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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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The 30 Minute AFE: Attributes and Benefits of a Spreadsheet Program used to Develop a Well Design, a Cost Estimate and an Authority for Expenditure (AFE)

Alexander Megawe, Dennis Rider, Puput Ariyanto

3D Seismic Visualization of Shelf Ridges: Case Study From Offshore Northwest Java

Henry W. Posamentier

3D Seismic Visualization Using Multiple Volume Data Sets

Antony J. Marsh, Andy Furniss, Gerald Kidd

Application of Asset Management Process to Evaluate Development of Small Gas Fields

Asep Syaefuddin, Elyezer Pabibak Lolon, Terrence Patrick Bailey, Johannes Sartono

Applications of Hydraulic Fracturing to Increase Oil Production in Tanjung Field, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ketut Budiartha, Ivan Hartono

Brine and Stream Water Management at Gunung Salak Geothermal Field, Indonesia

Usman Slamet, Iwan Azof, Nurhasyim

Carbonate Play Concept in Sopa and Surrounding Areas: An Alternative Model for Hydrocarbon Occurrence, Must Platform, South Sumatra Basin

Slamet Riadhy, Alit Ascaria, Dwi Martono, Artini Sukotjo, Doni Hernadi, Medy Kurniawan, Nawawi Luthfi

Case Histories: In-Situ Polymerized Gel System Successfully used as an Alternative to Squeeze Cementing

Wayne Mitchell, Gary Cormier

The Cenozoic Evolution of the Lariang and Karama Basins, Sulawesi

Stephen J. Calvert

Changing Perceptions of a Carbonate Gas Reservoir: Alur Siwah Field, Aceh Timur, Sumatra

Atang Barliana, Gerald Burgon, Charles A. Caughey

Characterization of Seismic Anomalies using Converted Waves: A Case History from East Natuna Basin

Lotfi Ben-Brahim, Ronan Petton, Michel Couderc, Agus Djamhoer

Coiled Tubing Conveyed Fracture Treatments

Sunil N. Gulrajani, Clint C. Olmstead, Eric Larson

A Comparative Study of Wave Equation Multiple Suppression to Conventional Tau-p Deconvolution and Radon Multiple Attenuation Methods

Kriyanti Setiyono, Ken H. Matson

The Concept of Stationarity and Support in Permeability Assessment for Upscaling using the Probe Permeameter

Septi Anggraeni

Construction and Destruction at a Deepwater Slope Seabed: Implications for Reservoir Models in the Makassar Strait, Offshore East Kalimantan

Frank W. Musgrove, Rakhmadi Avianto, Rhys Schneider

Cost Effective Seismic Acquisition and Drilling in the Fold Thrust Belt of Papua New Guinea and Implications for Exploration in Irian Jaya

R. J. Schroder, B. McConachie, T. Surka

Deep-Water Basin Floor Fans of the Lower Baong Formation, a New Exploration Objective Offshore North Sumatera

Siti Nur'aini, Soejono Martodjojo, Frank W. Musgrove, Jan Bon

Depositional Modeling and Facies Architecture of Rift and Inversion Episodes in the Kutai Basin, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Steve J. Moss, John L. C. Chambers

Depositional Model of the MB Field Mid-Main Carbonate Reservoir Offshore Northwest Java Indonesia

Harso Isworo, Ujang A. Saefulah, Teguh Prasetyo

Determination of Well Productivity Using Pump Downtime Data

Jeff Spath

The Development of the Miocene Wonosari Formation, South Central Java

Stephen W. Lokier

Development of Thin Oil Columns Under Water Drive: Serang Field Examples

D. T. Vo, Sukerim, D. R. Widjaja, Y. J. Partono, R. T. Clark

Enzyme Treatments Greatly Enhance Production on Horizontal Completions in Indonesia

Rick Stanley, Juan Troncoso, Phil Rae

Experiences in Underbalanced Drilling and Testing Low Gravity Oil from a High Productivity Reservoir in Seram Island, Maluku Province, Indonesia

I. P. Moyle, Stephen Dyer, D. G. S. Lamb, W. G. Mogg

Extracting Flow Pattern and Point-Bar Characteristics of a Modern River: A Case Study From the Wahau River, East Kalimantan

Herman Darman

Facies-3D — a computer simulation model For Reconstruction of Sedimentary Processes: A Case Study for Miocene Carbonate Reservoirs

Fumiaki Matsuda, Michinori Saito, Ryotaro Iwahashi, Hiroshi Oda, Yulfi Indra, David DesAutels

Fault Shadow Correction Methodology

P. Julien, J. L. Broyer, O. Bernet-Rollande

Field Case of Water Shut-Off with Crosslinked Polymer in Handil Field, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Bambang Sadarta, Didier Caie, Nugraha Adimartapraja

Horizon Modeling using a Three-Dimensional Fault Restoration Technique

Karen S. Hoffman, John W. Neave

Horizontal Drains in Deep, Tight Gas Reservoirs: Tambora Field's Experience and Outlook

Frederic Febvre, Didier Caie, Sugimin Harsono, Januar Wirawan

Implementation of a Fractal Model for Analysis of Interference Test Data in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir

Dedy Kristanto, Doddy Abdassah

Increasing the Ultimate Recovery in a Mature Steamflood through Well Conversion Program

Denny Satriana, Edward Dennis L., Rizal Haroen, Joko Lelono

An Interpreter's Guide to Improvements in Depth Imaging Through Model-Based Velocity Estimation and Refinement

Andy Furniss

Intra-Muda Shallow Gas in Cumi-Cumi PSC, Natuna Sea - a Driller's Nightmare Becomes a Geophysicist's Dream

Martin Bennett

Investigations of the Storage Efficiency of CO2 in Carbonate Aquifers

Sugihardjo, Salis S. Aprilian, Agus Yusuf, Suprapto Sumardan

Laboratory Study of Photocatalytic Process for Degradation of Organic Pollutants in Industrial Waste Waters

E. Suhardono, J. Gunlazuardi, Keiichi Tanaka, M. Mulyono, Retna Ambarwati

Laboratory Testing of a Novel Fluid for Mud Cake Cleanup in Horizontal Open Hole Completions

Pedro M. Saldungaray, John Lassek, Yeong Hau See

Logging Cost Efficiency

Firmansjah Kartawidjaja, William Coates

Methodology for Selecting Best Infill Well Candidates in a Mature Pattern Steam Flood

N. Bagis, A. Setiawan, A. R. Deemer

Migas Online (Indonesia's Oil & Gas Online) a New Business Tool to Improve Efficiency within the Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry

Khairul Rizal, Herry Wibiksana, Ifnaldi

National Data Repositories

Knut Bulow, Brian Martin, Steve Scillitani

Neogene History of Collision in the Halmahera Region, Indonesia

Robert Hall

New Deepwater Geochemical Model for the Mahakam Delta and Makassar Slope, Kalimantan

K. E. Peters, J. W. Snedden, A. Sulaeman, J. F. Sarg, R. J. Enrico

New Insights Into the Geological Development of the Deepwater Mahakam Delta and Makassar Straits

Peter Baillie, Paul Gilleran, Wayne Clark, Steve Moss, Alan Stein, Edy Hermantoro, Suryadi Oemar

North Runtu PSC: The First Proven Eocene Petroleum Play in the Kutai Basin

Elly E. Guritno, John Chambers

Novel Cementing Slurries to Remediate Steam Breakthrough in the World's Largest Steam Flood

Roger Keese, Robert Huizenga, Mohammed Dooply, Ester Ksatrianto

Opportunity and Challenge Beyond the Year 2000: The Role of Exploration in Maintaining the Oil and Gas Business in Indonesia

Cholidy H. Reminton, Nizar Mujahidin, Taslim Yunus

Optimization of well Placement and Drilling Time by the Use of Azimuthal Measurements in Directional Bottom Hole Assemblies

G. Whiteley, A. Douglas, C. Brown

Play Concept of Syn-Rift and Post-Rift Sediments in the Half Graben System, Northwest Java, Indonesia

N. Alit Ascaria, Nanang Muksin, Doni Hernadi, Ari Samodra, Pudjo Busuno, Dewi Puspita

Post Steam Breakthrough Strategy in Area 8 of the Duri Field

Agus Sulistyo, Dijan Priambodo, Eden S. Tambunan, Any Linawati, Eriswandi, Hari Primadi, Adi Widyantoro, K. D. Kimber

A Pressure Transient Technique for Monitoring Waterfloods

Jeff Spath

Prestack Depth Imaging Within the Makassar Straits, Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Chris Willacy, Suryadi Oemar, A. Edy Hermantoro, Paul Gilleran

Problem Solving of Non Productive Time of Plug and Squeeze Cementing Offshore Kalimantan

Arya Bimaputra, Anton Maladi, Amin Hartoni, Bruce Hobson

Quantifying the Triumph of Technology in the Oil Business - an Example from Indonesia

Peter Willumsen

Secondary Process Treatment for Produced Water Treatment Plant: Phenol Removal Case Study

M. Mulyono, R. Desrina, M. Udiharto, E. Suhardono, A. Gafar

Seismic Imaging in Anisotropic Media. or... "A Better Way to Moveout and Migrate Long Offset Data"

Rolf Klotz, Martin Bayly, Sue Downie, Swee Leng

Serang Field – Discovery Within a Seismic "Fault Shadow"

Tom Clark, Mike Turk, Joewono Hadiwijoto, Yoseph Partono

Significance of Focused Hydrocarbon Migration in the Salawati Basin: Controls of Faults and Structural Noses

Awang H. Satyana, Yanto Salim, Jim M. Demarest

Significance of the Celebes Sea Spreading Centre to the Paleogene Petroleum Systems of the Se Sunda Margin, Central Indonesia

Tom H. Fraser, La Ode Ichram

Simultaneous 3D 4C - OBC & VSP Walkaway Survey in the Attaka Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Bill Borland, Phil Johnston, Mike Reblin, Suta Vijaya, Omar Kulbrandstad, Muhammad Idrees, Scott Leaney, Jan van de Mortel

A Single Slurry System for Cementing Surface Casing in a Low Fracture Gradient Shallow Gas Area Off Shore Kalimantan

Amin Hartoni, Maman Helmana, Bruce Hobson, Robert Huizenga

The Status of the OO-Brebes Fault System, and Its Implication to Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Eastern Part of North West Java Basin

Rudy Ryacudu, Adib Bachtiar

Structural and Stratigraphic Framework of the Palaeogene in the Northern Kutei Basin East Kalimantan

Liesye T. Feriansyah, John L. C. Chambers, Sri H. Dewantohadi, M. Syaiful, Tonny Priantono, Djoko N. Imanhardjo

Structural History of the Terang and Sirasun Fields and the Impact Upon Timing of Charge and Reservoir Performance, Kangean PSC, East Java Sea, Indonesia

Wayne A. Basden, Henry W. Posamentier, Ron A. Noble

Structural Integrity Assessment of Existing Platforms

Ramiro De Los Reyes, Herman Perera, Hanna Rubino

The Structure, Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of the Kamchatka Back-Arc Basin, Far East of Russia, and a Comparison to the Sumatra Backarc Basin

Robert Maxwell, Rustam Chinakayev

Sulawesi Dispersal and the Evolution of the Northern Bandaarc

John Milsom, Juergen Thurow, Delphine Roques

Technology Challenge for Natuna Gas Development

Sunoto Murbini

Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Bone Basin, Indonesia: Insights to the Sulawesi Collision Complex


Tectonic Elements of the North Irian Basin

R. L. McAdoo, J. C. Haebig

Underbalanced Drilling

C. Hoyer, T. Morgan, P. Cook

Understanding Basement Controls on Basin Development: Constraints from Gravity and Magnetic Data.

Duncan R. Cowan, Linda A. Tompkins, Terry Tyler

Unocal Indonesia Reorganized for Growth and Technical Excellence through EKM98 Organization Change

Wisnu Prasedyoko, Rick Callahan, Joewono Hadiwijoto, Peter J. Stokes

Use of Artificial Neural Networks to Estimate Well Permeability Profiles in Sumatra, Indonesia

A. G. Bruce, P. M. Wong, Tunggal, B. Widarsono, E. Soedarmo

Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data to Establish Environmental Sensitivity Index of East Kalimantan

M. Husen, A. Parinding, H. Trisakti

The Wellhead Barge a Versatile Solution for Mild Deepwater Conditions

Stephane Anres, Pierre Beligne, Claude Gabillard, Stephen Hatton

WFT Data and Pressure Profile Analysis: Applications, Complexities, and Challenges

J. V. C. Howes

The Wunut Field: Pleistocene Volcaniclastic Gas Sands in East Java

Arse Kusumastuti, Agung B. Darmoyo, Wahyudin Suwarlan, S. P. C. Sosromihardjo