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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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2D Survey Earth Model Building and Depth Imaging Using 3D Grid-Based Tomography Technology

Eric Pearson, Suyang Chen

3D Modeling Subsurface Mapping Application to Fluvial Meandering Blocky Sand 35-1 Reservoir. Nindi Oil Field. Asri Basin. South East Sumatera

Ario Arief Iswandhani

3D Pore Pressure Prediction Model in Bentu Block – Central Sumatra Basin

Wawan A. Behaki, Aldyth Sukapradja, Ronald C. Siregar, Radig Wisnu Y, Setiabudi Djaelani, Benny A. Sjafwan

3D Structural Geology Analysis Using Integrated Analogue Sandbox Modeling: A Case Study of the Seram Thrust-Fold Belt

Benyamin Sapiie, Meli Hadiana, Masio Patria, A.C. Adyagharini, Afif Saputra, Philips Teas, Widodo

Acceleration in Regional Exploration of Indonesia: Requirement for Survival

Awang Harun Satyana, Cipi Armandita, Johnson Achmad Paju

Advanced Mud Gas Detection System Improves Formation Fluid Characterization While Drilling in Challenging Indonesia Deepwater: A Case History

Graziano Capone, Lilik Budi Riyanto, Carlo Carugo, Gionata Ferroni

Advances in Depth Imaging Technology: Rock Physics Guided Migration of Seismic Data in 3D

Nader C. Dutta, Sherman Yang, Jianchun Dai

Age, Character and Provenance of the Tipuma Formation, West Papua: New Insights from Detrital Zircon Dating

Indra Gunawan, Robert Hall, Inga Sevastjanova

Application of 3D Seismic Volume Curvature for Basement Fracture Delineation, Case Study: Suban Field, South Sumatra Basin

Baskoro Arif Kurniawan, Sugiharto Danudjaja, John Hughes

Application of Advanced Depth Imaging Technology in Shallow Water Offshore Indonesia

Michael Gidding, Suyang Chen, Steven Wiseman, Moch Asrori, Richard Bolton

The Application of Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM) for Sandstone Distribution Delineation

Ardi Hamdani Batubara, Rafika

Application of Plasma Technology to Reducing CO2 Emissions from Gas Flares in Oil and Gas Industry

Fakhrian Abqari

Application of Robust Noise Reduction on a Land 3D Seismic Data

Agus Abdullah, Jesse Shaw

Arresting Production Decline in a Heavy Oil Field in Indonesia

Peter Mark Smith, Emir Syahrir

Artificial Neural Networks for Corrosion Rate Prediction in Gas Pipelines

Sumarni, Deden Supriyatman, Kuntjoro Adjie Sidarto, Rochim Suratman, Rinaldy Dasilfa

Balancing Risk and Reward in Indonesia's Upstream

Angus Rodger

Basin Evolution and Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of the Lariang-Karama Basin: Implications for Petroleum System in Onshore West Sulawesi

Safto Raharjo, Rob Seago, Edi Wahyu Jatmiko, Ferry Bastaman Hakim, Lawrence D. Meckel

The Boundary Character of Pre-Tertiary and Tertiary Rocks in the Southern End of the North Sumatra Basin: Barisan Mountain Thrust Front?

Andang Bachtiar, Muharam Jaya Panguriseng, Hikhmadhan Gultaf, Yudi Satria Purnama

CBM Operational Lessons Learned – Barito Basin, Indonesia

Ellen De Man, Alan Gantyno, Suriamin Huang, Kenneth Petersen, Eri Saferi, Ratna Widiarti, Scott Wertanen, Setya Rahardjanto

Cenozoic History of the East Java Forearc

A.M. Surya Nugraha, Robert Hall

The Characteristics of the Sepinggan Strike Slip Fault Zone and Its Role in Forming Structural Traps the Southeast Kutei Basin

Agus Susianto, Engelbertus Rexi Esomar, Roy Rahadi, Mirzal Nur Ardhie

Chemostratigraphic Correlation of Miocene Turbidite Sequences Offshore Sabah, Malaysia

John Woods, Gamal Ragab Gaafar, Shin Ni Chai

Choosing the Best 3D Seismic Dataset for Reservoir Interpretation: A Case Study in Tunu Shallow Zone, Mahakam PSC, Indonesia

Teuku Reiza Yuanda, Rangga A. Brahmantio

Chronostratigraphic Reconstruction of MIO - Pliocene Mahakam Delta and Its Consequences for Petroleum Plays: An Analog Flume Tank Experimental Model of Mahakam Area

Isnianto Saputra, Iqbal Fardiansyah, Agung Budiman, Aldis Ramadhan, Adi Gunawan

Combination of Seismic Velocity Gradient and Sonic Gradient Variation as a Hydrocarbon Indicator: A Case Study in Clastic Reservoirs in South Sumatra

Iswani Waryono, Wahyu Triyoso

Comparison of CO2 - ECBM Based on Injection Pattern

Septian Muhammad Yusuf, Hendry Setiawan Lie, Dedy Irawan, Doddy Abdassah

Comparison of Wireline Formation Testing and Drill Stem Testing in Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs

Iain Paton, Peter Westaway, Tan Chi Ying

Complexity of Nurbani Heavy Oil Carbonate Reservoir and First Development Phase Challenge

Wahyu Seno Aji, Chandra Ageng, Arif Yondo, Satrio Tejotriarso, Nuke Suciati

De-Aromatized Hydrocarbon Fluids - Designed to Meet Evolving Public, Regulatory and Environmental Challenges for Fracturing Fluid Formulations

Daniel Bien, David G. Woods

Depositional Facies and Structural Analysis Based on Field Observation of Fritu Area, Halmahera Island

Aditya Wicaksono, Wiendra Akhmad Faridsyah, Fachri D. Priasmara

Determination of Borehole Qualitiy Based on World Stress Map: A Case Study of Well-110

Septian Prahastudhi, Julian Saputro, Ayi Syaeful Bahri, Yuda Faisal Yushendri

Determination of Residual Gas Saturation and Relative Permeability in the Modeling of the Abadi Gas Field

Masahiko Nomura

Developing a Large Carbonate Buildup Field – Banyu Urip, Cepu Block

Frank Musgrove, Michael Sun

Development of Vertical Cable Seismic System

Eiichi Asakawa, Fumitoshi Murakami, Yoshihiro Sekino, Taku Okamoto

Driving Business Excellence with Purposeful Collaboration Networks of Excellence at ConocoPhillips

Daniel Ranta

An Early Look at the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Halmahera Basin, Eastern Indonesia

M. Ryan, J. Demichelis, L.W. Kuilman, J.H. van Koeverden, H. Butcher, T. Halvorsen, Sayentika, A. Jansson, M. Wall, C. Messina, S. Hay

The Effect of High Pressure and Temperature Variations on the Hydraulic of Dual Gradient Drilling Operations Using Lifting Method

Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Hafiz Adi Kurnia

The Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity to Determine the Pattern of Water Injection and Production Pilot

Rudi Kurniawan, HariyadI, Ir. Joko Pamungkas, John H. Simamora

The Effect of Well Interference on Well Performance in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Arif Widyatmoko, M. Taufik Fathaddin

Enhancing the Process of Knowledge Discovery from Integrated Geophysical Databases Using Geo-Ontologies

Shastri L. Nimmagadda, Heinz Dreher, Andi Noventiyanto, Aswin Mostafa, Giuseppe Fiume

Estimation of Formation and Condensed Water Chemistry from Wireline Formation Tester and DST Water Samples: A Case Study from Abadi Gas Field

Ken Makishima

The Evaluation of Indirect Water Cut Measurement Using Coriolis Flowmeter Case Study: Kerisi Oil Allocation Meter

Nugroho Wibisono

An Evaluation of Preparedness and Response Capability to a Deepwater Oil Spill Release in Indonesia

Ahmad Nazri, Ho Yei Ling, Ignatius Harta, Patricia Njoto

Evidence of Backstepping Carbonate Platform During Oligo-Pliocene in Landas Area, Eastern Tip Mangkalihat Peninsula, Eastern Borneo, Indonesia

R. Hardika Cahya Nugraha, Nurcahyo I. Basuki

Flow Units Characterization and Application of Matrix Exponential Value (‘M-Value’) to Identify Secondary Porosity in Carbonates: A Successful Story to Identify By-Passed Oil and Increase Production

Budi Abrar, Fajar Wisaksono, Achmad Soendaroe, Harkomoyo

Fracture-Porosity Identification from Anisotropy AVO and Fluid Substitution Modelling in Seismic 2D Data

Septian Prahastudhi, Tenny Octaviani, Ayi Syaeful Bahri, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Fracture Characterization of Carbonate Reservoir Using Integrated Sequential Prediction of Artificial Neural Network: Case Study of Salawati Basin Field

Bagus Endar B. Nurhandoko, Nana Djumhana, Khairil Iqbal, Isnaini Rahman, Susilowati, Yoga Hariman

Frequency Gradient of Spectral Decomposition for Identifying Hydrocarbon Reservoir – Example from Indonesian Field

Abdul Haris, Ahsanul Khair

Gaining Insight into Formation Anisotropy Using Full Azimuth Imaging and Analysis Tools

Duane Dopkin, Anat Canning, Philip Neri

Geological Concept to Geomodel; Lessons Learned from the Belanak Field Arang-3 Development

Reza Satria Nugraha, Retno Wijayanti, Hani Mohede

Geological Review to Identify Petroleum System in Pati Basin

Aveliansyah, Dini Andriani, Rizky Syawal

Handil 3D Seismic Acquisition - Challenging Seismic Acquisition in the Mahakam Delta Transition Zone

Michel Erbetta, Christophe Paulet, John Conant

How Many Holes Does it Take to Fill the Albert Hall? The Importance of Porosity in a Coalbed Methane Reservoir

Tim A. Moore

How to Predict Oil-Gas Delineation with Simultaneous Inversion Methods in High Impedance Sand: As a Predictive Hydrocarbon Indicator

Bani Tiofan Tampubolon, Dicky Rahmadi Aprilian, Asep Hendriana Rustam

How to Reconcile Security and Safety Issues with Seismic Quality in Obstructed and Populated Areas: Case Study Handil 3D Seismic

Aa Pian Nopiana, Michel Erbetta, Alain Etchemendy, Christophe Paulet, John Conant, Stephan Ruhlmann, Alain Carnemolla, Ganda M. Simangunsong

Hydrocarbon Base Fluids for Challenging Drilling Applications

Daniel Bien, Kaustubh Kulkarni

Hydrocarbon Systems of the Offshore North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Lawrence D. Meckel, Michael Gidding, Michael Sompie, Mulyono Banukarso, Amalia Setoputri, Mayesta Gunarto, Novri Citajaya, Andre Abimanyu, Donald Sim

The Impact of Differential Subsidence Rates in Shallow Water Carbonate Reservoir Quality: An Example from the East Java Basin, Indonesia

Adam Zeiza, Stefaan Van Simaeys, Frank Musgrove, Rizky Sekti, Fikril Hakiki

The Impact of Uncertainty of Aquifer for Giant Gas Reservoir, the Abadi Gas Field

Toru Ito, Kentaro Hasebe

Implementing ISO 26000: Guidance on Social Responsibility in the Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry

Rangga Dinasti, Bambang Dwi Djanuarto, Adi Nugroho

Improved Structural Imaging of the Karama Seismic Survey Using Anisotropy Kirchhoff and Beam Depth Migration

Zbigniew Ostapiuk, Bee Jik Lim, Martin Bayly

Improved Understanding and Interpretability Beneath the Complex Accretionary Section in West Timor, Indonesia, Via Marine Broadband Seismic and Beam Depth Migration

Mazin Farouki, Felice D'Alterio, Erika Gentile

Improving Cement Bond Logs in Water Disposal Wells: A Case Study of Step Change Optimization Until Achieving the Excellence

C. Sutama, A. Salehpour, F. Inayah, D. Mathews, D. Mueller

In-Situ Stresses, Rock Strength, Fluid Pressure, and Implications for Wellbore Stability and Oil and Gas Development in the Senoro and Tiaka Fields, Sulawesi, Indonesia

William L. Power, Agus Tjengdrawira, Sitio Aprianto, Sugiyanto Suwono, Syahriza Ghanny Rachman, Muhammad Wijanarko, Dwi Hudya Febrianto, Anies Baasir, Deddy Hasanusi

Induced Fracture Dimension Prediction Method Based on Production and Pressure Data During Waterflooding

Hendry Setiawan Lie, Dedy Irawan, Doddy Abdassah

Integrated Reservoir Study in Bentu-Seng-Segat Field, Central Sumatra Basin: A Conceptual Approach to Build Comprehensive GGR Model Based on Limited Data

Aldyth Sukapradja, Radig Wisnu Yuwono, Syahrial Rakimi, Muchamad Rahadian Anwar, Wawan A. Behaki, Setiabudi Djaelani, Benny Sjafwan, Priyo Pratomo Budihardjo

Integrated Study of Morphotectonic and Geological Field Observation in Determining Tectonics Evolution During Cenozoic in Jambi Western Sub-Basin

Albertus Airlangga Cahya Pradipta

Interpretation of Down Hole Microseismic Data

Mark Boyd, Brent Riley, Davis Tolman

Investigation of Self-Manufactured MGO-Swelling Cements for an HPHT Cementing

Bonar Marbun

Is it the Time Now to Utilize National Products for Optimizing Oil and Gas Production and Commercialization

Ermin S. Nasution, Djoko Harsono

Jurassic Sandstone Characteristic of Bobong Formation in Taliabu Island, Eastern Indonesia: Outcrop and Petrography Observations

Septriandi, Ildrem Syafri, Yoga Adriana S, Farid Ferdian

Knowledge Management (KM) System Implementation in VICO Indonesia as an Instrument for People Empowerment and Corporate Sustainability

Ira Sartika, Putra Wijaya, Iwan Kurniawan

Landslide Disaster Awareness Education in School as a Model for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Around Geological Hazard-Prone Areas

Bagus Guspudin, Lia Reulina Ketaren, Nova Novelyarisyanti, Dicky Muslim

Meteoric Diagenesis and Dolomitization in Plio-Pleistocene Reef Terraces, Southern Dominican Republic

Yulaika Hernawati, Peter K. Swart, Donald F. Mcneill, James S. Klaus, Gregor P. Eberli

The Model of Dynamic Project Economics on Marginal Gas Field Development: A Combination of Deterministic and Probabilistic Method

Trian Hendro Asmoro, Ahmad Toha, Nuzulul Haq

Multiple Transverse Hydraulic Fracturing Horizontal Wells in CBM Reservoirs

Aji Wibowo Putro, Dytha Puspa Novinda, M. Afif Ikhsani

The Nature of the Mangkalihat Terrane – NE Borneo Indonesia

Elly Guritno, Wayne Muller, Deden Drajat, Meirince Purnama

Neotectonics of North Sumatra Forearc

Nugroho D. Hananto, Satish C. Singh, M. Maruf Mukti, Ian Deighton

Neotectonics of the Southern Sumatran Forearc

M. Ma'ruf Mukti, Satish C. Singh, R. Moeremans, N.D. Hananto, H. Permana, I. Deighton

A New Approach to Fracturing Treatment with Unconventional Shaped Proppant at Telisa Formation

Ficky Kusuma Adijaya, Muhamad Wildan, Pedro Artola, Cesar Guimaraes, Luciana Soetikno

New Insights into the Petroleum Geology of the Mountain Front Area Central Sumatra Basin

Muhammad Rozalli, Azarico Putra, Agung Budiman, Warto Utomo, Purnama Ary Suandhi, Andang Bachtiar

A New Interpretation of Gorontalo Bay, Sulawesi

Parinya Pholbud, Robert Hall, Eldert Advokaat, Pete Burgess, Alfend Rudyawan

A New Modeling of CBM Wellbore Integrity Based on Geology, Geophysics, Reservoirs, Drilling and Production Engineering

Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Samuel Zulkhifly Sinaga, Lamdamatra Arliyando, Nugroho Triveda Fajri

A New Permeability Prediction Workflow Using 3D Porous Media Reconstruction Method, Case Studies: Malay Basin Thin Sections

Luluan A. Lubis, Zuhar Zahir T. Harith, Khairul Arifin M. Noh, Hilfan Khairy

Novel Approach to Laminated Sand Analysis Utilizing Measurements from Triaxial Induction Resistivity

Mario J.C. Petricola, Sarvenaz Moazami, Aditi Pal, Richard E. Netherwood, Udit K. Guru, Leigh Yaxley

Oligo-Miocene Carbonate Reservoir Quality Controls – Deposition and Diagenesis Study of Banyu Urip Field, Onshore East Java

Fikril Hakiki, Rizky P. Sekti, Toni Simo, Shawn M. Fullmer, Frank Musgrove

Ombilin Basin: A Prospect for Shale Gas in Indonesia

Sartika Anastasia, Bobby Prima Sitanggang, Hendry Setiawan Lie, Ildrem Syafri

Onshore 2D Seismic Data Acquisition Environmental Study. Influence on Crops, Soil Fertility, and Aquifer

Otte Sulistyo Novendra, Muhammad Umar Harun, Eko Hariadi

Optimizing Biogasfacing the Energy Crisis as an Application of Corporate Social Responsibility to Oil and Gas Companies

Bastian Wismana, Rainheart T.P. Rajagukguk

An Optimum CO2 Pressure and Temperature Injection into Depleted Gas Reservoir to Mitigate Hydrate Formation and Thermal Stress Effect

Wisnu Wijanarko, Utjok W.R. Siagian

The Origin, Distribution and Prediction of CO2 in South Sumatra, A Case Study: Jabung Block and Surrounding Area

Teguh Fitrianto, Hendra Niko Saputra, Beiruny Syam, Agus Heru Purwanto

Paleozoic to Mesozoic Tectonostratigraphy of the Abadi Gas Field, Eastern Indonesia

Koichi Kihara, Ridho Feraldo, Kurnia Chalik, Takanori Naito, Norifumi Morita

Peciko Y-Channel, Field Case of Successful Live Aquifer Behavior Modeling to Support Gas Reservoir Management

Adhe Krisna Wardhana, Riza Aria Amar, Samuel Perroud

Performance Improvement Towards Responsible and Sustainable Oil & Gas Investment in Indonesia Through Public Participation

Alizar Anwar, Adi Prasetijo, Aldi Muhammad Alizar

Petrophysical Challenges in the Udang Reservoir, North Belut Field, South Natuna Sea

Yana Hendrayana, Bowo Pangarso, M. Agussalim Asaad

Physical Properties Analysis of Limestone Reservoir Salawati Basin Using Seismic Acoustic Impedance Inversion (AI) Modelbased

Ahmad Musto'in, Mohammad Qodirin, Ayi Syaeful Bahri, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Pitfalls in Centrifuge Capillary Pressure Data: Quality Assurance Proving Up the Reserve

Masahiko Nomura

Planning, Organization and Success of a Wide, Detailed Geophysical Survey Offshore Makassar Strait

Davide Spinelli, Emilio Nicolini, Angelo Lambrughi, Francesco Paone, Juan Carlos Coral, Andrea Marceglia, Ade Mashedi, Francesca Felappi, Claudia Monti, Roberto Canever

Preliminary Study of CBM Potential in Jorong - Kintap Area, Asem-Asem Basin, South Kalimantan

Zikri R. Sulistyo, Artedi Sutanto, Hanung Sukhendra

Pressure in Miocene Carbonate Exploration Targets

Stephen Jenkins, Richard Swarbrick, Anthony Mallon, Stephen O'Connor

Pressure Transient Analysis in Unconventional Resources

I. D. Paton, G. Stewart, C. Y. Tan, M. Wasik

Probabilistic Decision Analysis Using Least Squares Monte Carlo Simulation

Nuzulul Haq

Provenance of East Sulawesi and Banggai Sula Zircons – Preliminary Result

Farid Ferdian, John Decker, Andy Morton, Mark Fanning

Pushing the Production Limits in a Complex Channel Sand Reservoir – A Case Study

Nurul Hasani, Ferry Syafrian, Prasetyo Hadi, Tubagus Nasirudin, Adjie Setiawan, Julianta Parlindungan Panjaitan, Yus Willian, Laurence Reynolds

Re-Perforations on Gas Reservoirs: An Efficient Method of Reservoir Productivity Enhancement (Tunu Field, Mahakam PSC)

Sebastien Perrier, I-Made-Agus Yasa, Imma Nuella, Tomi Sugiarto

Recent Heat Flow Study and its Implication to the Genesis of Carbon Dioxide in Northeast Java Basin

Anwar Sadat, Hendra Amijaya

Reporting Accuracy in Resource Estimation of Conventional and Unconventional Accumulations

Malvin Bandal

Reservoir Management Strategy of Multiple Reservoirs at Kerisi Oil Field

Andreas Marsahala Lumban Gaol, Indhira Regina, Susi Winarti, Nunung Susilawati

Reservoir Optimization Case: Indentification of Potential Production Optimization to Maximize Belida Lower Arang Recovery

Willy Abadi, Irvan Rahmawan, Muhammad Asfamudi, Bimo Kartoatmodjo, Geir Tyberoe

Rock Physics Study of Coal Bed Methane Reservoir Rock: Case Study of Muaraenim Coal

Bagus Endar B. Nurhandoko, Susilowati, Usep M. Ishaq, Hussein Rudiyanto, Y. Wiyanto, Budi Sulistyanto, Mahatman L. Budi, Kaswandhi Triyoso, KiskoRiondo Siahaan, Wahyu E. Abdillah, Danang Kusudiharjo

Salinity Balance with Non Polar Brine

Jeffier Winarta, Haryanto Wardoyono, Hendra Budiman, Bayu Satiyawira

Sand Control and Management at Lagan Gas Field, Optimizing Wellhead De-Sander

Aldani Malau, Tejo Sukotrihadiyono, Ganes Sugi P, Yudhistira Hayuatma, Aliefiyan Nursanda M, Sihat Aji W, Primaresa Utama, Asri Gopar, Kasnadi, Dedi Miswar

Sand Management Study: Sand Onset Prediction, Sand Production and Sand Control at Well X

Mitra Dolok Sion Silaban

Seeking Workable CBM Business Model in Indonesia

Bramastra Lalean

Seismic Exploration in West Papua, an Area of Sensitive Social and Environmental Conditions

Marhadi, Eri Sistiana, Baruno Subroto, Mus Mualim, Dedi Iskandar, Marthen Jitmau, Dharwis Senjaya, Dharma Satria, Wildan Asyrunnihaaiy

Seismic Guided Drilling (SGD*): A New Technology for Look-Around and Look-Ahead of the Bit Prediction During Drilling

Nader C. Dutta, Sherman Yang, Jianchun Dai, Aranya Bhaduri, S. Chandrasekhar, Firoze Dotiwala, C.V. Rao

Selection of Best Drilling Design for Geothermal Drilling – Case Studies

Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Samuel Zulkhifly Sinaga, Sandro Priatmojo M, Theodorus Gunawan

Shale Gas Potential in Indonesia – “More” to the East

Dewi Rahmalia

Shallow Gas in Asribasin: Drilling Hazard or Future Potential?

Dwandari Ralanarko, Wahyu Seno Aji, Heri Gunawan, Rifqi Lubban Jauhari, Julius Sunarta, Pranowo Nugroho

Simulation Challenges in Condensate Gas Full Field Model

Dong Chao

Some Indonesia's Giants: ‘Unconventional’ Hydrodynamic Trap?

Agus M. Ramdhan, Lambok M. Hutasoit, Andang Bachtiar

Staring Down the Barrel – An Investor Survey of the Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry

Anthony J. Anderson, Paul van der Aa

Structural Evolution of Ubadari Field, Bird's Head, Papua

Erick V. Yudhanto, Dumex Pasaribu

Structural Reactivation and its Implication on Exploration Play: Case Study of JS-1 Ridge

Hade B. Maulin, Cipi Armandita, M. Ma'ruf Mukti, Dwi Mandhiri, Djoko Rubyanto, Sidiq Romi

Structural Reassessment of the South Banggai-Sula Area: No Sorong Fault Zone

Alfend Rudyawan, Robert Hall

Successful CBM Coring Activity Integrated with Conventional Well Drilling in Sanga Sanga Block, Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Reza A. Balfas

Success Story: CO Log Finds By-Passed Oil in a High Water-Cut Offshore Well and Increases Oil Production and Reduces Workover Cost

Sri Khresno Pahlevi, Ambaria Prakoso, Akbar Kurniawan, Suderajat, Bambang Ontowiryo, Ilhami Nur

Success Story with Low Resistivity Sand in an Exploration Block, Western Edge of Central Sumatran Basin

Heri Setiawan, Panca Widiantoro, Hendarman, Made Primaryanta

Tectonic Geomorphology of River Basins on the Cretaceous and Paleogene Rock Formations Around Enarotali Area in Central Papua, Indonesia

Dicky Muslim, Maran Gultom, Febri Hirnawan, Adjat Sudradjat

Tectonics, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Makassar Straits: Recent Updates from Exploring Offshore West Sulawesi, Opportunities and Risks

Awang Harun Satyana, Shinta Damayanti, Cipi Armandita

Thickness Estimation Using Gradient of Spectral Amplitudes from Spectral Decomposition

Tri Wuri Asri Sulistyoati, Lita Novitasari, Sonny Winardhi

Time-Lapse (4 D) Seismic Technology Application in Widuri Field

Tang Donglin, Zha Chaoyang, Sun Pengxiao, Shen Shuirong

Toward Producing PSC Operations: An INPEX Exploration Trial in a Remote Deepwater Environment, West Arafura, Indonesia

Hiromi Honda, Hiroshi Nagura, Kiyoshi Noguchi, Kuniharu Tsukada, Henry M.P. Banjarnahor

Trekulu-1: The Successful Drilling of an Untested HPHT Play in the Mahakam Area

Jacques-Antoine Dal, Jerome Guyon, Baginda Saragih, Marc-Olivier Spencer, Jocelyn Dufour, Nabiel Oemar, Mukhlis Taufik, Andre Wiharja, Aubin Lecomte, Sylvain Josserand

Tunu Main Zone, an Innovative Approach to Integrate Massive Static and Dynamic Data into a Live 3D Geological Model

Rufino Rengifo, Wahyu Priyantono, Sebastien Perrier, Andrew Ivan Julius-Sitorus, Rachman Phasadaon

Tunu Shallow Gas Combine Traps, from Drilling Hazard to Massive Successful Development

Rufino Rengifo, Thomas Yoga, Irfan Cibaj

Underground Coal Gasification: A Safe, Secure and Clean Unconventional Gas Technology for Development in Indonesia

Ragil Pratiwi

Understanding Drilling Hazards Through the Use LWD Resistivity Case Study: Resistivity Inversion

Adjie Setiawan, Sigit Sulistyo

Understanding the Land Acquisition Process, Nationals Laws Versus International Standards and Practices

Adis Noer Rachmi Prima Dewi, Aldi Muhammad Alizar, Agni Primtasari, Saiful Amin

Using Airborne Stress Field Detection (“SFD®”) Surveys as an Exploration Tool: A Comparative of SFD® Data to Known Reservoirs

George Liszicasz, Azer Mustaqeem

Utilizing Short Offset Data from a 3D Exploration Survey for Regional Seabed Morphology and Geohazard Mapping in Makassar Straits, Indonesia

Mazin Farouki, Francesco Paone, Andrea Marceglia, Francesca Felappi, Claudia Monti, Davide Della Moretta, Nikolay Nenov

Waking the Sleeping Giants - Mitigating the Inherent Risks of the Deepwater Regional Geological Scenario

Tim Pugh, Fiona Fitzpatrick

Well Head Compressor: Well Selection, Performance, and Optimization by Practical Operation

Ade Sebastian Sebayang, Muhammad Arif Alfat, Rama Masdian, Ryan Alfian Noor

A Wide Detailed Geophysical Survey of Offshore Makassar Strait

E. Nicolini, D. Spinelli, A. Marceglia, A. Mashedi, F. Paone, R. Canever, F. Felappi, C. Monti

Wireline Logging Data Acquisitions Using Out of Pipe Logging Technique to Increase Logging Operation Efficiency in Coal Bed Methane Exploration Wells

Hikmat Nugraha, Chandra Dewa Dwiyoga

Work Processes to Mitigate Interpretation Pitfalls in Areas of Severe Seismic Multiples

Carl E. Helsing, Jesse Shaw

“Smart” Development Plans for South Belut Gas Field

Mahmud Bazed, Retno Wijayanti, Ludy Andria