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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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3D Geocellular Modeling and Uncertainty Qualification of Reservoir Properties: A Deepwater Laminated-Sand Reservoir, Gendalo Field, Kutei Basin, Indonesia

Eduardo Berendson, Andre Cebastiant, David Glenn, Febry Hariyannugraha, Khristina Kirschner, Ron May, Rhys Schneinder, Ulrich Kiesow, Skip Walden

3D Software Application to Mature Fields of the Internal Axis of the Mahakam Delta

Hotma Yusuf, Maike Willuweit, Philippe Ruelland

4D Seismic and Rock Physics Modeling Responses to Reservoir Steam Flood

Muhammad Edisar, Lilik Hendrajaya, Gunawan Handayani, Umar Fauzi, Laode Ngkoimani, Yarmanto

Analogue Fractured Reservoir Characterization in Grasberg Igneous Complex (GIC) and New Guinea Limestone Group, Papua

Muhammad Fachri, Benyamin Sapiie, Wahyu Sunyoto, Sugeng Widodo, Yudihanri, Widodo Margotomo

Analogue Modeling of Rift Mechanism in the Paleogene Graben System of Western Indonesia

Benyamin Sapiie, Meli Hadiana, Ivan Nugraha, Sayentika

Analogue Study of Basement Fractured Reservoirs in Kotopanjang Area, Central Sumatra

Hendra Niko Saputra, Benyamin Sapiie

An Analytical Model to Allocate Layered Historical Production Data to Enhance Reservoir Management in a Mature Waterflood: The Minas Field Case

Alex Sulaksana

The Application of Cased Hole Formation Resistivity to Optimize Well Performance in Carbonate Formation

Muhammad A. Gibrata, Mario Petricola, Riawan Mulyanto, Sathees Kumar, Amritzar Aimar, Ratih Wulandari, Zul Anwar

Application of Integrated Risk and Reliability Methods for Developing Equipment Maintenance Strategies

Jens Petter Tronskar, Franklin Benjamin Ratnam, Lee Chon Gee, Zhang Li

Applying Seismic Attribute Analysis and Inversion Techniques to Understand the Trapping Mechanism in the Gajah Abu Abu Field, West Natuna Offshore

R. Wawan Satriawan, Toby Read, Hendra Baskara

Appraisal of a Complex, Platform Carbonate, Bukit Tua Discovery, Ketapang PSC, East Java Basin, Indonesia

Keith Maynard, William A. Morgan

Assessing Versus Accessing Value: Analysing Reserves and Its Conundrums

Andy Kirchin

AVO Attributes for Successful Exploration and Field Development: A Case Study From Sarawak Basin, Offshore Malaysia

Norbert Van de Coevering, Rusdinadar Sigit, Reza Lasman

Basement Architecture and Sedimentary Fill of the North Makassar Straits Basin

Siti Nur’Aini, Robert Hall, Christopher F. Elders

Carbonate Development on the “TN” Field in the Lematang Trough, South Sumatra Basin

Agus, Achmad Subandrio, Sugeng Widada, Feriyanto, Syahrial Rakimi, Wibisiono

Characterization of Gas Reservoirs Using Production Data Analysis - Pre-Tertiary Basement Gas Reservoir, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Helmi Pratikno, Teddy H. Komaroedin, Taufan Marhaendrajana

Combined Geostatistical Inversion and Simultaneous AVA Inversion: Extending the Life of a Mature Area, Kotabatak Field, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Matthew H. Hoehn, Ibnu Arif, Chris Welch, F. Hasan Sidi, Djoko Rubyanto, Robert van Eykenhof, Mark Sams, Yudi Prasetyo

Community Development in Small-Scale Business to Improve the Company Image and Secure the Company Operation

Firsta Jusra Iskandar

A Condensate Blockage Study in North Belut Field

Mursal M. Noor, Erwin Groeneweg, Indra Gunarso

Consonance Logging: Old Concept - New Solutions

Mario J.C. Petricola

Corporate Social Responsibility One of Methods to Expand the Benefit for Oil and Gas Bearing Area

Djoko Sunarjanto, Adji Gatot Tjiptono, M. Husen

Design and Implementation of Calibration Plug as a Key to Success of Tubingless Completion in Tunu Field

Sergio Giorgi, Dominique Larrondo, Christian Labeyrie, Andre Glowacz, Alain Bourgeois

Developing Supply Chain Hubs: A Move Towards Operational Excellence in Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Industry

Khairul Rizal, Dyah Erowati, Mujiono

Dynamic Underbalanced Perforating System Increases Productivity and Reduces Cost in East Kalimantan Gas Field: A Case Study

Dasa Manalu, Martin Simatupang, Aming Kusumadjaja

East Java: Cenozoic Basins, Volcanoes and Ancient Basement

Helen Smyth, Robert Hall, Joseph Hamilton, Pete Kinny

Effective Use of High Density VSP Measurements to Predict Pore Pressure and Estimate Mud Weight Ahead of Drilling in the Mahakam Delta, Indonesia

Mohammed Badri, Stephane Gazet, Gregoire de Tonnac

Effects of Overburden Anisotropy and Vertically Aligned Fractures on P-Wave Azimuthal AVO Responses

Fatkhan, Yudi Yanto, Nofri Faruza Said

Enhanced Oil Recovery Through the Use of Vibro Seismic Impact Technology (VSIT) - A Case Study From Merbau Trend and Jene Oilfield

Indra Prasetyo

Enhancing Consistency Between Geological Modeling and Seismic Pre-Stack Amplitude Inversion With Pseudo-Wells: An Example From the Gendalo Field

David Glenn, Febry Hariyannugraha, Rhys Schneider, Khristina Kirschner, Skip Walden, Steve Smith, Eduardo Berendson, Chris Skelt, Leonard Lisapaly, Robert van Eykenhof, Mark Sams

Evaluation, Redesign of Gas Lift Valve, and Optimization of Gas Injection on Wells K-18 and S-15 in KS Field Pertamina DOH JBB

Kurniawan Febrianto

Exploration in West Java: Play Concepts in the Past, Present and Future, Efforts to Maintain Reserves Growth

Suyono, Khozin Sahudi, Indra Prasetya

Five Case Histories of Waterflooding in Indonesia’s Baturaja Carbonate Reservoirs - A Consulting Reservoir Engineer’s View

James K. Forrest

Flattening the Minas Oil Decline Rate From 25 Percent to Two Percent in Just Four Years

Dan Harris, Gede K.D.S. Giri, Andi Bachtiar, Machyuliz Machnizon, Seto Uditoyo, Agus Masduki, Abdullah Novrizal, Afifudin

Frontmatter - 30th Annual IPA Convention and Exhibition

Indonesian Petroleum Association

Gas Distribution Enhancement in Kaji-Semoga Fields, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Irfan Eka Wardhana, Nasrur Bustamar

Geothermal as Pertamina’s Future Growth Business

Toni Suherman, Salvius Patangke, Yames J.R. Suawa

Handil Air Injection: A Promising EOR Technique for Tertiary Oil Recovery in the Mature Handil Field

Bondan Bernadi, Marcel W. Duiveman

Health, Safety and Environment Committee System

Ashif Hadad

High-Resolution Acquisition for Reducing Drilling Risk: An Example From the Tunu Field, Kalimantan

Jean-Paul Diet, Stéphane Midenet, Jean-Philippe Coulon, Rick Walia, Thierry des Vallières, Hervé Lancien, Benoît Mouly, Siswoyo Rojab Subianto

High Frequency Borehole Seismic Acquisition and Its Applications for Reservoir Delineation of the Bunyu Field, Onshore Kalimantan, Indonesia

Adriansyah, Patricius Sembiring, Mohammed Badri, Azhar Akhtar

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Diagenesis in Carbonate Rocks, Wonosari Formation, Yogyakarta: An Outcrop Analog for Modeling Chalky Limestone Reservoir Distribution

Usman Jauhari, Budianto Toha

Horizontal Well Placements Using VShale and Facies Geomodel: An Example From Belanak Field, South Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Hendro Adrian, Ludy Andria, Agus Sudarsana

How the Community Can Say “I Love You” to Its Mining Company Neighbour?

Adji Setijoprodjo

Identification of Fracture Zone in Field “A” Using Maximum Entropy Method

Aditya T. Pratama, Leonard J.I. Lisapaly

Innovative Approach Using Geostatistical Inversion for Carbonate Reservoir Characterization in Sopa Field, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Rusalida Raguwanti, Artini Sukotjo, Bob Wikan H. Adibrata

Integrated Petrophysical Formation Evaluation Using Capture Spectroscopy and NMR on an Exploration Well, South Sumatra

ZhanGuo Shi, Mario Petricola, PingZai Wang

Integrating Geology and Petrophysics Into Seismic Interpretation for Reservoir Definition and Improved Field Development: A Case Study From the Banuwati Field

Dave Atkins

Interpretation Methods in the Exploration of Oligocene-Miocene Carbonate Reservoirs, Offshore Northwest Madura, Indonesia

David C. Carter, Dwi Mandhiri, Robert K. Park, Imron Asjhari, Syaiful Basyuni, Sergey Birdus, John P. Bradfield, Ary Iriawan, Meutia Nasfiah, M.A. Agung Nugroho

Investigation of CO2 Flooding Potential in the Jatibarang Field, a Simulation Study

Bambang Gunadi, Putu Suarsana, Taufan Marhaendrajana

Linked Lowstand Delta to Basin-Floor Fan Deposition, Offshore East Kalimantan: An Analogue for Deep-Water Reservoir Systems

Alif Prama Ruzuar, Rhys Schneinder, Arthur H. Saller, Jesse T. Noah

A Local Player Perspective on Indonesian Oil Industry - Issues and Challenges

Nuzulul Haq

Manage Waste, Manage Cost, Manage the Future

Ateng Surachmat, Rochana Hasan, Widia Kadarsih

Marginal Offshore Oil Field Development - Langsa TAC: Innovative Solution in Dealing With Lost Circulation in Producing Horizon

Yoji Murachi, Fauzi Imron, Steve Hartono, Kunto Wibisono

Mid Scale LNG Development for Monetizing Stranded Gas in Indonesia

Edi Hamdi, Fazilet Maskan

Modern Sediment Dynamics of the Mahakam Delta

Salahuddin Husein, Joseph J. Lambiase

Nine Inch x 10,000 PSI WP Dual Conductor Sharing Wellheads Application on an Offshore Gas Field Development

Jean-Baptiste Faget, Jean-Christophe Monneyron, Nicolas Payer, Alain Bourgeois, Liew Huey Cherng

Oil-Base Micro Imager (OBMI) Application in Sangatta Field: A Case Study

Patricius Sembiring, Agustinus S.R., Nouri Bashir, Heru Danardatu, Sanggam Hutabarat

Oligo-Miocene Carbonates of Java, Indonesia: Tectonic-Volcanic Setting and Petroleum Implications

Awang Harun Satyana

Origin and Petrophysical Log Response of Overpressures in the Baram Delta Province, Brunei

Mark R. P. Tingay, Richard R. Hillis, Richard E. Swarbrick, Christ K. Morley

Peace-Building; The Private Sector’s Role (Social Challenges in Oil and Gas Investment)

Azhari Idris

Peciko Gas Field Case Study: Managing Safety Versus Deliverability While Conducting Simultaneous Drilling - Production - Construction Operations

Stéphane Saintpere, Ramadhan Hidayat, Jean-Baptiste Faget, Eric Aillaud

Peciko Geological Modeling: Possible and Relevant Scales for Modeling a Complex Giant Gas Field in a Mudstone Dominated Deltaic Environment

Philippe Samson, Tantri Dewi-Rochette, Maurice Lescoeur, Philippe Cordelier

Petroleum Geochemistry Study in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in the Simenggaris Block, Tarakan Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Eddy A. Subroto, Bambang P. Muritno, Sukowitono, Dardji Noeradi, Djuhaeni

The Petroleum Systems and Future Potential of the South Sumatra Basin

David Ginger, Kevin Fielding

Phytoremediation as Unocal Pro-Active Effort and Environmental Friendly Method to Support Ecological Sustainable Development in Oil and Gas Industry

Tri Wisono

The Potential Reuse of Oily Sludges as Additive Material in Brick for Building Construction

Wisnu Harmanto, Kurdiyono, Ardian Nengkoda, Sahat Hutahaean

Production Optimization in Subang Gas Field Using Reservoir Simulation

Amelia Dwi Saputri

Protecting Coastal Communities Through Civil Maritime Surveillance

Mark Womersley

A Quick Look on Litho Classification Using Combination of Principal Component Analysis and Cluster Analysis of Seismic Attributes: A Case Study on Boonsville Field

Abdi W.S., Leonard J.I. Lisapaly

Rift Play in Ombilin Basin Outcrop, West Sumatra

Dardji Noeradi, Djuhaeni, Batara Simanjuntak

Rock Strength, Stress and Wellbore Stability in Telisa Formation, South Sumatera Basin

Mula Nur Ahmad

The Role of Non-Exclusive Multi-Client Seismic Surveys in Stimulating Exploration Activity and Attracting New Oil and Gas Investments to Indonesia - A Personal Perspective From One Contractor

John Whitcomb

The Seismic Characteristics of the Langsa “L” Carbonate Build-Up, the First Offshore Oil Production in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province

Danang Priwastono, Abdul Kohar, Jerry Layundra, Djoko Wanengpati

Seismic Geomorphology: A Study From West Natuna Basin, Indonesia

Mochammad Fachmi, Lesli J. Wood

Seismic Reservoir Characterization of the Abadi Gas Field, Masela PSC Block, West Arafura Sea, Eastern Indonesia

Shinji Matsuura, Shin Saito, Yoshiro Ishii, Hiromi Honda, Ayato Kato, Takao Yagi

Semi-Analytical Approach of Optimum Vibration Frequency Determination That Gives Maximum Improvement on Reservoir Rock Porosity

Mursalim Mardin, Tutuka Ariadji

Social Management Plan for Onshore Oil and Gas Projects

Steven Brown

Source, Generation, Migration and Critical Controls on Oil Versus Gas in the Deepwater Kutei Petroleum System

Rui Lin, Art Saller, John Dunham, Phil Teas, Marek Kacewicz, Joe Curiale, John Decker

A Strategy for the Revitalisation of Indonesian Brownfields

Simon Robson, Doddy Abdassah, Novian Thaib, Dodi Hidayat, Samantha Rist

Structural Styles of the Offshore West Sulawesi Fold Belt, North Makassar Straits, Indonesia

Sinchia Dewi Puspita, Robert Hall, Christopher F. Elders

Successful Identification of Thin Carbonate on Paleo-Basement High: Special Case in Palembang High, South Sumatra Basin

Feriyanto, Firman Kamil, Yuyus Kusnandar, Yudi Yanto

Table of Contents: 30th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 1), 2005

Table of Contents: 30th Annual Convention Proceedings (Volume 2), 2005

Tectonics and Regional Structure of Seram and the Banda Arc

Kevin C. Hill

Telisa Shallow Marine Sandstone as an Emerging Exploration Target in Palembang High, South Sumatra Basin

R.M. Iman Argakoesoemah, Maria Raharja, Sonny Winardhi, Rudhy Tarigan, Tino Febriwan Maksum, Amritzar Aimar

Through Tubing Sand Control With Vent Screen

Bonifasius Muryanto

Time Lapse Seismic for Reservoir Characterization

Rick Walia

Toll Fee Determination for Gas Transmission Pipeline Network Under Regulated Monopoly System: Case Study for Indonesia

Arsegianto, Septoratno Siregar, Edy Soewono, Ariyanti Pratiwi, David O. Siagian

Topical Tropical Non-Marine Deep Water Deltaic Charge Systems in SE Asia. A Model to Explain Why Some Are Oily and Some Are Not

Ian Longley

Tunu Field - Sustainable Development

Eddy Mulyadi

Using Marine MT and CSEM Electro-Magnetics for Hydrocarbon Exploration Around Indonesia

Dave Peace, Ransom Reddig, Arnold Orange, Tracy Campbell

Using Safety as a Way to Achieve Competitiveness and Attract Investment

Steven D. Burtch

VSIT Applications in Sumatran Oil Reservoirs, 12 Case Histories

J. Herry Poerwanto, Douglas B. Scarborough, Igor V. Tischenko

Waterflood Optimization on an Inverted 7-Spot Pattern Using Core, Well Log, and Seismic Data in Popo Area, Minas Field, Central Sumatra Basin

Andrew Ivan Julius Sitorus, Edy Sunardi, Abdurrokhim, Henri S.M.P. Silalahi

Well Control Approach in Slim Hole Wells Applications and HP Environment

Andre Glowacz, Bernard Lopez, Christian Baranthol

Well Performance Optimization With Electric Submersible Pump Using Production Software

August J.P., Ridwan Kiay Demak