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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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3D Modeling of Kerek Turbidite Sand Bodies Based on Outcrop Study in Kedungjati Area, Central Java: An Analog for Sandy Miocene Formation in Western Kendeng Zone

Fery Andika Cahyo, Iqbal Fardiansyah, Octavika Malda, Carolus Prasetyadi

4D Seismic Reservoir Characterization of a CO2 Flood: A New Technology

Sony R. Mohammad, Thomas L. Davis

Accurate and Efficient Coarse-Scale Simulation for Giant Gas Fields Using Transmissibility-Based Upscaling

Toshinori Nakashima

Achieving Effective Stimulation of High Temperature Carbonate Formations in South Sumatra Through the Combination of Emulsified and Viscoelastic Self-Diverting Acids

Bambang Iriyanto, Tri Nugroho, Mutiara Madyanova, Rizka Hezmela, Cesar Guimaraes, Pedro Artola

Advanced Approach Toward Understanding Geologically Complex Area Using MDRS (Multi-Dip CRS): A Case Study

Naoshi Aoki, Shogo Narahara, Akihisa Takahashi, Tsukasa Nishiki

Air Injection Process as a Tertiary Oil Recovery in the Watered Out Japanese Oil Field

Katsumo Takabayashi, Hiroshi Uematsu, Haruo Maeda

Alternative Use of Castor Oil for Vegetable Oil-Based Mud Environmentally Friendly Potential Domestic Oil-Based Mud

Wachid Setyawan, Adnan Syarafi Ashfahani, Kartika Fajarwati, Bonar Marbun, Robert Manurung

Alternative Ways to Manage Students: Part of Our Professional Responsibility

Mayesta O. Gunarto

Anisotropic Multi-Azimuthal Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging on Tulip 3D Coil Shooting Survey

Michele Buia, Suyang Chen, Olga Zdraveva, Swee Leng Ng, Martin Bayly, Michelle Tham

Application of Additives Enhancement in Reducing Time for Bioremediation Process of Drilling Mud

Esther Elias, Irwan Hardiyanto, Laksmi F. Noer, Indah Sudjono, Bong Wei Chang

Applications of Wireline Mobilities in Estimating Gas Well Deliverability Potential

Mursal Noor, Darwis Kurniawan

B-Field Reservoir Simulation - Characterization of Carbonate Fracture Permeability Using Single and Dual Porosity Models

Michael Sun, Imam N. Akbar

Biogenic Gas Exploration and Development in Bentu PSC

R. W. Yuwono, B. S. Fitriana, P. S. Kirana, S. Djaelani, B. A. Sjafwan

The Bird’s Neck: New Data, New Interpretation

Vivien Bailly, Jean-Claude Ringenbach, Julia de Sigoyer, Manuel Pubellier

Building a Strong HSE Culture

Budiman Sarwidi, Henry Simanjuntak, Hari Subagyo, Marihot Sitompul, Parluhutan Sibuea

Carbonate Fractured Reservoir Characterization Using Analogue Outcrop Study of the Rajamandala Carbonate Complex, West Java

Benyamin Sapiie, Astyka Pamumpuni, Eril Suhada Lanin, Isto Janata, Dwiharso Nugroho, Toni Simo

Case Study - Advanced Seismic Acquisitions and Processing Results in Indonesia

Michele Buia, Bakhrudin Mansyur, Herastya Iman Priyonggo

Central-Tunu 3D Transition Zone Acquisition - Technical and Planning Coordination Challenges in Populated Areas, and on a Field Under Intensive Development (Tunu Field, Indonesia)

Michel Erbetta, Florent Bertini, J. Bonnafé, M. Saleh, Olivier de Pellegars, P. Faure, H. Lancien

The Challenge of Pore Pressure Prediction in Indonesia’s Warm Neogene Basins

Agus M. Ramdhan, Neil R. Goulty, Lambok M. Hutasoit

Channel – Levee Complexes in a Slope Turbidite Series of Lower Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan

Irfan Cibaj

Characteristics of Turbidite Deposits of Halang Formation Based on Outcrops and Thin Section Petrography Descriptions in Cisanggarung River, Kuningan, West Java

Heri Setiawan

Chemostratigraphy Concepts and Case Studies

John Woods, Paul Montgomery, Ted Playton, David Katz, Mitch Harris, Jean Hsieh, Gareth Jones, Bill Robinson, Doug McCarthy, Ken Ratcliffe, Milly Wright, Jennifer Sano, David Wray, Maodu Yan, Eric Tohver, Peter Cawood, Florian Wellmann, Kelly Hillbun, Peter Ward, Joe Kirschvink, Sara Peek, Kliti Grice, Ericin Maslen, Ken Williford, Roger Hocking, Peter Haines, Phillip Playford, Trevor Holland, Updesh Singh, Matthew Duke, Mihai Ducea

CO2 Injection to Enhanced Gas Recovery in Depleted Gas Reservoir

R. M. Prayuda Azhar, Muhammad Yusuf, Guntur Susanto, Sutopo

Collision of Microcontinents With Eastern Sulawesi: Records From Uplifted Reef Terraces and Proven-Potential Petroleum Plays

Awang Harun Satyana, Margaretha E.M. Purwaningsih

Combined Diving Wave Refraction Tomography and Reflection Tomography for PSDM Velocity Model Building (Bekapai Field, Indonesia)

Andi Kusuma, Florent Bertini, Jacques Bonnafe, Artem Sazykin, Swee Leng Ng

A Comparative Study in Deciding Between Conventional Vertical Drilling and Horizontal Multilateral Drilling for Coalbed Methane

B. Marbun, T. Thariq

Comparison of EMD and S-Transform Spectral Decomposition for Characterizing Hydrocarbon Reservoir: Case Study of East Java Basin

Abdul Haris, A. M. Ustad, Didik Ardiyanto, Gadang G. Wihardy, Budiyono, Tri Bowo, Murti Widyawan

A Completion Strategy for Optimizing Bypassed Oil Recovery From a High Permeability Contrast Behaviour

Meita Silaban, Wandy Hendrawan

Contingency Planning for Deepwater Spill Scenarios

Yoppy Tan

Conventional Velocity Model Seems to Be the Best!

Hijreen Binti Ismail, M. Izham Kassim, Khairul Hamidi Khalid, Safitri Nurida, Wahyudin Bahri Nasifi, Hendra Iriansyah Darmawan, Rizki Krishna Pratama, M. Anuar Ismail, Noor Azmah Abdullah, Indah Edria Amorita

Cost Benefit Analysis of Gas Transportation Between Pipeline and CNG

Arsegianto, Darmadi, Evi Wahyuningsih, Houssene Fabrice Nissaraly, Muhammad Islahuddin, Bernard, Febi Haryadi

Current Oil Spill Response Challenges in Indonesia

Patricia Njoto

Current State-of-the-Art of Proppant Technology

Astra A. Pramana, Sudjati Rachmat, Doddy Abdassah

Deep-Water Site Investigation – Makassar Straits (Indonesia)

Ellen De Man, Frank Ashby, John Bacheller, Agung Cahyono, Suriamin, James Corthay, Peter Hillock, Scott Wilmot

A Deep-Water VSP Borehole Seismic Case History With Lessons Learned, Problems Solved and Values Demonstrated

William L. Soroka, Vincent Favreu, Ericska Kariman, Aldrin Muchtar

Deep Pore Fluid Pressure Prediction in Challenging Areas, Malay Basin, SE Asia

Stephen O’Connor, Richard Swarbrick, Jamaal Hoesni, Richard Lahann

Developing CBM Business: Improving Fiscal Terms, Attracting Investors

Taufik R. Sidik

Dip Data Estimation From a Multi Depth Investigation Array Induction Tool for Improved Structural Analysis

Ade Setiawan, Samira Ahmad, Udit Kumar Guru

Disaster Awareness Education in the School as Model for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Around Geological Hazard Prone Area

Dicky Muslim, Evi Haerani, Motohiko Shibayama, Naoko Kagawa

A Dominant Autocyclic Signal on Supergreenhouse Carbonates

Adam Zeiza, Ganqing Jiang, Jonathan Baker

Drilling Optimization Using Geomechanics Aides in Successful Drilling Campaign in HPHT Field in South Sumatra, Indonesia: A Case Study

Gustioro Purwagautama, Idi Yusuf Afandi, Nova Kristianawatie, Dino Akbar, Ngurah Beni Setiawan, Somesh Bahuguna, Leo Anis

Drilling Optimization Using Mechanical Earth Model in an Over-Pressured Field in East Java, Indonesia: A Case Study

M. Khawadja Kamaluddin, Andi M. Adiwiarta, Somesh Bahuguna, Cicik Sukma Setya Wahyu

Early Carbonate Growth in the East Java Basin, Indonesia: A Case Study From the Jambaran Field

Stefaan Van Simaeys, Frank Musgrove, Nathaniel Stephens, Allan Weidmer, Adam Zeiza, Rizky Sekti, Aram Derewetsky, Toni Simo

Early Deepwater Drilling Results From a New Exploration Play, Offshore West Sulawesi, Indonesia

John Bacheller III, Steven P. Buck, Agung B. Cahyono, Stephen R. Polis, C. Edward Helsing, Zulfitriadi, Ellen M. De Man, Peter M. Hillock, Amy S. Ruf, Jeffrey K. Toxey

Economic Evaluation on Bidding Proposals in the Tender of Oil and Gas Blocks

Nuzulul Haq

An Effective Oil and Gas Data Management Solution on Indonesia Open Data Status

Aang Risdiana, Agung P. Widodo, Arditya Nugraha, Nurul Amri

The Effect of NOB to Porosity and Permeability in Turbidite Deep Water Reservoir Rock

C. Sugama, N. A. Atmajasetiadi, D. H. Putranto

Engaging Multi-Stakeholder to Undertake Strategic Community Investment Program

Adis Noer Rachmi Prima Dewi, Aldi Muhammad Alizar, Rizal Kapita, Amelia Bruce

Enhancing Seismic Interpretation Using Crosswell Seismic: Case Study From Indonesia

Tri Handayani, Zeppy Irwanzah, M. Taslim, Sanjeev Dogra, Ajay Nalonnil, Bruce Marion, Pedro Carrillo Reyes

Evaluation of Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs (CBM) Using a Down-Hole Geo-Chemical Tool

Haris Kurniawan Hidayat, Udit Kumar Guru

Evaluation of Indonesian Production Sharing Contract: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach

Hesti Zianofa Cayarani

Evaluation of the Mesozoic Stratigraphy of Misool Island and Implications for Petroleum Exploration in the Bird’s Head Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Edward Syafron

Extended Thermal Stimulation in Down Dipping: Part of Field Maturation Strategy in Duri Steam Flood

Rosyadi, Nugroho Jati, Mezy Maroni

Facies Analysis and Sequence Stratigraphy of Tertiary Subsurface (Cepu Block) and Surface (Rajamandala Limestone) Carbonates of Java, Indonesia

Rizky P. Sekti, Fikril Hakiki, Aram N. Derewetzky, Christian J. Strohmenger, Shawn M. Fullmer, Toni Simo, Benyamin Sapiie, Dwiharso Nugroho

Facies Analysis of the Tertiary Rajamandala Limestone Integrating Surface and Subsurface Data (Java, Indonesia)

Fikril Hakiki, Rizky P. Sekti, Aram N. Derewetzky, Christian J. Strohmenger, Shawn M. Fullmer, Toni Simo, Benyamin Sapiie, Dwiharso Nugroho

Facies Architecture and Depositional Relationship of Batu Raja Carbonates in Letang, Rawa, and Tengah Field, Corridor Block, South Sumatra

Vicki Amir, Rita Achdiat, Maria Meirita, Joel Guttormsen

Feasibility Study of Underbalanced Drilling Fluid Design in Depleted Reservoir: Case Study Field X, Indonesia

Irfan Hariz, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun

Filling the Inversion “Gap” Without Well Data: Multi Level Sources and Streamers Help Improve Inversion

Martin Bayly, Dominic Lowden, Bruce Webb, Ed Kragh

FPSO Operations Performance: Metrics & Lessons

Richard M. Tucker

Fracture Characterization in Contrasting Platform Carbonate Facies, Muak Lek and Chumphae Areas, Central-Northeast Thailand

Rahmat Utomo, John Warren, Winarno Susanto

Fully Integrated Approach in Cementing Leads to Success in Zonal Isolation of a Highly Depleted Reservoir

Candra Sutama, N.L.K.M. Widhihabsari, Eddy Sutrisna, Yudhi Prayogo, M. Fadil

Gas Field Production Optimization Using Integrated Network Modeling – Case Study of SSE Gas Management

Aldani Malau, Dimas Johannes Napitupulu, Virzi Firmansyah, Sihat Aji Wardoyo, Dyah Pitaloka C., Prihandono Aditama, Ahmad Sujai, Heru Wijaya Pamungkas, Elisa Wijayanti, Zakia Nurdini Barkah, Mirza Azhari

Geocellular Modelling of Vorwata, Wiriagar Deep, Roabiba and Ofaweri Fields, Tangguh JV

Ana Widyanita, Astuti Purwati, Joaquin Naar, Wahyu Hidayat

Geographic Response Strategy: An Integrated System for Effective Spill Response

Sito Mirah Ayu, Juli Rusjanto, Romy Irvan Prasetyo, Puguh Sarwanto, Hidayatullah

Geological Observation of Soe, Kuanfatu, Kualin Area and Its Implications for Petroleum System of West Timor

Samson H. Sinaga, Rady Adiarsa, Faraoqi Al’ayubie, Didi Aulia, Ida Agus Arindra, Ivan R. Sialagan, Heri Tanjung

Geothermal Drilling – An Overview

Bonar Marbun, Samuel Zulkhifly, Irfan Hariz, Dita Khairina

High Energy Shape Charge: A Novel Technology to Improve Productivity in Stressed Rock

Riko Mudayana, Andy J. Martin, Mohammad Farid Amin

Horizontal Well Length Optimization Using Application of Genetic Algorithm Model for X Gas Field

Deci Zulvi Amelia, Tutuka Ariadji, Lala Septem Riza

How to Develop a Sustainable Program That Links to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) & Proper Rating – Case Study: SSE Block

Yusuf Suharso, Firsta Jusra Iskandar

Hydrocarbon Production During Underbalanced Drilling – A Mathematical Model to Predict Well Productivity

Samuel Zulkhifly Sinaga, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun

Hydrocarbon Traps Modeling in Mojokerto Area East Java Region Based on Gravity Data

Ilham Ulil Amri, Tenny Octaviani, Budika Indra

Impact of Steam Injection on Stress Regime and Geomechanical Model at Northern Durifield

Fitra Adlan, Aris Samadya

Important Aspects of Floating LNG Facility From Production Assurance View Points

Hiroshi Fukagawa

Improved Workflow to Build Representative and Cost-Effective Earth Models: A CPI-Sumatra Case Study

Ibnu Arif, Afifudin, Ahmad D. Al-Aruri, Kris Pedersen

Individual Development Plan (IDP) as a Compass of People Development

Iwan Kurniawan, Putra Wijaya

Infill Seismic in the Southeast Java Forearc Basin: Implications for Petroleum Prospectivity

Ian Deighton, Tom Hancock, Gavin Hudson, Muhammad Tamannai, Peter Conn, Kenny Oh

Innovative Squeeze Cementing Operations Lead to the Mature Field Production Excellence

Farid Hadiaman, Nilo Bianchi Neto, Amir Salehpour, Hanifan M. Biyanni, M. Nadrul Jamal, Hery Setyawan

An Innovative Water Shut Off Technique to Overcome Water Production Problems in a Mature West Java Field

Muhammad Iqbal Prima, Achmad Soendaroe, David Tobing, Wahyu Jatmiko

Integrated Pore Pressure Prediction: A New Powerful Concept in Field Development - Nilam Field Case Study, East Kalimantan

Usman Jauhari, Teguh Nugraha, Hazman, Andre Wijanarko

Integrating New Technologies in Earth Modeling and Effective Validation Workflows for a Large Mature Field in Indonesia: Minas Field Case Study

Fifin Afianti, Ahmad D. Al-Aruri, Kris Pedersen, Mudji Prajitno

Interpretation of DST Data Through Layered Reservoir Analysis Combined With MDT Data in a Depleted Gas Reservoir

Hiroshi Uematsu, Masahiko Nomura

Investigation of Optimized Bacterial EOR System in X Field, Kepulauan Seribu

Lukito Perkasa, Fenryco Pratama, Sandia Primeia, Nuryati Juli, Dea Indriani Astuti, Septoratno Siregar

The Journey Towards Sustainable World Class Safety Performance


Lessons Learned From Oil Spill Contingency Planning for a Frontier Drilling Location, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Dave Daly, Rod Brand, John Bates

Litho-Facies Estimation by Electrical Logging Data Set in the Jurassic Plover Formation

Tatsuya Konishi, Koichi Kihara, Takahiro Zushi

Logging While Drilling as the Kernel Acquisition – Fully Integrated Formation Evaluation in a Deepwater Exploration Campaign, Makassar Strait, Indonesia

Mathias Horstmann, Graziano Capone, Lilik Budi Riyanto, Yus Wilian, Scott Fey

Low Frequency Passive Seismic Study in Brantas Block, East Java, Indonesia

Muhammad Alwi, Sunu Hadi Praptono, Andri Murtadho

Managing Overlapping Land Usages

Surya Safari, Parluhutan Sibuea, Rudi H. Marbun, Agus Suryono, Bahari Abbas

Managing Simultaneous Well Construction and Production Operations to Assure Oil and Gas Deliverability From Delta Mahakam Fields

Hafidh Taufiqurrachman, Wakhyu Priyadi, Fata Yunus

The MSC Chitra Spill – A Case Study on the Response Operation in Elephanta Island

Geeva Varghese

A New Approach in Determining Coal Geometry and Gas Content by Using 2D Seismic and Well Logs. Case Study: Central Sumatra Basin

Asep Ginanjar, Azarico Putra, Rizaldi Oki

A New Fracturing Design Using Compositional Flow Simulation for Wells With Asphaltene Deposition Problems

Takaaki Uetani, Masahiko Nomura

Northwest Java Basin: Perspective to Apply Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Indonesia

Hendry Setiawan Lie, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun

Observation on Core Analysis Result From Different Sample Size in Kujung Carbonate Ujung Pangkah Field, East Java, Indonesia


Onshore Seismic Attribute Analysis for Reservoir Characterization With a Focus on the Acoustic Impedance Inversion and Multi-Attribute Neural-Net Technologies

Elok Galih Karuniawati, Bagus Jaya, William L. Soroka

The Origin and Significance of Gas Saturation in Coalbed Methane Plays: Implications for Indonesia

Tim A. Moore, Sadiq J. Zarrouk

Papua and Sulawesi Drainage Network and Morpho-Tectonic Study

P. van Heiningen, J. Decker, N. Kaymakci, M. Barone, P. Silva, D. Orange, P. Teas

Permeability Log Calculation by Integrating Lithology, Well Logs and DST Data – An Application to Sandstone Reservoir in Abadi Field Eastern Indonesia

Takahiro Zushi, Masato Okuno, Koichi Kihara, Tatsuya Konishi, Toru Ito

Petrology and Provenance of Sandstone From Mesozoic Sequence Soe-Kapan Block, West Timor, NTT

Didi Aulia, Samson H. Sinaga, Radi Adiarsa, Farouqi Al’ayubie, Ida B. Arindra, Fajri Nikmata, Ivan Rodelian

Pipeline Network Sustainability: Building Synergy Between Oil and Gas Industry and Other Industries in East Kalimantan

Ahmad Zuhal Fachri, Budi Aryanto, Nanang Wasis, Rudi H. Marbun

Plant Performance Test Result Evaluation Using Combination of Statistical Analysis and Steady State Process Simulation (Case Study: Suban Gas Plant Performance Test)

Doddy Pradana Widigdo, Irwin Rahman, Saidi Oemar

Potensial Hydrocarbon Reservoir at the Pliocene Carbonate Sediment, Situbondo Area, East Java

Dadan P. Amiarsa, Dardji Noeradi, Agus H. Harsolumakso, Sukma Ubaidillah

Predicting Reservoir Property Uncertainty Through AVA Monte Carlo Modeling at Kerisi and Hiu Fields, Natuna Sea

Riki Tasrianto, Yasril Kahar, John Hughes

Preliminary Study and Identification of Injection Water Compatibility for West Seno Pressure Maintenance Project

Adhia Utama J.M., Andi W. Bachtiar

Produced Water Treatment Improvement to Comply With Indonesian Regulation on Onshore Waste Water Disposal

Yadi Trusmiyadi, Farid Kurniawan, Rila Fitria, Esther Elias, Ahyat Muhyinsyah

Provenance of the Kantu Formation Sandstones, Nanga Kantu Area, Ketungau Basin, West Kalimantan

Eros S. Erriyantoro, Nurcahyo I. Basuki, R. Heryanto, Lauti D. Santy

Qualitative and Quantitative Monitoring of Seismic Quality During Data-Processing for Future Seismic Reservoir Characterization Studies (Sisi-Nubi Field, Indonesia)

Rangga A. Brahmantio, Mikhail Baturin, Florent Bertini, Jean-Marie Jourdan

Reach Out MDGs: Beyond Three Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

Ratih Rachmawati, Redha Kinanti

Real-Time Pore Pressure Monitoring Optimizes Drilling 4 Deep Water Wells in Kutei and Tarakan Basin - Offshore East Kalimantan

Graziano Capone, Giovanni Bucari, Somesh Bahuguna, Ngurah Beni Setiawan

Research Development of Resin Epoxy to Control Sand Production Problems

Imam Fathoni Rasyid, Taufan Marhaendrajana, Ecep Muhammad Mujib

Reservoir Characterization of the Gabus-1 Reservoir in North Belut Field: An Integration of Core, Well Logs and Seismic, Natuna Sea Basin, Indonesia

Yan Darmadi, Edo Hartadi, Bowo Pangarso, Irene Sihombing, Retno Wijayanti

Reservoir Information or Noise? DST PTA in High Perm Gas Reservoir – Field Case Study in Abadi Field Eastern Indonesia

Ken Makishima, Masato Okuno

Reservoir Quality and Porosity Prediction in Carbonate Using Seismic Inversion and Attributes – Case Study: Singa Field, South Sumatra Basin

Y. Yanto, T. Iswachyono, M. Arief MMZ., J. J. Wood

Rock Physics and Reservoir Characteristic of a Calcitic-Dolomitic Sandstone Reservoir

H. Morris, B. Hardy, E. Efthymiou, T. Kearney

The Role of Conventional and Unconventional Natural Gas in Indonesian Energy Security and the Development of National Economic Competitiveness

Donald Hertzmark, Richard A. Fuller

RST-PLT Through Y-Tool/Block: A Unique Solution for Depleted Reservoirs in Indonesia

M. Doddy Wiryawan, Norahmansyah, Zahratu Aini, Andy Djulaini, M. Farid Amin, Riko Mudayana

Security System in Oil and Gas Industry

Eko Supriyadi

Sedimentary Cycle Reconstruction of Reef and Fragmental Limestone in Cikamuning Area, Padalarang, West Java, Based on Shallow Well Data and Outcrop

Dwi Amanda Utami, Dardji Noeradi, Benyamin Sapiie

Seismic Attributes Correlated With Drilling Difficulties in Tertiary Carbonate, Abadi Field, Eastern Indonesia

Wataru Sekiguchi, Koji Matsui, Tatang Juhatta, Dewi Rahmalia

Seismic Lineament Analysis of a Fractured Limestone Reservoir in the Ujung Pangkah Field

Donald Easley, Ferry Yustiana, Azalea Hidayat

Seismic Processing Strategies in the Deep Water Kutai Basin – Gendalo Hub Pre-Stack Depth Migration

Xiuyuan Li, Harmit Singh, Joe Zhou, Graham Hodgkiss, Neil Young, Helmut Hsiao

Sequence Stratigraphic Correlation and Sedimentological Implications, East Java Basin: Comparisons and Lessons Learned From Outcrop and Subsurface Studies

Toni Simo, Michael Weidmer, Stefaan Van Simaeys, Rizky Sekti, Han van Gorsel, Christian Strohmenger, Aram Derewetsky

A Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Sunda Region, Based on Integration of Biostratigraphic, Lithological and Seismic Data From Nam Con Son Basin, Vietnam

Robert J. Morley, Tony Swiecicki, Dung Thuy Thi Pham

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of Muara Enim Formation to Predict Prospecting Area in TAC Pertamina – Pilona Petro Tanjung Lontar

Bily Angraini, Togi Yonathan S.

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Distribution Analyses to Define Reservoir Lateral Distribution in Meruap Field, Jambi

Dini Paramita, Rahardjo Santoso

Shallow Geohazard Interpretation From Short-Offset Deep Water 3D Seismic Data in the Makassar Straits, Indonesia

Nikolay Nenov, Dag Lundqvist, Stephen J. Hay

Simulation Study: The Influence of Temperature and H2O-O2 Mole Ratio in Injection Gas to Product Gas Quality of Underground Coal Gasification

Adnan Syarafi Ashfahani, Andang Widi Harto, Kusnanto

Sorong Fault Tectonism and Detachment of Salawati Island: Implications for Petroleum Generation and Migration in Salawati Basin, Bird’s Head of Papua

Awang Harun Satyana, Neni Herawati

Statistical Mitigation of Depth Structure Uncertainty Using Multiple Realizations for the Ujung Pangkah Field

Donald Easley, Ferry Yustiana, Willy Brianno

Stratigraphy and Sediment Provenance, Barito Basin, Southeast Kalimantan

Duncan Witts, Robert Hall, Robert J. Morley, Marcelle K. BouDagher-Fadel

Strike-Slip Systems on Tanjung-Brebes Area and Their Implication for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Totong K. Usman, Indra Yuliandri, M. Fajar, Muharram J. Panguriseng, Wuryadi S. Sadirsan, Dicky Hilmawan, A. Naskawan, M. B. Satyawan

Structural Pattern in Soe and Kolbano Block Based on Surface Data and Tectonic Implication of West Timor

Ida Bagus A, Samson Handiwan S., Didi Aulia, Radi Adiarsa, Faraoqi A., Fajri Nikmata, Ivan Rodearna

Structural Style and Evolution of the Sumatran Forearc Basins

M. Ma’ruf Mukti, Satish C. Singh, Nugroho D. Hananto, Dibakar Ghosal, Ian Deighton

Successful Application of Combined Impact Hammer and Hydraulic Shifting Tool Run on Coiled Tubing for SSD Manipulation in Highly Deviated Wells: A Case History From Offshore North West Java

Hermawan Susanto, Barkah Widyantoro, Saifuddin Islami, Kristianto Wibowo

Sumba Area: Detached Sundaland Terrane and Petroleum Implications

Awang Harun Satyana, Margaretha E.M. Purwaningsih

Synthesis of Polymer With High Salinity and Mechanical Stability Based on Cellulosic Polymer

Agus Saiful Arifin, Aditya Kurniawan, Ryanti Sari Yuliana, Cynthia Linaya Radiman, Septoratno Siregar

Technology Enabled Coiled Tubing Cleanout in Low Formation Pressure Wells

Adrian Weiss, Prama Djanaka, Campbell Kinnear

Temperature Dispersion in the Mixing Zone of Produced Water in the Lalang Strait Waters, Kondur Petroleum S.A.

Mega Nainggolan, Zahran Zulfikar

Temperature Modeling in Deep Sea Appraisal Gas Wells

Hiroshi Fukagawa, Tsuyoshi Raijo

Thin Layer Reservoir Characterization on Basal Sand, Aryani Field, Asri Basin

Zha Chaoyang, Shen Weifeng, Susandhi Ridwan, Jendra Alfredy, Widya Andine, Heri Gunawan

Time Depth Conversion of a Prospect With Near-Surface Velocity Anomalies Using Stacking Velocites and PSDM Velocities: A Comparison

Tan Boon Hua, Lothar Schulte

Towards a New Exploration Opportunity: An Inclined Gas/Water Contact, Pressure Gradients and an Overpressured Domain in and Around the Peciko Area, Mahakam Delta Province, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Hiromi Honda, Hirofumi Kobayashi, Henry Banjarnahor

True Amplitude Preserved Multi-Azimuth Pre-Stack Depth Migration for Structural and Reservoir Characterization (Sisi-Nubi Field, Indonesia)

M. Baturin, F. Bertini, J. Bonnafé, A. Riou, S. Birdus, Y. Yin

Undertaking Land Census to Support Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan

Amelia Bruce, Adis Noer Rachmi Prima Dewi, Aldi Muhammad Alizar, Rizal Kapita

An Updated Bibliography of Indonesian Geology

J.T. van Gorsel

Volcanic Reservoir Characterization of Jatibarang Formation Based on an Integrated Study of Petrography, Core, FMI, and Well Log

Zeindra Ernando, Achmad Fathoni

Well Performance Misinterpretation Due to Liquid Accumulation

Andru Ferdian