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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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3D Facies Modeling of SS-44 Mixed Load Channel Reservoir, Karmila Field, Sunda Basin, South East Sumatera

M. Reza Widiatmo, Undang Mardiana, Febriwan Mohamad, Asep Ginanjar

3D Seismic Reprocessing for Geophysical Analysis of Sea Bottom, Seabed Mapping and Geo-Hazard Clarification

Francesco Paone, Andrea Marceglia, Juan Carlos Coral

Abadi FLNG Production Control Strategy

Sulistia Didit Wahyudi

Accelerating Methane Production in the Reaction Between Methanogen Bacteria and Coal: A Pilot Project for Optimizing Biologically Enhanced Coal Bed Methane

Mohamad Amin Ahlun Nazar, Jasmin Jyalita, Ahmad Zakariya Al Ansori, Sarah Sausan, Gusti Faisal Ismawan

Active Petroleum System in the Penyu Basin: Exploration Potential Syn-Rift and Basement-Drape Plays

Nuryoko Haribowo, Suzannah Carmody, Jeres Cherdasa

Analysis of Formation Factor for Trajectory Deviation in Directional Drilling Well X Field Y

Mohammad Reiza, Cindy Annisa Firdausiah

Annular Integrity Analysis a Through-Tubing Measurement and Analysis Method to Identify, Diagnose and Quantify Fluid Movement in Multiple Annuli Caused by Loss of Annular Integrity

Alan Muhadjir, Sathish Kumar

Application of Common Contour Binning (CCB) and Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) for Oil Water Contact Prediction in Carbonate Reservoir (The Case Study at G404 Field)

Wahyu Tri Sutrisno, Septian Prahastudhi, Ayi Syaeful Bahri, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Application of E-Line-Based Electro-Mechanical Hydraulic Tool for Gas Lift Valve Change-Out in High Angle and High Casing Pressure Well

Dody Cahyadi, Dianita Wangsamulia, Antonius Aji

Application of Rock Physics Models to Predict Rock Properties Away from Well Control: Block B, Natuna Sea, Miocene Producing Reservoir Case Studies

Putri Wisman, Retno Wijayanti, Carl Fakaruddin, John Hughes

The Application of Seismic Inversion and Resistivity Inversion While Drilling in the Construction of Horizontal Well – A Case Study

Yoga Wismoyo, Adjie Setiawan, Fahdi Maula, Frank Fardhu

Banyu Urip Reservoir Rock Types and Geologic Models for Different Stages of Asset Life, Cepu Block, Indonesia

Nat Stephens, Frank Musgrove, Peter Glenton

Broadband Marine Seismic, Does Acquisition Make a Difference?

Martin Bayly, Sandeep Kumar Chandola, Low Cheng Foo, Abdul Aziz Muhamad, Swee Leng Ng

Case Study: Can We Use Angle Gathers to Detect Fracture Distribution of Carbonate Reservoir in Rama Field?

Zha Chaoyang, Sun Pengxiao, Shen Xiaohong, Wen Shuliang, Tang Donglin, Heng Liqun

Case Study: Successful Application of Coiled Tubing Conveyed Inflatable Straddle Packer for Selective Reservoir Treatments in Deviated and Horizontal Wells of Rajasthan Field, India

Alok Kumar Singh, Manish Dutt Kothiyal, Prakash Kumar, Anurag Sharma, Sagar Kale, Amarnath Kumar, Aditya Nikam

Central Sumatera-West Java Gas Swap Arrangement

Gadang Marpaung

Challenge and Opportunity of Developing Brown Field. Integration Approached of using Multiple Subsurface Data and Information. A Lesson Learned from Mahoni Field, South Asset Kalimantan Operation Chevron Indonesia Company

Mirzal Nur Ardhie, Canh Van Do, Purwanto, Sulistyo, Arfi Imran

The Challenges and Opportunities in Belanak Zone-3 Development

Dong Chao

Color Blending on Spectral Decomposition Method for Delineating Geological Features

Garda Erlangga, Kahvi Afafa, Sudarmaji

Comparing and Contrasting a Meandering Point Bar Sequence and Barrier Island System within the Upper Arang Formation, Belanak Field, West Natuna Basin

Haniva Navilova, Baskoro A. Kurniawan

A Comprehensive Study on Applying Carbon Capture and Storage in Indonesia

Sabrina Metra, Dhita Saraswaty, Suwondo, Samuel Zulkhifly

Condensate Banking Effects on Well Productivity and its Coarse Grid Representation in the Full Field Modeling of the Abadi Field

Masahiko Nomura

Continuous Improvement of Implementation of Cyclic Steam Stimulation Well Design to Optimize the Heavy Oil Exploration Program in IH Field, South Sumatra

Ery Mohamad Fajar Putra, Yuliawan Dwi Mulia, Zulhendra, Arief Linggar Martawardaya, Sanny Suprihono

Control of Syn-Contractional Sedimentation of Kendeng Fold Thrust Belt: New Perspective Analogue to Evaluate Risk Associated with Trap Formation

Iqbal Fardiansyah, Agung Budiman, M. Nurwahyudi Yulianto, Riswa Galena, Carolus Prasetyadi

Cracking New CBM Potential in South Sumatera: Current Progress, Obstacles, and Opportunities

Dyah Pitaloka C., Dramastra Lalean, Noviar Hendriyanto

Critical Parameters in Basin Modeling of Bungamas PSC, South Sumatra Basin

Sena W. Reksalegora, Putri Riadini

Cross-Well Seismic Applications for Seismic Re-Interpretation and Relocation Infill Drilling Well X-30, Bunyu Field, East Kalimantan

Achmad Syarif, Zeppy Irwanzah, Tri Handayani

Delineation of Rift-Related Miocene Fluvial Sands in the Gulf of Thailand Using Seismic Inversion Techniques

Bagus Priyanto, Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Philip Rowell

Depositional Model of the SNA Field Mid-Main Carbonate Reservoir Northwest Java Basin Through Sequence Stratigraphic Approach and its Implication for Hydrocarbon Prospect and Development

Brianto Adhie Setya Wardhana, R.A. Julia Satriani, Ildrem Syafrie

Deposition and Deformation in the Recent Biak Basin (Papua Province, Eastern Indonesia)

Valerio Memmo, Claudia Bertoni, Massimiliano Masini, Juan Alvarez, Zulfikar Imran, Angela Echanove, Dan Orange

Detection of Fluvial Reservoir Sands Using Rock Physics and Simultaneous Inversion: Case Study from the Gulf of Thailand

Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Philip Rowell

The Determination of Seal Capacities for Highly Pressured HP/HT Traps: A “Best-Practice” Workflow

Stephen O'Connor, Richard Swarbrick, Richard Lahann, Alexander Edwards, David Scott, Sam Green

Determining Coal Distribution Based on Integrated Geological and Geophysical Study to Estimate Coal Bed Methane Resources in the Tarakan Formation: Case Study Kuncring Area

Dini Andriani, Erlangga Wibisono, Hizbina Khanaif, Ratna Johan Tri Pratiwi, Widi Atmoko

Develop the Community Development Program to Implement Sustainable Development

Firsta Jusra Iskandar

Dewatering Facilities for CBM Resource Appraisal, Lesson Learn from Sanga-Sanga Coalbed Methane Field, East Kalimantan

Agam Munawar, Donny Hendromurti, Rina Dewi P., Giovanni Foglio, Brian Schupp

Diagenesis of Carbonate Debris Deposits from the Sebuku Block, Makassar Strait, Indonesia

Chrisna A. Tanos, Julie Kupecz, Argha S. Hilman, Dedi Ariyono, Ian L. Sayers

Dip and Azimuth Determination in 3D CRS-Stack

A. Hendriyana, M. Jaya, R. Sule, A.D. Guntara

Distribution of Gas Seep Near Subsurface and its Type Using Electrical Method and Geochemical Analysis in Jatilawang, Banyumas

Citra Nur Izati, Andra Harsanto Ardi Putra, Akhmad Khalil Gibran, Sumartyo Dwi Saputro, Wulan Okta Karunia

Dolomite Diagenesis of Tampur Formation Along Tampur River, Southeast Aceh

Zaka Lesmana Tarigan, Rahmat Taufik Silaen

Dolomitisation and its Relation to Fracture Porosity Evolution: A Case Study in Permian Ratburi Carbonate Outcrop in the Sibumasu Domain, Krabi, Southern Peninsular Thailand

Maradona Mansyur, John Keith Warren, Ian Cartwright, Yow Lam Cheong

Drilling Parameter Analysis in Solving Pipe Sticking in a Total Loss Circulation Zone Case Study: Well “X” and Well “Y” Geothermal well Ulubelu Field

Syahrul, Edo Pratama

Dual Paleogene and Neogene Petroleum Systems in East Natuna Basin: Identification of a New Exploration Play in the South Sokang Area

Maria Raharja, Suzannah Carmody, Jeres R. Cherdasa, Nuryoko Haribowo

The Dynamics of Sediment-Source Catchment Areas in North Kutei Basin: Implications for Deepwater Plays Prospectivity

Anom Prasetya, Krishna Pratama Laya, Ari Subekti, Yudhi Rizal, John Boast, Jerry D.C. Smart

Early Insights into the Exploration of the Halmahera Basin, East Indonesia

E. Tri Hartadi, R. Mjøs, S.I. Midtbø, P. Tangke Allo, G. Toxopeus, S. Hay, N. Pickard, M. Hardenberg, D. South, T. McCullagh

Effective Hydrocarbon Probe and Development of Low Resistivity Reservoir Potential in Marginal Oil Field

Bayu Adhi Pramudhita, Yuki A. Nagarani, Hotma Yusuf, Resky Yustiawan

The Enigma of the Pinang Dome (Kalimantan Timur): A Review of its Origin, Significance and Influence on Coal Rank and Coalbed Methane Properties

Tim A. Moore, Chairul Nas

Estimate Critical Production and Optimum Rate for Horizontal Well in Bottom Water Drive Mechanism Using Artificial Neural Network

Ade Anggi Naluriawan Santoso, Anggita Vania Hutabarat, Karlita Threes Octaviany

Evolution of Fold-Thrust-Belt Deformation in the Eastern Indonesia Region

Benyamin Sapiie, Meli Hadiana, Astyka Pamumpuni, Ade Kurniawan, Dicky Daniel

An Example of Factors Affecting Monetization Efforts for High CO2 Gas Field Development

Siti Sitawati, Setiya Muji Nugroho

Expanding Cement Application for High Rate Gas Wells in South Sumatra

C. Sutama, F. Inayah, A. Wiryoatmojo, R. Widyaningsih, D. Mueller

Exploration of the Arafura Basin, Indonesia

Joko S. Miharwatiman, Derik W. Kleibacker, Jesse A. Baker, Ludy Andria, Jon Elliot

Facies Architectural Elements and Diagenetics of Middle Miocene Ngrayong Clastic Limestone and Sandstone Case Study: Dingil Village, Jatirogo, North East Java Basin

Emanuelta Naibaho, Hendry Setiawan Lie, Ildrem Syafri

The Feasibility Study of Small-Scale LNG Plant from Coal Bed Methane to Fulfill Energy Needs in Indonesia

Ivan Mery Devianto

Flowback Analysis of the Abadi Field

Iwan Kurniawan

Flow Control System Design Using Sliding Mode Control (SMC) with Neural Network in Backloading at Terminal BBM P.T. Pertamina Perak Surabaya

Helmy Yunan Ihnaton, Mariyanto, Imam Abadi, R. Muhsin Budiono

Fractured Basement Plays in the Southern Bentu Area, Central Sumatera

Afrizon Setiawan, Syahrial Rakimi, Ronald C. Siregar, Radig Wisnu Y, M. Rahadian Anwar, Hendarman

From Petrophysics to Rock Mechanical Properties: A Support to Shale-Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Program in Cooper Basin, Australia


Gas Production from an Apparent “Low Saturation” Zone with a Strong Seismic Amplitude Anomaly

Retno Wijayanti, Ludy Andria, Miftahul Firdaus, Agung Ertanto, Lukman Hidayat, John D.E. Hughes, Agus Sulistiarso

Generation and Expulsion from Middle Eocene Source in the South Makassar Basin, Indonesia

Dedi Ariyono, Julie Kupecz, Ian Sayers, Chrisna Tanos, Argha Hilman

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Tumpuktengah Region and Surrounding Area, Talawi Sub-District, Sawahlunto District, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Christiana K Sidauruk, Elrey F. Butarbutar, Chalid I. Abdullah

Geostatistical Seismic Inversion and its Applications for Thin Bed Sands Mapping on Sisi-Nubi Field, Mahakam Delta, Indonesia

Moez El-Amri, Ruth Christiani-Basa, Gilles Vallon, Sung Yuh, Hermawan

Geostopping Solution: A Case Study from Rengasdengklok Field, Indonesia

Dimas Pramudito, Julianta Parlindungan Panjaitan

Gravity Tectonics in Indonesia: Petroleum Implications

Awang Harun Satyana

Gross Depositional Environment Model of the Berai Carbonate Formation and its Implication for Reservoir Prospectivity, Barito Basin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Andromeda Admiralis Werdaya, Mike Wulansari, Ian Billing

Hydraulic Fracturing in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: The Prospective Methods for Enchancing Indonesia's Future Coalbed Methane Development

Widiastuti Nur Farida, Frisca Marina Renandia, Fajar Ramadhan

Hydraulic Fracturing using Water Based Fluid in a Water Sensitive Formation in Rimau Block, First Trial Case Study

Mirza Azhari, Noke F. Prakoso, Amritzar Aimar

Impact of Depositional Facies on the Spatial Distribution of Reservoir Quality in the Batu Raja Carbonates of the Corridor Block, South Sumatra

Vionette De Choudens Sanchez, Sugiharto Danudjaja

The Importance of the Pseudo N-D Logs in Petrophysical Analysis of Well Tembang-8ST4 (A Case Study)

Yana Hendrayana, Bowo Pangarso, Miftahul Firdaus

Importance of Understanding Geology in Overpressure Prediction: the Example of the East Java Basin

Agus M. Ramdhan, Fahmi Hakim, Lambok M. Hutasoit, Neil R. Goulty, Wuryadi Sadirsan, Maikel Arifin, Fatrial Bahesti, Kharisma Endarmoyo, Rully Firmansyah, Risdi M. Zainal, Meyman Y. Gulo, Sihman M, Purwo Hadi Suseno, Agus H. Purwanto

Improved Decision Making Through Optimized Data Acquisition Program in Deepwater Exploration Drilling - A Case Study from East Kalimantan

Graziano Capone, Lilik Budi Riyanto, Cikko Majesta, Ali Shahbazi Fakhr, Hengky Ng, Yevgeniy Karpekin

Improving Performance in a Mature Field: Integrated Analysis for Identification and Optimization of Low-Resistivity Hydrocarbon-Bearing Sand Reservoirs in Semberah Field, Mahakam Delta, Kutai Basin

M. Resawan Hakim, Gisal A. Dharmawan, Luhut P. Gultom

Insights into the Structural and Stratigraphic Development of Bone Gulf, Sulawesi

David J. Camplin, Robert Hall

Integrated Cleat Analysis and Coal Quality on CBM Exploration in Sangatta II Field, Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan

Nita Apriyani, Suharmono, Muhammad Momen, Setiabudi Djaelani, Arifin Sodli, Andrean Satria, Anom Seto Murtani

Integrated Strategic Planning Management to Enhance Recovery in Mature Fields - Case Study Field X Indonesia

Samuel Zulkhifly Sinaga, Irfan Hariz

Integrated Thin Basal Sand Characterization in the Aryani Field, Asri Basin – Southeast Sumatra, Using Geological Modelling Based on the Elastic Properties and the Rock Typing Method

Junrial Chaerul Huzaen, Wahyu Seno Aji, Heri Gunawan, Gustriyansyah Mishar, Julius Sunarta, Pranowo Nugroho

Integrated Waterflood Field Management: Success Story of Widuri “H” Water Out Well Back on Production, Widuri Field, Asri Basin, Southeast Sumatra

Wahyu Seno Aji, Julius Sunarta, Heri Gunawan

Intelligent Well System (IWS) Selections Optimizes a Multi Layer Gas Reservoir Development Plan, Bawal Field, Natuna Sea

Imaduddin Kartoatmodjo, Agung Ertanto, Lukman Hidayat, Irene Sihombing, Sugiharto Danudjaja, Retno Wijayanti, Ludy Andria

An Inverted Syn-Rift Play in the Offshore North Sumatra Basin

Mulyono Banukarso, Lawrence D. (Trey) Meckel, Novrianto Citajaya, Safto Raharjo

Investigation of the Impact of Condensate Blockage on Well Productivity in a Tight Gas Condensate Reservoir – Case Study of Tawes Field

Agung Ertanto, Lukman Hidayat, Imaduddin Kartoatmodjo, Ludy Andria

Karama PSC Well Results – A Lesson Learned on Provenance and Seismic Imaging of Deepwater Systems

Deborah South, Gerrit Toxopeus, Bjarte Myhren

Kutei Basin: Feasibility Study of a Broadband Acquisition

Gilbert Del Molino, Fabri Ikhlas Gumulya, Dedy Sulistiyo Purnomo, Paolo Battini, Bonita Nurdiana Ersan, Francesca Brega, Ferdinando Rizzo, Giorgio Cavanna, Buia Michele

Lean Sigma Methodology Approach to Increase Production Revenue from Attaka Idle Wells

Muhamad Yasin

Managed Pressure Drilling for Optimizing Deepwater and High Pressure – High Temperature Operations in Indonesia

Ardia Karnugroho, Fikri Irawan, Julmar Shaun Toralde, Julius Sosa

Mangala Well and Reservoir Management: The Journey to 150,000 BOPD

Sumil Kumar Verma, Dhruva Prasad, Rohit Tandon, Pankaj Kumar, Aditya Kumar Singh

Mathematical Model for Immiscible CO2 Core Flooding: Enhanced Oil Recovery by CO2 Injection, the Best Green Oil Scenario

Purwanto Mardisewojo, Bayu Dedi Prasetiyo, Leonard Hendrawan, Adrian Promediaz

Maximising Indonesia's Potential Through the Government-IOC Relationship

Angus Rodger

Mechanical Earth Modeling and Acoustic Anisotropy Improve the Hydraulic Fracturing Design in the Tanjung Field

Anzar Syed Islam, Cicik Sukma Setya Wahyu, Elvina Agustina, Pedro Artola, Irwan Zuhri, Novantri Duo Ambonito, Nur Indah Fitriani, Slamet Raharjo

Microseismic Data Analysis Using Matlab 2010 for the Determination of Hydrocarbon Presence in the Field “LCY” Ombilin Basin

Lucy W. Sari, Moh. Sarkowi, Suharno, Rahmat C. Wibowo

Miocene Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of Lower Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan - A Synthesis

Irfan Cibaj

Mitigation of the 3D Cross-Line Acquisition Footprint Using Separated Wavefield Imaging of Dual-Sensor Streamer Seismic Data – A First Example from Malaysia

Mazin Farouki, Andrew Long, Richard Jones, Yee Ah Chim, Magdalene Tang, Hui LeGleut, Shaoping Lu, Dan Whitmore, Adam Betteridge

A Modelling of CO2 Injection Based on Sensitivity Study to Improve the Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Production Profile in “Ray” Field, South Sumatera Basin Indonesia

Petra Steven Wattimury, Hendra Amijaya, Sari Wulandari Hafsari

Modern Gempol Sewu Deltaic System in North Central Java for Deltaic Reservoir Potential

Samuel Richard Natanael Simorangkir, Hilmi Lazuardi, Ghaitsa Rizka Myatkhan, Ivan Kristiawan, Yoshi Wiweka Praba Pudyastaawa

Multi-Attribute Analysis of a Low-Frequency Passive Seismic Method for Hydrocarbon Indicator Prospecting: Case Study in ‘Cemara’ Field, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

Dimmas Ramadhan, Andri Dian Nugraha, Afnimar, Muhammad Fadhillah Akbar, Guntur Mulyanagara

Multicomponent OBC (4C) Seismic Data Acquisition Challenges and Solution - Design, Operation, and Field Quality Control; Case Study OBC Bekapai

Aa Pian Nopiana, Remi Dartigalongue, Michel Erbetta, Gilles Vallon, Daniel Vaxelaire, Philippe Faure, Jean-Marc Mougenot

Naturally Sucked Rod Pump: Conventional Methods of Optimization

Hedi Hastriawan

A New Approach to Time Depth Conversion and Depth Error Estimation for 2D Interpretation Using Seismic Velocities

Rosidah Hardiani, Sanisah Soed, Lothar Schulte

New Insights into the Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the South Makassar Basin

Julie Kupecz, Ian Sayers, Paolo Tognini, Argha Hilman, Chrisna Tanos, Dedi Ariyono

New Numerical Equation on Critical Production and Optimum Rate for Horizontal Well in Bottom Water Drive Mechanism

Amretacahya Enggar, Ade Anggi Naluriawan Santoso, Khoironi Budi

Noise Identification in Passive Seismic Hydrocarbon Reservoir Microtremor Data

Muhammad Fadhillah Akbar, Afnimar, Andri Dian Nugraha, Dimmas Ramadhan, Guntur Mulyanagara

Numerical Solution to Design Velocity Strings to Unload Wet Gas Wells for Optimum Flow Rate and Recovery

Bernando Purba, Awaldi Fitrah

Oil and Gas Project-Induced In-Migration Management Plans as Part of a Regional Sustainable Development Framework

Lastyo K. Lukito, Aldi Muhammad Alizar, Choerunisa

Oil Spills - Changing Landscape, Changing Response

Declan O'Driscoll

Open Hole Completion Design as Replacement for PMCD Method when Drilling Losses Occur and Well Kicks

Yuliawan Dwi Mulia, Wijanarko, Garry Nathaniel, Adithya Wardhana

The Operation-Based CSR of Medco City Gas Program

Hirmawan Eko Prabowo, Trian Hendro Asmoro, Beti Putri Wulandari

Optimization of Oil Recovery from a Thin Oil Column Through Effective Horizontal Well Placement

Irvan Rahmawan, Tigor Hamonangan, Dedi Fauzi, Bimo Kartoatmodjo

Overcoming High Watercut and High Free Gas Content on ESP Well Using VSD a Field Study

Bastian Wismana, Adi Matondang

Overpressure Characteristics in Pertamina's Area in the North Sumatra Basin

Lambok M. Hutasoit, Weling Suseno, Darius Siahaan, Agus M. Ramdhan, Neil Goulty, M. Syaiful, Andang Bachtiar, Irwan Iskandar, Hendarmawan, Wuryadi Sadirsan, Maikel Arifin, Fatrial Bahesti, Kharisma Endarmoyo

Paleogen Facies Model of North Barito Area, Comprehensive Study of Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Potential Reservoir

Purnama Suandhi, Andang Bachtiar, Prihatin Tri Setyobudi, Muhammad Rozalli, Yudi Satria Purnama

Paleogeographic Reconstruction of Upper Kutei Basin: Implications for Petroleum Systems and Exploration Play Concepts

Krishna Pratama Laya, Bayu Nugroho, Nur Hadiyanto, William Tolioe

Planning, Organization and Success of a Wide, Detailed Geophysical Survey Offshore Makassar Strait

Francesco Paone, Juan Carlos Coral, Andrea Marceglia

Porosity Characterization of Carbonate Reservoir from Linear Programming Sparse Spike Acoustic Impedance Inversion Result Using Single Attribute (Case Study Field “X” North East Java Basin)

Alhada Farduwin

Potential Evaluation of Coalbed Methane Based on the Grade and Quantity of the Coal in the Mangus Seam, Muaraenim Formation, Nibung Region, South Sumatra Basin

Alex Candra

Preliminary Study Depositional Environment of Batu Ayau Formation and its CBM Play Evaluation, Upper Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan

Sandro Adventus Silaban, Sunarly Ardi, Vivi Siska Agustin

Preliminary Study of Optimization Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Drilling Fluid Using Functionalized Magnetite Nanoparticle

Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Kartika Fajarwati, Ramadhana Aristya, Niko Pratama Purba

Preliminary Study of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Potential in Muara Wahau Area, Kutai Basin

Ragil Pratiwi, Widya Kurniawan, Hadi Nugroho

The Problematical Solution of Shale Gas Exploitation as Alternative Energy for National Independent Oil and Gas

Hanif Indra Wicaksana, Anjar Trilaksono, Aufa Rifqi Alam

Quartz-Rich Sandy Facies Behind the Miocene Volcanic Activity in South East Java: Insight from Sandstone Characteristics within Jaten Formation

Rian Cahya Rohmana, Fajar Puspo Dewi, Sutrio Wibowo, Adrean Novadhani, Iqbal Fardiansyah

Reconstruction of the Subsurface Reflected Wavefield on a Dense Grid from Multisensor Streamer Data

M. Vassallo, K. Eggenberger, D.J. van Manen, P. Watterson, A. Raskopin, A. Özbek

Redesign of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System for the Ladinda FSO for Effective Corrosion Protection

Rendy Prasetya Widyantoro, Agus Gangsar, Sugeng Purwanto, Ari Antono

Reevaluation of Miocene-Pliocene Carbonates Prospects in the Kutai Basin Using Integrated Well, Seismic and Gravity Analysis

Sigit Sukmono, Prama Arta

Reinforced Composite Mat Innovative Technology, A Proven Solution for Lost Circulation Control in Duri Field, Sumatera, Indonesia

Mathieu Pasteris, Andre Simanjuntak, Amir Salehpour, Rizky Frima Adista

Rejuvenating Play Based Exploration Concept in South Sumatra Basin

Ratna Asharina Rudd, Suraya Tulot, Darius Siahaan

Reservoir Characterization of Fractured Basement Using Seismic Attributes, Dayung Field Case Study, South Sumatra Indonesia

Yan Darmadi, Agus Harahap, Rita Achdiat, Mugie Ginanjar, John Hughes

Reservoir Description by Interferometric Imaging of VSP Data in Transition Zones

Thomas Radford, Martin Karrenbach, Ferry Yustiana, Willi Brianno, Dhea Wachju

Revisit Geology and Geochemistry of Buton Asphalt Deposits, SE Sulawesi: Implications for Petroleum Exploration of Buton Area

Awang Harun Satyana, Cepi Irawan, Wendy Kurniawan

The Sand-Rich Tide Dominated Delta Model of Bangko Formation in “AB” Area Using High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Ichnofacies Analysis

Mohamad Amin Ahlun Nazar, Alfredo Di Stefano, Ananyamatya Bella Talita, Jarot Setyowiyoto, Kirandra Ferari Budi Prasodjo

Sandstone Reservoir Distribution of Cibulakan Formation Using Seismic Inversion Method: Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI), in Cemara Field, North West Java Basin

M. Rizky Harun, Lutfie Arlan Sandria, Asri Surya Ilhami, Adang Sukmatiawan, M. Razi

Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Estuarine Deposits Sihapas Formation, Western Central Sumatran Basin, Indonesia

Heri Setiawan, Sani Yusmananto, Imam Muda Gunawan, Hendarman

Seismic Facies Analysis of Oligo-Miocene Reef in Rama Field, Onshore East Java Basin: Impact of Fluctuating Relative Sea-Level Change to Facies Development

Gilang C. Ramadhan, Endhar F. Karyanto, M. Wahdanadi Haidar, Premonowati Hadipramono, Sugeng Widada

A Seismic Rock Properties Study of a Mesozoic Reservoir in Indonesia

Andi Alamsyah, Lantu, Sabrianto Aswad, Andi Darmawansyah

Seismic Time to Depth Conversion and Uncertainty Analysis for Horizon Prediction in a Proposed Well-Site of Sungai Gelam Field, Jambi Subbasin

Muhamad Wildan P., Imam Muda Gunawan, Andry Pujiriyanto, Sudarmaji

Sequence Stratigraphy Concept Applied to the Main Member of Upper Cibulakan Formation Outcrops in Cipamingkis River, Jonggol Area, Northwest Java Basin

Aldy Pratama, Ahmad Yuda Setia Pratama, Muhamad Yusuf Abdul Madjid

Shale Diapir Tectonic Evolution of the Baong Formation as a Potential Hydrocarbon Seal in the North Sumatra Basin

Fatrial Bahesti, Taufiqurrahman R, Anggoro Prima K, Fuad Nuri, Mohammad Wahyudin

Shale Gas Potential of Lower Baong Formation North Sumatra Basin : A Case Study of Unconventional Energy

Doni Satria Ardhi, Gilang Cahya Ramadhan, Dadali Rakasiwi

Shallow Hazard Assessment and Interpretation Using Geoelectrical Data: Bungamas PSC Study Case, Onshore South Sumatra Area

Iswani Waryono, Nusatriyo Guritno, Putri Riadini, Agus Laesanpura

Sharing Experiences of the use of “Dope-Free” Connections

Tomas Castineiras, Emiliano Actis Goretta, Mustaffa Merliahmad

Simulation of Polymer Xanthan Gum Flow Through Synthetic Fracture using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Muhamammad Aufaristama, Irwan Ary Dharmawan, Adnan Nullah Hakim, Aditya Lesmana, Fella Tiffanny

Stakeholder Engagement to Ensure Sustainability in Infrastructure Development in Oil and Gas Industries

Alizar Anwar, Muhammad Subhan, Aldi Muhammad Alizar

Static-Dynamic Reconciliation Applied on Reservoir Modeling: A Case Study in Handil Deep Reservoir, Kutai Basin

Gatot Dwi Jayanto, Supriady, Yeky Gamez

Stochastic Seismic Lithofacies Uncertainty Quantification Over Sisi-Nubi Field

Rakesh Doshi, Loic Michel, Rachim Winata Abdul, Rangga Brahmantio, Gilles Vallon

Structural Reconstruction and Basin Modelling Lead to a New Charge/Migration Model for the KB Graben, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia

Jeres R. Cherdasa, Andy Jollands, Suzannah Carmody

Structural Styles and Petroleum System Modelling of the North Makassar Straits, Indonesia

R. Del Negro, P. Castellano, A. Kuhfuss, L. Mattioni, J. Moss, M. Vialla

Study of Hydrocarbon Potential of the Kerek Formation: A Case Study at Pudakpayung District, Semarang, Central Java

Roni Cahya Kusuma, Dian Arfa Atmaja, Astri Indra Mustika

A Study to Formulate Predictive Model and Screening Criteria for New EOR Method in Indonesia: Surfactant Huff n’ Puff Injection

Muhammad Romadhona, Karlita Threes Octaviany, Pomto Jaya

Sub-Regional Reservoir Interpretation of Tanjung Formation for CBM Water Disposal Target Through Seismic Facies Mapping Technique in Barito Basin

Riedo Waren

Sundaland – Timor Paleogene Rifting and Regional Palaeotectonics

Tim R. Charlton

Surface Data Re-Evaluation, Eocene Source Rock Potential and Hydrocarbon Seepage, and Eocene Sand Reservoir Prospectivity in West Sangatta, Northern Kutai Basin

Andang Bachtiar, Dwi Hendro Heru N, Zuardin Azzaino, Warto Utomo, Andi Krisyunianto, Muhammad Sani

Tectonic Inversion Impact to Coal Cleat Characteristics of Tanjung Formation, Karangintan Area, Barito Basin, South Kalimantan

Aliftama Febrian W, Benyamin Sapiie

Tertiary Halmahera Carbonate Outcrops and the Implications for the Halmahera Basin Petroleum System

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The Tertiary Paleogeography of the Kutai Basin and its Unexplored Hydrocarbon Plays

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Thin Layer Imaging by Wavelet Transform Enhancement

Randy Condronegoro, Woro Sutjiningsih, Herlan Setiadi, Khairul Ummah, Dythia Prayudhatama

Tight Rinds in SE Asia Oligo-Miocene Isolated Carbonate Platforms

Dessy Sapardina, Rizky Sekti, Frank Musgrove, Nat Stephens

A Towed Streamer EM System Performance Case Study

Folke Engelmark, Allan McKay, Johan Mattsson

Unconventional Reservoirs in Back Arc Basins, Comparison Between the Vaca Muerta (Argentina) and Indonesian Prospects

Toni Simo, Jeffry D. Ottmann, Kevin M. Bohacs, James H. Macquaker

Understanding Oligo-Miocene Carbonate Drilling Losses Causes and Achieving Zonal Isolation

Fikril Hakiki, Frank Musgrove, Yuehui Xiao, Ursula Handyastuti

Use of Artificial Neural Network Models to Determine Infill Well Locations in a Mature Oil Field

M.I. Arshanda, Y.A. Rachman, E.A. Putra, Y.A. Nagarani

Utilizing Variably Integrated Spectral Frequency to Extract Entire Fluvial Systems

Pongthep Thongsang, Mirza Naseer Ahmad

Variability of Paleogene Source Facies of Circum-Sundaland Basins, Western Indonesia: Tectonic, Sedimentary and Geochemical Constraints – Implications for Oil Characteristic

Awang Harun Satyana, Margaretha E.M. Purwaningsih

Variable Speed Drive for Centrifugal Pump Investigation to Optimize Oil and Gas Production

Wisnu Wardana, Fakhrian Abqari

Water Flood Conformance-Innovative and Sequential Approach

Sunit Shekhar, Aditya Nikam, Arunabh Parasher

Well Leak Problem - A Case Study: Precise Diagnosis and Cure Technology Delivers Fast and Effective Well Remediation, Avoiding Costly Recompletion

Nita Wangsamulia, Damar Pracoyo, Sathish Kumar, Agung Cahyono

West Seno Extended Reach Drilling Well Production Optimization

Muu T. Hoang, Aprianto Somantri

What are the Benefits and Challenges: Land Acquisition Process Based on Presidential Regulation No. 71 Year 2012 Versus IFC Performance Standard 5?

Adis Noer Rachmi Prima Dewi, Leonas Chatim, Lastyo Lukito, Aldi Muhammad Alizar

Wireline Coring Technology with Special Core Pipe Drastically Improves Core Recovery. Case Study: SHO Wells, IH Field, South Sumatra

Ery Mohamad Fajar Putra, Yuliawan Dwi Mulia, William Romodhon, Sanny Suprihono

Workflow for Pore Pressure and Horizontal Stress Field Estimation in Vertical Wells Using Well Data in the “X” Field in South Sumatra

Mohammad Zulfikar Simatupang, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, Ramadhana Aristya, Niko Pratama Purba

The ‘Unfied’ Project: Government and Industry Working to Simplify Oil Spill Response Planning

Yoppy Tan