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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Analysis of Deep-Water Depositional Elements Based on 3D Seismic Data: Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Geomorphology, and Seismic Stratigraphy

Henry W. Posamentier

Ancient Talang Akar Deepwater Sediments in South Sumatra Basin: A New Exploration Play

R. M. I. Argakoesoemah, Asril Kamal

Application of Inverse-Q Filter and Deconvolution to Improve Seismic Data Quality in the Deep Section

Deddy F. Djanawir, Frans Langitan

Basins of the Southeast Australian Margin – Hydrocarbon Habitat, Recent Exploration Results and Future Directions

D. Tapley

Biostratigraphy of Modern (Holocene and Late Pleistocene) Sediment Cores from the Makassar Straits

Robert J. Morley, Harsanti P. Morley, Antoine A. H. Wonders, Sukarno, Sander van der Kaars

A Case Study: Gas in Place Sensitivities from Geocellular Modeling of the Gendalo Field, Ganal PSC

Khristina Kirschner, Skip F. Walden

CO2 in South Sumatra – Observations and Prediction

Joko Suklis, Arnold Ames, Eric Michael

Control of Regional and Local Structural Development on the Depositional Stacking Patterns of Deepwater Sediments in Offshore Brunei Darussalam

Angus Ferguson, Arnold Bouma, Lauti Dwita Santy, Sofiana Suliaman

Deepwater and Frontier Exploration in Australia – A Historical Perspective and a View to the Future

T. R. Walker, A. J. Kantsler

Deepwater Petroleum Systems of the Southern Basin, North Lombok Sea, Indonesia

Gadjah E. Pireno

Deepwater Plays of Java, Indonesia: Regional Evaluation on Opportunities and Risks

Awang Harun Satyana, Cipi Armandita

Deformation of Cenozoic Basins of Borneo and West Sulawesi

Peter Baillie, Herman Darman, Thomas H. Fraser

Depositional Elements of the Slope/Basin Depositional System Offshore Brunei

T. A. (Mac) McGilvery, Daniel L. Cook

Does 2D Seismic Still Have a Role in Frontier Exploration? A Perspective from the Deepwater Kutei Basin

Doug McKee, John Dunham

Exploration-Scale Features from High Resolution Gravity and Topographic Datasets and Their Derivatives

James W. Granath, William G. Dickson, Janice M. Christ, Mark E. Odegard

Exploration Significance of High Resolution Bathymetry in the Makassar Straits

Philip A. Teas, John Decker, Achmad Nurhono, Aliza Isnain

Flow Paths and Waterbottom Gradients Across a Stepped Slope Profile, Offshore Brunei

T. A. (Mac) McGilvery, Daniel L. Cook

Gas Hydrates in the North Makassar Basin, Indonesia

B. A. Jackson

Geological Condition of the Convergent Margin System Off West Java and Southern Sumatra

Afiat Anugrahadi, H. S. Koesnadi, Yusuf Surachman, Djunaedi Muljawan

Hydrocarbon Play Analysis of the Bone Basin, South Sulawesi

Barlian Yulihanto

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Outer Browse Basin, NW Australia

Ric Jason, Grant McMurtrie, Jon Keall

Improved Southeast Asian Biostratigraphical Zonation Schemes Derived from New Deepwater Sections

Stephen Noon, Wantoro, Harsanti Setiani, M. Sukarno, Yuliana A. Pane

Interpreting Borehole Image Data from Deep-Marine Environments

Adriaan A. Bal, Kenrick A. A. van Noord, Gde P. Wirawan

Keys to Success in Opening a New Deepwater Basin

Joel Alnes

Measurement of Sediment Surface Heat Flow and Its Application in Deepwater Exploration

Bernie B. Bernard, James M. Brooks, Sean Flanagan

Modern and Ancient Outcrop Analogues for Deepwater Reservoirs

Tobias H. D. Payenberg, Nathan Ceglar, Tim Cotton, Kerrie Deller, Carmen B. E. Krapf, Simon C. Lang

Modern Deep Sea Sedimentation in the Makassar Strait: Insights from High-Resolution Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter, Sub-Bottom Profiles, and USBL-Navigated Cores

John Decker, Philip A. Teas, Rhys D. Schneider, Arthur H. Saller, Daniel L. Orange

Multibeam Exploration in the Makassar Strait

John Decker, Philip A. Teas, Joseph A. Curiale, Elizabeth A. E. Johnson, Daniel L. Orange

New Deepwater Interpretation Concepts – Slopes, Sequences and Stacking Patterns of Deepwater Clinoforms

Nick Hoffman, Daniel Palmowski

A New Global Satellite Gravity Dataset for Screening and Evaluating Offshore Basins in S.E. Asia

J. Derek Fairhead, Ian Somerton, Graham Gifford

New Insights into the New Zealand Cretaceous from Deepwater Taranaki Basin Seismic Data

Chris Uruski, Peter Baillie

Overpressured Reservoirs: A New Generation of Exploration Opportunities

Richard E. Swarbrick

Petroleum Systems of the Deepwater Mannar Basin, Offshore Sri Lanka

Peter Baillie, P. M. Barber, Ian Deighton, Paul A. Gilleran, W. A. Jinadasa, R. D. Shaw

Prominent Senoro Gas Field Discovery in Central Sulawesi

D. Hasanusi, R. Abimanyu, E. Artono, Anies Baasir

Seismic Frequency Bandwidth Constraints in Deepwater Locations

Andrew Long, Iain Buchan

Seismofacies Comparison of Deepwater Sequences: Pleistocene to Recent Examples from Offshore North Sumatra and Kutei Basins, Indonesia

D. Sebayang, E. Guritno, B. September

Sumpal Field, South Sumatra – Case History of the Delineation and Production of a Fractured Basement Reservoir

Mu'adz Chalik, Bambang Pujasmadi, Muhamad Fauzi, Mahmud Bazed

Tangguh LNG's Gas Resource: Discovery, Appraisal and Certification

John A. Marcou, Dharmawan Samsu, Achmadi Kasim, Meizarwin, Neil Davis

Turbidite Pucangan Formation and Petroleum System in the Eastern Part of the Kendeng Zone, North-East Java Basin

Moch. Yohannes Pranoto Koesoemo

The Upper Miocene Deepwater Fans of Northwest Borneo

Colin J. Grant

Use of Meta Attributes to Identify Migration Pathways in a Tertiary Basin, Deepwater Sundaland Margin

Paul Ware, Fred Aminzadeh, Brenton Oke, Tom Setzer

West Seno, Indonesia's First Deepwater Development: Utilizing an Intelligent 3D Earth Modeling Workflow: Abstract

Jossy C. Inaray, Rhys D. Schneider, Pujiyono, Skip F. Walden

Why Look in Deepwater When Elephants Prefer the Shallows? The Biliton Basin Revisited

Chris Atkinson, Mike Renolds, Alan Clarke, Sonny Sampurno

Wiriagar Deep: The Frontier Discovery That Triggered Tangguh LNG

Larry J. Casarta, Jonathan P. Salo, Suherman Tisnawidjaja, Sonny T. Sampurno

Zebra Prospect – Reading Between the Stripes

Brenton Oke, Jon Keall, Paul Carroll, Ron Noble, Tom Setzer