Wain

Lubricating Oil Product Development and Marketing Strategies in the Hectic Era of Free Trade Competition

A. Sanusi Wiradimaja, Hanung Budya Y.

Magnetic Resonance Image Log Use in Evaluation of Low Resistivity Pay in the Attaka Field

Sigit Sutiyono

Maximum Principal Stress of East Cimandiri Fault, Bandung Area, West Java, Indonesia: Abstract

Afiat Anugrahadi


Mesosoic and Cenozoic Thermal History of Sedimentary Rocks in the Bintuni Basin, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Paul B. O'Sullivan, Kevin C. Hill, Ijep Saefudin, R. Daniel Kendrick

Miocene-Pliocene N.E. Java Basin Sequence Stratigraphy - Post Convention Field Trip

B. Yulihanto, S. Sofyan, S. Musliki, S. Wijaya, B. Wiyanto, S. Hastuti

Multi-Disciplinary Teams — What is the "Right" Structure? Based on Ten Years of MDTs in Indonesia

John Girgis, Robert M. Sneider, Budiyento Thomas

The N'KOSSA Floating Concrete Production Storage Barge: Abstract

Claude Valenchon

New Fullbore Production Logging Sensor Improves the Evaluation of Production in Deviated and Horizontal Wells

Calvin Kessler, Gary Frisch

New Pematang Depocentres on the Kampar Uplift, Central Sumatra

Anthony S. Wain, Brent A. Jackson


Onsite Structural Refurbishment of an Operating FPSO in Indonesia's Natuna Sea Eliminates Expensive Dry-Dock Program

Zikri Syah, John H. Blackmore, Bennison R. L. Pelupessy

Paleogene Sequence Stratigraphy, South West Java - Pre-Symposium Field Trip

Soejono Martodjojo

Paleogene Unconformities in the Barito Basin, Southeast Kalimantan: A Concept for the Solution of the "Barito Dilemma" and a Key to the Search for Paleogene Structures

Awang Harun Satyana

The Petroleum Systems of Indonesia

H. L. ten Haven, C. Schiefelbein

Plate Tectonic Reconstructions of the Indonesian Region

Robert Hall

Polymer Treatment Applications in Water Control: Abstract

Harto Suroso

Porosity Evolution in the Batu Raja Carbonates of the Sunda Basin — Windows of Opportunity

Robert K. Park, Albert Matter, Paul C. Tonkin

The Potential Contribution by the Petroleum Industry — Domestic Gas Supply

Richard A. Fuller

Production Logging Below Submersible Pumps: A New and Reliable Approach

F. X. Budianto Renyut, Erdian Setiadi, Rob North

Prospect of Retrofitting Oil Refinery Using Pinch Technology for Energy Saving

W. Paryatmo

Quality Data at a Reduced Price: Innovative Approaches in 3-D Acquisition and Processing

Mars E. Semaan, Michel F. Bee, Maryanto, Gerard Dufourd, Eddy A. Sentani

The Quantitative Geological Approach for Oil and Mineral Exploration: Abstract

M. I. T. Taib, N. Aziz Magetsari, R. P. Koesoemadinata, Luki Samuel


Reinjection in Geothermal Fields as an Effort to Sustain Energy Availability

Uum Komaruddin, Doddy S. Sasradipoera, Yunis, M. Husni Thamrin

Relation of Reservoir Condition Changes to Precision Gravity Measurement with Contribution 3-D Model in Kamojang Geothermal Field

T. H. Silitonga, Kh. Rozaq, L. I. Lubis, D. Satyajit

Reservoir Simulation Study of the Pasirjadi Field: Abstract

Gunung Sardjono Hadi, Wijaya Agus P.

Resolving MWD-Wireline Resistivity Differences in Shaly-Sand Pay Zones

Steve Mack

Results of Betung Reservoir Study: Abstract

Subarkah Kustowo, Suherman Sudjai, Sulfadi Nugroho, Baktiar

A Review of Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of Bone Basin: Insights to the Sulawesi Collision Complex: Abstract


RUTH — A Norwegian Program for R&D — A Focus on Gas Based Methods for IOR

O. S. Hustad, I. Akervoll, P. K. Munkerud, L. Hinderaker

Satellite Remote Sensing of the Environment of Central Sumatra, Indonesia

J. S. Janks, J. D. Wieser, A. E. Prelat

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Northern New Guinea Basin: Insight into the Tectonic Evolution of a Segmenting Basin

John D. Pigott, Douglas G. Neese



Seram PSC Field Trip

G. J. Kemp

Small Field Development Offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Hikmet Ucok, Chris Landeck, Kevin O'Donnell, Donna Staples, Wytze de Boer, Bangun Antariksa

Strategic Recovery Processes for Rindu Development

M. Kumar, A. A. Reed, M. E. Smith, D. S. Mims, E. J. Hanzlik, S. J. Gross

Structural Analysis of the Onshore Bengkulu Forearc Basin and Its Implication for Future Hydrocarbon Exploration Activity

B. Yulihanto, B. Situmorang, A. Nurdjajadi, B. Sain

Systematic Application of Seismic Amplitude Analysis for Exploration in the Upper Cibulakan Formation, Example from Gas Discovery LES-1 Offshore Northwest Java

Gunawan, V. L. Ball, Z. Imran, M. J. Gresko

Talang Akar (Oligocene) Source Rock Identification from Wireline Logs — Applications in the Deep Ardjuna Basin, Offshore Northwest Java

B. Sukamto, B. Siboro, T. D. Lawrence, S. W. Sinclair



Technology, a Cost or an Investment? Assessing and Assuring the Value of Technology in the Upstream Business

M. J. Mikulich

A Tectonic Model for the Onshore Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Based on an Integrated Geological and Geophysical Interpretation

John L. C. Chambers, Timothy E. Daley

Tertiary Tectonostratigraphic Development of the Balam Depocenter, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Yarmanto, T. L. Heidrick, Indrawardana, B. L. Strong

Texaco's New Water Quality Monitoring Instruments: Abstract

Dale F. Brost

The Thin-Skinned Thrust Structures of Timor

Kartono Sani, Mark I. Jacobson, Rusdinadar Sigit

Timing and Style of Neogene Regional Deformation in the Irian Jaya Fold Belt, Indonesia

Richard D. Kendrick, Kevin C. Hill, Keith Parris, Ijep Saefudin, Paul B. O'Sullivan

The Tow Method of Offshore Pipeline Installation: Abstract

Panarto Prawirowijoto, Collin Latung, Rodrian Hutapea

The Trace of Sandstone Distribution of Q Layers Using Seismic Amplitude and Inversion: A Case Study in Sangatta Field, East Kalimantan

Johny M. B. Mamuaya, Elan Biantoro, Roopa Gir

Transition Zone Drilling in Tunu Field (Total Indonesie): A Case Study

T. A. Syamlan, Djoko Minto, Darto Sayogyo, J. C. Dubroca



The Use of Physical Modeling to Resolve Offshore Seismic Problems

B. J. Evans, M. Urosevic

The Use of Reservoir Simulation to Optimize Operating Strategies for Mature Steamflood Areas in the Duri Field

Ipung Punto Yuwono, S. J. Gross

Using Analytic Hierarchy Process for Supplier Selection

Ulysses Endropoetro



Well Optimization in the Development of South Lhok Sukon "A" and "D" Fields, North Sumatra

Alex H. Isyna, K. Sampath, Z. M. Yahya, Pudji Permadi, E. A. Salam


Yakin Complex