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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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3D Modeling and Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs - An Integrated Approach

Subrata K. Chakraborty, Mega Ardhiani Puspa

3D VSP Finite-Difference Acoustic Modeling to Address Advance Seismic Imaging Challenges in Bintuni Bay – Irian Jaya Barat

Angke Nuraeni, Greg J. Schurter, Yayat Supriyatna, Supriyono, Brian Hornby, Cemal Erdemir

An Account for the Petroleum Prospectivity of the Southern Mountain of West Java: A Geological Frontier in the West?

Edy Sunardi, Billy G. Adhiperdana

Alternative Strategies for Modelling Complex Structures

Stephen Tyson

Applicable Alternative Petroleum Fiscal System in Indonesia

Yosef Parlindungan, Syamsul Irham, Yunan Muzaffar

The Application of Balancing Cross-Section and Sandbox Modeling for Imbricate Thrust System Characterization in the Sumedang Area of West Java

Pipin Ariyanto, Asep Indra Maulana, Aditya Suardiputra

Area-1 Squeezed Leak Handling: A Case Study in Implementing a Mechanical Packer Assembly at Minas Field, Indonesia

Ronny Indra, Suandy Chandra

Assessing Opportunities for Future Commercialization of Indonesia’s LNG

Chassty Manuhutu, Mira Maulidiana

Avian Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan in Total E & P Indonesie

Josef Susanto, Richard Morel, Eko Wahju Tjahjono, Junovi Setiono, Putu Bida

AVO-Inversion for Reservoir Characterization of Baturaja Carbonate, Gunung Kembang Field, South Sumatra Basin

Yudi Yanto, Tino Febriwan

AVO Analysis and Simultaneous Inversion of Spec Survey Data in Arafura Sea

Feby Hapsari, Irfan Saputra, John Coffin, Liyanto

Balancing Cross-Section and Sandbox Modeling of Satui Fold-Thrust-Belt, Asem-Asem Basin, South Kalimantan

Benyamin Sapiie, Astyka Pamumpuni, Meli Hadiana

Booster Compressor Evaluation to Support NSO “A” Offshore Gas Deliverability Upgrade

Purwanto T. Widjaya, Dwi M Sulistio

Building a Reservoir Model With Crossing Conjugate Faults

Karen S. Hoffman, John W. Neave, Erik H. Nilsen

A Case Example of Carbon-Oxygen Logging for Reservoir Monitoring in a Highly-Depleted Reservoir in Indonesia Beruk-27 Case History – RMTE

D. Hernadi, Ridwan, B. Abrar, R. Rodríguez, A. Fadjarijanto, H. Kusumaningsih

Cenozoic Carbonates and Their Reservoir Development of in SE Asia

Moyra E.J. Wilson

Collecting Single-Phase Retrograde Gas Samples at Near-Dewpoint Reservoir Pressure in Carbonates Using a Pump-Out Formation Tester With an Oval Pad

Chris Jones, Wandi Alta, Jorawar Singh, Bob Engelman, Mark Proett, Bob Pedigo

Collision and Post-Collision Tectonics in Indonesia: Roles for Basin Formation and Petroleum Systems

Awang Harun Satyana, Cipi Armandita, Rudhy Laurel Tarigan

Compete in Quality: Valuing and Scoring of Anomalies and Incident Reporting

Muhammad Najib, Diah Kusumawati

Continuous Improvement on Drilling Waste Handling

Agung Budi Rudiantoro

Contractor Supervisors and Foremen HSE Authorization Implementation in Total E&P Indonesie Operation

Suhendi, A. Dahlan

Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM): A Game Changing Technology for Frontier Deepwater Exploration? A User’s Perspective

Herry Maulana

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives in the Oil & Gas Industry

Jeff Staples

Creating Value From Private-Public Partnership During Exploration

Ivanina Z. Pane, Arry Pongtiku

Deep Crustal Structure of East Java Sea Back-Arc Region From Long-Cable 2D Seismic Reflection Data Integrated With Potential Fields Data

Menno G. Dinkelman, James W. Granath, Peter A. Emmet, Dale E. Bird

Depositional Facies Analysis and Sequence Stratigraphy Based on Outcrop at Loa Janan, Samarinda Seberang and Its Implication to Reservoir Characterization at “Intan” Field, Kutai Basin

M. Haekal M., Rienno Ismail

Designing a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for a Coalbed Methane (CBM) Project in Order to Balance the Share Portions of the Government and the Contractor

Bramastra Lalean

The Development of the Sisi Nubi Field Phase I – A Gas Field Offshore in East Kalimantan Province

Dodiek Irwanto, Sylvain Nothhelfer

Diagenesis and Porosity Development of Baturaja Formation in “X-1” Well “X” Field, South Sumatra

Arif Susanto, Emmy Suparka, Dardji Noeradi, Musalam Latuconsina

Direct Current Resistivity Method for Shallow Hydrocarbon Exploration

Aditya A. Juanda, Andika P., David P. Sahara, Dhea Wachju D., Reza P. A. B., Eko Mario C. L., Warsa

Domain Based Geologic Modeling of a Fractured Granite Reservoir

Joel J.Guttormsen, James M. Wade, Rita Achita

Economics of the Indonesian PSC

Guy Allinson, Geodi Naim

Effective Data Denoising and Imaging in the Sanga Sanga PSC Using CRS Approach

Michele Buia, Paolo Marchetti, Amalia Setoputri, Teguh Nugraha

Engaging Local Government in Promoting Good CSR Practices and Sustainable Development Through Multi-Stakeholder Engagement

Muhammad Aldi Alizar, Armita Rahadini, Elizabeth Love

Enhancing Resolution and Improving Imaging: The New Dual-Sensor Seismic Streamer

Natasha Hendrick, Andrew Long, Rune Tenghamn

The EOR Impact of Bacteria From Handil Field in Kalimantan on Crude Oil From X Reservoir in Java Island

Amalia Yunita Halim, Nuryati Juli, Dea Indriani Astuti, Septoratno Siregar

EOR Selection Road Map for the Kaji Semoga Field: Challenges and Lessons Learnt

Danny Hutagalung, Dwi Marlia Sari, Herman Sanitioso, Tomi Afandi

Experience of a Large Scale Thermal Desorption Project in the Mahakam Delta, Indonesia

Jean-Claude Choux, Christian Hun, Ndaru Yahyono, Elok Permata

Fast Track Reservoir Characterisation of a Subtle Paleocene Deep Marine Turbidite Field Using a Rock Physics and Seismic Modelling Led Workflow

H.J.S. Morris, R. Christensen, D. Gawith, M. Millwood-Hargrave

The Fazenda Alegre Journey Into Intelligent Energy - Lessons Learned From a Successful Holistic Approach of People, Process and Technology Aligned to Business Strategy and Results

W. L. Vinturini, G. B. de Castro, J. H. S. Crespo, J. R. Albernaz, M. A. S. Lopes, A. Valadares

A Field Case Study of CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifer

Zahrohtul Misfaroh, Letty Brioletty, Ego Syahrial, Sugihardjo

Field Observation of Southern Buton: An Overview of Hydrocarbon Manifestation and Its Geological Setting

Heri Tanjung, Nano Sukarno, Yuniarti Yuskar, Hadi Hermawan, Adam D. Zeiza, Bernad P.H. Sinaga, Firdaus Sunandar, Ferdy Ferdyant

Flare Gas Recovery: GHG Emission Reduction and Monetizing Waste

Cahyono Edy Prasetyo, Benny Rahadian

Fluid Substitution as an AVO Calibration for Quantifying Uncertainty of Gas Presence in Late Miocene Binio Sandstone, Kampar Area, Central Sumatra Basin

Istiqlal Dalimunthe, Pamela Amelia Barus, Jhon Johannes Wood, Febrie Ekaninggarani

Formation Evaluation of “FEAW” Sand (Multi Layer Reservoir) to Find New Interesting Zones in Mature Field, Study Case: “Hati” Field, Central Sumatra Basin

Erawati Fitriyani Adji, Sarju Winardi

Forward Sediment Modeling of Carbonate Platform Growth and Demise, East Java Basin: Example North Madura

Tina M. Hughes, J. A. (Toni) Simo, Amy S. Ruf, Fiona Whitaker

Frontmatter: Proceedings of the 32nd IPA Convention and Exhibition


The Gas Business and Pricing Practices in Indonesia

Roy Karamoy

Gas Lift Stability in the Kaji-Semoga Field in Rimau Asset of Medco E & P Indonesia “Case Study”

Nova Arthur Rilian, Ilham S. Permadi, Tri Harjanto Puspoasmoro

Getting Out From Indonesia Energy Crisis: Re-Thinking the Balancing of Indonesia’s Energy Supply-Demand Situation

Salis S. Aprilian

Horizontal Well and Future Waterflood in a Mature Field

Ridwan Widijanto, Aries Soepryanto

How to Break Communication Barriers for Enhancing Safety Awareness on Rigs

Alain Besson

How to Subdivide Fluvial Deposits Into a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Using Borehole Images (Echo-Yodel Field SW Shelf Australia Case Study)

Adriaan A. Bal

Hydrocarbon Play in Ketungau-Melawi Basins

Willy Brodus Bossu Passe, Handra Rasfi Eko Nugraha, Mirza Alfikri Wijaya, Liswanto Sitio, Yulia Febriyeni

Hydrocarbon Play of West Natuna Basin and Challenge for New Exploration Related to Structural Setting and Stratigraphic Succession

Moh. Resawan Hakim, Mateos Y. Y. Naiola, Yoseph R. A. Simangunsong, Krishna P. Laya, Tengku Y. W. Muda

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Pre-Tertiary Interval in the Offshore Berau Area, Bird’s Head, Papua

Edward Syafron, Ruly Mardani, Sri W. Susilo, Rijal Anshori

Illuminating Reservoirs With Electromagnetics

Leonard J. Srnka

Important Parameters of Injecting Fluid Design in ASP-EOR Projects

Sugihardjo, Edward ML Tobing, Ego Syahrial

Induced Alterations to the Energy State Within Oil and Gas Fields: A New Technology for Enhanced Hydrocarbon Production

Ikram Kerimov, Seymur Kerimov

Insights on Oligocene-Miocene Carbonate Mound Morphology and Evolution From 3D Seismic Data, East Java Basin, Indonesia

Amy S. Ruf, J. A. (Toni) Simo, Tina M. Hughes

Integrated Approach in the War for Talent

Parluhutan Sibuea, MH Manullang, Rachmat S. Marpaung, Irna Yuliawati, Damaiyanti Sakti M

Is the Kalimantan to Java Gas Pipeline Still Practical?

Richard A. Fuller

Key Aspects of Multi-Azimuth Acquisition and Processing

James Keggin, Ted Manning, Walter Rietveld, Chris Page, Eivind Fromyr, Roald van Borselen, Mazin Farouki

The Laboratory Study of Indigenous Bacterial Activities From Handil Oil Reservoir for MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) Application

Isty A. Purwasena, Nuryati Juli, Septoratno Siregar

Low Frequency Shadow Zone Analysis Based on CWT Spectral Decomposition: Case Study of South Sumatra Basin

Abdul Haris, I Nengah Suabdi, Erwinsyah, Adriansyah, Abdullah Nurhasan, Ahsanul Khair, Ian A. Kainama

Low Resistivity Low Contrast Pay in Complex Miocene Reservoirs of the Malaysia Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA)

Chai Shin Ni, Steve Carney, Libny Leal, Dave Boardman, Keith Shepstone

Managing Reservoir Uncertainty at the North Belut Field, Offshore Indonesia, Natuna Sea: An Integrated Analysis of Biostratigraphy, Core, Wireline and Seismic Data

Phil Salvador, William R. Morris, Robert J. Morley, Mayesta Gunarto, Rahadian Adhyaksawan, Michael Challis

Managing the Oil in Water Content of NSO Overboard Water

Teguh H. Susanto, Tania Irani, Jenny Hutomo

Marine Safety Process at Chevron Kalimantan Operation

Yudi Pantja Putera, Arief Yunan

Middle Miocene Meliat Formation in the Tarakan Island, Regional Implications for Deep Exploration Opportunity

H. Ellen, M.N. Husni, U. Sukanta, R. Abimanyu, Feriyanto, T. Herdiyan

MIT™ (Multi-Finger Imaging Tool) and CHIME™ 3D Visualization for TRSV Damaged Sealbore Inspection at Total E&P Indonésie

Tomi Sugiarto, Lamris Pangihutan, Thresia Nurhayati

Mud Diapirs and Mud Volcanoes in Depressions of Java to Madura: Origins, Natures, and Implications to Petroleum System

Awang Harun Satyana, Asnidar

Natural Gas Value Chain, Preparing Competitive Domestic Market for the Future

Ahmed Syarif, Rizky Muhammad Kahfie

North Belut 3D Seismic Processing Experience: The First High-Resolution High-Density Q-Marine Survey Conducted in Indonesia

Andreas T. Waluyo, Michael I. Challis

Novel Land and Marine Solutions Including Time-Lapse Using High Resolution Multi-Transient EM

Folke Engelmark

A Novel Multilateral Construction Technique Is Applied in Indonesia, Yielding Multiple-Fold Improvements in Well Productivity

Mark Soper, Indra Utama, Lance Portman, Jason Czapla, Reggie Leonard

NSO Gas Field Simulation and Production Optimization

Edward Susanto, Hendra Priadi, Prabodh Pathak

Oil to Source Correlation for Detect Hydrocarbon Origin and Migration on Offshore Southwest Salawati Basin

Beiruny Syam, Achmad Helman Hamdani, Yuyun Yuniardi, Nana Djumhana

Optimization of a Paraffinic Oil Transmission Pipeline Network Design: Simulation Approach

Leksono Mucharam, Septoratno Siregar, Darmadi, Musyoffi Yahya, Achirul Akbar

Optimization of a Peripheral Waterflood in a Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study of the Kaji Semoga Field

Danny Hutagalung, Dwi Marlia Sari, Tomi Afandi

Optimization of the Tunu Field Reserves and Deliverability Through a Progressive Bottom-Up Perforation Strategy

Yan Muhazir, Jesselin Bachtiar, Sitha Rukmi, Toni-Okto Muhroni, Mia Aryani, Bayu Setyo Handoko, Eric Zaugg

Optimizing Appraisal via a Fit-for-Purpose Seismic Inversion Conditioned Geologic Model: A Case Study From “J” Field, East Java

Sony Radito Mohammad, Colin Lyttle

Optimizing Liquid Prediction in a Gas Condensate Field

Wandi Alta, Chris Jones, Heri Suryanto

Overburden Compensation: A Pragmatic Solution to the Frequency Dependent Amplitude Losses Associated With Laterally Variable Overburden

Swee Leng NG, Martin Bayly

Overcoming Seismic Attenuation Caused by Shallow Gas Above at a Gas Field Offshore Indonesia to Quantitatively Characterize the Reservoir Through Simultaneous Inversion

Cecep W. Rudiana, Bambang Irawan, Denny Sulistiono, Mark Sams

P-Wave Azimuthal Anisotropy and Its Application in Sandstone-Conglomeratic in Yani Oil Field

Zha Chaoyang, Shen Shuirong, Hairunnisa, Xia Tianfang

Permian-Cretaceous Hydrocarbon Prospectivity at Berau – Papua

Yanto Kambu, Wahyu Permana

A Proposed New Model for the Tectonic Evolution of South Java, Indonesia

Bernhard W. Seubert, Fithri Sulistianingsih

Qualitative Seismic Attribute in Drilling Oil and Gas Development Wells, Kerisi Field, Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Yasril Kahar, Vaughn L. Ball, Sunil K. Shalia

Rapid Multiple-Scenario Depth Structure Risk Analysis Case Study in Cuulong Basin, Vietnam

Nguyen Nam, Hong Shien Lee

Recognition of Progradational Shelf Deposits in the Middle Miocene of Kutai Basin

Irfan Cibaj, Agung Wiweko

The Recovery Optimization Strategy for a Thin Oil Column Reservoir With Large Gas Cap: Case Study of the Gunung Kembang Field

Dwi Hudya Febrianto, Amritzar Aimar

Regional Controls on the Development of Carbonates in East Natuna Basin and Luconia Area

Mohd Razali Che Kob, Muhammad Yamin Ali

Relative Permeability Modifier Application in High Permeability and Mature Fields: Minas Case Study

Nugroho Jati, Wing Bhramono Yudiarto

Reservoir Characteristics of Donggi Field, Central Sulawesi, Using Inversion and AVO Analysis Methods

Dede Suherman, M. Aris Isnandar, Syaiful Damuar, Artini Sukotjo, Suprapto Soemardan

Reservoir Characterization of Complex Basement – Dayung

Romi Sagita, Quintari Chandra Sari, Muadz Chalik, Achdiat Rita, Redo Waworuntu, Joel Guttormsen

Reservoir Characterization of Thin Oil Columns to Improve Development Drilling in a Carbonate Reservoir: Case Study of Gunung Kembang Field

Ricky SW Handayani, Dadan Setiawan, Tomi Afandi

Reservoir Modeling, Fault Seal Analysis and Volume Uncertainty Estimation Using Experimental Design and Monte Carlo Technique of a Prospect Within Attaka Field

Yuniyanto, Mark Feit, Lothar Schulte

Reservoir Mo Reservoir Modeling of Shallow Zone in Handil Field, Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan

Ratna Widiarti, Dardji Noeradi

Reservoir Quality of Cenozoic Carbonate Buildups and Coral Reef Terraces

Moyra E.J. Wilson

Revegetation Activities to Reclaim Abandoned SLS Gas Field

Syahrul Radhi, Novita Khanim, Elviera Putri, Agung Dhamar Syakti, Yadi Setiadi

Right Time Analysis for the Digital Oilfield

Steven Knabe, David Shaw, Steve Webb

Seismic Image Enhancement of the Banyu Urip Carbonate Buildup, Cepu KKS, With Effective Data Denoise and Q-Compensated PSDM

Gene Skeith, Peter Traynin, J. M. Reilly, Mike Rainwater, Parada Devy Silitonga

Seismic Imaging Through Gas Cloud Using Borehole Seismic Walkaway Technique; A Case Example From Offshore Malaysia

Teck Kean Lim, Gunawan Taslim, Amy Mawarni M Yusoff

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Model of the Ngimbang Carbonate Reservoir in Pagerungan Utara Offshore, Kangean Block, East Java

Osamu Takano, Arya Disiyona, Arie Purba Tata, Bagyo Heruyono

A Simulation Tool for Predicting an Optimum Pigging Schedule in a Gas Transmission Pipeline

Leksono Mucharam, Kuntjoro A. Sidarto, Rieske Hadianti, Darmadi, Evi Wahyuningsih, Ferry Pranolo, Indra S. Firmansyah

Simultaneous Operations Implementation (SIMOPS) in the Sisi-Nubi Fields

Muhammad Najib, Suhendi, Ashif Hadad

Single Trip Multi-Zone Gravel-Packing - A Case Study - Total E&P Indonesie’ on Handil, Bekapai, Sisi and Nubi Fields

Eric Delattre, Muhammad Sofyan, Mark Banman, Siswara Suryadana

The Sisi-Nubi Case History: Reservoir Characterization in a Challenging Geological Setting

Arnaud Laffaure, Philippe Dupouy, Noor Syarifuddin

Sisi Nubi Development Drilling: A Challenging Well Construction Process

Pierre Brossollet, Armel Simondin

A Software Breakthrough for Tackling Challenging Kick Situations in Indonesia Fields: Sisi Nubi, Tunu and Tambora

Bernard Lopez, Philippe Essel, Patrick Isambourg

Source Investigation of Oils Discovered in the West Kampar Block, Central Sumatra Basin

Miftah Mazied, Syaeful Amin, Cepi Irawan

South Mahakam Exploration and Development: Synergies That Make It Happen

Noor Syarifuddin, Muhammad Azhar, Cepi M. Adam, Agung Wiweko, Philippe Dupouy, Soegianto Tjiptowijono, Patrick Zaugg, Remy Truchette, Nicholas Langevin, Alain Ripayre

Spectral Induced Polarization: A New Way for Hydrocarbon Prospect Prediction

Feisal Dirgantara

Structural Uncertainty Study: An Example From Sisi Nubi Fields

Rangga A. Brahmantio, Cepi M. Adam, Arnaud Laffaure, Emmanuel Chavanne, Noor Syarifuddin

Study to Predict Liquid Holdup in Undulating Pipeline

Leksono Mucharam, Evi Wahyuningsih, Muchammad Ircham

Supervised and Unsupervised Neural Networks Technique in Facies Classification and Interpretation

Jayanti Anggraini, Mega Ardhiani Puspa

Surface Geochemical Exploration and Heat Flow Surveys in Fifteen (15) Frontier Indonesian Basins

Bernie B. Bernard, James M. Brooks, Peter Baillie, John Decker, Philip A. Teas, Daniel L. Orange

Sustainable Development Communication – The Mahakam Delta Book

Suripno, Erwin Santosa

Sustaining Production Improvements in the Echo West Java Field Through BP’s Common Process

Achmad Soendaroe, Joko Tri Wardhono

Table of Contents: 32nd Annual Convention Proceedings, 2008

Tectonic Fractures Analysis of Carbonate Baturaja Formation, Pondok Tengah Field Using Coherence Attributes

Joko Padmono, Endro Hartanto, Adang Sukmatiawan, Arif Prasetyo, Anom Prasetya, Arief Krisnandya, Tommy Hendriansyah, Nuli Yudhandono

Tertiary Hydrocarbon Play in NW Arafura Shelf, Offshore South Papua: Frontier Area in Eastern Indonesia

Tiur Aldha, Kim Jae Ho

U-Pb Dating of Detrital Zircons From West Java Show Complex Sundaland Provenance

Benjamin Clements, Robert Hall

Updating of Indonesian Tertiary Sedimentary Basins

Djoko Sunarjanto, Bambang Wicaksono, Sriwijaya, Suprajitno Munadi, Bambang Wiyanto

Using Real Options Analysis on PSC Contract Term Negotiation

Nuzulul Haq

Utilizing the Two-Way Wave Equation: Reverse Time Pre-Stack Depth Migration

Matthew H. Karazincir, Clive M. Gerrard, Andrew Long, Lynn B. Comeaux

VICO Indonesia Green House Gas Management

Julfrida Nababan, Rukanda

A View From the Other Side: Multinational Companies’ Role in Assisting Developing Countries to Comply With Customary International Environmental Law

Dhanny Jauhar

Well Log Data Conditioning Using a Rock Physics Modeling Approach: Examples From the Banyu Urip Field, Cepu KKS, East Java Basin

Shiyu Xu, Soman Chacko

The “Tsunami” Survey Offshore Sumatra, a Cooperative Geo-Technical Project for Deep Crustal Study WesternGeco/Schlumberger/CNRS-IPG Paris/BPPT

Soelistijani M, Martin Bayly, Tim Bunting, Satish C. Singh