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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Achieving Environmental Excellence: Through 3R Waste Management

Yayuk Kristina, Syahrial Ahmad, Ageng Yoga Pratama

Analysis of Base Temperature Effects on Calculation of Supplied Gas Volume and Natural Gas Bill

Cindy Dianita, Asep Handaya Saputra, Andi Mardianza

Analysis of Critically Stressed Fractures and Impact on Field Development in a South Sumatra field

Anzar Syed Islam, Lia Wisanti, Aditi Pal, Budi Satrio, Mohammad Himawan Prakoso, Galih Regi Ramadhan, Anggie Askari Pajabada, Mohamad Taufik

Analyzing And Predicting the Performance of Water Influx of “Dale Amazone Field” by Using the Campbell Plot Method

Dale Amazone, Andry Halim, M. Nur Mukmin, Edwin Siahaan

Application of Drag Reducing Agent (Dra) in Multiphase Pipeline for Bekapai Production Debottlenecking

Adhia Utama JM, Gusti Armi, Rachma Nuzulliany

Application of Extended Elastic Impedance Method and Seismic Stochastic Inversion to Mapping the Distribution of Sandstones and Gas-Sand in “LAPANG” Field, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia

Gilvano Matthew, Ignatius Sonny Winardhi

Application of Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy in Determination of Reservoir Properties

John Woods

Application of GasGun® in Improving Well Injectivity, a Case Study in South Oman Field

Abdullah Al Qassabi

Application of Litho-Seismic Classification Based on Simultaneous Inversion Results to Detect Offshore Bars: Case Study – Sisi Main Zone, Sisi-Nubi Field Offshore Mahakam Delta

Ruth Christiani-Basa, Sung Yuh, Gilles Vallon, Hermawan

Applying Quick Look Techniques to Ensure Accurate Reserve Assessments

Robert C. Shoup, Daniel J. Tearpock

Aqua-MTM a New Solution to Inspect Unpigable Offshore Pipeline

Christy Sicilia

Banyu Urip and Other Cepu Block Fields - Nucleation of Early Carbonate Buildups into Isolated Platforms

I W. Aris Widarmayana, Niswatin Anggraini, Nathaniel Stephens, Frank Musgrove

Basement Reservoir Opportunity in Central Sumatra Basin

Nazliyati Husin Umri, Indrawardana

Basin-Scale Rock Physics Study and Stochastic AVO Modelling for the Deep Water Kutei Basin (East Kalimantan – Indonesia)

Gabriela Carrasquero, Alessandro Amato del Monte, Fabio Luoni, Paolo Battini, Gilbert Del Molino, Fabri Ikhlas Gumulya, Dedy Sulistiyo Purnomo, Nasif Khifni

Belumai Formation Facies Mapping Using Seismic Paleomorphology and Seismic Attributes in the Offshore North Sumatera

Taufiqurrahman, Fatrial Bahesti, F. Jaya Situngkir, Ari F. Kabisat, Alanta E. Putra, Mohamad Wahyudin

Best Practices Well Candidate Selection for Workover

Kelik Rudi Suharya, Akbar Kuniawan, Savitri Mutiah Poerboyo, Muhammad Ichsan Arshanda, Panca Suci Widiyantoro, Eldias Putra

The Biak Basin and its Setting in the Bird’s Head Region of West Papua

David Gold, Robert Hall, Pete Burgess, Marcelle BouDagher-Fadel

Biological Effect Monitoring Benzene at Oil Company, What is New?

Dwi Cahyono, E.W. Tjahjono

Bireun High Complex, a Rejuvenated Carbonate Province in Offshore North Sumatra Basin

Ferry Hakim, Mayesta Gunarto, Michael Sompie, Safto Raharjo

Case Study and Analysis of Bottomhole Pressure Management During Drillstring Connections Made in a Managed Pressure Drilling Operation in Indonesia

Joydi MirzaZein, Ardia Karnugroho, Julius Sosa, Julmar Shaun Toralde

A Case Study Of Mangrove Ecosystem Sustainable Management

Priyasmoro K. Yudasakti, Zahran Zulfikar, Sosia, Tyagita Meyril R

Cement Slurry Optimization for Horizontal Cementing Prior to Multistage Stimulation in Sumatra Light North Field, Indonesia

Reny Kusumawatie, Andre Simanjuntak, Mathieu Pasteris

Cepu Block Hydrocarbon Migration and Seal Evaluation - New Insights From Application of Fluid Inclusion Technologies

A. Ditya, K. Petersen, H. B. Soenandar, I. Sulistyaningrum, S. Becker

Challenges Of Aerial Dispersant Application In Indonesia

Alam Syah, Tang Sze Wei, Prianda Ardhana

Challenges of Sub-Thrust Imaging Using Broadband Three-Dimensional Seismic Data: a Case Study in the Outer Banda Arc, Indonesia

Masamichi Fujimoto, Yonghe Guo, Anky Fatwa, Yuki Sasaki

Chemical EOR Screening and Pilot Design of a Mature Field in Southern Oman

Dwi Hudya Febrianto, Hari Sudono Setiawan

Combined Thermal Multi-Gate Decay Lithology Log and Open-Hole Log Applications to Strengthen Testing Justification in a Blind Drilling, Exploration Well Case, North Sumatra Basin

Nadia Nurul, Azazi Daulati, Gumelar, Maranu Ricardo, Ferry F Baskaraputra, Joan C L Tobing, Mahadevan S Iyer

Combining Surface Geochemical Surveys and Downhole Geochemical Logging for Mapping Liquid and Gas Hydrocarbons in the Utica Shale

Rick Schrynemeeckers

A Comparison of Depth Conversion Methods in Buntal Gas Field, Block B, Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Irfan Yuliandri Syukri, John Hughes, Medi Medianesterian

Competence Development of Geoscientists at Total E&P Indonésie

H.L. ten Haven, A. Mitchell, N. Syarifuddin

A Comprehensive Reservoir Evaluation of Bekapai Upper Zone – West Compartment: from Deterministic Approach to 3D Dynamic Reservoir Simulation

Eko Purwanto, Riza Amar

Conversion and Life Extension of Floating Production Units

Jose Esteve, Philippe Cambos

Converting Waste Cooking Oil into Biodiesel, the Successful Continuous Improvement in Tangguh LNG

Alief Bakhtiar, Ezhar Manaf, Imam Sardjono, Paramitha Prameswari, Wakid Yuniarto

Core Maintenance, Diligence in Avoiding a Big Loss of Value

Vaye Puteri, Bowo Pangarso, Heru Putranto, Agung Dimas

A Correlation of Climate Stratigraphy with Biostratigraphy to Confirm Stratigraphic Units in the Sebatik Area

Diana Rosary, Adhyaksa Buana Nicaksana, John K. Wilkinson

Country Attractiveness Assessment Using Risk Index and Financial Market Data for Upstream Oil Industry

Yosef Sitompul

Crack Density Identification From Shear Wave Splitting Parameter Using Model Single Set Aligne Fracture: a Case Study Carbonate Reservoir

Thariq Guntoro, Intan Andriani Putri, Pebrian Tunggal Prakosa, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Cretaceous Crust in SW Borneo : Petrological, Geochemical and Geochronological Constraints from the Schwaner Mountains

Lorin Davies, Robert Hall, Richard Armstrong

A Critical Review on Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Artificial Sandstone Core: Mathematical Model

Farizal Hakiki

Crude Awakenings – an Investor Survey of the Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry

Anthony J. Anderson, Paul van der Aa

Deformational Characteristics of the West Natuna Basin with Regards to its Remaining Exploration Potential

Hendry Manur, John M. Jacques

Delineation of BK3460 Reservoir Using 3D Seismic Interpretation & its Implication to Reservoir Architecture, Pinang Field, Central Sumatra Basin

Irfan Haris, Reybi Waren, Harya Dwi Nugraha

Delivering Value in a PSC Enviroment

Craig Metters

Depositional Model of Gabus Massive Zone, Kerisi Field, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia

Reza Satria Nugraha, Putri Sari Wisman, Dwiputra Ahmad Ramdani

Design and manufacture of Micro Turbine Tj-24

Eira P. Arief, Tri Yus Widjajanto Zaenuri, Firman Hartono

Development of the Sorong Fault Zone North of Misool, Eastern Indonesia

Afif Saputra, Robert Hall, Lloyd T. White

Diagenetic Study And Porosity Development Well “Ir” In Baturaja Formation South Sumatera Basin Based On Petrography, Core Analyses, And Petrophysical Calculation

Mellinda Arisandy, Ronel, Febriwan Mohamad, Undang Mardiana

Eliminate Pilot Holes. An innovative solution to successful landing and production

L. Pontarelli, M. Viandante, G. Skinner, Y. Liu, B. Yang, M. Rigden

Eni Schoolnet – Promoting World Diversities Through Technology and Education to School Kids in East Kalimantan

Dicky Dermawan, Teddy W. Rahmanto, Daranindra E. Widyadhari

Environmental Management of Offshore Drilling in Bintuni Bay, Papua Barat Province

Bobby Yudistira, Jumaidi Indra

Estimate Dewatering Time on Vertical Coalbed Methane (CBM) Well as Function of Reservoir and Coal Properties using Artificial Neural Network

Priska Andini, Ade Anggi Naluriawan Santoso, Yana Wicaksana

Evaluating Seals for Hydrocarbon Retention

John Kaldi

Expandable Cement System to Prevent Inter-Zonal Communication in Tunu Field, Indonesia

Victoria Rasmi Wedhaswari, Mehdi Sheikh Veisi, Reinhard A. Panjaitan

Extended Reach Drilling Experience at Ujung Pangkah Field

Boga Isa, Indan Handono

Facies Analysis, Rock Type, and Property Distribution in Upper Interval Of Baturaja Formation, Krisna Field, Sunda Basin

Chandra Ageng, Hairunnisa, Doni Hidayat, Dwiharso Nugroho, Nurcahyo Indro Basuki

Fault-Seal Analysis in Minas Field Area-1, Central Sumatra Basin

Yohanes Bosko C. Indrarto

Feasibility Study of Future Offshore Installations Decommissioning in Indonesia Based on Experience in North Sea and Gulf of Mexico

B. Z. Fadholi, Widiyanto, D. Anggara, Y. Adinugratama, B. T. H. Marbun

Feasibility Study on Seismic Inversion for Quantitative Seismic Interpretation in The South Sesulu Block, South Makassar Strait, Indonesia

Cecep Wahyu Rudiana, Nurhasan, Nauvall Juliansyah, Diky Setiawan

Fiscal Incentives to Promote New Indigenous Supply for Indonesia

Armeiani, Agus Rintoko

Fluid Contact Analysis Based on Fluid Replacement Modeling on Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator Feature in The Mundu Formation, East Java Basin

Rini Saputra, Vickry Rowi, Ryan Surjaudaja, Abdul Haris

Fluvial System Sequence Stratgraphy in the Rift Basin: Perspective From Oligocene Pematang Formation of the Bengkalis Trough, Malacca Strait Indonesia

Vania Eka Putri, Isnianto Saputra, Premonowati, Sugeng Widada, Ambaria Prakoso

Formulation of Rock Type Prediction in Cored Well Using Fuzzy Substractive Clustering Algorithm

Farizal Hakiki, Aris Tristianto Wibowo

From Drilling Hazard to Economical Reserves: the Evolution of Formation Evaluation in a Shallow Gas Reservoir

Anang Karana, Andy Kristianto, Gilang Ariestya, Fabrice Cochet

Full-Waveform Inversion Application on 2D Slanted Streamer Data - A Case Study

Andreas Waluyo

Full Waveform Inversion on Bekapai Field: A Game-Changer Technology for Our Seismic Imaging Workflows

Magali Beele, Clement Fleury, Claudio Strobbia, Muhammad-Thurisina Choliq, Jacques Bonnafe, Gilles Vallon

Future Energy Challenge: an Approach to Delineate Methane Hydrate Potential in Indonesia

Sawungrono Dewawisesa, Yogi Pamadya, Bayu Caesario Fadhila, Epo Prasetya Kusumah

Gas Development Master Plan

David Aron

Gas Hydrates Development - Indonesia Outlook

Hadist Ginanjar, Samuel Zulkhifly, Arian Dito Pratama

Geological Structures and Tectonic Reconstruction of Luwuk, East Sulawesi

Salahuddin Husein, Moch. Indra Novian, Didit Hadi Barianto

Giant Tunu Field: Fighting the Production Decline in Tunu Main Zone Throuh Continous Perforation Activity, Intensive Drilling and Production Optimization

Dodhy Prasetyo Wijayanto, Antonius Krisnaputra, Mattheus Uijttenhout, José Rafael Rodríguez, Bayu Giriansyah

Ground Truthing Chemostratigraphic Correlations In Fluvial Systems

K.T. Ratcliffe, A. Wilson, S.S. Flint, T. Payenberg, A. Rittersbacher, G.V. Hildred

H2S Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel by a Extract Tea Leaf (Camelia Sinensis) - Modifiedtriazine

Reynaldi Prasetya

Heavy Oil Resource Assessment Through Static Models: A Case Study of Tb-Tl Structure, Iliran High, South Sumatra, Indonesia

W. Romodhon, Luqman, E. Nadeak, D. J. Ramos, S. Radiansyah, S. Mulyani, A. Zakiyuddin

High - Quality, Efficient Broadband Acquisition & Processing-An Integrated Approach

Richard Patenall, Dominic Fell, Timothy Brice, Saeeda Hydal

High-Resolution Anisotropic Earth Model Building on Conventional Seismic Data Using Full-Waveform Inversion: an Offshore Australia Case Study

Bee Jik Lim, Denes Vigh, Stephen Alwon, Saeeda Hydal, Martin Bayly, Chris Manuel, Dimitri Chagalov, Gary Hampson, Dimitri Bevc

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of "Volcanoclastics" Air Benakat Formation, South Sumatera

Warto Utomo, Armein Suleiman, Andang Bachtiar, Budi Satrio, Agatha I. Kartiyanta

Horizontal Well Steam Stimulation: A Pilot Test in Southern Oman

Mohammed Al Raqmi

How to Make Good Decisions – Examples From Exploration

Bernhard W. Seubert

Imaging Subsurface Structures Under Gas Clounds by Multi-Component Technology

Xiaogui Miao, Loh Fong Cheen, Libo Zi, Jing Du, Magali Beele, Jacques Bonnafe, Natalia Anggriani, Gilles Vallon, Claudio Strobbia

Improving Oil Recovery Using Surfactant as a Stimulan Tool for a Moderate Oil Viscosity Reservoir, a Case Study From South Oman

Hassan Al Saadi

Indonesia's Emerging Gas Potential - Moving on and Step on the Gas

Rina Rudd, Emilio Intrieri, Antonio Dimabuyu

Indonesia Gas Hydrate Potential of Sunda Strait Case Study: Future Energy or Geohazard?

Fachri Novian Danu Priasmara, Arief Faisal Aryono, Febrio Ilhamdani Barus, Roynardus Febrian Sijabat

Indonesian Tectonics: Subduction, Extension, Provenance and More

Robert Hall

The Influence of Base-Level Changes to Fluvial Morphology: Application to Exploration Concept of Hydrocarbon Play Using Analog Stream Table Experimental Landscape (STEX)

Rian Cahya Rohmana, Iqbal Fardiansyah, Agung Budiman, Hary Irwanto, Imbang Jaya, Fajar Puspo Dewi

An Innovative Solution for Solving Proppant Flowback Issues in the Mahakam River Delta, East Kalimantan

Jonathan Sallis, Daniel Agee, Cesar Guimaraes, Pedro Artola, Vladimir Chaloupka

Integrated 3Dimensional Static Reservoir Modeling, Upper Zelda Sandstone in Sundari Field, Sunda Basin

Asep Ginanjar, Hairunnisa, Leonardus Gilang Ginting

Integrated Basin Analysis and Geomechanics Study of Lower Baong Shale for Preliminary Shale Gas Prospectivity in the North Sumatra Basin

Fatrial Bahesti, Eddy A. Subroto, Nanang A. Manaf, Wuryadi Sadirsan

An Integrated Evaluation Model of Kaji-Semoga Field Water Injection System, Including Subsurface and Surface Facilities

Kamal Hamzah, Adam Fatchur Rohman, Yoseph Itok Arseto, Virzi Firmansyah

Integrated Geomodelling to Identify Tidal Sand Complex Reservoir Distribution and Further Waterflooding Scenario of 33-6 Sand Reservoir, Gita Member, Talang Akar Formation, Asri Basin, South East Sumatra

Wahyu Seno Aji, Julius Sunarta, Pranowo Nugroho, Dwandari Ralanarko, Sun Pengxiao

Integrated In-House Monitoring Toolbox: Practical Production Monitoring Workflow for a Mature Field

M. Shalahudin Mahfudz, Dwi Riyanto, Suhesti Herawati, Adnan Syarafi, Silmi Marisa

Integrated Reservoir Study Leads to 100% Success of Infill Drilling

Yusni Aditiah R, Arifin Sodli, Eldias A. Putra, Ichsan Arshanda, Yuki Nagarani, Bondan Yudha Asmara, Raden Sebastian, Diana Ong, Jelita

Integrated View of Return on Social Investment Between CSR and Flawless Project Assurance

Monica Rachmawati

Integration of Seismic Attributte and Sedimentation Concept for Paleogeographic and Sand Distribution Modeling in Seng-Segat Field, Bentu Block, Central Sumatra Basin

Afrizon Setiawan, Ronald Siregar, Dhimas Arief, Syahrial Rakimi, Arifin Sodli, Radig Wisnu Y, Hendarman

Interpretation Of Subsurface Structure In Tersier Sediment Based On Magnetotelluric Data, South Buton Area

Alviyanda, G.M. Lucki Junursyah, Iwan Sukma Gumilar, Undang Mardiana

Is There Value in Reprocessing Legacy Marine Streamer Seismic for Improved Resolution? A Recent Example from Indonesia

Dmitri Skorinski, Ted Manning

A Journey to Creating Compliance Culture

Reza Ardiansyah

Key Challenges in Mature Field Development – Case Study from Tanjung, Indonesia

Satrio Wibowo, Lia Wisanti, Abraham Ryan, Ninik Purwatiningsih, Jaka Sondang, R. Agung Wardhana

KSO Contract - Saving the Best Bits for Last

Reva Cipto, Dylan Mair

Large Sediment Accumulations and Major Subsidence Offshore; Rapid Uplift on Land: Consequences of Extension of Gorontalo Bay and Northern Sulawesi

Juliane Hennig, Eldert Advokaat, Alfend Rudyawan, Robert Hall

Leveraging Reflection, Refraction, and Multiple Arrivals from Dual-Sensor Streamer Data for High-Fidelity Velocity Model Building and Imaging

G. Rønholt, J.E. Lie, Ø. Korsmo, B. Danielsen, S. Brown, S. Brandsberg-Dahl, A.V. Mavilio, N. Chemingui, D. Whitmore, M. Farouki

Lima Field Seabed Subsidence; Synchronized Deck Raising Project – How It Was Done

Asning Suryo Nindyanto, Oto Gurnita

Locally Develop Tectonic Historic Of Southern Barito Basin Due To Tensor Type Analyses, Study Case In Panyiuran Region, South Kalimantan

Emanuelta Naibaho, Hendry Setiawan Lie, Febriwan Mohamad, Arief Pinandita

Lost Circulation Fiber Based on Cement Spacer as Alternative Solution to Combat Lost Circulation; Case Study

Bayu Buana Natanagara, Satrio Wibowo, Jaka Sondang

Low Frequency Passive Seismic Method For Hydrocarbon Indicator in the X-Field, Trembes Area, East Java Basin

Ricky Sitinjak, Sumarsono, Budi Eka, Suherman

Managing Excess Heat Realese in Thermal Oxidizer System

Siti Sitawati, M. Nurdin Ardianto

Mature Field Completion Strategy – Application of Stand Alone Mesh Screen with Swell Packer as Zonal Isolation for Open Hole Completion in Sidetrack Well

Futiha Nur Afi, Bambang Santoso, Muhamad Noviansyah, Kautsar Zhafira, Maximillian Dondo

Mature Fields Economics, How Far Can You Go? An Engineer's Hard Learned Lesson

Tri Firmanto

Maximize Production From Unswept and Overlooked Zones in Mature Field, Offshore North West Java

Khafidul Malik, David Tobing, Toriq Abdat, Budiman Siboro, Dyah Woelandari, Fitrah Arachman

Meeting the Gas Demand for Power Sector in South Sumatra

Salmar Ngadikan, Moh. Nurdin Ardianto, Alexandra Ferina, Trisakti Yudo Asmoro

Method Execution Monitoring Optimization for Gunk Plug to Combat Loss Circulation in Extreme Condition

Nataniel B. Sangka, Satrio Wibowo, Sekar Ayu Ardhanareswari

Minas South East Flank Development: an Opportunity to Unlock Additional One Million Barrels in the Mature Field, Minas, Indonesia

Ronny Indra, Agung Wiyono

Mixed Siliciclastic – Carbonate Ngrayong Formation Potential as Reservoir in Madura Area, Indonesia

Asnanto Multa Putranto, Sugeng Sapto Surjono

Mobile Separator Test as Multi Phase Flow Meter Unit

Aliefiyan Nursanda Muklas, Ali Hamzah, Bonni Ariwibowo, Slamet Wardiman, Maryadi Fadli

Modern Deep-Water Carbonate in the Bahamas: an Analog for Exploration in S.E. Asia

Andrew Jo, Gregor P. Eberli, Donald F. McNeill, Mark Grasmueck

Multiphase Meter Individual Performance Monitoring In Real Time

Sulistiyo, Mursalim Mardin, Fanzi Anom

Multi – Mineral Analysis to Determine Petrophysical Properties of Carbonate Reservoir in Diamond Field, Central Sulawesi Basin

Annisa Cinintia Finahsan, Muharram Jaya Panguriseng, Syamsu Rosid

Nano Porous Membrane Technology; a New Approach for CO2 Removal From Natural Gas with Amine Solution (Tri-Ethanol-Amine)

Ariz Kiansyahnur

Neogene Extension on Seram: a New Tectonic Model for the Northern Banda Arc

Jonathan M. Pownall, Robert Hall

New Consideration on the Cretaceous Subduction Zone of Ciletuh-Luk Ulo-Bayat-Meratus: Implications for Southeast Sundaland Petroleum Geology

Awang Harun Satyana

A New Gas Discovery in the Early Miocene Carbonate, North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Hasrony Maridhona, Gumelar, Maranu Ricardo, Miftahurochman

New Innovation for Sand Control Problem : Polyurethane Injection by Using Coreflooding Method (Laboratory Study)

Muhamad Taufiq Hidayat, Octy Edrianana Wulandari

New Insights Into Prospectivity and Tectonic Evolution of the Banda Arc: Evidence from Broadband Seismic Data

Peter Baillie, Christian Milne

A Newly Integrated Petrophysics Approach for Field-X Volcanic Sandstone

Agatha Kartiyanta, Budi Satrio, Galih Regi, M.Himawan Prakoso, Sudarta Wibisana, Sunarto Kadarusman, Asri N.I. Adjidarmo, Lukas Wihardjo, Reza Purnama, Wahyu H. Nainggolan

Nias Basin, NW Sumatra – New Insights into Forearc Structure and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity from Long-Offset 2d Seismic Data

Ian Deighton, M. Ma’ruf Mukti, Satish Singh, Tom Travis, Anthony Hardwick, Katie Hernon

Non-Seismic Geophysical Modelling Methods for Realistic Characterisation of 3D Geology in Greenfields Exploration: a Case Study from the Southern Carnarvon Basin, Australia

Helen Gibson, Chloe Burney, Desmond FitzGerald, Matt Zengerer

A Novel Approach for Integrated Sanding Prediction: Case Study AR Field Development, Block-A Project

Farid Ghozali, Yulywanto, Pipin Ariyanto, Danny Hutagalung, Tri Atmojo Priyantoro, Anak Agung Iswara, Maranu Ricardo

Novel Integrated Hole Cleaning Concept Reduces Well Construction Time By 3 Rig Days

Norbert Heitmann, Euro Chacin, Rafael Molero, Willy Graterol, Yazid Ouali, Elias Chamat Burgos, Agustin Cisneros

Novel Perforating Charges Maximizes Oil Production Verifying the Modeled Perforation Performance

Ozgur Karacali, Bruno Alves, Mohammed Taiwani, Muhammad Mirza, Mahmood Khamis Al Kalbani

Operational Workflow Transformation Improvement by Implementing Decision Support Center in Bekasap and Bangko Sumatra Light Operation North

Ade Rahayu Putri, Dimas Aditya Putra

Optimising Technology Adoption for E&P Strategies

Jess B. Kozman

Optimizing Hydraulic Fracture Designs Using Geomechanical Modeling to Obtain the Optimum Field Development and Production in K-Field

Gunawan Nurcahyo Wibowo, Syahrul Heriyanto, Ambaria Prakoso, Rizka Hezmela, Lia Wisanti

Overpressure in the Shelfal Area of the Lower Kutai Basin

Agus M. Ramdhan, Neil R. Goulty

The Petroleum potential of onshore Timor-Leste

Tim R. Charlton, Dino Gandara

Petrophysical Analysis, Permeability Prediction and Rock Type Determination of Carbonate Reservoir: Case Study of Semoga Field, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Erick Prim Putra, M. Rifki Akbar. Marja Dinata

Petrophysics And Rock Physics Correlation Analysis In Determining Formation Properties On Shaly Sands Formation

Prima Erfido Manaf, Agus Setyawan, Iwan Bagus Indriyanto, Helmi Indrajaya

Pipeline Integrity Improvement – Case Study for Petani-Pematang-Bekasap Water Transfer Line

Yudianto Utomo, Rianto Hutagalung

The Poso Basin in Gorontalo Bay, Sulawesi: Extension Related to Core Complex Formation on Land

Giovanni Pezzati, Robert Hall, Peter Burgess, Marta Perez-Gussinye

Potential Field Data Acquisition and Interpretation Supporting Exploration Activities in The West Timor Psc Area

Alberto Boz, Mansyur Bakhrudin, Pierluigi Bernardelli, Francesco Coraggio, Arii Ardjuna, Aryo Radityo

Pre-Pilot Project (Field Test) Chemical Eor Injection Huff & Puff Surfactant to Improve Oil Production in the Meruap Field

Zulfikar, Firdaus, Afar Alzubaid Mbai

The Pre-Tertiary Petroleum System in North Sumatra Basin: An Integrated Study from Onshore North Sumatra Outcrops and Subsurface Data from Offshore West Glagah Kambuna

Andang Bachtiar, Jaafar B Unir, Amin Bunyamin, Hendra Iriansyah Darmawan, Fithra Harris Darmawan, Frederick Herbert Korah, Bobby Mazmur Sihole, Lismawati, Prihatin Tri Setyobudi

Preliminary Geochemical Interpretation of Preserved Shallow Cores, Labrador Basin Complex, Labrador Sea, Canada

Graham Dillabough, David J.W. Piper, Ray Fenstermacher, Andy Mort

Production Facilities Maintenance Information System: a Decision Support System for Maintaining National Oil and Gas Production Facilities

Rossupanji Pribadi, Mohamad Fauzan Amir, Tomy W. Poerwanto

Production optimization through Integrated Asset Modelling for gas reservoir

Jeffier Winarta, Esterlinda R.M. Sinlae

Project Operability Assurance Case Study: Minimizing Operation Issues in ConocoPhillips Indonesia Brownfield Projects

Dody Lesmana, Nugroho Wibisono, Suliharti, Febrian Wicaksono

Provenance of Mesozoic Sandstones in the Banda Arc Indonesia

Sebastian Zimmermann, Robert Hall

Quartz From the Tipuma Formation, West Papua: New Insights from Geochronology and Cathodoluminescence Studies

Indra Gunawan, Robert Hall, Carita Augustsson, Richard Armstrong

Reability of Kaji Field Oil Production: Modification of 2MVA Power Transformer

Ivan Candra Yudha, Ferry Hendrawan

The Reservoir Characteristic of Eocene Tanjung Formation in North-West Barito Basin, Indonesia: Implication for Petroleum System

Bayu Hary Utomo, Octavika Malda, Muhammad Rozalli, Andang Bachtiar, Windra Audhitia, Bambang Dodi Hari Sasmita, Purnama Suandhi, Andi Krisyunianto, Yudi Satria Purnama

Rifting and Mountain Building Across Sundaland, a Palynological and Sequence Biostratigraphic Perspective

Robert J Morley

Rock Type Identification and Complexity of Carbonate Reservoir in Kitty Field, Sunda Basin, Southeast Sumatra

Aditya Kusuma Wijaya

Rotating Control Device Utilization in Indonesia to Increase Safety and Efficiency of Drilling Operations

Arvi Rahman Muis, Fikri Irawa, Ardia Karnugroh, Julmar Shaun Toralde, Jerry Manurung

Sand Fairway and Play Frameworks on the Deepwater Slope Area of North Kutei Province

Krishna Pratama-Laya, Anom Prasetya, Yudhi Rizal, Elly Guritno, David Stokes, Jerry Smart

Satellite Interferometry and the Detection of Active Deformation Associated with Faults in Suban Field, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Richard A. Schultz, Xiaopeng Tong, Khalid A. Soofi, David T. Sandwell, Peter H. Hennings

Secondary Hydrocarbon Migration and Entrapment Evaluation in Lematang Area, South Sumatra

Pipin Ariyanto, Fendy Kusdiantoro

Sedimentology And Stratigrahic Stacking Patterns Of The Peciko Field Main Zone, Lower Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Irfan Cibaj, Bernard Lambert, Untung Ashari, Bayu Giriansyah, Laurent Schulbaum, Patrice Imbert, Philippe Cordelier

Seismic Anisotropy Modelling and Fluid Substitution for Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Well Storage Project In Carbonate Reservoir

Pebrian Tunggal Prakosa, Thariq Guntoro, Ahmat Dafit Hasim, Okok Wijaya, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Seismic Facies Analysis of Turbidite Complex in Ngrayong Formation, East Tuban Area, East Java Basin, Indonesia

Muadz Abdurrahman Rifqi, Anggun Pribadi Armia, Agah Nugraha, Muhammad Fajar, Agung Prasetyo

Seismic Reservoir Characterization Based on Litho-Seismic Classification Constrained by Wells to Detect Gas-Bearing Sands in Peciko Main Zone, Mahakam Delta

Muhammad Thurisina Choliq, Sung Yuh, Magali Beele, Laurent Schulbaum, Gilles Vallon

Self-Healing Cement as Long-Term Well Integrity for Gas Well

Bayu Buana Natanagara, Shakirah Saidin, Mahdi Sheikh Veisi, Mathieu Pasteris, Agung Rudiantoro

Sembakung Flare Gas Utilization

Andi Setiawan, Beti Putri Wulandari, Willy Wizman, Ario Basuki Wibowo

Shale Gas Development-Comprehensive Study in Indonesia

Hadist Ginanjar, Samuel Zulkhifly

Shallow Gas: Drilling Hazard Turns To Gold

Afrizon Setiawan, Radig Wisnu Y, Ronald C. Siregar, Priyo Pratomo, Melvina Sally, Hendarman

Shallow Marine Facies Of Middle Miocene Klandasan Beds And It’s Reservoir Potential In The Southern Kutai Basin

Ikhsansyah Putra Pratama, Adi Gunawan, Iqbal Fardiansyah

Shifting of Compaction Trend in the North Sumatra Basin and its Implication to Overpressure Estimation in the North Sumatra Basin

Mohammad Syaiful, Darius G. Siahaan, Lambok M. Hutasoit, Agus M. Ramdhan, Agus Haris Widayat, Irawan Youdha Tribuana

Similarities of Overpressuring in Some of Western Indonesia’s Sedimentary Basins

Lambok M. Hutasoit, Agus M. Ramdhan

Simsim Gharif Wells Challenge Aspects

Yousouf Mohammed Al Aufi

Simulation of Polymer Flow in Fracture Networks Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Rijal Ziya Ulhag, M. Aufaristama, Irwan Ary D

Small Scale LNG : an Energy Solution for Regional Economic Development

M Zaki Zulqornain, Eddy Karmana

Solvent Injection As The Method To Mitigate Paraffin Problem: A Case Study On Well “J” Sumatera

Fida Kathartika, Laurensius Raymond Sanjaya, Zuhri Firdaus AH

Sonic Log Analysis from Isotropic and Anisotropic Media In Carbonate Reservoir, the Case Study at Stella Alpina Field

Wahyu Tri Sutrisno, Septian Prahastudhi, Ari Teguh Sugiarto, Ayi Syaeful Bahri, Dwa Desa Warnana, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Statistical Distributions of Hydrocarbon Column Heights for Determining Acreage of Prospect to Estimate Hydrocarbon Resources in Kakap Block

Akbar Tanjung, Budi Ardiyana

Strategic Planning for Banyu Urip Development Drilling Program Led to Pacesetter Performance, Improves Borehole Quality and Significant Cost Saving

I Gede Eka Bhawa

Strategies Implemented to Tackle Sand Production Issue in the Peciko Gas Field, Offshore Indonesia

Mursalim Mardin, Suryani, Kristanto, Prayudi Noverri, Siti Masitah, Muhamad Alyasa

Stratigraphic-Structural Framework, Play Types and Play Fairway and Underexplored Play in East Java Basin

Diky Setiawan, Muhammad Nauvall Juliansyah, I Wayan Ardana Darma

Stratigraphic Stacking Patterns of the Mahakam Area, Lower Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Irfan Cibaj, Bernard Lambert, Patrick Zaugg, Untung Ashari, Jacques-Antoine Dal, Patrice Imbert

Structural Geology and Tectonism Influence in Predicting Coalbed Methane Potential of Seam Pangadang-A, in "Dipa"Field, South Sumatera Basin

Ragil Pratiwi, Hadi Nugroho, Dian Agus Widiarso, Rana Lesmana

Structural Modeling of Double-Truncation Fault in Bekapai Field: Implementation of Volume Based Model Technique.

Andy Kristianto, Laurent Schulbaum, Muhammad Thurisina Choliq, Aditya Suardiputra, Ng Bei Berger

Study of Natural Gas Hydrates for Hydrocarbon Transportation

Arsallah Putra

Suban - South Sumatra Giant Fractured Gas Reservoir Development and Challenges

Hani Mohede, Kamal M. Malick, Geir Tyberoe

Subsurface Characterizaton Using Microseismic Velocity, Attenuation, and Ansiotrophy Tomography in a Geothermal Field

Ahmad Syahputra, Andri Dian Nugraha, Rachmat Sule, Sri Widiyantoro

Successful And Prospective Exploration Play Concepts of Indonesia: Lessons From History And Recent Progress – Anticipating Future Challenges

Awang Harun Satyana

Success Story : Loss Circulations System Approach in Cementing Leads to Excellent Zonal Isolation on a Severe Losses Reservoir

Melinda Puspitasari, Satrio Wibowo, Iqbal Zealanda, Edo Anuraga, Gatot Darmaji, Jhonny Saragih

Sumpal Fractured Basement Field, Structural Attribute Analysis and Interpretation Case Study, Workflow Management and New Insights from Pre-Stack Depth Migrated Data and Azimuthal Stacks

Yan Darmadi, John Hughes, Sugiharto Danudjaja, Rita Achdiat

Supply chain Financing one Financial Break through in Oil & Gas Sector

Herry Triatno, Maya Agustina, Lidia Puspasari

Synchronized Deck Raising System for Subsidence Remediation at Lima Flow Station – a Challenge in Engineering Design

Sophia Kangan

Technology Selection, Acquiring and Assurance for Lima Subsidence Remediation Project

Budi Prasetyo, Oto Gurnita

Tectonic Control on Hydrocarbon Seepages of Sijenggung, North Serayu Basin, Central Java

Moch. Azis Qosim Nursecha, Jasmin Jyalita, Salahuddin Husein

Telisa Kaji Pressure Maintenance: Water Injection in Tight Shaly Sandstone Formation

Fajar Ariessita, Timur M. Simanjuntak, Elin Ika Gartika, Kamal Hamzah, M. Rifki Akbar, Antonius Himawan

Temperature Profile and Geothermal Gradient in Block B West Natuna Basin; Case Study: the Impact on SW Calculation for Lower Arang Zone Belut-1 Well

Budi R Permana, Miftahul Firdaus

Three Dimensional Reservoir Geomodeling For Reserve Calculation And Prospect Development Using Petrophysical Analysis Integration At DNF Field, South Sumatera Basin

Fitriana Aprilia, M. Zahri Firmansyah

Tiered Pricing in Gas Contracts to Address Market Volatility

Vinolia Suriyanto

Tight Reservoirs – Hydraulic Fracture Production Modeling Using Numerical Simulation

Abhishek Kumar Gupta, Sumil Kumar Verma, Ankaj Kumar Sinha, Rohit Tandon

Time Lapse Feasibility Seismic Study of Gas Carbonates Reservoir in Tetra Field, Indonesia

Helmi Indrajaya, Boris Gurevich, Maxim Lebedev, Sigit Sukmono

Treatment of Coal Bend Methane (CBM) Produced Water with Simple Distillation Method and its Utilization (Case Study Well Cbm "X" Field "Y")

Hedi Hastriawan

Uncertainty Analysis in Infill Wells Using Single Match Model and Production Data

Kelik Rudi Suharya, Jati Priyantoro, Savitri Mutiah Poerboyo, Benny Sidik, Jafet

Unlocking Flexure Oil Pay in the ESE Flank Associated with Mature Peripheral Waterflood in BK Field

Henrikus Panjaitan, Randy Agra Pratama

Unlocking Heterogenetic Facies By Using Sequence Stratigraphy On Sandy Fluvial Deposits Of The Lower Tanjung Formation Outcrop – Sandy Tide Estuarine Deposits Of The Middle Tanjung Formation Outcrop, Southern Barito Basin, South Kalimantan

Emanuelta Naibaho, Hendry Setiawan Lie, Febriwan Mohamad, Arief Pinandita

Uplift of the Meratus Complex: Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy, Provenance and Structure

Duncan Witts, Lorin Davies, Robert Morley

The Use of Fluid Inclusion Information to Understand Hydrocarbon Charge History in the Sokang Trough, East Natuna Basin

Andy Livsey, Suzannah Carmody, Maria Raharja

Using Simple Loading Models to Predicted Crestal Pore Pressures in Miocene Carbonate Exploration Targets, Luconia, Sarawak

Jakob Heller, Don Basuki, Matthew Choo, Stephen O ‘Connor, Richard Swarbrick

Viscous Fingering Effect in Sweep Efficiency Calculation in Two Dimension Displacement by Using Waterflood Method

M.Ridho Wahyudi

Waterflooding Surveilance and Monitoring, Practical Approaches, a Case Review in Southern Oman

Bard Al Amri

Water Saturation in Transition Zone, Ignore SCAL Data Using Cuddy’s Height Saturation Method

Bagus Guspudin, Nantasia Nanda, Humaedi Aldi Alfarizky, Febriwan Mohammad

Wax Blockage Removal: a Modified Micro Annular Pressure Pulse Technique for MWD Subsea Pipeline

Imam Wahyudi, Bonar AN, Sugeng Purwanto

Why is Indonesia Crude Still Exported Amidst Increasing Domestic Demand?

Dewi R. Pranoto